Tuesday, 24 November 2015

CHRISTMAS GIFT | Monarch Leather Accordion Clutch Wallet

Monarch Leather Accordion Clutch Wallet Showing the outside of the monarch wallet and the detachable strap

I'm sure I don't have to remind you all that Christmas is very quickly approaching and I really hope that your Christmas shopping is well underway by now as before you know it, there wont be much time left!

Today, I have another gift idea for you and its from Canadian leather accessory brand, Monarch.

Monarch Leather Accordion Clutch Wallet showing the packaging of how it arrives

Monarch Leather have a whole range of products that would be make ideal Christmas gifts whether you're buying for a man or a woman.

For men, they have a gorgeous range of wallets in so many different styles and sizes.  I find that wallets with plenty of card slots are so important these days as we all seem to spend on our cards far more than we pay in cash.  Plus theres a store card for absolutely everything now.  My hubby is a bit of a sucker for points cards and he's trying to get my interested in them so has given me lots of the little ones that go on my keys.  I currently have one for Waitrose, Tesco, my beautician, our hair dresser and the dry cleaners.  There's no doubt in my mind that by this time next year, I'll have several more of these to tell you about!

I really like the Monarch mens wallets that are in the two tone leather as I think they really stand out and the pop of colour on the inside adds a little extra interest.  So if you're looking to buy for a man this Christmas then that's what I would suggest.

Logo design on the Monarch wallet

With regards to gifts for women, Monarch have a big selection from wallets to handbags and clutch wallets.  They sent me over one of  the latter and I love how great quality it is.

The Accordion Clutch Wallet is a great piece for a woman on the go who likes to be able to grab her purse and have everything that she needs already inside.  It is very functional but fashionable too as it is could easily be used as a clutch for a meal out at night if you're not someone who likes to carry too much with you.  It has a detachable hand strap as well as a strap that is secured across the back of the wallet that you can put your hand through so that it is easy to hold.

It is quite wide and very sturdy, with a solid zip to open it.  There's no questioning that this wallet is very well made.

Inside it is an organisers dream.  There are 12 card slots for all of your credit, debit and store cards, 5 multifunction pockets which are ideal for receipts, gift cards and notes, a zipped coin compartment and a padded smart phone compartment so you can slip your mobile inside and know that it is going to be protected should you be less than careful with your wallet.

I love that my phone can fit inside here as it makes this wallet a great piece that I can take out with me on a night as all I need to pop inside are my cards, my phone and my key which all fit perfectly well as they don't take up too much room.

Monarch Leather Accordion Clutch Wallet showing the outside of the wallet and hand strap

This particular accordion clutch wallet is in the ebony grain leather which is absolutely stunning.  The grain of this leather actually reminds me of my new handbag which I'm sure you'll have heard me talking about over on my youtube channel.  The wallet doesn't have any major branding on it.  There is a logo on the front face that is embossed into it but it is quite subtle.

If you're looking for a gift for the lady in your life then I'd recommend checking out the range at Monarch.  I think this wallet in particular would be great for a mother on the go.  She could keep her phone and money essentials in here and then just grab it out of her bag if she needed to pop into a shop, etc rather than having to carry her whole bag with her if it is full of lots of things and heavy to carry.

To purchase the Accordion Clutch Wallet or any of the other leather goods from Monarch, head on over to their website here.

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Monday, 23 November 2015

TRAVEL | 3 Long Haul Flight Essentials

I'm sure we all know by now that I can't stand the cold for too long so I'm sure it doesn't come as much of a surprise when I say that I've already booked my next trip; I'm off to Mauritius this winter and I cannot wait.

While my itchy feet don't like to stay on British soil for too long, they also don't like to be in the air for too long either although I'm sure the 12 hour flight will be more than worth it.  With all intents and purposes, I intend to get off the plane feeling refreshed and looking the best version of my 12 hour self possible.

These are the long haul flight essentials that I'll be taking with me to keep me hydrated, moisturised and generally refreshed while I'm in the air.

The first is an absolutely fabulous kit from relatively new skincare brand Air Repair which was founded by a licensed aesthetician and avid traveler, Denise Spanek who noted a gap in the market for skincare products that specifically target the harsh environmental stresses on the skin that are caused by climate changes and flight fatigue.  The great thing about Air Repair skincare products is that they're all made in the USA and are cruelty free.

The Air Repair Kit is a 5 piece kit of Grab and Glow Skincare for Travel and Beyond.  It comes in a very sturdy zipped bag that complies with airport regulations to you can pop it into your carry-on bag or clip it onto your hand luggage.  Plus all of the bottles inside are under 100ml so you can sail through security with them.

All of the products are designed to combat skin issues from flight fatigue to daily environmental stress by using targeted ingredients to soothe and heal the skin while restoring its health and radiance.  they're not just designed for use on the plane as you can use them when you get to your destination too which is great news for those who like to pack a lot as the one area you'll not be overpacking is your skincare.

Whenever I travel, be it short or long haul, I like to go to the airport makeup free so I'll be using the Air Repair Soothing Facial Cleansing Milk with extracts of Chamomile and Arnica in the hotel bathroom before we leave to remove my makeup if I'm wearing any and to cleanse my skin of any dirt if not.  Then I'll be using it while I'm away to take my makeup off.  It breaks down makeup nicely and doesn't leave my skin feeling tight or dry afterwards which is so important as I often find that the air-conditioning on flights drys my skin out something rotten so I don't need my cleanser to do that as well.

Once the flight takes off, I like to complete a mini skincare routine at regular intervals to keep my skin feeling super hydrated and moisturised.  Usually I'll start with a face spray so the Air Repair Complexion Quenching Facial Mist will be perfect.  It is a very refreshing facial toner and hydrator that you spritz directly onto the skin.  The formula includes Hyaluronic Acid which helps to bind moisture to the skin which is exactly what you need on a flight as the air is so dry and Aloe Vera Gel which cools and soothes the skin which is great if your skin is irritated by the air and its drying effect.

After I spritz my face, I always follow up with an eye cream and the Air Repair Super-Hydrating Eye Cream from this kit is brilliant because it has a cooling and soothing effect on the eye area.  I've been tapping it into the skin using my ring finger and find that it is absorbed quickly into the skin and because it is quite lightweight, it doesn't feel as though it is overloading the delicate skin around my eye.  It is packed full of awesome ingredients from soothing aloe and allantoin, antioxidant rich vitamin C, green tea extract and cloudberry sees oil.  It really makes my under eyes feel and look visibly hydrated which I know I will really appreciate when I get off that super long flight.

Following the application of my eye cream, I then always apply my moisturiser and this kit has one included too.  The Air Repair Complexion Boosting Moisturiser helps to repair dull, tired and dehydrated skin by giving it a boost of humectants and antioxidants including Cloudbery Seed Oil and Green Tea, Hyaluronic Acid, Pathenol and Heat Shock Proteins to repair and rejuvenate skin that is looking stressed and inflamed.  It feels light weight on the skin yet incredibly moisturising.  Like the eye cream, it is relatively quick to be absorbed and leaves the skin looking and feeling instantly hydrated.

Usually at this point, I would complete my skincare routine with a slick of lip balm however this kit contains the Air Repair Rescue Balm which is their hero product.  I've been trying this out since the cold weather has hit and it is absolutely brilliant.  Essentially it is a 100% natural multi-purpose balm that you can use wherever you have dry skin.  I've used it on my lips as an intensive lip balm and on my hands and wrist.  I get really dry knuckles and a patch of psoriasis on my wrist during the cold months and this balm really soothed my skin by making feel hydrated and continuously moist without being greasy.  I think this will really help me when I'm in the dry environment of the aeroplane and when I get to my destination.  It actually reminds me of a much better version of the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream.

One of the things that I love about this kit is that it is completely unisex from the packaging right down to the contents inside so I can share the products with the person I'm travelling with and they should work really well for their skin too.

While I have tried this kit out before my flight so that I could share it with you on my blog, theres still plenty left for my two long haul flights and my holiday as they bottles are really generously sized.  However after trying out the set and seeing for myself how gentle they are on the skin, as they're free of petroleum, parabens and mineral oil, I'm confident that this is a kit that you could just grab and go without trying it first.  Each product has been designed for use in all climates by any skin type, even sensitive skin.

Another product that I've been trying out from Air Repair ahead of my holiday is the Air Repair Maximum Moisture Lip Quencher.  The idea behind this lip product is that it works as a treatment for the lips as well as a cosmetic to add a touch of colour.  It helps to nourish and heal dry or irritated lips with the Grapeseed Oil, Vitamins C and E and Hyaluronic Acid in the formula.  The Hyaluronic Acid also helps to increase water retention in the lips to give them a plumper appearance without that awful irritating sting that some lip plumping products have.

I will be getting my lash extensions on and having my brows tinted before I fly so I'm looking forward to being able to step off the plane with just a slick of this juicy pink lip colour on and maybe some big sunnies looking fresh faced and ready for a relaxing break in the sun.

My second long haul flight essential has to be a Travalo.  I have been using these for years and years as they're an absolutely superb way of being able to take your fragrance with you when you're on the go without having to carry the whole bottle with you.

This is the new luxurious Travalo Milano which is their most sophisticated and opulent refillable, portable fragrance spray to date.  I love all of the Travalo models but this one has to be my favourite because the quality is superb and it looks really stylist.  It is made of a heavier metal than the others and is available in eight different colours.  I have the white which looks so chic and I picked it out because I thought it would go with any of my handbags.  I'm loving white accessories at the moment!

The Travalo Milano is so easy to use; simply pick out one of your perfumes before you travel, remove the cap and pump the perfume into the Travalo.  It is quick and easy to do and the patented Genie-S pump-fill system ensures that the fragrance isn't contaminated by exposure to the air.

The great thing about the new style Travalo is that it contains a pioneering spray head that produces a really fine mist to disperse the perfume over a larger area super efficiently, so you're able to use your precious perfume more sparingly.  Not only that but Travalo have made the inner bottle removable and interchangeable with their 'uchange' system.  This enables users to switch out their fragrance without having to wait for their Travalo to run empty which is a great idea for people who, like me, like to change their scent regularly.

This particular Travalo is 5ml and holds 65 sprays of your favourite fragrance.  Not only does this give you more than enough for a few spritzes a night on a two week holiday but it also means that you can keep it in your hand luggage back while you're going through security.

When you're stepping off a long haul flight, the last thing that you want is to be smelling unclean so using a Travalo is a great way to freshen up.  Mine are an indispensable part of my handbag regardless of whether I'm travelling or not because they're so convenient and enable me to freshen up and smell great on the go!

The last long haul flight essential has to be a mini sized tube of toothpaste.  It doesn't matter how much gum I chew or what I eat, whenever I'm coming off a long haul flight, my breath always smells pretty bad.  I know I'm not alone in thinking this as other people who I've travelled with have all said that they have the same problem when they travel.  The only way to combat this is going into the bathroom to give your teeth a good brush.  Not only does this combat bad breath but it also makes you feel refreshed too, as well as obviously cleaning your teeth.

The one that I'll be taking on this trip is the Arm & Hammer Advance White mini toothpaste which I chose because I've used the full size in the past and it worked really well for me.  It cleans my teeth incredible well and leaves a really fresh, minty taste in my mouth.  The taste is pretty intense which is exactly what I'll be needing after such a long flight.  This is a 25ml size which will be more than enough for my trip to Poland in a few weeks and my trip to Mauritius after that.  I tend to just keep this travel size in my hand luggage as it complies with the sizes set by the airline and then I like to take a larger toothpaste with me in my suitcase as I find that this size isn't quite enough for me to use on a two week holiday, although it is ideal for a one week trip.

So that's my three essentials for a long haul flight- a moisturising skincare routine to keep my skin hydrated, a fragrance atomiser to freshen up and a travel sized toothpaste to keep my teeth clean and my breath smelling fresh.

What are your long haul flight essentials?

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Sunday, 22 November 2015

NORTH EAST EATS | Buddha Lounge, Tynemouth Review

Buddha Lounge Tynemouth Review Asian Fusion Restaurant

To all of my foodies out there, listen up!  Theres a brand new Asian Fusion restaurant in town called Buddha Lounge that has quickly gathered a reputation of being the IT place to go for high quality food, superb drinks and a buzzing atmosphere.

Plus, it has the golden seal of approval from none other than Grammy Award Winner, Sam Smith.

Yes THE Sam Smith.  James Bond theme song writing Sam Smith.  Mind Blown.

I heard that he'd enjoyed a meal in the restaurant with his family a few days after me; now I know I'm Not The Only One to rate the food at Buddha Lounge.

(Sorry, couldn't resist).

Buddha Lounge Tynemouth Review Asian Fusion Restaurant

You'll find it on Front Street in Tynemouth, in the building that used to be the Lorelei bar and restaurant.  We travelled from about 40 minutes away to get there and found the restaurant to be easy to find as it is on the corner, right where the main hub of bars and restaurants are.

We visited on a Tuesday evening and even then, the whole area had a buzz about it.  I can imagine that Tynemouth would make a great place to visit for a few drinks and a meal if you were going out, out as theres plenty of wine bars about.  Although after our visit to the Buddha Lounge, I have a feeling we would end up staying there all evening; why move on when you find a place that ticks all the right boxes?

Buddha Lounge Tynemouth Review Asian Fusion Restaurant

Buddha Lounge Tynemouth Review Asian Fusion Restaurant

Buddha Lounge Tynemouth Review Asian Fusion Restaurant

Set over three floors, with a bar on the first and third, there is plenty of space for parties large and small with lots of booth seating and ambient lighting that makes each table feel private and intimate.

The decor is nothing short of impressive, especially with the huge buddha in the centre and incredibly realistic faux trees dotted about the place.  It exudes class and would make the ideal place to visit for a special occasion or when you have something to celebrate.

Buddha Lounge Tynemouth Review Asian Fusion Restaurant

Buddha Lounge Tynemouth Review Asian Fusion Restaurant

When I was invited along to enjoy a meal at the restaurant, I knew that my friend Sharon would be the perfect person to take a long with me as we both love Chinese style food.  She works so hard with her wedding stationary and party supplies business, Sparkles, that she deserves a treat.  We often go out for dinner together but I knew that venturing a little further afield to a brand new restaurant would be a treat for the both of us to enjoy together.

We were greeted at the door, seated at a booth on the third floor and were immediately made to feel welcome and at ease.  I was surprised to see that although the restaurant had not been open long and it was a Tuesday evening, it was still busy which we took as a good sign of what was to come.

Buddha Lounge Tynemouth Review Asian Fusion Restaurant

Buddha Lounge Tynemouth Review Asian Fusion Restaurant

We started with drinks; a spiced rum and ginger for Sharon and a virgin Mojito for me which was very realistic.  I love mocktails as I'm not much of a drinker but I often find that the flavours are way off compared to their cocktail counterparts but this one both looked and tasted like a true Mojito which meant that I didn't feel left out at all when the barman brought over the managers special, Singapore Sling, for Sharon to enjoy.  I had a cheeky sip and we both agreed that it was gorgeous, full of powerful fruity flavours.

This is definitely the place to go if you appreciate great cocktails as their mixologists really know their stuff.  Many of the cocktails are Asian inspired and can be enjoyed well into the night with their late bar on Friday and Saturday nights.

Buddha Lounge Tynemouth Review Asian Fusion Restaurant

We were thoroughly spoilt for choice with the Asian Fusion menu which listed a mix of Asian tapas that would give you plenty of variety with your meal and revamped familiar favourites for main course alongside Dim Sum and Sushi.

After a game of back and forth with our menu choices, we finally settled on our meal and once we had ordered, were brought some thai and prawn crackers with hoisin sauce to nibble on while we waited for our food to arrive.  These were a very welcome addition to our table as we were feeling pretty peckish having saved ourselves all day in anticipation of our meal.

Buddha Lounge Tynemouth Review Asian Fusion Restaurant

Buddha Lounge Tynemouth Review Asian Fusion Restaurant

For our starters, we shared the Chilli Salt Squid (£6.50) and the Crispy Pork (£8) which was served with shallots, sweet ginger and hoisin sauce for dipping.  The pork was beautiful as the succulent meat topped with the crispy crackling created a delicious contrast of textures.  While it was lovely on its own, we really enjoyed adding some of the toppings to it to create different flavours entirely.  They seemed to make the pork taste a little sweeter which made for a welcome addition to the slightly salty taste of the meat.

The squid was excellently cooked, not rubbery in the slightest and had just the right amount of chilli to give it a kick without making it too hot.  I'm someone who loves spicy food anyway but the flavours of this dish were relatively mild which would make it more suited to lots of peoples tastes.  Even Sharon who isn't usually a fan of squid, thoroughly enjoyed it.

Buddha Lounge Tynemouth Review Asian Fusion Restaurant

After the success of our starters, we didn't think it could get much better.  Until our mains arrived and we were proved wrong.

When choosing our feast, we decided to the choose a fail safe option and a new dish that we hadn't tried anywhere before which was the Schezuan Crispy Beef (£16) which I was pleased to see had plenty of sauce with it.  In some restaurants, the crispy dishes are served dry but I much prefer to have a sauce with my main meal, especially as we ordered a portion of coconut rice to accompany it.

The coconut rice was the best I've tried because although it had a distinct coconut taste, it wasn't over powering and more importantly, it wasn't sickly sweet like I've tasted in other restaurants.  Often sickly sweet coconut rice can really put me off the rest of my meal as it can be too much but this wasn't like that at all.

Buddha Lounge Tynemouth Review Asian Fusion Restaurant

Our fail safe option was the Crispy Chicken with Sweet and Sour Salsa and Rice (£14).  We're both a fan of sweet and sour chicken so though that this would be a good option for us to pick and we weren't wrong.  The flavours of the sweet and sour salsa were delicious and we loved the balance between the perfectly cooked chicken and the chunky, al dente veg.  The chicken was served with rice that was served wrapped in a lotus leaf.

Alongside our meal, we enjoyed some perfectly cooked sesame baked asparagus (£5) which is a side dish that I think would accompany any meal perfectly well.

It wasn't long before we were full and praising the staff for the great food and atmosphere at the restaurant.  Sharon and I sat for ages after our meal chatting and catching up and we both appreciated that the staff didn't hurry us along.  They were very much there when we needed them to be whether it be for advice on the menu, to check that everything was ok with our food or to clear the table but other than that, they left us to it to enjoy our evening which is the kind of great service that we both like.

Buddha Lounge Tynemouth Review Asian Fusion Restaurant

While the proof of any restaurant is in the tasting, having friendly, knowledgable and attentive but not over powering staff certainly goes a long way to helping a restaurant to get a great reputation and each staff member that we met at the Buddha Lounge was a credit to their business.

After our meal, we enjoyed another round of drinks and plenty of laughs before heading out into the  night, sure to return to the Buddha Lounge again.

In fact, it was only a couple of weeks before Sharon went back there with her son and his boyfriend for a meal and again, she spoke so highly of the restaurant.  She did say that she felt as though the atmosphere was better from the third floor where we sat on our first visit so I would definitely recommend getting a table up there if you're able to.

We're all planning another trip to the Buddha Lounge before Christmas as we think that our husbands will really enjoy it there too.

The Buddha Lounge are open Sunday to Thursday from 12noon to midnight and on Fridays and Saturdays from 12 noon until 1AM.  They also have an express lunch menu that offers superb value with two courses for only £10 and three for £12.

You can visit the Buddha Lounge on their website, follow them on Twitter and Instagram and like them on Facebook.

To book, call 0191 270 8990.

We'll definitely be back, thanks Buddha Lounge!

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Saturday, 21 November 2015

Zoella Beauty | Shower Gel, Bath Fizzer & Body Scrub Review

Zoella Beauty | Shower Gel, Bath Fizzer & Body Scrub Review

When Zoe Sugg launched her first Zoella Beauty range, I didn't run out to buy anything as I didn't think it would be for me.  I assumed that the range would be more aimed at her loyal fans rather than being quality products that I could see myself using for years to come.

Then, when I was placing an online beauty order, I picked up a bottle of the Soak Opera Bath and Shower Cream but when it came to using it, I didn't think it was anything to write home about.  The scent was ok, not something I'd choose and I just felt as though the product was a bit meh.

Zoe then launched her second Zoella Beauty collection called Tutti Fruity and when I watched her video about it, I definitely thought that this would be a collection that would better suited to me because the products are a little different from the first line and the scent is more fruity.  I had a sniff of the Body Mist in Superdrug and much preferred it to the first line so I picked out three products to try that I thought I'd get the most use out of.

Zoella Beauty | Shower Gel, Bath Fizzer & Body Scrub Review

Zoella Beauty | Shower Gel, Bath Fizzer & Body Scrub Review

The first product that I bought to try was the Zoella Foam Sweet Foam Cleansing Shower Gel which contains extracts of Acai and Blueberry has a gorgeous light, sweet scent.  It has a beautiful pink pearl colour to it and together with the pink and aqua packaging, it looks really pretty on the side of my bath.

The shower gel foams up really well, feels quite softening on the skin and cleans my body effectively without stripping it or drying it out.  I really like this shower gel and would definitely repurchase it.  I think that it would be the perfect size for a two week holiday away because its a big bottle but not too big.

Zoella Beauty | Shower Gel, Bath Fizzer & Body Scrub Review

Zoella Beauty | Shower Gel, Bath Fizzer & Body Scrub Review

Zoella Beauty | Shower Gel, Bath Fizzer & Body Scrub Review

The second product that I tried was the Zoella Fresh Fizz Fragranced Bath Fizzer, which opens a bit like a chocolate bar and inside there are four large rectangular bath fizzers that are embossed with bows and letter Zs.  To use, you simply break off a piece and and pop into your bath.

It fizzes away so well and I was so surprised at how much fragrance it kicks out.  I could smell it right along the hall and into the bedroom.  I love the scent of this range as it is fruity but not too sickly sweet.  Again, this is another product that I would repurchase from the Zoella Beauty range.

Zoella Beauty | Shower Gel, Bath Fizzer & Body Scrub Review

Zoella Beauty | Shower Gel, Bath Fizzer & Body Scrub Review

Zoella Beauty | Shower Gel, Bath Fizzer & Body Scrub Review

The third and final product that I have tried from this range is the Zoella Scrubbing Me Softly Smoothing Body Scrub.  I said on Twitter and I'll say it again, this stuff is incredible and its the first product that I've found that I would say I like just as much as the Soap and Glory body scrubs which is a pretty big statement.

Not only does this scrub smell incredible but it is packed full of exfoliating particles that have a great abrasive effect on the skin.  It is so good at sloughing away the dead skin cells and leaving the skin feeling smooth, soft and supple. I absolutely love it.  Needless to say, I've already repurchased another 3 on the current 3 for 2 offer.

Zoella Beauty | Shower Gel, Bath Fizzer & Body Scrub Review

I'm so happy with everything that I bought from the Zoella Beauty Tutti Fruity range and I'm so pleased that I gave the brand a second chance!

To see the full Zoella Beauty range, click here.


What products have you tried from Zoella Beauty and what did you think of them?

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Friday, 20 November 2015

FREE milk_shake Cocktail Treatment Offer & Review

Ever since I got back from Turkey, I've been using the milk_shake Sweet Camomile Shampoo and Conditioner and loving the results that it has given my hair.  Its the best shampoo that I've found for leaving my hair deeply nourished but not weighed down.  You can read my review of the duo along with some other milk_shake products on my blog here.

milk_shake are a great haircare brand whose products contain only the freshest ingredients.  They are only available exclusively from their online store and from selected salons nationwide.

They also have a range of high performing, incredible smelling in-salon colours and treatments, including their new Cocktail Treatment, and styling products that some of the top stylists in the country are using to transform so many peoples hair.

All of their products include a blend of milk and yoghurt proteins and real fruit extracts alongside other natural ingredients such as mint, beeswax and almonds.  All of the active ingredients within the milk_shake line are chosen specifically for their long-lasting effect on the health and appearance of the hair.  They're selected to leave the hair looking manageable, vibrant and radiant.

This week, milk_shake treated me to a blowdry and cocktail hair treatment by milk_shake ambassador and celebrity hair dresser, Neville Ramsay, at the A List Salon in Sunderland.  He's styled the likes of Sting, Jodie Kidd, Dame Zandra Rhodes and Gareth Pugh so I was confident that I would be in safe hands.

Until 31st December, milk_shake are treating clients to a free cocktail treatment worth £15 when they book in for a blowdry at selected milk_shake salons.  They wanted me to try out the offer which works as a perfect seasonal pick me up for hair  whether you're looking for a little pre-party season pampering or a quick and effective makeover in your lunch break.

My hair before the treatment
When I arrived at the salon, Neville completed a thorough consultation with me about my hair, asking me how it usually is, what my concerns are, etc.  I explained that I have super oily roots but dry ends.  At the time that I went for my blowdry, my hair hadn't been washed for three days and had a build up of dry shampoo and hairspray in it.

My hair before the treatment
Neville then explained what the cocktail treatment is and how it would work on my hair.  It is an exclusive treatment that milk_shake have created that is tailored to your hair concerns so that you get the best possible results.  There are two special treatment services that are specifically formulated to target different hair issues.

The first is the Argan Cocktail which ideal for those with dry hair that is in need of a boost of hydration and shine.  The second is the Direct Colour Cocktail which is a conditioning colour reviving treatment for natural or colour treated hair.  This is the treatment that Neville recommended that I have on my hair.

Both of the treatments use the conditioning milk_shake Whipped Cream which has the most incredible toffee scent.  They're applied at the backwash where your hair is first washed using the milk_shake shampoo that is most suited to your hair.  For me, that was the Integrity Shampoo which is one of Neville's hero products.  He loves to use it on his clients hair to condition and nourishes it while taming frizz.

After shampooing, the milk_shake cocktail is then created in front of you from a menu that has been devised to show the client exactly what is going into their hair-reviving treatment.

For the Argan Cocktail, the hair dresser combines the bestselling Whipped Cream with the milk_shake shine injecting Glistening Argan Oil to make even the driest locks look glossy.  This treatment doesn't need to be rinsed out so it is a great time-saver as it is applied to the hair and then blowdried into the hair.

I had the Direct Colour Cocktail treatment and to create it, Neville swirled the Direct Colour around in the huge cocktail glasses and then added the Whipped Cream before mixing the two together, just like a real cocktail.  It looked so effective and really cool in the glass.  Then he added it to my wet hair from the roots right to the tips and combed it through.

Neville is a fun loving guy so gave me an extra swirl of the Whipped Cream to make me look like a human ice cream in this silly photo!  He explained that the treatment doesn't just give an effect on the surface of the hair; it works internally to rebuild the structure of the hair so it has lasting results that will withstand future shampoos.

The Direct Colour Cocktail is left on the hair for around half an hour before being rinsed out and then the hair is blowdried into whatever style the client would like.  I chose a big, bouncy blowdry and Neville blowdried my hair accordingly and added some heated rollers for added height and bounce.

After the cocktail hair treatment and Neville Ramsay blowdry
I was so happy with the result as I felt as though the cocktail treatment had really revived my hair colour and left my hair with a beautiful, natural shiny that looked healthy and caught the light so well.  You can really see a difference between the before and after shots of my hair and I love how my hair felt and looked full of life after my blowdry.

Having a blowdry was a real treat for me as I usually only have my hair blowdried following my cut and colour so to get a blowdry just because was a lovely way to spend my Thursday.  I was heading out to supper with friends that night and it was lovely to be sporting a big, bouncy blowdry for the occasion.

With all of those Christmas and New Year events coming up, it is the perfect time to book in for a blowdry.  You can find a milk_shake salon in your area on their website here and all you need to do is to call and book in for a blowdry and mention that you'd like the free milk_shake cocktail treatment too.

After the milk_shake cocktail treatment and Neville Ramsay blowdry
The cost of a blowdry varies from salon to salon but whatever the price, you'll receive the cocktail treatment for free.  Plus you're able to purchase their award-winning Leave-In Products (Whipped Cream, Incredible Milk and Leave In Conditioner) at an exclusive 20% discount.

This milk_shake treatment is a great way to enjoy a cocktail this festive season without a hangover the next day!

What are your favourite milk_shake hair products?

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