Saturday, 22 November 2014

Winter Fashion Trends: Grey Wardrobe Update

If you've been watching my YouTube videos then you'll know that I have been making a concious effort to switch up my autumn winter wardrobe to some more seasonally appropriate pieces.

The biggest challenge for me has been embracing a different colour palette for my clothes as you all know me; I love my brights, pastels and specifically, the colour coral.  This year I am really embracing darker tones such as black, khaki, grey, red, wine and berry colours as well as different styles of clothes altogether.  You may have noticed from my WhatLauraWore outfit posts that I'm really dabbling with different cuts and full on sequins at the moment!

grey jumper with chain neckline refine spa whitburn sunderland

One colour that I have surprisingly enjoyed wearing is grey.  I always thought that it would make me look a little pale and washed out but I am really enjoying how it looks against my skin tone and hair colour.  The jumper I'm wearing in the photo above is from a little boutique called Tiger Lily inside Refine Spa in Whitburn, Sunderland.  They have some great pieces and go up to a size 30.  You can find them on Facebook here.

Grey clothes come in lots of different hues and I've found that they make a great alternative to black.  I prefer lighter, grey marl colours for my top half and darker greys for my bottom half.  I can wear an all grey outfit without finding that it drowns me by mixing and matching different shades of grey or layer up different grey pieces alongside darker complimentry shades like black and navy to add a little softness to a winter outfit.

My grey obsession started with my grey heart print scarf from The White Company and it just developed from there really.  They have loads of snuggly knitted accessories that I just adore, especially as many are in the sale at the moment.  I have a wishlist of grey pieces as long as my arm.  Some of the plus size clothes and accessories that I am currently coveting are below:

There's quite a selection out there to choose from.  For tops, I've got to say that the grey tops from New Look are my absolute favourite this season.  They have a great selection of slogan and print t shirts however it is their basics that really caught my eye.  They have lots of different shapes that are great for layering and they have every shade of grey you could imagine.  I am particularly keen on the Inspire Dark Grey Wrap Front Top and the Inspire Grey Plain T-Shirt because, aside from being beautiful shades of grey, they are the perfect pieces to take me from day to night.  Staples like these are perfect to have in any wardrobe as they can be worn during the day whether you're going out shopping or to work and then they can instantly be changed up for an evening out look by adding a statement necklace and a blazer.

ASOS Curve undoubtedly have the largest variety of grey toned clothing this winter but it is their selection of grey dresses, skirts and coats that have really caught my eye.  I am IN LOVE with the Dolly Skater Coat.  It has such a fabulous shape that is so youthful and girlie.  The grey marl colour is beautiful and would look great with darks, berry tones and even pastels like lilac this winter.

If you're looking for grey toned jewellery then Boohoo is where its at along with their ridiculously diverse range of grey clothes from the affordable plus size fashion section.  Whereas if you're looking for grey shoes, I have spotted some beauties over on Missguided.  The chunky soles are still in and they don't look like they're going anywhere soon which is great news for me because I'm always worried about tottering around on the frosty ground in stilettos!  Missguided have just launched their plus size line too which I couldn't be more excited about as I love the style of their clothes.  I'll be putting in an order very soon so you can look forward to some outfit posts in the not too distant future!

I literally cannot wait until payday so that I can turn my wish list into a haul *excited emoji face*

What are your favourite trends for autumn and winter?  Are you a fan of grey clothing?
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Friday, 21 November 2014

Trilogy Skincare Event & Christmas Gift Sets

Trilogy Skincare

In the past, natural skincare products have been traditionally thought of as being poor performing in comparison to their high-tech synthetic counterparts, however natural skincare brand, Trilogy, have bridged the gap between the two as their products are all natural without compromising on performance.

I recently travelled down to London to attend an event with Trilogy skincare.  This was a great opportunity for me to see the full Trilogy range of products, some I have tried before, some I haven't and I got to learn lots about them all.

Trilogy Natural Organic Skincare with Rosehip Oil

The range above is the original line with their Certified Organic Rosehip Oil which is the signature product from the range and an ingredient that is contained in all of their products.  The golden oil that is extracted from rosehip seeds is an incredibly effective natural ingredient that the skin just loves, including mine!

You can browse the face care line here:

Trilogy Age Proof Skincare Line Beauty Review

This is the Trilogy Age Proof range which is their higher end line that contains some upgraded ingredients.  It has a slightly higher price tag but for ingredients like active fruit enzymes, CoQ10 and hyaluronic acid it is well worth it.

You can check out the products from the line here:

Trilogy Very Gentle Range and Body Care

The range up there on the left is the very gentle line which is designed specifically for sensitive, reactive skin and features a cleanser, serum and moisturiser.

On the right is the Trilogy body care collection and hair range.  As of yet, I haven't tried anything from this line but you can browse them for yourself here:

Trilogy Jua Natural Perfume

I was so happy to discover that Trilogy are a brand that give back too.  They are currently supporting the charity, So They Can who are an organisation that educate and empower African communities.

For every bottle of their first perfume, Juasold, Trilogy will donate two New Zealand dollars to So They Can.  Jua means 'sun' in Swahili and is a completely natural perfume that has a fresh floral scent including notes of bergamot, rose and freesia.  

It was the Christmas gift sets that really interested me as they look as though they would make a great present for any skincare junkie this year.

If you're buying for someone who loves lip balm, theres the Luscious Rosehip Lips Collection which is my personal favourite as it contains a limited edition version of their original Rosehip Oil Lip Balm that has a lip smacking red tint and spicy cinnamon flavour.

My other favourite has to be the Hand Cream Trio.  I LOVE popping a tube of hand cream into my bag before heading out of the door, especially during the winter months where they wind and cold weather play havoc with my skin.  This would be a great set for a friend who works in an office too.  When I worked in a big office, I liked to keep a tube of hand cream in the drawer by my desk to moisturise my hands in between all of the typing I had to do!

If you're looking for a way to introduce your friend to Trilogy then the Rosapene Skincare Sensations Collection is a great option as it contains some of Trilogy's best products- an eye cream, oil and a moisturiser, whereas the Trilogy Botanical Beauties Collection is great for treating someone who likes skincare and body care in equal parts as it contains Trilogy's best selling Rosehip Oil as well as a bottle of their Botanical Body Wash.

Feel Unique have a brilliant range of Trilogy gift sets here that have 10% off at the time of writing.  John Lewis do too as do Look Fantastic, who have 25% off the Botanical Beauties Collection at the moment using code TOP26BEAUTY and BodyKind who offer a free bauble containing four mini Trilogy products when you spend £20 on Trilogy products.  The official Trilogy website also offers the same gift with purchase with any two products purchased.

Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil and Vital Moisturising Cream

The most fun part of the evening was when we got to create our own Vital Moisturising Cream.  As bloggers, we sat as a group around a table to add the ingredients to our jars and blend them together.

Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil and Vital Moisturising Cream

The whole process was pretty straight forward which just goes to show that there are no nasty chemicals to be added to the mix!

We got to take home our creation along with a mini bottle of the Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil which I love as it is so nourishing and calming on the skin.

Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil and Vital Moisturising Cream

The Vital Moisturising Cream is an intense moisturising cream that is designed to smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by nourishing and hydrating the skin.  While the formula is a little heavy for my oily skin, this moisturiser works wonders for Mr WLL who has drier skin than I do.  He says that it sinks in quite quickly and leaves his skin feeling soft and supple (or words to that effect!).

Since attending the event, I have been trying out lots of different skincare products from Trilogy and I will be ready to share my thoughts on those very soon!  In the meantime, do let me know what your favourite Trilogy products are in the comments.

You can shop Trilogy products from their website as well as from Feel Unique, Look Fantastic and John Lewis.

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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Bblonde Maximum Ombre Kit GIVEAWAY!

The ombre trend has taken the hair world by storm in recent years and it isn't set to go away any time soon.  Whether you opt for a distinctive ombre or a more subtle sombre, the dark to light multi-tonal hair can look absolutely gorgeous.

This isn't a style that you have to pay a fortune to achieve in as with Bblonde by Jerome Russell, you can create gorgeous ombre looks right from the comfort of your own home.

Bblonde have created two different ombre kits that are designed to be super easy to use and they come with an expert blending lotion which enables you to create that gorgeous graduated ombre effect effortlessly.  The Maximum Ombre Kit No. 1 is a permanent lightener for light to dark brown hair and it lifts the hair up to 8-9 shades lighter whereas the Maximum Ombre Kit No. 2 is designed for blonde to medium brown hair and will lift the hair by up to 6-7 shades.  Both kits have a professional salon formula that contains avocado oil for enhanced hydration and shine to leave your feeling hair soft and shiny.

I am going to be giving away two Bblonde Maximum Ombre Kits.  There will be two winners chosen at random and the winners can each choose whether they would like the Maximum Ombre Kit 1 or 2.

You can enter here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway
The giveaway is open for UK entrants only, until 12AM on 30th November 2014.  Winners will be chosen at random and announced on this blog post.  I will contact you for your address and you will have one week to get back to me with your address details which I will then pass on to Bblonde who will post your prize out.  Winners who do not respond within the week, another winner will be chosen.

For all things Bblonde, check out their official website here.

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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Sachajuan Protective Hair Perfume Review

Sachajuan Protective Hair Perfume Review

Not only do I like my hair to look good but I like it to smell great too.  Finally I have found the perfect product to leave my hair smelling as good as it looks... even if I do say so myself!

The Sachajuan Protective Hair Perfume is one such fragrance and I can't wait to tell you all about it.

This is the first product that I have tried from Sachajuan, although I did receive a big sample size of one of their other products in my Space NK gift with purchase recently and after trying the hair perfume, I can't wait to see what it is like.  At first glance, I really love the packing of Sachajuan products.  The packaging is clean, simplistic and uncomplicated.  There are no bells and whistles, it is all about the product inside.

Sachajuan Protective Hair Perfume Review
Sachajuan Protective Hair Perfume*
The Sachajuan Protective Hair Perfume is a deliciously scented hair fragrance that combines top notes of litchi and green apple with heart notes of peach, rose and ylang ylang and base notes of patchouli, cedar wood and white musk to create a fresh fruity floral scent.  If you've used other Sachajuan products in the past then you'll recognise the perfume as having the same signature scent as their other hair care products.

As soon as I knew that this fragrance had a base of white musk, I knew that there was a good chance that I was going to like it as it is my favourite note in a perfume because I find that it adds a layer of warmth and sensuality to a scent.

However I wasn't expecting to like the smell as much as I do.  In fact, I would love this as a normal perfume, not just for my hair because it is so fresh and crisp but still has the depth that white musk gives to a fragrance.  I was pleased to find out that as the formula of this hair perfume is so gentle, it can be used as a body mist too and I've been trying that out over the last couple of weeks and really loving the scent.

Sachajuan Protective Hair Perfume Review

I actually find that the scent lasts for longer on my skin than my hair as I can smell the notes of the scent for hours after it has dried down on my skin whereas the perfume scent on my hair lasts about an hour or so.  However the refreshing benefits of the perfume are even longer lasting on my hair than the scent is because it actually controls the hair odour.

Aside from the beautiful fragrance, the Sachajuan Protective Hair Perfume actually features the latest in anti-odour technology to get rid of unpleasant odours in the hair.  The formula uses an extract from natural citrus oils that encapsulate odour molecules and break them down.  This refreshes the hair and gets rid of any bad odours that can linger in dirty hair, particularly on second or third day hair when your hair isn't completely clean, or after a night out when your hair may smell of smoke or a mixture of lots of other products you've used in your hair.

Sachajuan Protective Hair Perfume Review Anti Static

I tend to wash my hair every third day, or possibly every fourth when I'm wearing hair extensions and I find that this hair perfume is a great way to refresh my hair between washes.  I use a little dry shampoo on my roots to soap up the excess oil and then I spritz this all over my hair to refresh it and leave it smelling clean and fresh.

The hair perfume doesn't change the texture of the hair or leave anything on it to make it feel dry or crispy.  If you're someone who doesn't have oily hair to warrant the use of dry shampoo but still want to refresh it between washes, then this would be perfect to use for that too as well as on the first day that you've washed your hair.

In the above photo, I'd just blow dried by hair and then gave it a spritz with the Protective Hair Perfume.  I love how it gave me that 'I've just had my hair done' feeling and whenever I flipped my hair, I could smell the perfume on my hair.  It smells clean and fresh and really makes me feel put together.  This would definitely be the ultimate product to finish off getting ready with before heading out the door.

Sachajuan Protective Hair Perfume Review Anti Static Moisture

The Protective Hair Perfume actually has a more benefits than refreshing the hair alone.  It infused with keratin and silk oils that aim to moisturise the hair and restore damage. It also adds a subtle healthy sheen to the hair without making it oily which I love because products that I have used to add shine to my hair in the past have ended up leaving my hair looking like a greasy ball whereas this one doesn't.

My favourite benefit of this product, aside from the scent, is that actually helps to reduce static.  On the odd occasion when I brush my hair and it does go static it drives me crazy.  It really irritates me and I am yet to find a product that stops it without coating my hair.  That was, until I tried the Protective Hair Perfume.  For some reason, I tend to find that my hair becomes more static at this time of the year when I am wearing scarves and hats more often however I haven't experienced it at all since starting to use this product.

Sachajuan Protective Hair Perfume Review

The formula also offers UV protection for the hair which can help to prevent environmental damage that can dehydrate the hair, making it look dry and brittle and even causing split ends.  If you have coloured hair, UV rays can also encourage your hair colour to fade.  I have my roots died darker than my natural hair to give it an outgrown look and definitely don't want the colour to fade so the UV protection that this product has is definitely a bonus for me.

If you want to have beautifully smelling hair that looks healthy and free from static, then you need this in your hair care routine!

The Sachajuan Protective Hair Perfume is £40 from the Harrods Urban Retreat and you can discover more about the Sachajuan range of products on their official website here.

Theres lots of other Sachajuan products available online from the Harrods Urban Retreat and also from Space NK and Cult Beauty.

What are your favourite Sachajuan products?

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Monday, 17 November 2014

WhatLauraWore: Lovedrobe Lace Dress

Lovedrobe Lace 2 in 1 Skater Dress Chiffon Floaty Fabric Plus Size PSBLOGGERS

Another day, another Lovedrobe dress it seems but they are just SMASHING it with winter fashion right now.

The Lovedrobe Lace 2 in 1 Skater Dress is the perfect dress for a classy evening out this autumn and winter.  I love the skater shape and, as you can probably tell from reading many of my other outfit posts, it is my favourite style of dress.  I usually opt for strapless dresses so this one having long sleeves breaks from the norm a little for me.  The arms of the dress are quite generous however I would say that the dress overall runs true to size, if a little small fitting around the waist as it isn't elasticated but the fit will depend on your shape.

The black lace sits comfortably over the cream chiffon style top and skirt and helps you to cover up whilst showing a little skin at the same time which gives a really classy look.  The top has a sweetheart neckline and creates a beautiful feminine shape under the lace and the skirt is really floaty so it hides lots of my lumps and bumps.

I bought my dress from Very, the link is below but I've also linked to another version of this dress at the bottom of the post as it is also available in red black with the main body of the dress being in black.  If you're not a big fan of cream, prefer a darker outfit or would prefer the slimming effects of a black skirt then this one would be perfect.

I wore this to a dinner party that we had at our friends house and paired it with some sparkly hoop earrings, one of my favourite small handbags and my kind of comfortable platform heels!

Lovedrobe Lace 2 in 1 Skater Dress PSBLOGGERS Plus Size Chiffon Floaty Dresses

Lovedrobe Lace 2 in 1 Skater Dress from
Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac bag in biscuit from Nordstom
Black peeptoe platform heels by Anna Scholz from Simply Be
Diamant√© hoop earrings by Mikey from House of Fraser

What is your favourite brand for autumn winter dresses right now?
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