Saturday, 4 July 2015

WhatLauraWore: Boohoo Skater Dress Home & Away

Plus Isabelle Printed Skater Dress from Boohoo

In today's post, I wanted to show you how I would style the same dress at home and on holiday.  This is the Isabelle Printed Skater Dress from the plus size clothing line at Boohoo.

This dress has that classic skater shape that you all know I love and while I usually wear sleeveless pieces, I think that the short sleeves work really well on this style.  It has a stretchy, textured fabric and I'd say that it is a little small fitting.  I really like the coral orange colour on the background and the paisley style print is different from anything else in my wardrobe right now.

On holiday, I paired it with my most comfortable gold sandals and a clear box clutch that I got at a blogging press day last year.  I'd never used it up until I went to Morocco and was going to throw it out but hung onto it just in case.  I'm really pleased I did as I popped it into my suitcase just before I left thinking that it would save me packing many more bags because, being see through, it would go with everything.  I really love it now and will definitely continue to use it now that I'm back home.

So many people asked me about it and I love that I can see exactly where everything is inside just by looking at it.  The only downside is that it doesn't fit much in so now that I'm home I'll need to follow my own advice from yesterdays post to help me to downsize my essentials!

Plus Isabelle Printed Skater Dress from Boohoo

Now that I'm home, this dress has been hanging in my closet ready for its next outing.

Today I got to attend the 90th birthday party of the lady who was my Nana's best friend.  I really wish my Nana was still alive to celebrate the occasion as she would have loved reminiscing over old times with her friend.

The party was an afternoon affair in the function room of a pub and the weather was mild but I could tell that it would be getting out hot late into the afternoon.  I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to wear this dress again and I'm so pleased that I took it on its first outing since Marrakech!

Plus Isabelle Printed Skater Dress from Boohoo

I have lots of friends who have clothes that they consider to be their 'holiday' clothes which are separate from a lot of the other things in their wardrobe.  They reserve these clothes for wearing only while they're on holiday and go out specifically shopping for them.  While I do like to go shopping for clothes when I have a holiday planned, as you can see from the plus size haul video that features this dress, I don't like to buy clothes that I feel as though I couldn't or wouldn't wear back in the UK.  I don't have the money or space to keep up with two separate wardrobes of clothes and I really like to enjoy the clothes that I've worked hard to buy and spent so long choosing.

Plus Isabelle Printed Skater Dress from Boohoo

The Isabelle Printed Skater Dress is definitely one of those dresses that I feel, for me, could be worn at home or away.  However it is very short.  Do keep in mind when looking at these photos that I am 5ft 5" with a long body that is 2.5" shorter than my legs.  I also have a large tummy that has a habit of pulling clothes upwards.  With that in mind, this dress may appear shorter on me that it would on someone with a different shaped body.  That being said, it is still a short dress whichever way you look at it.

I felt really confident wearing the dress bare legged on holiday, especially as I was tanned but back home today, I decided to pop it on with leggings.  For me, it would be too short to be appropriate for a 90th birthday party without wearing anything on my legs and as it can be quite windy in the North East, I didn't want to risk showing everyone next weeks laundry should a particularly severe gust blow!  While I'm in the UK I'll continue to wear this dress with leggings but when I'm away from home, anything goes!  Is anyone else like that?

What I love about this dress is that although the background colour seems bright, the pattern on it dulls it down a little.  This makes this dress perfect for wearing all summer long but also into winter with a blazer or leather jacket and leggings.

Plus Isabelle Printed Skater Dress from Boohoo

To keep the focus on the dress, I wore my favourite flats that I'm sure you're all getting sick of seeing, and I carried my Mini Mac with me.  When I next travel to America I am going to buy some of these bags in different colours as they're so versatile for day or night use.  I've added my new pouf too that I bought from a lovely lady called @SallySparkel on Instagram.

Plus Isabelle Printed Skater Dress from Boohoo


Heart stud earrings from River Island
Clear box clutch from Boohoo (similar here)

Pearl Hairband (similar ON SALE here)

Do you wear the clothes you bought for your holiday back home too or do you prefer to keep things separate?  What styles are you loving right now?

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Friday, 3 July 2015

Chanel WOC Essential | Travalo Review

Chanel WOC Essential Travalo Review Coco Mademoiselle

Ever since I got my Chanel WOC, nights out haven't been the same.  I absolutely adore it and together with my Lulu Guinness Lips Clutch, it is my go-to handbag for evenings out.

The only trouble is that they are both very compact and while I do prefer that these days compared to lugging around a big bag, it does pose some issues when it comes to packing them with my essentials.  Not just for space but to protect my bags too- a perspex bag may burst or misalign its hinges if over stuffed and the precious lambskin of the Chanel could easily be over stretched and scratched beyond repair if there is too much inside the bag or something sharp inside.

Essentially, my essentials have been narrowed down to my essential essentials.  Gone are the days of taking combs, hairspray and full faces of makeup out with me.  I like to apply my makeup and do my hair so that I know it is going to last before I leave the house and just take a lippy or gloss to top up with while I'm out.  I much prefer it this way, who wants to spend the night in the loo reapplying eyeliner when you could be on the dance floor giving BeyoncĂ© a run for her money?

Chanel WOC Essential Travalo Review Coco Mademoiselle

Something that I've really had to size down on is my perfume.  Even the 30ml bottles are often too big for a clutch bag, especially the ones with quite elaborate packaging.

At the moment, my favourite going out, out perfume is my Chanel Coco Mademoiselle that I received for Christmas off Mr WLL.  It smells luxe and exclusive and I love to keep it for special occasions and evenings out.  I have the body cream, body oil and hair mist too so I like to apply a little of each to really layer the scent when I go out.

However I only have the 100ml bottle because I prefer to get the biggest size in my fragrances as I find that they work out more cost effective that way.  Even if I could fit this big bottle in my bag, I would never take a 100ml bottle of perfume out with me anyway.  I'd be too worried incase it smashed inside my bag and ruin it, not to mention the amount of money would literally be spilled from a broken perfume bottle!  There is a purse spray version of this perfume available but even that is quite bulky and if you're using a small bag like the lips clutch, you've got absolutely no chance of being able to fit your keys, money, phone and lippy inside as well as the perfume.  That's why I much prefer to refill a Travalo Classic with my fragrance before I go out.

Chanel WOC Essential Travalo Review Coco Mademoiselle

A Travalo is a perfume atomiser that you can transfer any fragrance into for spritzing on the go.  I've loved them for years and find that they're the best way for me to take my fragrance out and about with me.  It is quick and easy to fill up without any waste, spillage or mess which is important, especially if you've spent a lot of money on your fragrance.  The best thing about it is that its very small in size so it is perfect for popping into my clutch bag when I'm going on a night out.  I can even fit one of these into my smallest clutch bag with plenty of room for my other essentials.

The Travalo is robust, shatterproof and leakproof so you can rest assured that  it isn't going to smash or leak all over your bag.  It has been approved for airlines so if you travel a lot and like to freshen up after your flight then this is ideal for popping in your carry on bag.

Travalo have released a new version of their Classic, which provided 50 sprays of perfume (4ml), known as the Classic Excel.  It is only a few millimetres taller than the original one yet it provides 65 sprays (5ml) which is more than enough for a weekend away or even a trip abroad for a week.  The great thing about the new Classic Excel Travalo is that it has a spray head that produces a finer mist which disperses the perfume over a wider area so if you're someone who gets a little spritz happy with your fragrances and you like to have it all over you then you'll be able to apply far less in one area but get the same effect with the new Travalo.

There are 10 different colours of the Travalo Classic Excel available from pink and purple to silver and blue.  The inner bottle can now be removed and it is interchangable with other Travalo models.  They call this "uchange" as you can change the case to suit your mood.

The Travalo has a pump to fill system that works by removing the spray cap from your own perfume bottle and attaching the bottom of the Travalo to the spray part of the perfume bottle before literally pumping the perfume into the Travalo.  It is that easy and there's even an indicator window on the front so you can see exactly how far up you have filled the Travalo and when you're using it, you can see how much you have left so you never need run out of perfume.

Chanel WOC Essential Travalo Review Coco Mademoiselle

The pump to fill method also stops the risk of the perfume being damaged from air exposure which can change the scent of a perfume.  If you're using quite a strong perfume then I'd recommend having separate Travalos for each scent that you want to use as I've found that if you finish using one particular perfume in a Travalo and then refill it with a different fragrance then the two scents can get a little confused together!  This is just for a short time though and once you've spritzed it a few times, you can just smell the new scent that you've filled it with.

Travalos are perfect for some many occasions but especially for travel.  Whether you're heading to a music festival this summer and needing to freshen up or if you're jetting off to a holiday destination and need something small and travel friendly to pop in your hand luggage bag.

Chanel WOC Essential Travalo Review Coco Mademoiselle

Both men and women will love these as they're so much easier than taking a big fragrance bottle out with you.  My husband kept one in his suit pocket with his wedding day aftershave in to top up his scent throughout the long day.

The Travalo is available direct here and also from Debenhams for £12.50 each or two for £25 with a free leather carry case.  They're so affordable and would make a great gift for someone who travels a lot or who has a small handbag addiction like I do!  I've been using Travalo's for years and if you're a long time reader of my blog then you'll remember this post here!

I'm sure I've seen them in duty free when I've been travelling too so if you're heading away this summer, keep your eyes peeled for one when you're making your duty free purchases.

What fragrance would you fill up a Travalo with?

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Thursday, 2 July 2015

Home Baking with Aldi | Weight Watchers Lemon Curd Cake

Home Baking with Aldi Weight Watchers Lemon Curd Cake Cake Pops

From today, Aldi's Specialbuys aisle will be filled to the rafters with their fabulous new home baking range!

There is something for everyone with their new line, regardless of whether you're a Mary Berry in the making or a beginner like me, from hand mixers and bread, brownie and waffle makers to silicone cake moulds, storage boxes and embroidered tea towels.

Home Baking with Aldi Weight Watchers Lemon Curd Cake Cake Pops

As you would expect with Aldi, everything is superb quality while remaining very affordable.  Plus they even have a fabulous Pinterest page to help you out with baking recipes and inspiration.

They provided me with three pieces from their new home baking range; an 8" Springform Cake Tin, a Cake Storer with Lifter and a Silicone Cake Mould for making cake pops along with a voucher to spend on ingredients from their store.

Home Baking with Aldi Weight Watchers Lemon Curd Cake Cake Pops

There are so many Aldi stores in my area, all of which are easy to get to with ample parking.  I popped in quickly this week with Mr WLL and we found the store so easy to navigate to find everything that I needed.

With the bakeware I was given, I thought that it would be best to attempt a cake and a set of cake pops as they seemed to be the most logical goodies to create.  All of the ingredients were incredibly affordable and I was really impressed at the selection that they had available.

Here's what I bought:

Home Baking with Aldi Weight Watchers Lemon Curd Cake Cake Pops

The cake pop mould came with a set of instructions and for the full size cake, I searched online for a recipe.  We were heading to my friends house for dinner this week and I had said that I would bring dessert.  She has been following Weight Watchers for the last year so I knew that I would need to make something that she could work out the propoints value of so to make it easier, I selected one of their recipes.

While on the subject of Weight Watchers, I have written for the August edition of their magazine.  It is available in meetings and has just gone onto newstands this Wednesday so if you would like to pick up a copy to read my article then please do so.  My article is all about getting your legs out in summer and loving your body at any size.  I'd love to hear what you think about it.

Home Baking with Aldi Weight Watchers Lemon Curd Cake Cake Pops

The recipe that I decided to follow was for the Weight Watchers Lemon Curd Cake which felt pleasingly nostalgic as I used to love lemon curd as a child.  You can click on the link to view the full recipe on the WW website but for someone who isn't used to baking like me, I would definitely say that it was very easy to make.  We were able to find all of the ingredients at Aldi which is great as I hate having to visit more than one shop when I want to make something.

I used to bake a lot when I was younger but time seems to go a lot quicker as an adult.  This year, I have been doing a lot more cooking from scratch so baking from scratch feels like a natural progression.  Being able to start baking without breaking the bank buying ingredients and bakeware is a bonus too and will definitely encourage me to bake more in the future.

Home Baking with Aldi Weight Watchers Lemon Curd Cake Cake Pops

To create the Weight Watchers Lemon Curd Cake, I used:
  • 5 sprays of a calorie controlled cooking spray- we already had this at home so didn't feel the need to purchase another
  • 3 medium sized raw eggs- these are 79p for a pack of 6 from Aldi and they are free range
  • 100g Caster Sugar- 89p for a 1kg bag that you'll be able to use for many cakes to come!
  • 100g Plain White Flour- 45p for a 1.5kg bag
  • 200g Low Fat Soft Cheese- 49p for 200g
  • Zest of 1 Lemon, finely grated
  • 3 heaped teaspoons of Icing Sugar- 65p for a 500g bag
  • 2 level tablespoons of Lemon Curd, mixed with 1 tablespoon of hot water
  • 1 Lemon sliced and/or some fresh mint leaves to decorate (optional)- we opted for lemon slices

Home Baking with Aldi Weight Watchers Lemon Curd Cake Cake Pops

To begin, I preheated the oven to 220°C (gas mark 7/425°F) and washed all of the bakeware out with it being new.

The recipe stated to use 7inch sandwich tins but I used the 8inch Springform Cake Tin from Aldi without any problems whatsoever.  I gave it a quick mist with the low calorie cooking spray and while the recipe stated to line the base with a circle of greaseproof paper, I didn't as as it happened, I didn't need to as the cake tin has a non-stick coating.

Then I moved onto actually making the cake.  Using a hand held electric mixer (Aldi have just brought out a new one for only £14.99!), I whisked the eggs and caster sugar together for around 5 minutes until they were very pale and light in texture.

I then sifted the plain flour into the mixture and folded it through lightly using a big metal spoon.  Two cake tins were needed at this point so what I did was I divided the mixture into two, poured one half into the cake tin and popped it in the oven for 8-9 minutes until it was golden brown and springy to the touch.  Then I took it would of the oven, removed it from the cake tin onto a wire cooling rack, covered it with a clean, damp tea towel and then poured the rest of the cake mixture into the tin and repeated this process.

Home Baking with Aldi Weight Watchers Lemon Curd Cake Cake Pops

The cake was actually very easy to remove from the cake tin, firstly because it is non-stick but also because it has a springform mechanism.  This basically means that the sides of the cake tin are removable via a latch style buckle on the side of the tin.  You simple unbuckle the latch and then you can remove the sides from the cake.

For a sponge cake like this, it isn't really necessary to have a springform cake tin as you can just turn it out but for a cake that has decoration or that as a structure that wouldn't cope very well with being flipped over, like a cheesecake, then this type of cake tin is essential.  In my mind, the best thing to do is to buy springform cake tins anyway then you will be able to cook any cake without worrying about how you are going to remove it from the tin.

The great thing about using a springform cake tin is that you can actually serve the cake from the base of the cake tin if you do not want to remove the base.  It will keep the cake sturdy and together and help you to avoid any mishaps in transferring it from the tin to a plate or cake stand.  I couldn't do this with this cake as I needed to use the cake tin for a second time and by the time the cakes had cooled, I knew that they would be sturdy enough to stand on their own but if I were making a cheese cake then I would absolutely use the base of the cake tin as a base for my cake.
Home Baking with Aldi Weight Watchers Lemon Curd Cake Cake Pops

Once the cakes had completely cooled, it was time to put together the filling and icing.

I mixed the low fat soft cheese, lemon zest and icing sugar together before spreading half of the mixed over the top of one half of the sponge cakes that I had made.  I then decanted some of the lemon curd into a bowl and gave it a good stir to warm it up a little so that it became easier to spread.  Then I spread the lemon curd over top of the other cake and sandwiched the two together before spreading the remaining soft cheese mixture on top and decorating with slices of lemon.

Pretty straight forward as I'm sure you'll agree and for only 6 propoints per slice, it isn't too naughty either!  It tasted absolutely delicious and everyone enjoyed it.  Mary Berry eat your heart out!

As the cake tin is oven, freezer and dishwasher safe up to 230°C, I popped it straight into the dishwasher to clean up and it came out sparkling, just like new.  I've used bakeware in the past that has flaked but not this one, the quality is fantastic.

Home Baking with Aldi Weight Watchers Lemon Curd Cake Cake Pops

This cake makes six sizeable portions which is great if you're having six friends round to eat it straight away, but if not, you're best keeping it in an air tight cake box like this fabulous one from Aldi.

My dad was most impressed with the cake storer as it comes with a lifter inside to enable you to lift the cake out of the box easily.  Its always such a struggle to get a cake, especially a one thats iced and decorated, out of a cake box without destroying it but this lifter makes it so easy thanks to the two handles either side.

Home Baking with Aldi Weight Watchers Lemon Curd Cake Cake Pops

This box is absolutely brilliant and a steal at only £6.99.  Not only can you store a cake in it like this but you can flip it over and use it to store cupcakes over two tiers as well as scones.  Cup cakes have become so popular in recent years but they're difficult to transport so a box like this is absolutely essential.

Not only does this box make it really easy to transport your cakes but it keeps them so fresh too.

Home Baking with Aldi Weight Watchers Lemon Curd Cake Cake Pops

The second sweet treat that I made were cake pops using the Silicone Cake Mould from Aldi.  Like with the cake tin, it is oven safe up to 230
°C and you can pop it into the dishwasher to clean it which is great news for me.  The reason my hands are so soft is because I don't do the washing up, haha!

I had never made cake pops before and to be perfectly honest, I didn't have any high hopes for them turning out well as they looked as though they would be pretty tricky to make.  Had I bought this mould myself, I would have thought that it was a low enough price at £3.49 to take a gamble on incase they didn't work out for me.  Having used the mould and experienced how simple it is to use, I cannot recommend this enough- it would be well worth the low cost and more!

Home Baking with Aldi Weight Watchers Lemon Curd Cake Cake Pops

The 100% Silicone Cake Mould comes in two halves that need to be washed in warm soapy water before the first use.  Mine is pink and for making cake pops which are so popular right now.  Aldi also have other silicone cake moulds in different pastel colours available too incase you wanted to make cup cakes, etc.

The mould itself has four different shapes to it- a spherical one, a heart, a star and a two tier one designed to look a little like an iced cupcake shape.  All of the shapes are 3D, obviously and I love the variety in the shapes.  I've seen lots of round cake pops available but not lots of different shapes like these ones.

Sandwiched in between the two moulds in the packaging are baking and icing instructions and cake pop sticks that you can either reuse or dispose of after use and repurchase.

To create these cake pops, I used the instructions from the cake pop set.

Home Baking with Aldi Weight Watchers Lemon Curd Cake Cake Pops

To make the cake pops, I used:

  • 2 Medium Sized Raw Eggs- these are 79p for a free range pack of 6 from Aldi
  • 110g Caster Sugar- 89p for a 1kg bag
  • 110g Butter
  • 110g Self Raising Flour- 45p for a 1.5kg bag
  • 600g Chocolate (to decorate)- I used white and milk
  • Any additional decorations- I used The Pantry Sprinkles in the pink colour way at £1.49 each for 167g.  I had LOADS of these left over and will be able to use them for so many cake pops in the future.

Home Baking with Aldi Weight Watchers Lemon Curd Cake Cake Pops

To create the cake pops, I set my oven to 180°C (356°F).

I then creamed together the butter and caster sugar in a large mixing bowl until it became light and fluffy.  Then one after the other, I added the eggs into the mixture.  It is important to add a little bit of flour as well to stop the mixture from curdling.

After this was all combined together, I sifted in the rest of the flour and folded it into the mixture.  Using a little butter, I greased the cake pop mould and added the mixture to the half of the mould that didn't have any holes in it (where you put the sticks in).  I filled this half of the mould to the top before attaching the other half of the mould to it.

When I first got this I thought how on earth are you supposed to put the mixture into both sides and put them together without it going everywhere... then I realised that you just pour the mixture into one side of the mould and as the cake rises, it fills out the shape of the mould on the other side.  Absolute genius!  I've seen people making cake pops online by making a normal cake, then whizzing it up in a blender and then moulding little balls of cake together from the crumbs; what a carry on that is!  This method is so quick and easy to do and it requires such minimal fuss.  I could literally make these all day!

Home Baking with Aldi Weight Watchers Lemon Curd Cake Cake Pops

So after I poured the mix into the mould and popped the other half on, I put the mould onto a baking try and put it in the oven for around 15 minutes.  To check that they were ready, I pushed a skewer into the middle of one of them and when it came out clean, I knew they were done.

I left them to cool a little bit, then removed them from the mould and left them to cool completely on a wire rack while I made the chocolate for decoration.

I melted the chocolate in a bowl over a pan of simmering hot water.  This is the only way I'm able to melt chocolate because every time I do it in the microwave I end up leaving it in far too long and it burns.  The smell is horrendous so I always opt for doing it on the hob now!

Home Baking with Aldi Weight Watchers Lemon Curd Cake Cake Pops

To attach the lolly sticks to the cake shapes, I dipped them into the chocolate and then inserted the sticks into the cake pops and then I left them to cool.  I guess the chocolate acts as a glue almost.

Then I held onto the lolly stick and dipped each cake pop into the melted chocolate and twisted it as it came out so that the excess chocolate would drip off evenly.  I then sprinkled the sprinkles onto some of them and drizzled  some extra chocolate in opposing types (milk and white) onto some of the others.

To enable them to cool without spoiling their design, I upturned a colander and popped the sticks through the holes.  This was a tip that I got from the instructions that came with the mould and I think that it works really well. 

Home Baking with Aldi Weight Watchers Lemon Curd Cake Cake Pops

For my first attempt at cake pops, I'm really very pleased with them.  Not only did they taste delicious but they looked pretty good too considering I've never made them before.  They were supposed to be able to be kept in the fridge for a week but my hubby and dad devoured them in a couple of days so I can't comment on that.

I honestly can't believe how easy it was to make those cake pops, especially for the first time.  I really think that it was down to the mould and the simple, easy to follow instructions that came with it.  I'll definitely be making them again.

I am SO impressed with the Aldi bakeware pieces that I have tried out and their quality and affordability.  Same with the ingredients.  If you're looking to try your hand at baking this summer, perhaps a Wimbledon appropriate Victoria Sponge, then I would highly recommend the home baking line from Aldi.

You can head to your local Aldi store to check out their new home baking range from today.  They also have their wonderful new kitchen range launching on the 9th July so you'll be sure to be able to pick up some bargains whether you're off to uni in September, updating your kitchenware or redecorating your kitchen!

What are your favourite recipes?

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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

WhatLauraWore: Curvissa Holiday Shop

Curvissa Holiday Shop

Before we begin, let's just address the elephant in the room... the white bra.  A nude one would be so much better as this top is quite see through but I'd just got back from Morocco when I took these photos and everything was in the wash!

Now that that's out of the way, lets hop into the blog post!

I have been challenged by Curvissa along with Zoe, Naomi, Emma and Charli to style an item from their Holiday Shop.

Curvissa Holiday Shop

I picked out the Love Top by the brand Beachtime.  Although I've just got back from Morocco, I've already booked my next holiday so I definitely picked this piece out with that trip in mind.

This is a vest top shape with a round neckline in a white, almost mottled print.  Down the centre, theres 'love' written in colourful, artistic writing.

The top is thin, light weight and perfect for holidays in warm climates.  I think that it is a little too see through for wearing back here in the UK but on holiday over a bikini, it would be perfect.

I ordered my usual size (22/24) and found that it was true to size and very comfortable to wear.  It would look equally as good if I had sized up for a more relaxed, oversized fit.

Curvissa Holiday Shop

I paired my Curvissa top with a sleeveless open cardigan, my wardrobe staple jeggings and slipped on my peeptoes. For accessories, I added some gold bangles, a statement necklace and one of my most used bags.

Curvissa Holiday Shop

Cardigan from New Look
Black peeptoe heels from Simply Be
Statement necklace from Miss Selfridge
Bangles from Primark

Where are you off to on holiday this year?

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Monday, 29 June 2015

WhatLauraLoves: Dressing My Curves In Curvety

IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel Lindsey Dress in Raven Illusion on the Curvety

When Mr WLL has time off work, we always plan lots of date nights together and days out.  Not only does that signal lots of fun but lots of outfits too and as always, I like to plan these in advance.  I just seem to feel lots more settled when I know what I'm wearing.

Dresses like this are perfect for evenings out, especially when you're in a rush to get ready as they're such a statement piece, they do all the talking themselves.  Simply pull them on, add some heels and some volume to your hair, grab your clutch, slick on your lippy and you're good to go!

IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel Lindsey Dress in Raven Illusion on the Curvety

As soon as I saw the IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel Lindsey Dress in Raven Illusion on the Curvety website, I knew that it would be perfect for dinner and drinks along the quayside in Newcastle.  It has become one of our favourite locations to head to mid week as it is quiet and perfect for couples looking to chat over a nice meal and a couple of drinks.

I love the monochrome colour scheme of this dress and the way that the black and white pattern on the bust adds an extra shape to the dress.  The bust of the dress is really eye catching and I love the flattering deep V neckline with the wrap over.

Being sleeveless, this dress looks great when worn alone or with a cardigan, shrug or blazer/waterfall jacket for warmth or to cover up your arms if you don't want to show them off.

IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel Lindsey Dress in Raven Illusion on the Curvety

The dress is elasticated at the waist for a really comfortable fit with a tie belt that you can either tie at the front side, at the back like I have or remove completely.  Personally I like to keep mine at the back to not add more bulk to my side.

The skirt falls beautifully in an A Line Shape and on me, at 5ft 5" it hits right at my knee which is an ideal length to look flirty but still sophisticated and classy, especially when paired with black heels and a clutch.  A splash of colour would add a fun edge to the outfit, perhaps for a night out with the girls whereas I preferred to keep it more simple with black accessories and silver jewellery.

black clutch and heels

I ordered mine in a UK 22/24 and I would say that it is true to size.  The garment is made of a stretchy jersey fabric that does hug your curves.  I don't mind this at all as I'm sick of trying to hide my shape.  I'm embracing the body I'm in and loving the results!

This is the first dress that I've tried from Curvety and I'd definitely be happy to order from them next time I'm looking for a date night summer dress!

IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel Lindsey Dress in Raven Illusion on the Curvety

Platform heels in black by Anna Scholz from Simply Be
Diamante and pearl earrings from BHS
Sweetie bracelet and charms from Links of London
D&G silver diamante watch from Goldsmiths

What are your favourite pieces from Curvety?

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