Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Smile Confidently with Smile Design at Ewan Bramley Dental Care

When you have lived with something you're not 100% comfortable with for 28 years, the prospect of changing it is both exciting and extremely daunting and that's exactly how I felt about my teeth.  Exciting because there was the potential to achieve the smile that I had always dreamed of but extremely daunting at the same time too because there was the risk that I wouldn't like the results.

When you undergo cosmetic or corrective dentistry, you're not just changing your teeth.  You're enhancing your smile, your face and, as I now know, your sense of self.  The impact has the potential to be life changing which is why it is so incredibly important that you choose the right dentist and treatment when you're having any work done.

If you read my previous post on my journey to a confident smile so far then you'll know that I lived with very wonky teeth for a long time before straightening them with a train track brace which gave me the straight teeth that I'd wanted but with lots of gaps between them.  I'd looked into Invisalign clear braces and traditional veneers but I hadn't got to a place where I felt confident enough to go ahead with treatment for many reasons from the advice given and my understanding and faith in the treatment options to the cost implications.

Towards the end of last year, that all changed when I discovered the revolutionary new service called Smile Design at Ewan Bramley Dental Care, near Newcastle.  Suddenly, there was the very real possibility that I could transform my smile from one that I felt content with to one that I loved and since Smile Design consultations are currently offered for free, without any obligation, I had nothing to lose.

My journey to a confident smile was not over, in fact it was only really beginning and that's what I want to share with you all in this post.

Smile Design offers the most sophisticated dental technology currently on the market.  Gone are the days of guess work and risks as with Smile Design, Ewan Bramley Dental Care are able to scan your mouth, producing a 3D model and scan of your current teeth and smile.  From there, they can then suggest a range of treatment options that will enable you to achieve the smile that you have always wanted.

At many dental practices, if a dentist wants to take an impression of your teeth, perhaps for a brace or mouth guard, then they'll use a tray with a plasticine or Play-Doh style putty inside that feels really unpleasant, not to mention freezing cold.  The results are not as accurate as they could be and when you're considering altering your smile, this is not something that you want to risk.

By comparison, Smile Design at Ewan Bramley scans all of your teeth inside your mouth using a specialist pen that records the characteristics of every single tooth.  It is completely painless and very quick which makes it a comfortable experience and the results are exceptionally accurate.

The Smile Design consultation is split over two appointments.  I booked the first over the telephone as I shared in my last post and I was really impressed with how efficient the service was with both email and text reminders.  When you're as busy and often forgetful as I am, these are a total godsend.

The dental practice itself is spacious, light and airy.  It has a sense of calm about it and a very welcoming, friendly atmosphere, even from your first step through the door.  What attracted me to my previous private dentist, before they changed hands and became a little too clinical feeling, was the sense of family homeliness and individuality which would really put me at ease before my appointments.  I love that Ewan Bramley Dental care provides all of the things that I loved about my previous dentist and more, alongside that the latest technology within their specialist treatment rooms and of course, the option of Smile Design which really sets themselves apart from other dentists in the region.

My first appointment was around 20 minutes long and involved a thorough consultation before the scan of my mouth took place.  Dentist, Ewan Bramley, took the time to ask me about the history of my teeth and the problems that I've had and he really listened and acknowledged what I was saying when I told him how I felt about my current smile and what I hoped to achieve from potential treatment.

I explained that I wasn't concerned so much about my bottom row of teeth and that my focus was on the top, with how spaced out the teeth are and the gaps either side of my two front teeth, largely caused by the teeth either side being on the small side.

What I had explained to him during the consultation was recorded within my notes which mean that when I went back for my second appointment, I wasn't having to repeat myself and my dentist could refresh and recall what I had explained.

Ewan fully explained what Smile Design was, how it works and how it would benefit me.  His unparalleled knowledge was evident from the outset and his approachable, friendly manner put me at ease from the start.

As part of the Smile Design consultation, Ewan took photographs of my smile overall and my teeth closed together and held apart, up close to be able to see their shape, how they sit together, my bite, etc.

Now these don't make for particularly attractive photographs (nor can I believe that I'm putting them on the internet!) but they're great for showing you the point that I started from at my first consultation and my areas of concern regarding my teeth.

Following the photographs, Ewan then scanned my mouth using the pen like scanner.  This is completely painless and I simply relaxed in the chair during the short treatment.  It certainly made a change from those cold Play-Doh gum shields used to take impressions that I had experienced when I had my brace on many moons ago!  I think even those who are worried or nervous about going to the dentist will feel at ease with Smile Design as there is literally no reason to feel otherwise.

Once the scans were taken, I was shown back to reception to book my follow up session which is the actual Smile Design appointment.  The time in between the two appointments gives the dentist and Smile Designer time to use the photographs and scan to produce a 3D model and scan of your current smile from which they are then able to look at the process and impact of a range of treatment options on your teeth.

My second appointment quickly came around and I couldn't wait to find out what treatment options were available to me.  The appointment was very thorough, with Ewan showing me on the computer exactly what my smile and teeth were like at that point and how treatment would effect them.

Ewan gave me the choice of 3 treatment options that would enable me to achieve the look of fewer gaps and straight teeth that I had always wanted.

The first option was to close the gaps in my teeth using clear aligners which would open up space between my back teeth and close the gaps between the teeth at the front that can be seen when I smile.  They would be the most affordable option available to me to achieve my desired smile.

Clear aligners are virtually invisible, clear retainer style braces.  Invisalign is one of the brand names for them which you may have heard of but Ewan Bramley Dental Care actually have the technology, expertise and equipment to create their own.  This means that they tend to work out to be far more affordable than going to another dentist who will outsource and send away to a larger company, such as Invisalign, to have the clear aligners made.

My dentist was able to show me the exact benefits of treatment, where my teeth would move to and what they would look like following the treatment.  He advised me of the process involved, i.e. wearing them all day, everyday, and that it would take a short amount of time at around 3 months to achieve the desired results.  He also discussed how teeth whitening would enhance my smile further.

I liked that Ewan left no stone unturned and explained the aftercare and what would be expected of me, namely that I'd need to wear the final set of clear aligners on my teeth every night at bedtime forever, in order to ensure that my teeth remained where they should be following treatment.  While this is perfectly fine for the majority of people, I knew that to me, this would be a downside of opting for this course of treatment as I knew that the chances of me wearing the clear brace every night were slim to none.

The second option was to move my teeth with the clear aligner as before and to whiten my teeth but to also build up one tooth either side of my two front teeth using white composite which would make them look bigger and they would take up more room in the space, thus closing some of the more noticeable gaps between my teeth.  While still a quick, virtually painless and affordable way to achieve results, it would still mean that I would need to wear the retainer every night.

My third and final option was veneers.  I could see on screen how my teeth would look if I were to have 10 or the new, almost prep-less veneers fitted and the results looked absolutely beautiful; it was as though I was looking at someone elses teeth!

The great thing about Smile Design is that you are quite literally designing your own smile, so if you want to see the impact of even the most subtle changes or treatments, you can do and if there are any changes that you'd like to be made then they can do that too, if it is possible.

With Smile Design, you're able to work with your dentist to produce a mock up of exactly what your teeth and smile will look like following treatment and gain realistic expectations over timescale and the financial cost.

However what I wasn't prepared for was being able to actually see what I would look like myself following treatment and that as a game changer for me.  Usually, when you have a consultation for cosmetic or corrective dentistry, you can gather a vague idea of what the results will be but to be able to see exactly what you will look like with your new smile in your own mouth is absolutely incredible and something that can be achieved with Smile Design.

A gum shield style mould of how your teeth would look following treatment, created from the 3D image produced and designed with the Smile Designer, is held in place over your teeth for around 5 minutes.  It has a white solution in it that sets onto your teeth.  It isn't painful or uncomfortable in the slightest.  The dentist then removes the mould from your teeth to reveal your new smile; AMAZING!

This gives you a temporary look at exactly how your teeth and smile will look following treatment and that is precisely why Smile Design is so incredibly powerful.  It takes the guess work out of treatment as not only are you sat with a highly trained professional who can give you the best recommendations and advice but you're also seeing the results for yourself.

The temporary teeth are painlessly removed from the teeth and you're able to discuss any changes that you'd like to make, if any, with the dentist and smile designer so that you can ensure that you're completely happy with the results that you will achieve.  I couldn't stop looking at my smile in the mirror while I was sitting with the temporaries on and felt so emotional seeing the results.

For me, this enabled me to make my mind up immediately.  Although I'm currently saving up to buy a house and the veneers were by far the more expensive option, theres no denying how incredible I felt seeing the smile that I have longed for for 28 years right there in my own mouth.  I can't begin to tell you how powerful that is to see.  Sure, I could have opted for the clear aligners or the invisible brace with the composite filling and saved myself a considerable amount of money but nothing would be able to erase what I had seen my teeth look like, I would have only ever longed for the veneers and ended up getting them done in the future anyway.  I'd been saving for a long time to have veneers so it was worth cutting back on my spending for a couple of months and booking my appointment to get them done.

Smile Design really is completely revolutionary and I am so impressed with how professional, bespoke and powerful the quick process is.  It took the risk, apprehension and doubt away from my decision for treatment which is so significant as I am someone who worries and gets stressed out.  I felt completely at ease and excited for my future appointments and having now completed treatment, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Ewan Bramley Dental Care to any of you who are considering cosmetic or corrective dentistry.

I cannot wait to share the results with you all in my next posts!

What do you think about Smile Design?  Isn't being able to see the results before committing to treatment amazing?

Monday, 20 March 2017

Dear Rose Nymphessence Fragrance Review

Dear Rose Nymphessence Fragrance Review Image

Unique perfume meets individual design with the new Nymphessence fragrance from Dear Rose.

Launched at the end of 2016, this is the latest addition to The Song Collection and one that is sure to captivate many.  Inspired by a nymph in an enchanted forest,  Nymphessence is a woody floral fragrance, illuminated by a spicy green freshness and a touch of pink pepper.

Dear Rose Nymphessence Fragrance Review Image

Dear Rose Nymphessence Fragrance Review Image

You'll find top notes of bergamot, mandarin, pink pepper and green accords, a heart of magnolia, freesia and orange blossom and a base of amber woods and my fave, musk.

The result is light, unique and fresh.  Crisp and clear, despite the musk base, and therefore perfect for daytime but unusual enough for evening wear too.  This isn't a scent that is too overpowering or will play havoc with your date's senses over dinner.  It is an effortlessly beautiful perfume that any woman can feel confident wearing; it will enhance and enchant rather than take over.

Dear Rose Nymphessence Fragrance Review Image

Dear Rose Nymphessence Fragrance Review Image

Nymphessence is certainly a unique but wearable fragrance which are qualities that I have come to expect from Dear Rose; they never disappoint!  The individuality is even depicted in the stunning packaging, designed and decorated by French artist, Christophe Brunnquell, with those highly covetable rose gold tones.  This is certainly a perfume that will stand out on the shelves.

Fragrances from Dear Rose, Nymphessence included, are created alongside longstanding perfumer, Fabrice Pellegrin who is the creative nose behind some of the most loved Diptyque and Jo Malone perfumes.

Dear Rose are still a relatively new brand but they're one that you should certainly get to know if you're into your luxury fragrances.  Launched three years ago by founders Chantal Roos who is most well known for her work with YSL and help in creating JPG's Le M├óle and Issey Miyake, L'Eau D'Issey, and her daughter, musician Alexandra Roos, Dear Rose are to the nose what a beautiful song is to the ears.

Dear Rose Nymphessence Fragrance Review Image

Nymphessence is available to buy direct from the Dear Rose online store, as well as from Liberty London.  You can find other fragrances at Selfridges and Harrods.


What is your favourite Dear Rose Fragrance?  What do you think of Nymphessence?  Does perfume packaging influence you when making a purchase?

Sunday, 19 March 2017

How Bio Oil Helped To Fade My Scars & Stretch Marks

How Bio-Oil Helped To Fade My Scars & Stretch Marks, Scar Care Kit Review Image

One of my favourite beauty products of all time is Bio-Oil.  I've been using it since my teens and credit it as the sole product that has enabled me to get rid of the lumpy scar left by my BCG Tuberculosis vaccination and the nasty scars left on my legs and arms after being bitten by mosquitos.  I'm allergic so they tend to blister badly and scar when they eventually go; anyway, the point is, its not pretty and Bio-Oil has saved my skin from being left with those scars for life.  I'm eternally grateful for that.

With its natural plant oils and clinically proven formula, Bio-Oil can be used for a multitude of different purposes; I pop a drizzle in my bath water when I'm looking for a lazy way to moisturise and I use it to rehydrate and soften my skin after a day in the sun.  However mostly, I use it as a body oil to fade and diminish the appearance of scars and stretch marks.

How Bio-Oil Helped To Fade My Scars & Stretch Marks, Scar Care Kit Review Image

I recently went out to celebrate one of my best friends birthdays and when we got back to her house, we were all chatting as many women do about growing older, pregnancy, weight gain and loss and our secret weapons for feeling confident in our clothes, such as the huge sucky in knickers that one of my friends who has just had a baby was wearing.

We got on talking about me and where I have noticed my shape changing the most as I've been losing body fat and one of the girls commented on how faint the stretch marks are on my body.  I have A LOT of them I must admit, but what she said did make me realise that they are quite fine and lightly coloured.  The only thing that I could put it down to is the fact that I've gradually put on weight over the years so perhaps that stops them from being quite so dark (rather than increasing by several clothing sizes in a matter of months) and the fact that I've used Bio-Oil since I was in school.

I remember being in my very early teens and noticing stretch marks appearing on my body, as they do for many people of the same age, although I didn't realise this at the time as I didn't have the confidence to chat to anyone about it.  I asked my mam for a bottle of Bio-Oil as I had seen it advertised on TV and I've used it ever since.  With continued use, I've seen the marks on my body become less prominent, all while my skin has become more even in tone and nourished.

How Bio-Oil Helped To Fade My Scars & Stretch Marks, Scar Care Kit Review Image

I am by no means upset or ashamed of my body or my stretch marks, they're part of who I am and I really value and appreciate my body for all that it has done for me in life so far.  Stretch marks are nothing to be ashamed of, many of us have them and whether they're light or dark, they're nothing to be hated.  The same goes for scars; from battle wounds and surgery scars to small bumps and scrapes, most of us will have at least a scar or two that give us a glimpse into our past.

However in just the same way that there's nothing wrong with having scars or stretch marks, theres nothing wrong with wanting to care for them either.  I really do have to credit Bio-Oil for the help that it has given my skin over the years to literally get rid of the lump on some of my hypertrophic scars (you can read about the BCG one in this very old blog post), to diminish the appearance of my stretch marks and to leave the skin on my body looking noticeably even in tone and nourished.

Bio-Oil is definitely the one beauty product that I will always have in my cupboard; I've been using and seeing its benefits for far too many years to ever let it go.  Even now when I damage my skin, it is the first and only product that I think to turn to help my skin to heel, repair and look its best.

How Bio-Oil Helped To Fade My Scars & Stretch Marks, Scar Care Kit Review Image

Now that Bio-Oil have released their Limited Edition Scar Care Kit, taking care of my skin will be even easier.  Inside the box is a 60ml bottle of their much loved body oil as well as a professional massage roller to enable the product to penetrate into the scar area and increase the blood circulation in that area too which will help to speed up the skins natural regeneration process.

The kit is really easy to use, regardless of whether you've used Bio-Oil before.  Simply apply the oil directly to the skin to nourish it and reduce redness and itching and then use the massage roller in circular motions for up to three minutes until the oil has absorbed into the skin.  This will help to soften and hydrate the scar tissue and hopefully accelerate the healing process.

The active ingredients, vitamins A and B will then get to work on regenerating the skin by helping to increase its elasticity and by stimulating collagen production, both of which are important elements of repairing scar tissue.  For maximum impact, Bio-Oil recommend doing this twice a day for three months.

Since I use Bio-Oil already, I continue with my daily full body application but target my scars using the massage roller and then repeat that direct application a second time later in the day rather than applying Bio-Oil all over again.  Simply because it is so nourishing that only one application day for skin nourishment is necessary for me!

The Bio-Oil Scar Care Kit is available from Boots online and in store but it is a limited edition and does keep selling out as far as I can see so if you do go online to purchase it and find that it is out of stock, keep checking back for when it is back in stock and check the availability in your local store too.

Bio-Oil itself is widely available online and in pharmacy/beauty stores on the high street too.  I've popped lots of shopping links below to make grabbing yourself a bottle even easier.


How do you feel about your scars or stretch marks? Have you tried Bio-Oil?  How did it work for you?

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Being A Plus Size Teenager & The Rise of Plus Size Fashion

Plus Size Fashion as a teenager. Yours Clothing for women and BadRhino for big and tall men review
SHOP Navy Jersey Shirt // SHOP Rose Print Trousers
Let's take a trip down memory lane...

Back to Sunderland in 2002.

Thinking back, this was one of the last years that I ever remember going into town shopping with my friends as a school teen.  I was in my second year of big school and all the girls around me were really starting to discover their style.  Well, as much as you could when over plucked brows and frosty pink lips were in fashion.

FCUK tops were very much on trend and I remember standing in their changing rooms, desperately get trying to squeeze myself into a top adorned with three repetitions of 'Bristol cities'.  I'll leave you to make your own mind up on that one but needless to say, I walked away from the store with less self esteem than I went in with and a top that I would later resign to the charity bag in the hope that it would be loved by someone else who could get it over their own Bristol cities.

Growing up as a plus size girl was hard.  I couldn't shop in any of the stores that my friends did and by my mid teens I had reached the point where getting dressed on a morning was a choice between which black tent to wear next.  With the best will in the world, it is very difficult to find your style when your local highstreet offers two plus size concessions, both of which were as drab as the other, and the internet hadn't really advanced much further than eBay.
Fast-forward to college and my first chance to treat my dad with tickets to see The Pogues in Manchester, using money I'd earned from a Saturday job.  Little did I know that travelling across the country at Christmastime for a gig would be music to my ears in more ways than one.

Taking a leisurely stroll through the Arndale Centre prompted a chance encounter with Yours Clothing.  At first, I thought my eyes were deceiving me; was this really a shop with clothes suitable for those younger than 65, in sizes that would actually fit me?!

Within seconds, I was trying on half the shop; ridiculously excited at how beautiful the clothes were and overwhelmed that they were in my size.  We may not have been in New York but this was certainly my Fairytale!

Fashion plays a large part in finding and expressing your identity which is particularly important when you're growing up.  I felt as though I didn't fit in at school and it was so hard to follow the latest trends when all I had access to was Evans and Etam, the former of which seemingly designed exclusively for the elderly and the latter closed its plus size section faster than it opened.

When I found Yours Clothing, I no longer felt restricted; I could walk into a shop, be treated with kindness and respect and have more choice to choose from than I'd ever imagined.

From that day on, I searched for any excuse to travel to Manchester.  Pass Plus Driving Test, Manchester!  Girls weekend away?  You guessed it, Manchester!

I even recall doing a tour of three stores in the Yorkshire area while on our way to a caravan holiday.  We arrived several hours late, with my now husband almost completely losing the will to live but even then, he couldn't deny that it had all been worth it when he saw how amazing and confident I felt in my new outfits that weekend!

Plus Size Fashion as a teenager. Yours Clothing for women and BadRhino for big and tall men review
SHOP Navy Jersey Shirt // SHOP Rose Print Trousers
Thankfully, these days I don't need to travel far to get my Yours Clothing fix.  They're at the click of a button right from the comfort of my own home and in the three shopping centres closest to me.  Seeing their expansion from a market stall to a nationwide retailer and beyond fills me with so much happiness. With the huge choice online and the superb service in store, as well as the launch of curve ranges from some of my other favourite brands, plus size teens can now grow up feeling as stylish as their friends and women no longer need to be confined to the bland choices of the not too distant past.

Yours Clothing even have a mens brand now called BadRhino which specialise in big and tall mens fashion in sizes L to 8XL.  While women's plus size fashion has come a long way in recent years, mens still has a long way to go and I feel as though they're largely underrepresented on the high street.  There are so many guys out there that struggle to find great looking clothes that fit them and when they do, they're usually ridiculously overpriced.  Its really not fair to have to pay over the odds just because you're taller or larger than others.

I'm so impressed with the BadRhino range because its stylish yet practical and perfect for all occasions, day or night.  All of their menswear is realistically priced too; I'm talking £14 for a polo shirt unlike the £100+ that I've seen in some stores!  Plus its easy to be able to get an idea of what the item will look like in real life as BadRhino use models in a range of sizes.  You might even recognise some famous faces on their site from football legend Razor Ruddock to Game of Thrones star Kristian Nairn and Ben Whit, the UK's first big & tall male model.

I've linked some of my favourite pieces from BadRhino below if you're a man reading this, or shopping for one, as well as the pieces from Yours above that I'm wearing.  I love how easy to wear the jersey shirt and printed trousers are; definitely a staple for spring!


How did you find fashion growing up as a teen?  Have you ever felt uninspired or restricted when shopping?

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Tousled, Textured Ponytail With The Lee Stafford Chopstick Styler

Tousled, textured ponytail with the Lee Stafford Chopstick Styler and Messed Up Spray Wax Review and How To Image

Love wearing your hair back but find that it looks flat?

Then you need to revamp your pony with the Lee Stafford Chopstick Styler!

Tousled, textured ponytail with the Lee Stafford Chopstick Styler and Messed Up Spray Wax Review and How To Image

Day to day, I love having my hair pulled back off my face, especially when I've got a lot of rushing around to do.  Trouble is, my hair is so fine that if I just scrap it back and tie it into a ponytail, it looks as flat as a pancake and I look a bit bald.  My hair needs life, volume and a bit of bounce or texture.

Over the years, I've discovered a few tricks to make my hair look full of life when I'm tying it back and I'll show you one way today using the Lee Stafford Chopstick Styler to create a tousled, textured ponytail.

Tousled, textured ponytail with the Lee Stafford Chopstick Styler and Messed Up Spray Wax Review and How To Image

I first bought this hair wand early last year when I used it to style my hair in this River Island Plus fashion post.  The barrel of the curler is ceramic coated which promotes healthy, smooth and silky hair and it heats up to 200c.  I love it because it heats up really quickly and it can curl my hair in seconds which means that I'm not having to wait around with my hair held onto the wand for too long, saving me time and lowering the risk of me burning myself!

The Chopstick Styler creates the most amazing corkscrew curls which were bang on trend last year and are only getting bigger this year, so it really is the top tool to buy right now.  Its really easy to use, simply straighten over the hair, section off and take small sections of hair, wrap them around the wand, hold for 8-10 seconds and then unwind the hair.  It couldn't be more straight forward and I love that you can easily vary the look that you achieve with it by taking wider or thicker sections of hair.  The smaller the piece of hair, the tighter the curl will be.

I can remember when heated hair tools like straighteners first became popular and widely used when I was around 14/15.  Back then you'd have to spend a good £100 on a curling tong or straightening iron to get anything half decent, i.e. hot and actually doing the job.  Whereas now the tools that are available on the high street are equally as good as their high end counterparts and you really don't have to fork out the big bucks to get your hair looking catwalk ready.

You'll not believe the price of the high performing Chopstick Styler; £19.99!  I know, I couldn't believe it was so affordable either!

Tousled, textured ponytail with the Lee Stafford Chopstick Styler and Messed Up Spray Wax Review and How To Image

The Chopstick Styler is great for creating hair thats big, tightly curled and the right balanced between wild and tamed but its also fabulous for creating messy curls texture in the hair.  This makes also makes it the perfect tool for transforming a classic ponytail into a stand out look that you could easily wear during the day or on a night out.

The best thing about it?  Creating this look takes only a few minutes!

All you'll need to revamp your ponytail is:

Tousled, textured ponytail with the Lee Stafford Chopstick Styler and Messed Up Spray Wax Review and How To Image

Start by brushing your hair through and sectioning off the top part from either side of the top of the forehead back to the crown.  Take that part of hair, section by section and gently back comb the hair.  Back combing should be tight, at the root of the hair, not throughout the length of it as this creates the most height.

Work forwards, towards the face and stop about two inches from your hair line.  then brush the hair back over to smooth it and conceal the back combing.

Tousled, textured ponytail with the Lee Stafford Chopstick Styler and Messed Up Spray Wax Review and How To Image

Next, use your hands (rather than a brush which will smooth the hair further) to gather the hair up into a high ponytail and secure with a hair bobble.  This shouldn't look too neat and perfected as the idea is that the look is a little bit undone.

If you want to create added height in the top section of hair, slide the tail of your backcombing brush into the hair at the crown and gently pull the hair upwards until the desired lift is achieved.

This can also be done all over the hair if you want it to look messier, either by using the brush or taking your hands into a slight claw shape with open fingers, placing them either side of the head, towards the hair bobble and pulling the hair forwards, in the direction of the face.  This will pull more of the hair from the ponytail and create more of a messy, undone look.

Depending on how you like your hair to look, you can pull pieces out of the front sections of hair to frame the face.

Tousled, textured ponytail with the Lee Stafford Chopstick Styler and Messed Up Spray Wax Review and How To Image

To conceal the hair tie, take a section of hair from the underside of the ponytail and wrap it around the ponytail so that you can no longer see the hair bobble.  Secure this piece of hair with a couple of hair grips so that it wont unravel.

The amount of hair that you need will depend on how thick the bobble is that you've used and how much hair you have left to play with within the ponytail.  You need just enough to cover the bobble without leaving you with too thin a piece of hair to curl within the pony.

Again, you can make the hair wrapped around the pony a little more textured and volumised by teasing it slightly to spread out the hair.

Tousled, textured ponytail with the Lee Stafford Chopstick Styler and Messed Up Spray Wax Review and How To Image

Moving onto the pony, take rough sections of the ponytail and wrap them around the chopstick styler one by one.  This doesn't need to be neat, the whole idea is that the ponytail is tousled, volumised and textured.  The smaller the section and the more times you wind it around the wand will create a tighter curl.  Take a bigger section and the curl will be wider and more loose.

I personally like to take a mixture of small sections and wind them tightly around the Chopstick styler and then I like to take some larger 2 inch sections and wind them around the wand loosely, so that the the turns of the hair around the wand are wider and more spaced out.

For a less uniform look, make sure you're tonging the sections of hair in different directions.

Tousled, textured ponytail with the Lee Stafford Chopstick Styler and Messed Up Spray Wax Review and How To Image

Next, use your fingers to brush out the curls.  You can even pick up some sections of the ponytail and make the curls a little more volumised by holding each section of curled hair at the end with one hand and then sliding the hair upwards between your thumb and index finger of the other hand.  This gives the ponytail a more poofy, volumised and textured look.

To complete this hairstyle, spritz some of the Lee Stafford Messed Up Spray Wax through the ponytail and ruffle or scrunch the hair a little.  This product is absolutely genius and I can't believe I've only discovered it in the last few months!  It gives the hair a matte texture, plenty of definition and some hold too without weighing the hair down or making it stick which is ideal regardless of whether you're adding it to hair when its down or pinned up like I have here.

Tousled, textured ponytail with the Lee Stafford Chopstick Styler and Messed Up Spray Wax Review and How To Image

The Lee Stafford Messed Up Spray Wax is ideal for using on freshly washed hair as it will give it some grit and texture but it works equally as well on 2 day old hair to perk it up and define the messy look that you're wanting to create.

I find that it actually helps to hold a curl and overall style very well too and the hair can be scrunched again later in the day for even more volume!  Plus it has that signature Lee Stafford fragrance that I absolutely ADORE!

Tousled, textured ponytail with the Lee Stafford Chopstick Styler and Messed Up Spray Wax Review and How To Image

Voila!  Super simple, quick and easy whether you're putting your hair up for the day or an evening out.

This look can be achieved easily in this way or it can be  created by creating the tousled curls all over the hair first, before tying it into the ponytail.

I sometimes wear it a day or two after I've already curled my hair using the Chopstick Styler when they're starting to drop a little bit.  Either way, it always looks cool and effortless!


How do you like to style your hair when you wear it back?  What Lee Stafford hair products do you love?
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