Sunday, 4 December 2016

Stocking Fillers, Secret Santa and Christmas on a Budget

Stocking Fillers, Secret Santa and Christmas on a Budget Blog Post Image

With Christmas only three weeks away, its time to get your gifts purchased and wrapped so that you're not frantically rushing around at the last minute looking for the perfect gift.  For family, I think that most of us tend to have an idea as to how much money to set aside for the main presents, but the less expensive ones or stocking fillers can often be difficult to find.

Sometimes the hardest presents to buy are the ones that don't cost a lot of money; its all about finding a gift that is great quality but with an affordable price tag and most importantly, something that the person you're gifting to will use and enjoy.  Whether you're on a strict budget, such as if you're buying for a colleague for Secret Santa, have a lot of people to buy for, don't have the funds or don't want to spend the money on more expensive gifts for family and friends, then I'm sure you're going to love this post.

I've scoured the shops to find the best budget Christmas gifts to buy this year.  Everyones financial situation is different and let's face it, Christmas certainly isn't worth getting into debt over just to get someone something to unwrap.  So whether you're shopping for stocking fillers, looking for a Secret Santa gift for a colleague or simply doing Christmas on a budget, I'm sure you'll find something here that they'll love.

Superdrug Flutter Christmas Gifts on a Budget Image

This year, Superdrug have really smashed it when it comes to Christmas gifts on a budget.  Plus they're offering some fantastic deals like 3 for 2 across all cosmetics brands along with plenty of free gifts on specific brands.

They have a HUGE selection of gifts both online and in store with many gifts for under £5 and a lot for only £1, especially where the Flutter brand is concerned.

If you're looking for stocking fillers for teens or if you would like to get your friends a few small, affordable gifts to unwrap then Flutter is ideal because they have so many body and bath products for only £1 each, all in cutesy packaging.  Most people love a warm bath at this time of the year so the vanilla scented Sweet Snuggles Bath Snow Crystals are sure to be a hit.  The Flutter Lip Balm is perfect for soothing chapped lips during the winter months and the Flutter Makeup Sponge is a cute and affordable way to try out the popular makeup sponge application method without breaking the bank.

Superdrug beauty tools and skincare products B. and Optimum Image

For older teens and women, you can also buy a few small, individual, beauty gifts to unwrap as a present or to pop inside a stocking, just make sure that they're suited to their aesthetic and what they would actually use; there's no point in buying someone a set of false lashes just because they're cheap if they never wear them.

If you're buying for someone who loves to wear makeup then the B. Eyelash Curlers and the B. Flat Contour Brush are a great shout.  They're fantastic quality, will update someones makeup bag instantly and they're something that could be used daily.  When buying makeup brushes, try to look out for ones that they person you're buying for will actually use so if they don't tend to go heavy on their contour, skip this brush and opt for a fluffy powder brush instead.  If you're wanting to spend that little bit more, selected Boots stores even have an Emporium where you can buy makeup brushes and have them engraved with a message or name on them.

Superdrug have a really great range of affordable skincare which look more luxe than their price tag such as the Optimum Grape Overnight Peel and the Optiumum Phytobrighter Moisturising Cream.  These are targeted at different age groups which makes it easier to find a gift that would be suitable for someone else according to their time of life.  A few pieces from the range would make a lovely complete gift for someone or one or two wrapped up would be great in a stocking.

Christmas Gift Guide 2016 Image

If you're buying a few individual beauty gifts but you want to make them go further, you can change them into more of a complete gift for someone as opposed to a stocking filler by adding a makeup or toiletry bag.  This works well whether you're buying for a man or woman as you can simply adjust the products and the bag itself to suit.

Superdrug mermaid large makeup bag Image

Superdrug Googly Eyes Cosmetic Pouch Image

Superdrug distressed rose gold makeup bag Image

Superdrug have a fantastic range of wash bags that would make great gifts themselves; their different designs are gorgeous, they're really affordable and they're available in lots of different sizes.  My favourite is the Mermaid Toiletry Wash Bag (theres also a medium pouch and a small one).  It has this incredible iridescence to it, loads of space inside and some pockets too.  This one would be great for if you're gifting larger beauty products such as bubble bath.  I've just packed mine up ready for heading to Dubai and it comfortably holds all of my toiletries!

For more of a fun bag, the Googly Eyes Pouch is a great option, available in lots of different colours and shapes and for those who are trend conscious, I'd recommend the gorgeous distressed rose gold makeup bag.

Sanctuary Spa Explore & Let Go gift set Image

If putting together a gift isn't for you, there are plenty of gift sets available on the highstreet for a really reasonable price.  Sanctuary Spa online and at Boots have some of the best gift sets around.

The Sanctuary Spa Explore & Let Go gift set is perfect for those who love to travel as it contains three travel sizes plus an exfoliating mit which are all great for getting your skin clean, smooth and prepped for a day tanning in the sun.  Theres the Gentle Polish Body Scrub, Cleansing Burst Body Wash and the Silky Smooth Body Lotion.

Sanctuary Spa Treat & Let Go Christmas Gift Image

For a friend who loves having a mani pedi, then I'd recommend the Sanctuary Spa Treat & Let Go which contains their Velvety Hand Cream and Intensive Heel Balm.  It'll ensure that their hands and feet are kept moisturised and nourished throughout the winter and these are an ideal size for those who like to travel a lot too.

Superdrug Studio London Nail Polish Trio Image

For the nail polish lover, check out Studio London in store and online at Superdrug.  They have a great range of affordable beauty gifts including this sparkly nail polish trio and a 12 Days of Beauty Advent Calendar that you can open in the days leading up to Christmas; great for if you're exchanging gifts with a friend early.

Superdrug Fruity Duo Cube in Orange and Satsuma, Fruity Bubble Bubble Bath Fizzer Gift Set and The Sweet Shop Fizzy Blue Bottles Image

For the friend who loves something fruity, the Fruity Duo Cube in Orange and Satsuma and the Fruity Bubble Bubble Bath Fizzer Gift Set make great presents.  They're fun, colourful and something that the whole family can use and enjoy.  They're really affordable at only £2 and £3 each and easy to wrap thanks to their packaging.  Let's face it, packaging that's easy to wrap is ALWAYS a good thing!

Similarly gifts of sweeties are always sure to be a hit and something everyone can enjoy.  The Sweet Shop Fizzy Blue Bottles in particular are super yummy and come in a tub that could be reused after all of the blue bottle sweets have been eaten!

Roger and Gallett Fleur De Figuier Hand Cream Mini Gift Image

Buying a Secret Santa gift for a luxe lover can be tricky, especially if you have a small budget but with the new Roger and Gallet gift sets, you needn't worry.  They're available in various scents including the stunning Fleur De Figuier which is one of my favourite fragrances from them.  In the Roger and Gallett Fleur De Figuier Hand cream Mini Gift, you'll get a hand cream and fragrance, packaged beautifully for only £6.

L'Oreal Professionnel Cracker Image

L'Oreal Professionnel are making it easy to give the gift of good hair this Christmas with their fabulous haircare crackers.

At only £6.99, they're an absolute bargain as inside each cracker, you're getting two deluxe travel size products.  These would make a fabulous gift and an even more fabulous cracker for a table setting on Christmas Day.  Who wants a keyring you'll never use and a paper hat when you can have professional haircare?

L'Oreal Professionnel Cracker Série Expert Absolut Repair shampoo and conditioner Image

L'Oreal Professionnel Cracker Série Expert Vitamino Colour shampoo and conditioner Image

L'Oreal Professionnel Cracker Série Expert Nutrifier shampoo and conditioner Image

L'Oreal Professionnel Style Cracker Tecni.ART Fix Anti-Frizz spray, Tecni.ART Beach Waves spray Image

There are four different crackers to choose from:
  • Strengthen- for damaged hair, containing the Série Expert Absolut Repair shampoo (100ml) and conditioner (75ml)
  • Colour- for coloured hair, containing the Série Expert Vitamino Colour shampoo (100ml) and conditioner (75ml)
  • Nourish- for dry hair, containing Série Expert Nutrifier shampoo (100ml) and conditioner (75ml).  This one is my fave, check out my review of the range here.
  • Style- for those that want long lasting style, containing a Tecni.ART Fix Anti-Frizz spray (75ml) and a Tecni.ART Beach Waves spray (45ml)
They're available NOW from L'Oreal Professionnel salons.  Find your nearest stockist here.  If you're in the Sunderland area, I'd highly recommend booking in at Frances Marshall hair salon where the crackers are available to buy, or you can get one FREE when you have an in salon hair treatment while stocks last!

Ghost Eclipse Eau De Parfum Christmas Bauble Image

Ghost Eclipse Eau De Parfum Christmas Bauble Image

One of my favourite types of gifts to receive is perfume as it feels so luxe and special.  However you don't have to spend a lot of money to buy a great fragrance gift.

This year, Ghost have released a range of baubles with travel size products inside that make great handbag essentials or travel companions.  They're ideal for girls in their teens and twenties.  I have the Ghost Eclipse Eau De Parfum Christmas Bauble which is a pretty fruity, floral fragrance with a musk base.

Paul and Joe Beauté Christmas Collection Nail Polish in Butter Pecan and Lip Gloss in Mulberry Spice Image

If you're buying for a true makeup lover this Christmas, then the limited edition Paul and Joe Beauté Christmas Collection is fabulous; highly collectable, superb quality and beautifully wearable.  Each of the shades are seasonally appropriate but they're shades that would suit absolutely everyone so you can really buy with confidence, knowing that these products will suit anyone regardless of skintone and hair colour.

Amongst all of their products, the Christmas Lipgloss in Mulberry Spice and Christmas Nail Polish in Butter Pecan are my faves and at £12 a piece, they're not quite budget but they wont break the bank either.  These would be great for if you're looking for one or two really high quality stocking fillers or your could pop them together in a tissue packed gift box to make a complete gift thats bound to be well received.

Godiva  Blond Chocolate Salted Caramel and Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Crisp Tablet G Image

When you just can't think of what to get someone then you can't go wrong with chocolate.  Theres nearly always a sweet treat out there for everyone regardless of whether they like milk, white or dark chocolate or if they have any food intolerances.

The shops are filled with festive themed chocolates that you can pick up for a few pounds but if you really want to treat someone then I'd recommend the Godiva Blond Chocolate Salted Caramel Tablet G which is part of a new range that they have brought out.  This flavour is incredibly smooth and sweet but with a delicious salted caramel crunch to it.  The Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Crisp is another crowd pleaser and a delicious sweet treat on a cold winters night with a hot cuppa.

I hope that my gift suggestions have made shopping for stocking fillers, Secret Santa gifts and budget presents a little bit easier this Christmas!


Which of these stocking fillers would you most like to receive?

Thursday, 1 December 2016

The Christmas Beauty Advent Calendar by Book Your Lifestyle

The first of December is FINALLY here and for many, that means opening the first door on their advent calendar.  As a child, I would always have a chocolate one but in the last couple of years, I have opted for a beauty advent calendar instead.

Last year and the year before I had the Look Fantastic calendar and I have to say that the contents were fabulous and definitely worth the money but this year, its an unnecessary expense that I'm not stretching to as I have a house to buy and holidays to pay for, not to mention that I have beauty products coming out of my ears!

I must admit though, I did feel a little sad thinking that I wouldn't get the surprise of opening a door on my advent calendar each day as it does brighten up cold December mornings.  That was when I discovered the interactive, online Beauty Advent Calendar from Book Your Lifestyle.

Book Your Lifestyle is a beauty, health and fitness booking website which gives you access to experts and professionals 24 hours a day.

They have launched their own engaging beauty advent calendar for #Glitzmas2016.  There'll be 24 days of amazing, glamorous prizes for participants to win, ranging from nail, hair and spa treatments in some of London's top salons to beauty products and more which will run right up until Christmas Eve and there'll be a different prize available on each day.

Sounds great doesn't it?

It starts TODAY so don't delay, head on over to Book Your Lifestyle now!

I can't wait to open the first door!

*A collaborative post

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

How To Sort Out, Clear Out & Minimise Your Jewellery Collection & Update It Wisely

How To Sort Out & Minimise Your Jewellery Collection & Update It Wisely Image

Over the last couple of years, my taste in jewellery has really changed.  I used to like big and bold, statement jewellery but I found myself preferring smaller, less heavily detailed pieces in recent years.  I was wearing my Thomas Sabo bracelet most of the time with just a simple pair of studs in my ears and found that my two drawers full of jewellery weren't getting a look in.

For years, I'd hoarded jewellery and bought tonnes of it, thinking that I was building up this fantastic collection with a huge wardrobe of jewellery to choose from.  I'd go into Primark or New Look, especially when they had a sale on, and I'd spend so much money buying ALL of the jewellery pieces that I liked because they were ONLY £1 and such an amazing deal to be able to get them on sale.

Little did I know that years later I would suddenly come to the most obvious realisation; all of those £s add up.  And when you've bought as much as I have, the total is a hell of a lot.

This was my costume jewellery:

How To Sort Out & Minimise Your Jewellery Collection & Update It Wisely Image

It's a disgrace really when I look at it.

Unbelievably, I'm actually a person that likes and intends to be relatively organised so when I bought my bedroom furniture I also purchased some plastic cartons, the kind that Chinese takeaway comes in.  I got all of my jewellery out, sorted through it and then organised all of my pieces into each tub by colour; light pink, bright and neon pink, coral, deep pink, red, turquoise, yellow gold, champagne gold, the list goes on and on.

I had 16 tubs in these two drawers and they were FILLED to the brim.  I had that much stuff that I couldn't keep on top of it, let alone wear it and by the time I finally decided enough was enough, it was all a big mess.  As a blogger, I thought I'd been doing the right thing by keeping it all so that I had plenty of different pieces to choose from but in reality, I never wore the majority of it and my tastes and fashion had changed.

My longer lasting jewellery and real gold/silver was growing slowly and I was getting so much more use and enjoyment from it that I knew deep down that I had to sort this costume jewellery mess out.  So one evening, around about this time last year, I mustered some late night energy and started to get the drawers out.

I did one drawer and then the other and took it in turns, tipping the contents of each tub out, organising it into piles (I used the following categories; stud earrings, dangly earrings, bracelets, bangles, statement necklaces, dainty necklaces and rings) and then I moved on to deciding what to keep and what to get rid of.

How To Sort Out & Minimise Your Jewellery Collection & Update It Wisely Image

To work out if you should keep, chuck or re-home something, I'd recommend following these 4 steps:

  1. Is this item complete? Check for missing stones, broken gems, lose thread, tarnishing and single earrings. If no then CHUCK, if yes then move onto step 2.
  2. Have I worn this item in the last year AND will I wear it again in the next year? This seems like a broad consideration to make but I like to look at what I wear in terms of the time of year that I wore it because if I'm clearing out my jewellery in winter then I'll tend to feel differently about my pastel jewellery than I would do if I were looking at it in spring.  So if I'm looking at bright pieces like that hideous neon choker then I'll ask myself, 'did I wear this last summer?' and 'do I think the chances are high that I'll wear it again next summer?'  Costume jewellery is usually trend led, aside from classic pieces like a string of imitation pearls etc, so this should be an easy one to judge.  If you answered yes to both parts then move onto step 3.  If you answer no to either part then move onto step 4; I say that because unless its a brand new piece, if you bought it a year ago and haven't touched it since then STOP kidding yourself, you'll be in the same position next year.  Trust me.
  3. Is this a piece that I actually enjoy looking at and wearing?  Ultimately, it doesn't matter how many times you've worn it in the last year or how often you envisage wearing it in the next, if it doesn't make you happy when you see it or wear it then there is absolutely no point in keeping it.  Life is too short to be surrounded by things that you don't love and I've really started to live this philosophy in the last 18 months and even more so since the beginning of this year when I read Marie Kondo's book.
  4. Organise it, or give it a better home!  If you answered yes to step 3 then that's the point at which you've decided to keep the item and you can go ahead and organise it in whichever way you like.  In fact, I'm going to do a post on my set up soon to share the way that I organise my jewellery.  However if you answered no to the above then you're onto the stage where you re-home your unwanted jewellery.
  5. Sell, gift or donate; the choice is yours!  While I give regularly to charities, I think its important to not feel pressured into this as your only option when rehoming your things.  There's lots of options out there and I'd suggest considering them all alongside your current circumstances to be able to ascertain what is right for you:
    • Sell or auction- I find that individual pieces of used costume jewellery are really hard to sell on sites like Ebay and Depop, unless they're a designer item.  You could give them a try or group some complimentry pieces together and list them as a bundle.  An alternative to these big websites would be to find a Facebook selling group in your area on Facebook.  There are tonnes of them that are all made up of members of the local community, and people will buy almost ANYTHING on them.  This works best if you really just want to get rid of the items for a small amount of money that you can put towards something else such as your smaller bills for the month, your food shop or a trip to the pictures.  Don't be expecting mega bucks, depending on what you have to sell, but you'll be helping out someone else in your community who may have been looking for something just like that particular item or who may only have the funds to buy second hand.  Another option would be to collect your unwanted jewellery along with anything else you don't want to keep in your home and do a jumble sale.  I did one earlier in the year and raise £300!
    • Gift- The next option is to gift the item to someone else.  You'll need to really check out the condition of the item but if its in usable condition and you know someone who'd like it, then consider asking if they'd like it.  When I cleared out my jewellery, I had lots of pieces that I knew my friend would like so when she next came round, I gave her a bag to go through and pick out what she wanted.  There was plenty of pieces that she wanted for herself as well as a few bits for her daughter to play dress up with.  The rest of the items, I donated.
    • Donate- If you don't need or want to sell the items or give them to a friend then please don't chuck them way if there's life left in them.  Donate to any number of the hardworking charity shops around so that they can sell them on to gain more money to benefit the charity.  Choose one thats close to your heart; I tend to pick cancer charities.
River Island Black Wrap Bow Choker Image

Once you've got rid of the excess and organised everything, give yourself time to see if the pieces that you've kept are definitely what you want and reduce your stash further if needs be.  I'd recommend not buying anything new for many months, unless you need a specific item to wear that night etc, so that you can really use and enjoy what you have now.

If anything breaks, becomes tarnished or is no longer making you feel happy when you're wearing it then follow the steps above.  This is so crucial to keeping on top of your jewellery collection and making sure that you're using and enjoying all of the things that you own.

I found that by October this year, I was starting to become bored of the jewellery that I had.  After my first cull, I'd reduced my stash down from two drawers to one with 8 tubs instead of 16 but as fashions, and my tastes in particular, had changed, I found that I wasn't wearing quite a few of the pieces that I had in my collection and I really needed to repeat the process above, then update my collection.

I bought a few bangles from StudioB, before heading to River Island for some on trend, fast fashion pieces.  If you're looking for costume jewellery then this is the place to go to as it has lots of the latest styles in different colours and the prices aren't too over the top for what they are.

River Island jewellery doesn't last forever but if you choose wisely by buying trend led pieces such as this River Island Black Wrap Bow Choker, then you'll be able to save more money that you could put towards more classic pieces that you'll definitely be able to wear for years to come.  You'll be getting a good quality item that will last you a good few seasons while the trend is around but if it becomes damaged after then, its not so much of a hardship than if you'd spent ten times the price on it!

This bow choker is absolutely gorgeous, great quality as it holds its shape and it is the exact trend that I was looking for.  I bought it from the plus size section and its VERY generously sized; I definitely could have ordered the standard size.

River Island Rose gold chain choker Image

At the beginning of October, my hubby surprised me with a Pandora Rose Hearts of Pandora necklace which sits quite high on my chest.  Its an absolutely beautiful piece that would be ideal for day or night wear for years to come.

I picked out the River Island Rose gold chain choker (similar) necklace to wear with it if I'd like to switch up the look.  The necklace sits high up on my chest while the choker sits higher on my neck for an edgier, layered look.  The two together are especially beautiful.

rose gold statement choker image

rose gold statement choker image

rose gold statement choker image

There was definitely a gap in my current jewellery collection for a statement necklace that could transform an number of outfits but I didn't want something too heavy, big or bulky.  The rose gold statement choker fit the bill perfectly.  It has the most beautiful sparkle to it but its not too in your face and it goes with so many different outfits.  They have it in a couple of different colour ways too; a pearl and gemstone version and a black version.

River Island rose gold tone bracelet Image

I didn't have any rose gold bracelets, aside from one very fine one, that I could pair up with other items.  When I spotted the rose gold tone bracelet, I snapped it up because it'll be great for layering with some of my silver bracelets that are of a similar style.  It isn't very lose on my so if you do have larger wrists, I'd suggest giving this one a miss.

rose gold jewel encrusted hoops Image

Years ago now, I bought a silver and a gold pair of diamante hoops just like these from Mikey at House of Fraser.  I wore them to death and when I was looking at my current jewellery pieces most recently, I saw that the silver one had tarnished and the gold had some stones missing.  It was time to update!

I saw the rose gold jewel encrusted hoops on the River Island website and thought that they were just what I was looking for; they're not too big, the shade of the rose gold is beautiful and the crystals add a gorgeous hint of sparkle.

River Island Silver Tone Crystal Stud Earrings Katie Price Style Image

The last piece of jewellery that I updated my collection with were the River Island Silver Tone Crystal Stud Earrings.  I'd seen this style worn on Katie Price YEARS ago and I always wanted a pair as I loved how elegant and sparkly they are.  These highstreet dupes were the most fabulous find as they embody this classic style perfectly yet they're a tiny fraction of the price that real diamonds would cost.  Plus, I don't have to be too frightened about losing these ones!

Although I've referred to it as a jewellery collection update, I'm really trying to think of my stash as a jewellery selection as collection implies to me that I need to keep on collecting and amassing far more items than I actually need.

Since clearing out my jewellery collection, I now have a selection of really gorgeous pieces that I wear so frequently.  They mix and match well with my existing jewellery and I'm happy with how every single pieces looks when I wear them.

I'm no longer going on mad sprees, buying 7 pairs of earrings at a time just because they're all on sale and I like them all; I've really tried to hone my skills so that I'm able to decide which one I actually want rather than buying everything that I see!  I also buy what I need rather than want.  If I saw another black choker that I liked at the moment, I wouldn't buy it because I've got more than enough already and only 1 neck to wear them on!

I feel so much better for it and if you're a jewellery hoarder like myself, then I'd urge you to do the same!


When was the last time you cleared out your jewellery collection?  How do you decide what to keep and what to get rid of?  What new jewellery pieces have you added to your selection recently?

Friday, 25 November 2016

The ULTIMATE Guide To The Black Friday Weekend Sales & Discount Codes

The ULTIMATE Guide To The Black Friday Weekend Sales & Discount Codes Image

Last year, I put together a post with all of the best Black Friday deals and it got such a great response that I'm doing it all again this year.  I've scoured the internet finding out where all of the biggest Black Friday weekend discounts are and any voucher codes that you can use to get even more money off your purchases.

Each retailer is linked below along with the applicable discount and the country codes where the sale applies (UK= United Kingdom, JP=Japan, etc).

If you're looking to invest in designer fashion then now is the time as theres some AMAZING discounts this year.  Electricals, as ALWAYS are fantastic and i've linked directly to some of my favourites below.  This year, I'm buying homeware as I'm due to buy a house next year and need to get stocked up on the essentials.  I'm looking to buy quality and so I've treated myself to a Le Creuset 5 Piece Starter Set which was an absolute STEAL at £99 down from £218.  My aunty had hers from when she got married 35 years ago so they certainly last and are worth the investment.

Anyway, enough from me, lets get into the deals...


House of Fraser: up to 50% OFF (worldwide)
John Lewis: best place for electricals, offering price match
Marks and Spencer: up to 50% off selected lines for Gifting Weekend (beauty, lingerie, sleepwear, home, toys, books)
Selfridges: 20% OFF Christmas shopping, 10% OFF beauty, fragrances, watches, wines and toys, both using discount code SELFCCE

The White Company: 20% OFF (UK) candles and fragrance using code AP380 and 30% OFF (US) candles and fragrance
West Elm: up to 60% OFF site wide (UK)
YOOX: 20% OFF worldwide

Aveda: 15% OFF first order (UK) using code WELCOME15
Caudalie: 15% OFF all orders with code GREEN15, 20% OFF overs of over £100 using code GREEN20 (UK)
Charlotte Tilbury: EXCLUSIVE deals this weekend!
Cult 51 have 51 of their 50ml Night Creams for £51 (normally £125), from 25th November while stocks last
Elemental Herbology 20% OFF until 28th Nov
Feel Unique: different deals EVERYDAY!
Foreo 25% OFF their site (excluding Christmas sets and LUNA play) until 28th Nov
Look Fantastic: 18% OFF (worldwide) using code RUSH
Sanctuary Spa Make A Wish: gift set for £23 (normally £45), ends 30th Nov
SkinCeuticals 33% OFF until 25th Nov
SkinCeuticals Double Defence Eye Kit £46.90 (normally £70)
SkinCeuticals Blemish Control System £83.72 (normally £124.95)
SkinCeuticals Age Defying Eye Care System £98.49 (normally £147)
The Body Shop: 40% OFF using code 19805


ASOS Curve: 20% OFF using code GOGOGO
Boohoo PLUS: up to 50% OFF and FREE delivery
Dorothy Perkins Curve: up to 50% OFF and FREE delivery on orders over £40
Evans: up to 50% OFF EVERYTHING plus FREE delivery on orders over £50

Navabi: 25% OFF more than 1000 plus size black dresses, coats, tops, knitwear and skirts
New Look Curves: up to 50% OFF
Simply Be: up to 50% OFF
Yours Clothing: up to 50% OFF, plus an EXTRA 10% OFF sale items and FREE delivery or FREE click and collect, both using code BLACK

& Other Stories: 50% off selected lines between 25th-27th Nov
All Saints: 30% OFF EVERYTHING using code CYBER
Ann Taylor: 50% OFF EVERYTHING using code CELEBRATE
Anthropologie: 20% OFF EVERYTHING using code GIFT
ASOS: 20% OFF EVERYTHING (UK, worldwide except US) using code GOGOGO, 30% OFF ASOS for US customers using code THANKFUL30
Avenue 32: 30% OFF site wide, excluding sale and pre spring 17
Bergdorf Goodman: up to 40% OFF mens and womens designer sale
Birchbox: EVERYTHING is on sale, starting at 10% OFF
Boden: 30% OFF plus FREE delivery and returns using code F6P8

Boohoo: UK up to 50% OFF EVERYTHING and FREE delivery, FR/DE/NL up to 70% off, Scandi/Spain/Italy up to 60% OFF with code BLACK60
Burberry: FREE monogramming and FREE next day delivery
Cheap Monday: 10% off on sign up, plus FREE delivery and returns
Chicwish: EXTRA 20% off the annual sale using code THX20
Dorothy Perkins: up to 50% OFF and FREE delivery on orders over £40
Forzieri: VIP 25% OFF orders of $325 or more using code BSTYLE25, VIP 30% OFF orders of $500 or more using code BSTYLE30 (worldwide)
Francesca's: 30% OFF EVERYTHING, 40% OFF boots
Hush: 25% OFF selected styles plus extra treats daily!
J Crew: get 20% OFF UK using code GETSHOPPING, get 40% OFF using code HOLIDAY
J Crew Factory: get 50-60% OFF
Last Call (Nieman Marcus): EXTRA 40% to 80% OFF EVERYTHING
LK Bennett: get 20% OFF in the UK across the site using code BLACK20, get 30% OFF sitewide in the US using code SAVE30
Lord & Taylor: EXTRA 50% OFF, up to 80% OFF womens apparel and up to 65% OFF mens and kids

Luisaviaroma: EU & JP 30% OFF using code BFRW30, USA, Canada, Australia, Africa and Asia 20% OFF using code BFRE20 (Ts & Cs apply), plus FREE express shipping and returns
Macy's: EXTRA 20% OFF using promo code THANKS (10% for some departments)
Matches Fashion: up to 50% OFF from Nov 25th
Missguided: 30% OFF dresses with code HOTAF, 35% student discount
Modcloth: 20% OFF EVERYTHING using code FRIDAY20, 30% OFF $100+ orders using code FRIDAY30, 40% OFF $200+ orders using code FRIDAY40
Monica Vinader: 30% OFF after signing up (worldwide)
Mr Porter: 30% OFF selected styles worldwide

MyTheresa: 30% OFF all sale itmes
NA-KD: 25% OFF full priced items using code BLACKWEEKEND
Net-A-Porter: Designer discounts!
New Look: up to 50% OFF
Nieman Marcus: up to 40% OFF selected lines
Nike: EXTRA 30% OFF sale using code XMAS16 (worldwide)
Nordstrom: EXTRA 20% OFF until 27th Nov, most savings on Cyber Monday
Office: 20% OFF plus FREE UK delivery using code WONDER
Pretty Little Thing: up to 50% OFF the site for 1 day only (24th Nov) then 22% OFF worldwide with code CYBER22
Public Desire: 30% OFF EVERYTHING (excluding sale) on Black Friday
Revolve: up to 50% OFF
Rebecca Taylor: get 25% OFF using code CELEBRATE

River Island: Up to 50% off 50+ styles
Saks Fifth Avenue: up to 40% OFF designer sale
Shein: 40% OFF (worldwide) on spends over $55 using code VC40, 45% OFF when spending more than $105 using code VC45
ShopBop: 15% OFF orders over $200, 20% OFF orders over $500, 25% OFF orders over $800 using code GOBIG16
Sweaty Betty: get 20% OFF EVERYTHING using code BLACK20
Talbots: 50% OFF 1 item until noon Friday, plus 40% OFF entire purchase until Friday Midnight
Temperley: 25% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY
The Outnet: 10% OFF full priced items on Black Friday only
Tommy Hilfiger: 20% off selected items for the UK plus more discounts on respective sites worldwide

TopShop: up to 50% OFF (worldwide) with FREE standard delivery until 28th Nov
Tory Burch: 30% OFF using code THANKS
Urban Outfitters: up to 50% OFF
WoolOvers: 20% OFF everything (US and UK) using code BLKFRI until 28th Nov (excludes multibuys)

Whatever you buy this Black Friday and Cyber Monday, make sure its what you really want.  Don't waste money just because something is cheap.  Go in with a clear mind of what you're looking for and try to get it at the best price.

If you need any guidance, check out my top 10 tips on how to be a savvy shopper.

Happy Shopping!
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