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Keeping It Khaki With In The Style

In The Style Curve Outfit on Plus Size Blogger WhatLauraLoves

Few things make me feel as though I've hit the jackpot more than when I stumble upon a sale item online that I lusted after at full price.  The Curve Binky Khaki High Waisted Palazzo Trousers from In The Style are one such find.

An elasticated waist that sits high on the body in a khaki green hue sees these palazzo trousers tick so many trend boxes for me.  The ribbed detail through the wide legs has an elongating effect on the already super long pants and I love that they're high waisted both from an aesthetic and comfort perspective.

Khaki is definitely a universally flattering shade that seems to suit EVERYONE I've seen it on and I LOVE it on me!

In The Style Curve Outfit on Plus Size Blogger WhatLauraLoves

In The Style Curve Outfit on Plus Size Blogger WhatLauraLoves

They're from Binky's collection with In The Style and as you'd expect from her they're effortlessly chic and comfortable too; lightweight, stretchy and really great to wear.  I'm pairing them with heels right now but come the summer, these would be awesome with a cropped top and sliders, especially on holiday for a cool, laidback look.

With all sizes still available and at a mega deal of £7.99, down from the full price of £27.99 when I first ogled them, they're a sale buy I just couldn't miss out on!

In The Style Curve Outfit on Plus Size Blogger WhatLauraLoves

Of course when shopping the sales, its easy to get distracted by full priced items, such was the case when I spotted the Curve Cheri T Shirt Dress but the good thing about In The Style is that their clothes are really reasonable to begin with.

When it comes to fast fashion, on trend pieces, I'd rather not spend a fortune as they're usually clothes that I'll wear for a year or so and then switch them out for something else to update my look with.  Shops like In The Style are great for this as they always have really stylish pieces that are ahead of the curve.

In The Style Curve Outfit on Plus Size Blogger WhatLauraLoves

Now if the title of this piece didn't give it away, I'll let you into a little secret, this is in fact a dress and you'll see me style it up on the blog in a future post but you can get an idea of how awesome the In The Style Curve T Shirt dresses are in this post.

I bought the Curve Cheri Dress in the next dual size down from the one I'd usually buy so that it fit a little closer to my body as I aimed to wear it as a t-shirt, tucked into these pants, pulled out a little and folded over.  The fabric of this oversized T works really well for this as its thick and not flimsy at all.  I love the added features of the turned up short sleeves and that stunning jewelled detail around the neckline.

Tops with statement necklace embellishments have become really popular in recent months and the trend is right up my street.  I'd rather have something sewn onto material than hanging around my neck like a traditional necklace would as it gives a similar effect but is far less restrictive.  The jewel detailing on this top is really secure and I'm confident that its not just going to fall off at a moments notice and it washes really well too.

In The Style Curve Outfit on Plus Size Blogger WhatLauraLoves

This is the fourth t shirt dress that I've had from In The Style and again, I'm so impressed with the quality.  It pairs so well with the khaki palazzos but will look equally as lush with plenty of other pieces in my wardrobe.  They also stock this piece in white and I'm seriously lusting after it!

To complete the look, I added a Gucci wristlet that I bought with some birthday money many moons ago and some River Island chunky cork heel wedges that give me the much needed extra height with these super long pants  I'm really hoping they repeat in more colours this summer because these are seriously comfortable!

Gone are the days of painful heels for me; they went out as soon as Beach night club in Sunderland closed down...


How would you style these pieces?  What sales bargains have you bagged recently?

Saturday, 10 February 2018

3 Fail Safe Gifts For Women

Valentines Day is fast approaching and if you're wanting to bag a gorgeous gift for the woman in your life then you'll need to act quick.  Don't leave it to chance; no one wants to be an afterthought if you turn up with garage flowers with a reduced sticker slapped on them.

That being said, I'm sure the lady in your life deserves to be treated throughout the year be it for her birthday, Christmas or just to say thanks so to make your shopping easier, I've put together my top 3 fail safe gifts for women for any occasion... but especially the day of love!

Cue sweeping generalisations of what women love (but I bet I'm scarily accurate!)...


Jo Malone Sweet Almond and Macaroon Home Candle Gift Guide

When treating the woman you love, you simply cannot go wrong with a candle, reed diffuser or linen/room spray from a luxury brand like Jo Malone, Neom (who even have a body treatment candle that you can pour onto the skin to use during a massage!) or Diptyque.

I received a Jo Malone candle a couple of years ago in the Sweet Almond & Macaroon scent and I actually have it out in my hall way as a decorative piece rather than burning it.  The jars themselves are so beautiful and they look truly stunning around the home.  I'm actually saving up for one of the ginormous ones right now to have as a decorative piece and then I'll burn this one but if I had to recommend one to you to buy, I'd suggest the Red Roses scent.

The Jo Malone Red Roses Candle has this beautifully fresh, pure rose scent without any artificial notes to it at all.  It is deep, sensual and very distinctive.  The ultimate in luxury, style and love.



Chapelle Jewellery White Gold and Diamond Flower Necklace Gift Guide

Another fail safe gift would have to be jewellery.  Whether the woman you love enjoys bold and statement pieces or something understated, you'll be sure to give her a serious heart eyed emoji if she were to unwrap a piece of jewellery.

I love delicate pieces and compared to times gone by when I was all about the statement costume jewellery, now I prefer to invest in higher quality pieces and really get my wear out of them.

If you buy jewellery for someone that's in a timeless style then it'll never go out of fashion and the person you've gifted it to will always be able to wear and enjoy it.  The White Gold Flower Pendant from Chapelle is one such piece.

Chapelle Jewellery Gift Guide

Made from 9ct white gold and set on an adjustable 16-18" trace chain, this gorgeous necklace is delicate, superb quality and the perfect sparkler to give as a gift.  The little flower pendant has a genuine diamond at the centre of it which catches the light beautifully.

Presented beautifully in a red Chapelle gift box, this would make the perfect gift and it'll not set you back too much either as far as fine jewellery goes; right now you can save an incredible £150 off this piece and bag it for £145!

Chapelle are a company who stock designer jewellery at up to 70% off their RRP.  They have an online store that you can visit here as well as retail shops.  If you're in the North East like I am, they have a store in the Dalton Park Outlet Centre that I'd really recommend checking out.


Jimmy Choo L'Eau Fragrance Review

My final fail safe gift for the lady in your life is a fragrance.  Of course scent is a very personal thing so I'd recommend checking out her current perfume collection and make a note of the scents she has already.  You can easily look online or head to any perfume counter and they'll be able to give you a nod in the right direction of scents that have similar notes to the ones she already loves.

Another option is to choose a fragrance that's either an update or limited edition release to one she already has or a scent from the same brand.

For example, many women love the original Jimmy Choo fragrance but they may equally enjoy the Jimmy Choo L'Eau EDT if they were given a bottle of the scent to try out.

This scent was developed as an expression of the dynamic, alluring and adventurous Jimmy Choo woman and I feel as though they've encompassed that air perfectly with this scent.  It is full of contrasts; delicate yet powerful, elegant but audacious, strong and still feminine.

With top notes of bergamot and hibiscus flower, a heart of nectarine and peony and a base of cedarwood and my favourite, musk, you cannot go wrong with this scent for women who love floral, feminine fragrances.


So there we have it, 3 fail safe gift ideas for women to make your shopping throughout the year even easier.

Now off you pop to treat someone you love!

What are your go-to, fail safe gifts for the women in your life?  What are your favourite luxury candles and perfumes?  Have you checked out Chapelle jewellery yet?

Friday, 9 February 2018

Bargain Dress For Date Night

Valentine's week is fast approaching and whether you're headed out for a night of romance with your other half or dancing the night away with friends, you're going to need a bangin' outfit.  I say week because lets face it, Valentines is pretty rubbish when it falls mid week as most of us are at work and can't saunter out into the night to get sozzled with the one we love, looking absolutely lush.  Therefore, Valentines week, or rather weekend it is.

Trouble is, its the start of a new year, we've just had our January pay and after the extra long month of what feels like utter first world destitution, we're at severe risk of blowing it all by the second week of February.

Don't look at me like that... most of us have done it; lived frugally all January because we spent our December pay partying like the cast of Geordie Shore and then felt like we'd won the lottery come the end of the month.  Only to find that we're skint again by the second week of February because lets face it, our bills still need to be paid, even when there's last minute sales shopping to be done.

For those who want to have it all, i.e. a gorgeous new outfit, several nights out AND their bills paid, I'd suggest taking advantage of the last of the January sales.  There's plenty of outfits that are still perfect to wear post Christmas, especially those in shades of red, wine, pink and not forgetting, black.

I've been scouring the internet and well girls, I have bagged a bargain.  I'm feeling quite chuffed about it even if I do say so myself!

The Curve Livy Dress from In The Style is down from £29.99 to a mere £9.99.  In a rich wine shade that looks even more sumptuous in the crushed velvet fabric, this dress is one that you can wear for date nights for the remainder of the winter and still pull it out for the party season later in the year.

In The Style have got the sizing of this dress spot on and the cut is beautiful.  I love swing styles, particularly for my shape as I'm smaller at my bust and disproportionately larger around the middle.  This shape glides over curves and really makes the most of my figure. I really love the styling of the choker neckline and that cut out detail is great for showing a pop of cleavage.

The Curve Livy Dress is lightweight but still a warmer option to wear thanks to the velvet fabric and the long sleeves that have plenty of room in them and provide a little extra coverage.  I like that with this dress you have the option of wearing it on its own with strappy heels or adding tights or leggings to it for extra coverage or warmth.

When I was deciding how to style it, I tried it on with my thigh high boots, my strappy heels and my platform sandals and it looked gorgeous with either option so really the choice is yours.

It also looks great if you pair it with a faux fur or faux suede gilet or even a leather jacket but then again, you might not want to as it would be a shame to cover up the keyhole and button detailing at the back of the dress.  Its extra touches like this that I really appreciate in an outfit and that push me to try new things with my hair; keep it down and straight or pull it to the side curled or pinned up to show off the back?  There's plenty of different ways to wear it which makes me think that I'm getting even more of a bargain for my £9.99 this Valentines Day!

There's plenty of sizes left and In The Style offer Next Day Delivery too so get shopping girls before its too late!

What plans do you have this Valentines Day?  Have you got your outfit sorted yet?  How would you style this dress?

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Slayin' Effortless, Sassy Style With The Charlotte Crosby Collection From In The Style Curve

In The Style Curve Charlotte Crosby Black Rebel Rebel Skull Oversized T Shirt Dress on plus size blogger whatlauraloves

Girls, I have found the perfect, couldn't be easier, throw it on and head out the door outfit.  If you're someone who wants to be out there loving life rather than spending ages putting your outfit together then this one is for you... Just think of me as your curvy wardrobe angel!

Magic wand at the ready...

In The Style Curve Charlotte Crosby Black Rebel Rebel Skull Oversized T Shirt Dress on plus size blogger whatlauraloves

The Charlotte Crosby Rebel Rebel Oversized T Shirt Dress from In The Style is one of my favourite NEW IN pieces.  Blacker than black with a high contrast 'Rebel Rebel' slogan and skull print in white, it stands out for all the right reasons.  Its quirky, edgy and reminds me of a band T.

I LOVE this oversized t shirt as a dress, probably way more than I'd like it as an actual t shirt.  Theres just something so effortlessly cool about it which I'm all about, especially on busy days.

Whether I'm meeting friends in the daytime or going out for drinks at night, its the perfect pull on and slay outfit.  It looks lush dressed down with trainers and a plus size aviator jacket (check it out because I have a blog post coming up with this beauty very soon!) or dressed up with boots and a choker and even the faux shearling and suede gilet that I wore in this spring fashion post.

In The Style Curve Charlotte Crosby Black Rebel Rebel Skull Oversized T Shirt Dress on plus size blogger whatlauraloves

Its from Charlotte Crosby's collection with In The Style.  You could be forgiven for thinking that it is only available in smaller sizes but no, you'll find this piece in the Curve range in sizes 18-20, 22-24 and 26-28, as well as from a size 6 in the regular line.

I'm wearing the 22-24 and the fit is bang on with enough stretch to mould to fit my curves whilst still smoothing over them, holding me in place and retaining the t shirts shape.  The length is perfect too as it sits mid thigh and doesn't ride up or move around when I'm wearing it.

I don't feel self conscious when I'm wearing this dress at all and I don't find myself tugging it down in fear of baring my derrière to all and sundry, especially after sitting down, which is sometimes the case with other short dresses I've worn.

In The Style Curve Charlotte Crosby Black Rebel Rebel Skull Oversized T Shirt Dress on plus size blogger whatlauraloves

What I love about the T Shirt dresses from In The Style is that they're actually quite thick and incredible quality.

They wash really well; the colour doesn't fade and the print doesn't crack and peel off.  Quite a boring thing to comment on but who actually wants to buy something for it to only look bangin' once?! Not me!

In The Style Curve Charlotte Crosby Grey Oversized T Shirt Dress on plus size blogger whatlauraloves

This isn't the first time I've worn one of their T shirts; I got this distressed one in grey, also from Charlotte's collection, in the summer and wore it so much, especially when I was in Bali.

In The Style Curve Charlotte Crosby Black Rebel Rebel Skull Oversized T Shirt Dress on plus size blogger whatlauraloves

If you want to feel sassy and confident like I do in these oversized t shirt dresses then I'd definitely recommend checking them out at In The Style.  There's lots of different designs available and plenty of sizes to choose from.

Happy shopping girlies!


How would you style this dress?  What slogan would you have on a t shirt?


Sunday, 4 February 2018

5 Positive Things To Do Daily | Self Talk, Being Active, Mindfulness & More

WhatLauraLoves Yours Clothing Plus Size Blogger 5 Positive Things To Do Daily

One of the greatest things that hold us back in life is our mind.  Its so easy to get bogged down in everyday life and to see the negatives clearly while the positives sit there screaming in the darkness, completely overshadowed with what has gone wrong during the day.

Life isn't easy, we all know that and we're reminded of it every time we pick up a newspaper, switch on the TV or check our phones.  I don't think I've ever scrolled through my Facebook feed and seen a wall of complete positivity and happiness starring back at me.

My experience of Instagram is the complete opposite of course, where peoples lives seem to be so carefully constructed to show off the best parts of their life but I'm sure we're all wise enough to know that real life doesn't come with a filter.

The reality is that life is tough.  We've all been and will go through struggles from one time to the next, we'll all have challenges to face and goals to reach, days where we jump out of bed with a zest for life and ones where we want to crawl back under the covers but it is how we manage and tackle all of these days that shows our strength of character.

A positive mindset is so important in life.  If you're always looking for the bad things they're going to stand out to you but if you're looking for the good then they'll shine brighter.  That age old quote about every day not being good but there being good in every day is totally correct but only if you look for it.

WhatLauraLoves Yours Clothing Plus Size Blogger 5 Positive Things To Do Daily

I'm a big believer in creating the good in your life with positive thoughts and actions on a daily basis.  Sure great things will come your way but if you're actively creating that good as well then they're adding to the positives in your life rather than being the only positives.

I've had some incredibly dark days in my life and I've learnt the importance of being thankful and taking joy from the little things.  While its something that I'm definitely still working on in order to make it a lifelong habit, there are a number of things that I do on a daily basis to pull me into a positive mindset and keep me there.  Negativity is a downward spiral and if ever I'm on that train of thought, the routine of these things in my days helps to pull me back to being positive and feeling successful.

While it'll always be best for you to work out what positive things you can add to your daily lifestyle, I hope that mine might inspire you.

So without further ado, here are my top 5 positive things to do daily.

Kindle Paperwhite

Having time purely for yourself is so important and if you work a lot like I do, have a family or any other commitments then it can be so easy to dedicate time to everyone and everything else.  The trouble is, you can't look after other people effectively and efficiently if you don't look after yourself first.

Take time out for yourself once a day. Schedule it in your calendar and stick to it.  The time doesn't have to be a great amount; you could block out ten minutes one day to lose yourself in a novel, half an hour the next to take a stroll outside or an afternoon to have a facial or it could even just be grabbing 5 minutes to put your feet up on the sofa once the kids have gone to bed.

It doesn't have to cost you any money but what it will cost you is your time which is far more precious.  Whatever point you're at in your life and no matter how many people depend on you, you need to understand that you're worth giving yourself the gift of your own time; and enjoy it!

Mindfulness Colouring In

Mindfulness is something that I got into as part of the latter stages of therapy following an accident where I was dealing with anxiety amongst other issues.

Mindfulness is all about being present in the moment.  It takes some developing but you're basically training your focus to be aware of the here and now while acknowledging and accepting how you feel, the thoughts you're having and how your body is reacting.  For me, it is often a way of enabling myself to let go.

A core practice of mindfulness is meditation and while it didn't really work for me in a group therapy environment, one on one and at home alone enabled me to really see how beneficial it could be to my life.

Now I use the Calm app on my iPhone which has guided meditations as well as the rhythmic sounds and calming images without any guidance.  Reaching a meditative state is such a positive experience as it really chills me out, makes me focus on the here and now and let go out negative energy and emotions.  Even just five minutes a day can have a really positive impact.

Another thing that I like to do to relax and zone out from work is to colour in.  I'd heard about adult colouring books a couple of years ago but I never got on board with the hype because I just didn't see the point in colouring something in for it to sit in a book.  However now I'm of the opinion that it is far from a waste of time.

Mindfully colouring in enables you to focus your mind on what you're doing and gradually release the feelings that you have amassed throughout the day.  Its a great way to wind down and switch off ready for bed.

Adidas NMDs

One of the biggest changes that I have made over the last couple of years is to be more active in my day to day life and I really cemented this into my lifestyle last year.

On a daily basis, I opt to park further away from the entrance, take the stairs as far as I can manage, go to the upstairs loo rather than the downstairs because its that little bit further away and walk to the shop rather than driving.  I even dance about while brushing my teeth.  I wear a Fitbit so it all adds to my calorie burn but its not really about that, its more about getting out into the outdoors if you're able bodied to do so and not being lazy or reliant upon driving to the front door of every place you go.

I try to push myself to be more active and it really has a positive impact on my day and mindset; I feel so much better about myself, less sluggish and as though I have more energy.  I love going to the gym and to fitness classes but I can't go every single day as I have so much to do but I can make an effort to be more active in my day to day life which is achievable for me.  Then I add in gym or PT sessions weekly and fitness classes that I enjoy doing to work on my fitness.  I love going to Zumba right now but there's so many things out there that I want to try from skiing lessons to Salsa dancing!

Adidas NMDs

Wearing comfortable footwear makes a big difference to my ability to be more active day to day.  One of the biggest fashion changes that I made in 2017 was to invest in some uber comfortable Adidas NMD's.  They're lightweight, supportive and make me feel as though I'm sprightly on my feet.  I can walk for miles in them and the fact that they're so comfortable means that I'm encouraged to walk further in them, such as walking to my hotel from Kings Cross when I'm staying in London rather than getting an Uber like I used to.

My best advice is to stick to black trainers, then you can wear them with so many different outfits and if you need to wear business dress, you can always pop them on when you're going to and from work and switch into their work shoes while they're in the office.  I've seen loads of people do it, especially in London where it enables them to be dressed smartly while being able to move quickly about the streets.

WhatLauraLoves Yours Clothing Plus Size Blogger 5 Positive Things To Do Daily

I'm often asked how I came to be so self confident and body confident; let me tell you, it didn't happen overnight but positive self talk really had a significant impact.

In a way, your mind and body listen to you.  What you tell yourself and how you talk to your body has an impact on how you feel, how you present yourself and how you let others treat you.

On a daily basis, take some time out with your own thoughts to tell yourself what you love about you, being your and what you're thankful for.  It could be while you're having your morning shower, over breakfast or on your commute to work but its important to get your mindset thinking positively.

I tend to find that those people who are so awful about others are the ones that are so unhappy with themselves and their own lives and they're often horrible to and about themselves in private too.

WhatLauraLoves Yours Clothing Plus Size Blogger 5 Positive Things To Do Daily

Spreading positivity is as important as creating a positive mindset of your own and it feels good too!

I try to genuinely compliment at least one person every day.  Helping someone out or saying something nice can really make their day.  You never know what someone else is going through so its important to be kind, always!

WhatLauraLoves Yours Clothing Plus Size Blogger 5 Positive Things To Do Daily

Even if so many things go wrong in my day, if I'm able to accomplish these things then I feel as though I've been successful and I'm able to think positively about myself and my achievements rather than feeling negative and punishing myself.

They might only seem small but these positive things can have a big impact!


Khaki & Black Chevron Jumper // Black Jeggings // Adidas NMDs // Pandora Ring

What positive things do you do daily?
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