Wednesday, 7 October 2015

QUICK REVIEW | Elemis Skin Nourishing Milk Bath Review

Elemis Skin Nourishing Milk Bath Review

Over the last month or so, I've been feeling a little under the weather.  I've had a sore throat thats been flirting with me ever since I was in Turkey and this past weekend, it finally broke out into a full blown cold.  Needless to say, I've been feeling less than fabulous.

To make me feel relaxed and soothed, I've been taking lots of baths which have also helped to keep me warm when I've been shivering cold.  When I want a relaxing and soothing bath I tend to turn to the Elemis Skin Nourishing Milk Bath.

I first bought this when visiting a spa on our wedding anniversary and I've thoroughly enjoyed using it ever since.  You only need a small amount and there's a couple of different ways that you can use it.  I either pop a capful into my bath under running water or for a more targeted nourishing treat, I apply a small amount to my skin by massaging it in before getting in the bath.  Once I get in the bath, I then massage the product into my skin further and it becomes a bath float too, turning the bath water to a lovely moisturising milky water.

It was love at first use as soon as I tried this product all of those months ago and I feel as strongly about it now as I did then.  Its an award winning product so the chances are, you'll have heard of it before and if you haven't used it then I would definitely urge you to.  It was designed to capture the essence of Cleopatra's bathing ritual.

The Elemis Skin Nourishing Milk Bath has a milk protein base that is rich in nourishing vitamins, amino acids and minerals to feed, heal and harmonise the skin.  Some of its notable ingredients include Japanese camellia oil and oat extract which are known for their ability to soothe nourish the skin.  This makes it great for use on dry and sensitive skin, particularly if you suffer from dry skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis or if you have skin allergies, acne or are sun burnt.

The formula is supposed to reinforce the acid mantle and moisture balance of the skin, provide nourishment and improvement the health and suppleness of the skin which I definitely think it does.  After I've used this in my bath, my skin feels so soft and nourished but I also feel relaxed and sooted in myself too as the scent of this product is just incredible.

While the skin on my face is very oily, the skin on my body is normal to dry, with some very dry patches on my elbows and wrists where I have psoriasis.  I love the softening effect that this product has and it really soothes my skin if the dryness has become itchy.

It has an immediate softening effect that you can feel as soon as you apply it to your skin or as soon as you get into the bath.  I've heard that pregnant women with an itchy baby bump get a lot of relief when using this bath milk!

The formula is actually so gentle and very good for your skin, so much so that you can even use it as a facial cleanser!  It can even be used on your scalp, particularly if it is dry, and it can also be used on the skin of babies and children too.

Some may consider it to be pretty pricey but if you love milk bath products then you'll love it.  I think that its worth every penny.

The Elemis Skin Nourishing Milk Bath is available from Look Fantastic and House of Fraser.

Theres actually a duo available here which works out at a fantastic discount.

What are your favourite bath products?

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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Happiness Boutique Statement Necklace

Happiness Boutique Statement Necklace

Over the last couple of years, I have really noticed a change in my jewellery preferences.  I have finally cleared out the drawers where I keep the majority of my collection and I've literally halved my stash.

If you were to look at my collection now, you'd find mostly pretty, semi delicate bracelets, lots of stud earrings and a few statement necklaces whereas before I always preferred chunky everything and big earrings.  While I've kept some of those pieces, I now mostly wear smaller pieces of jewellery around my wrist and in my ears and on occasions where I do wear a necklace, I like to pop on a statement piece.

I'll be doing a post all about why I've reduced the amount of jewellery that I have, what my collection looks like now and how I sore everything in a post coming up soon but for now, I wanted to share with you a review of one of the newest piece in my collection.

Happiness Boutique Statement Necklace

When the Happiness Boutique got in touch with me and asked if I'd like to feature a necklace on my blog, I checked out their website and quickly replied to say yes.

I couldn't believe the number of gorgeous statement necklaces that they had and how reasonably priced that they were compared to how much I've seen similar pieces for in the shops and elsewhere online.

I wanted to be able to try a necklace out from them both to let you all know what their jewellery is like and also for myself to see if it would be a place where I could shop from in the future as I'm always on the look out for a gorgeous statement necklace.  I have been wearing quite plain tops recently and I really think that a statement necklace can totally transform an otherwise plain outfit.

Happiness Boutique Statement Necklace

I picked out the Pearl and Diamond Statement Necklace which wasn't a difficult decision as I was immediately drawn to it as soon as I saw it on the website.  I love that the images on the website are really clear so you know exactly what the necklace will look like when it arrives.  Plus, they also show the majority of necklaces being worn too so you can get a good idea of what each one will look like on when you're wearing it too.

It arrived speedily and packaged really securely so I would definitely be confident ordering from them in the future, especially if it were as a gift for someone else as I feel assured that it would arrive at their door in perfect condition.

The necklace was packaged beautifully in a little black bag inside a white, branded box with plenty of padding inside as well as some tissue paper and some cute quote and photo cards.

Happiness Boutique Statement Necklace

I opened the box up when I was with one of my best friends and I think its safe to say that there were heart eyed emojis all round.  This statement necklace is absolutely stunning and easily my favourite in my collection.

It has a wide but flat and light weight gold chain that is more of an antique gold than a bright, brassy yellow gold.  I really like the shape of the chain because it sits flat to the neck and the bottom half of the chain is weighted as it is embellished which holds it in place when you're wearing it.

It has a T-Bar style closure at the back that fixes the necklace to one length.  The necklace cannot be made longer or shorter but I can't see this being a problem for most people as I think that the necklace fits perfectly and is a great length!

Happiness Boutique Statement Necklace

My favourite part of the necklace, however, is the beautiful embellishment on the bottom half of it.  The necklace is generously filled with diamante crystals and pears in different shades which all compliment one another so well.  This necklace looks so stunning and it instantly makes any outfit look that little bit more glamorous.

I'd highly recommend this piece as well as checking out the Happiness Boutique for other jewellery pieces too.  They have some beautiful earrings and bracelets too as well as other fashion items and accessories.  I have some special occasions coming up this Christmas and I need some sparkly jewellery to compliment the outfits I'm planning to wear and I think the Happiness Boutique have the perfect jewels for me!

They even offer free shipping on all orders and have a customer reward programme where you earn points for shopping, reviewing and sharing your purchases online.

I'd love to know what are your favourite pieces from Happiness Boutique?

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Sunday, 4 October 2015

CurveSomeYoga | Donna Noble Yoga For EVERYONE

Earlier this summer, I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely renowned yoga expert, Donna Noble, from CurveSomeYoga at the Style XL plus size event.  Her passion for yoga for everyone at every size and ability was so inspiring to me and I found her talk really captivating.

As someone who suffers with anxiety, I was really interested to hear how yoga can help to promote breathing correctly and feelings of relaxation and calm which is definitely something that would benefit me.

CurveSomeYoga's aim is to show that every body is a yoga body...  a video was launched featuring gorgeous Plus Size Bloggers (Sharon Davies, Lorna Campbell, Lauren French and Lucia Morris) which you can watch here.

I'd always thought that yoga wasn't for someone of my size and shape.  I thought that you had to be super slim and fit, incredibly flexible and spend a fortune on clothing from Sweaty Betty and Lulu Lemon to do yoga.  When in actual fact, yoga is for anyone, regardless of their size, you don't have to be able to wrap your leg behind your head and you can do yoga in whatever you feel most comfortable in as long as it moves with you and works with your body.

Listening to Donna and watching the video above taught me that and inspired me to give it a go myself.

I'm sure you'll agree that Donna Noble is starting to create a new yoga movement.     

The movement is taking off with the massive help of social media and the lovely plus size bloggers getting involved are all helping to change the face of yoga, which is phenomenal.  I wanted to share the great work that Donna is doing on my blog so that if you wanted to get involved, then you can too.

Donna is on a mission to make yoga accessible to the individuals that can really benefit from its many healing and positive effects.  She is happy to talk to anyone who would like to make yoga more accessible to themselves or others and she can offer some free advice on the positive changes they can make by contacting her by email on  

Donna has been on a mini Road trip with CurveSomeYoga; attending  the Curvy Connect, StyleyXL and UKPFW.  The next event she will be attending is the OM Yoga show at Alexandra Palace from 23rd to 25th October.     

She will be launching new classes starting with a free taster class taking place in London on 10th October at the Unity Church in Angel.

You can find out more about more about Donna's yoga classes on her website Donna Noble Yoga (including pregnancy yoga, one to one sessions and group work), on her Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

You can also keep up with everything CurveSomeYoga specific on the CurveSomeYoga TwitterFacebook and Instagram.

What do you enjoy most about yoga?  If you haven't tried it yet, what is stopping you?

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Saturday, 3 October 2015

QUICK REVIEW | 7th Heaven Passion Peel Off Mask

7th Heaven Passion Peel Off Mask

One of my favourite masks from 7th Heaven, formally known as Montagne Jeunesse, is the Passion Peel Off Mask.

There's just something so satisfying about having to peel the face mask away from the skin.  Go on, admit it, I'm not alone in thinking this am I?

7th Heaven Passion Peel Off Mask

Within the formula, the Passion Peel Off Mask contains pulped Pomegranate, Passion Flower, Raspberry, Grape, Cranberry and Vitamin E.  These are antioxidants that help to protect the skin from free radicals.

7th Heaven Passion Peel Off Mask

The peel off element of the mask is design to give the pores a clean and to remove the dead skin cells from the surface of the skin.

The mask is really easy to use as it comes out as a thick, slightly sticky gel.  To apply, simply smooth onto the skin in a thin but even layer (try to get it to all join up so that you can try to peel it off in one go... not that this makes any difference to the way that the mask works but its certainly fun!).

After about 20 mins, the mask sets and you simply peel back a corner and gently peel it off.  The mask comes away from the skin fairly easily as although it has set, it hasn't set to the point where it makes you skin feel dry or tight.

I find that this mask is good for brightening my skin as it does a great job at peeling away the dead skin cells.  This leaves my skin looking healthy, clear and brighter.

7th Heaven Passion Peel Off Mask

There are lots of 7th Heaven masks available for lots of different skin types and skin concerns.

They all come in single use sachets like this one which makes them so convenient to use, especially if you're travelling.  Also if you're someone who likes to use lots of different products, then buying single use sachets means that you wont run the risk of the rest of the pot or tube drying out while you try out other products.

The 7th Heaven Passion Peel Off Mask is available from Boots and it is super affordable.

What is your favourite 7th Heaven/Montagne Jeunesse mask?

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Thursday, 1 October 2015

WhatLauraWore: Plus Size Transitional Autumn Lookbook

Plus Size Transitional Autumn Lookbook

Now I don't want to jinx anything just yet but I seem to be on a bit of a roll when it comes to Youtube videos.  I'm trying to upload one video per week and so far, I've stuck to it, plus I've already got one ready to go for next week.

My latest video is a plus size transitional autumn lookbook.  I'm going to be doing quite a few outfit videos but they're designed to show you what I wear day to day rather than to show you whats in the shops now.  That's because I don't actually buy a lot of clothes too often, or at least I don't buy full outfits that much.  I'd thought about saving my clothes until I had enough to make a full video of new things but that could be months away, if ever so I thought that these videos could serve as inspiration more than anything.

Funnily enough, I say that but theres quite a few new in things in this video and post, mostly because I did a little bit of shopping at the Yours Clothing store opening that I went to which you can read about here and I picked out autumn appropriate pieces.  I have A LOT of summer appropriate clothes but my autumn and winter stash is pretty thin on the ground.

Outfit 1:

Plus Size Transitional Autumn Lookbook

This first outfit is very casual.  I wore it on a road trip recently with Mr WLL.  It centres around this Navy and Pink Checked Boyfriend Shirt* which I got in a couple of sizes smaller than I would usually get so that I could wear it open as more of a light jacket.  You could of course buy your usual size and wear it buttoned up with the popper fastenings but I find shirts can feel quite restrictive on me.  Plus as I'm so much larger around my middle compared to my shoulders and bust, if I were to buy a shirt to fit my tummy, it would be far too large on the top.  Wearing a shirt open with a white vest top underneath enables me to still wear this American flannel shirt inspired style but in a way to suit me.

I love the brushed, soft fabric which makes this shirt comfortable and warm to wear as well as soft against my skin.  The great thing about this shirt is that it doesn't crease which makes it perfect for travelling as you can fold it up to pop into your bag when you're too warm or don't need it and you can easily pull it back out to wear or pop over you as a blanket without it being creased.

    Plus Size Transitional Autumn Lookbook

    I paired it with my favourite denim leggings that I've been wearing for years because they look great and they're so comfortable to wear.  These are a staple in my wardrobe that I can't see myself being without!

    My shoes are the Converse All Star White Mono Leather trainers that I customised myself for a special occasion by swapping out the laces for white ribbon and crystallising them.

    For accessories, I am wearing my Links of London bracelet that I rarely take off, my Thomas Sabo charm bracelet to tie in with the pink colour in the shirt and my Ray Ban Aviators (get them on a great deal here and read my review here).  These sunglasses are perfect for us as they suit both me and Mr WLL perfectly

    Outfit 2:

    Plus Size Transitional Autumn Lookbook

    When I'm going out shopping, I like to wear something comfortable and casual, so for a trip to the Trafford Centre, I picked out my staple black pull on jeggings with the grey marl slogan top that I reviewed here to wear.

    My shoes are the Michael Kors Fulton Moc Flat Slip On Loafers in grey with silver hardware which I think compliments the grey of the top really well and ties the outfit together.  My bag is by Ralph Lauren.  I got it years and years ago on a school trip to America and it is still going strong.  I love the pale blue colour and think that it looks great alongside the grey.

    For jewellery, I'm wearing the same bracelets as the previous outfit.  You'll see them featured a lot in my outfit posts as I they're some of my favourites.  I kept my black Gucci scarf in my bag and popped it on later when I was cold.
    Outfit 3:

    Plus Size Transitional Autumn Lookbook

    The late summer and early autumn days are quite unpredictable in the UK as some days are very much hotter and sunnier than others but what I love about this weather is that it is usually still warm enough to go out without wearing a coat.  Choosing transitional pieces in your wardrobe can enable you to enjoy your clothes now, but still wear and enjoy them by layering them up with other items once the colder weather sets in and you're having to bundle up in a thick coat and wooly accessories.

    This next outfit is one that I wore out for lunch and a wander around a village in Cheshire.  My pink jumper from Yours Clothing* is light enough to not feel bulky or to make me too hot on a sunny day but its thick enough to keep me warm should the sun pop behind the clouds.  I love the wool mix fabric as it is so soft against the skin and not itchy at all like some jumpers can be.  The dark grey/black stars are embellished which can't be seen from afar but look lovely when you're taking a closer look at the jumper.

    The length on this top is great too as it is long enough to cover your bottom, should you want it to, or you can wear it pulled up a little and slouchy for a more relaxed, casual look.

    I've paired the jumper with my black jeggingsMichael Kors flats, Ralph Lauren and Gucci scarf.  While the MK shoes and Gucci scarf were by no means cheap, they're pieces that I've worn countless times since I got them and they're still looking as good as new.  I'm so pleased that I saved up to get them as they've definitely been worth it.

    Outfit 4:

    Plus Size Transitional Autumn Lookbook

    This next outfit is one that I wore out for dinner and drinks with my friend Katie who writes the blog Katie Jane Online.  It features my staple black waterfall jacket which was another purchase that I made earlier this year that has been well worth it.  It was very affordable but has stood me in good stead all these months and has washed so well.

    The top that I'm wearing underneath is the Fashion World Cold Shoulder Top that I first reviewed in this post all about work wear.  It isn't available anymore but there are so many similar ones available online.  Cold shoulder tops seem to get a very mixed reaction in the plus size fashion community but I don't mind them too much at all.  Especially when paired with my Happiness Boutique Pearl and Diamond Statement Necklace* which I really think sets it off nicely.

    Plus Size Transitional Autumn Lookbook

    After keeping things plain and simple on the top, I wore some printed trousers on the bottom.  These were a sale buy at the beginning of the year but theres plenty of printed trousers available this season too.  If you're looking for plus size printed trousers then I'd highly recommend Yours Clothing, its where I get all of my printed trousers from as they have some great designs and are very affordable which is what I'm looking for in a piece that I might not be wearing in years and years to come.

    Plus Size Transitional Autumn Lookbook

    Here is a closer look at my Happiness Boutique necklace.  I'll be reviewing it in full on my blog very soon but if you want a sneak peek of my thoughts on it... its FABULOUS.  I will DEFINITELY buy some statement necklaces from them in the future.

    My shoes are the black with gold hardware version of the Michael Kors flats that I'm wearing in the other outfit pictures and my bag that I'm sure you've seen one hundred times, is the Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac in Biscuit.
    Outfit 5:

    Plus Size Transitional Autumn Lookbook

    The final outfit in this video was actually what I wore during the day on my birthday this year when we were at Eshott Hall.  We also went to the cinema  that day and it was a little chilly inside so I was really grateful that I've received this gorgeous River Island cape for my birthday.

    I love the navy, red and pink colours in the tartan as I think that they look great together and stop the tartan from looking too traditional like red or green tartan can.  The tassels on it are so cute, as is the faux fur trim which looks gorgeous in blue.  The fur trim is actually detachable as it is secured with little buttons but I can't see me taking it off as I love the feature; it really stands out compared to the other capes that I have.

    This piece is a great transitional item as you can really snuggle up in it when its cold and wear as many light or thick layers underneath it as you like.  I just have a lightweight, oversize top from Boohoo on with my grey MK flats and my new ASOS jeggings which seem to be far longer in the leg than my black ones, despite being exactly the same, which is why I've turned them up at the bottom.

    Plus Size Transitional Autumn Lookbook

    The bag that I'm carrying is my gorgeous powder blue Michael Kors Hamilton that I actually received for my birthday last year.  I don't usually carry large bags as I never take much out with me but this one is really structured so although I don't have much in it, it still keeps its shape really well.

    I'd highly recommend this bag, especially if you're someone who carries a lot of things with them, perhaps to work.  It even works well as an overnight bag if you're not taking everything but the kitchen sink with you.

    I hope that you've enjoyed seeing my autumnal outfits.  They're mostly casual but I'm not really a party girl these days!  If you could head on over to my new youtube video and give it a thumbs up, I'd really appreciate it.
    What transitional pieces do you like to wear at this time of the year?

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