Monday, 16 October 2017

Jimmy Choo Man ICE Fragrance Review

Jimmy Choo Man Ice Eau De Toilette Fragrance Review

For the man that loves to get up and go in the mornings, Jimmy Choo Man ICE is there.  It is a fresh, invigorating fragrance that really gives a sense of awakening when it is smelled.

Jimmy Choo Man ICE has an almost elegant sportiness to it.  At least to my nose, I tend to associate fresh, clean scents with sport and this is definitely a scent that would give you a boost en route to a morning workout and from the gym to the office ready to confidently tackle the challenges of the day.

It is an aromatic, woody scent with refreshing top notes of mandarin, bergamot and cedrat essence, which are really apparent when the fragrance is first sprayed.

The heart of the fragrance intensifies the fresh air with a fragrant woody accord made up of vetiver essence, patchouli essence and crisp apple; the latter of which really stands out to me with this scent.

The base of this eau de toilette is created from the musk, moss and ambroxan, a synthetic version of ambergris, which help to give it the elegant air that you'd expect from a Jimmy Choo fragrance.

Jimmy Choo Man ICE is very much a scent for the modern man, on the go from the gym to the office.  I do find that citrus fresh scents are best suited to the daytime, particularly this one as while the initial hit is quite powerful, the dry down scent is not overpowering and there isn't masses of projection from the scent which makes it very easy to wear.

Everything about this scent is stylish, right down to the packaging.  Bang on trend with a white matte lacquer bottle in an ombre design with silver metallic accents and a mock croc skin textured lid, complimented by a white, faux croc skin, textured outer box that has become synonymous with Jimmy Choo fragrances of late.

The bottle is hardwearing, making it a great one to pop in your sports bag, backpack or briefcase for extra spritzes midday; I found that the scent would last around 4 hours on the skin which I think is pretty standard for a fresh scent.

Jimmy Choo Man ICE is available as a 100ml bottle, a 50ml, a 30ml and as a Christmas gift set.  If you're looking for a present for the man in your life be it for their birthday or Christmas then I'd think that this would be a pretty safe bet as its clean and fresh smelling; and what man doesn't want to smell like that?!


What is your favourite Jimmy Choo scent?  Which mens fragrances do you like the most?

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Harry Potter Knitted Two Piece from Primark

Harry Potter Knitted Two Piece from Primark Plus Size Loungewear

Girls, if you're a Harry Potter fan then I've found the BEST loungewear for you this autumn at good ol' Primark.

Knitted leggings and jumper in the signature Gryffindor burgundy red play host to the Quidditch emblem.  They're so soft, really warm and you can layer them easily too.

Harry Potter Knitted Two Piece from Primark Plus Size Loungewear

Harry Potter Knitted Two Piece from Primark Plus Size Loungewear

The knitted fabric makes them very stretchy and they're generously sized too.  I'm wearing the leggings in an XL and the top in a L so you might like to size down depending on how you'd like them to fit.

You'll find these in the casual wear section of Primark, next to where a lot of the Disney and character printed tops and clothing are.

Harry Potter Knitted Two Piece from Primark Plus Size Loungewear

Priced at £12 for the leggings and £14 for the jumper, I think they're an absolute bargain, especially as you can wear them around the house on lounging about days (which are, albeit, few and far between) or out if you're running errands, popping to the shops or going for an autumnal walk in the park.

I have been throwing mine on with a denim jacket and either my trainers or sliders depending on what the weather is like.  Cold toes are not the one!

Harry Potter Knitted Two Piece from Primark Plus Size Loungewear

Primark have loads of Harry Potter themed pieces at the moment from clothing and PJs  to bedding and homeware so definitely check them out if you're a fan!

What Primark bargains have you picked up recently?

*Thanks to my superstar amigo Sarah for taking these snaps. LOVE YOU xxx

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Clarins Sun Protection: My Fave SPF for winter & summer sun!

My favourite beauty counter to shop at for SPF is, and probably always will be, Clarins.  Their multi award winning sun protection products have the most delicious, light exotic fragrance that instantly relaxes me and transports my mind to far away shores whenever I smell it.

I've lost count of the amount of bottles of Clarins Sun Protection that I've gone through over the years and while I do test out other brands from time to time, I've remained loyal to them as a brand; I'm a Clarins girl through and through!

Travelling is my favourite thing to do in life.  I'm not materialistic; experiences are what matter to me the most so I love to save and spend my money on going on holiday, seeing the world, learning from new people and relaxing.  The more years that I spend self employed, the more I am realising the importance of setting and maintaining a work/life balance and holidays in the sun definitely help with that.

When I'm lying out around the pool or at the beach, I like to opt for an oil formula for my sun protection.  Getting a deep, golden tan on my body is desirable to me but protecting my skin from the evils of sun damage is of greater importance.  By choosing the Clarins SPF 30 UVB UVA Sun Care Oil Spray for beautiful body and hair, I get the best of both worlds; an incredible tan with thorough sun protection.  Plus, its water and sweat resistant which is great news for me when travelling to hot, far flung destinations.

The Clarins Sun Care Oil comes in a medium protection in an SPF 15 and a high protection as an SPF 30, the latter of which is the one that I always use regardless of where I'm going.  The high factor doesn't mean that I'll tan any less, it simply means that I can be in the sun for longer before risking burning and I therefore need to reapply it less frequently.

The dry oil formula is lightweight, very easy to apply as its clear and smoothes into the skin effortlessly and it absorbs into the skin quickly too.  Oils are my favourite formula of SPF because they tend to leave my skin more hydrated which I find helps me to gain a deeper tan.  This one feels delicious on the skin and gives it a perfected look; glistening without being greasy.  Made up of sun filters, along with gold cob, sycamore, healing aloe vera, organic Nyamplung oil from a sacred Indonesian tree, it is a unique mix that leaves the skin feeling and looking hydrated, perfected and protected poolside.

It comes out clear from an easy-to-use spray bottle and can be applied all over the body and even into the hair, however I would avoid the face and opt for a face specific SPF instead.  There's a few to choose from at Clarins which I'll come onto later in this post.

Before that, I really want to tell you about another formula from Clarins and that's the body lotion variety.

The high protection, Clarins SPF 50+ UVB UVA Sun Care Milk-Lotion Spray is my go-to for days when I'm out and about, be it strolling around a market on a holiday day trip abroad or taking a walk in the sunshine back in the UK.

The Milk-Lotion formula is lightweight, easy to apply from the spray bottle and fast absorbing.  I spritz it on and quickly rub it in and it doesn't take long to absorb at all, meaning I can get dressed and head out into the sunshine quicker than other SPF lotions I've used in the past.  It leaves my skin feeling so nourished, soft and supple, just like a body lotion would but it provides incredibly high SPF protection too.

My skin doesn't feel clogged or greasy when I use it and just like the oil, it enables me to achieve a deep, dark tan with a dramatically reduced risk of burning.  I always follow reapplication advice and try to take regular breaks in the shade but a high quality, high performing SPF like this one is essential for me.

You'll also find a formula with the same sun protection factor but specifically created for children's skin, as well as an SPF 20 which also contains power ingredients such as aloe, baobab, olive and kiwi fruit for moisturisation and regeneration.  Aloe in particular is a fantastic skin soother and helps to reduce redness which makes it one of my favoured ingredients for sun care products.

If you're looking for something even more nourishing, then Clarins also offer a sun protection cream in an SPF 20 and 30 which is thicker in formula and while it can be used by all, it is ideally suited to those with skin that burns easily.

Whenever I apply sun cream, I always use a separate one for my face, forever opting for the highest factor that a brand offers; you only get one face after all!

Using an SPF thats specifically targeted for the face is important because generally they omit or reduce ingredients from the formula that could clog the pores and cause breakouts, etc.  There's ingredients in SPF that work well for the body but aren't generally suited to the more sensitive skin on our face.  High performing facial sun creams from skincare brands like Clarins tend to be best because they also contain skincare like ingredients to nourish the skin while protecting it.

The Clarins SPF 50+ UVB UVA Sun Wrinkle Control Cream For Face is my absolute favourite.  I've used their facial suntan lotions for years and always loved the multi-cellular protection and skincare benefits that it gives my skin.  Its highly moisturising, doesn't dry my skin out or clog my pores and at the end of the day, my skin feels nourished while still achieving a light golden glow.  This face SPF prevents sun-induced age spots and is anti-ageing with ingredients such as kiwi, aloe, olive tree and nourishing baobab.

It is also available in SPF 15 and 30 which would be great for if you're in countries where the sun isn't so strong however if the option of SPF 50+ is on the shelves then I'd suggest going straight for that one every time.  All of these are ideal for use during the day when you're back home from your holiday too.  Your skin is continually exposed to the sun when you're out and about, even in colder weather so its important to protect your skin everyday.

My final recommendation to protect your skin in the sun is the Clarins SPF 30 Sun Control Stick For Sun-Sensitive Areas.  This is a 100% Mineral Sunscreen that is designed to give added protection to sun sensitive areas on the face that are really exposed to the sun; typically the nose, lips and ears, which a lot of us a prone to burning.

The ingredients in this stick are designed to nourish and protect the skin.  There's Centella Asiatica and Vitamin E which limit the effects of the UV generated free radicals that can cause premature skin ageing and mango butter, sunflower wax and shea butter to hydrate and nourish the skin.  I love anything that'll stop my skin from drying out when I'm tanning, especially on my nose and ears as they tend to be areas that often peel on my skin... not a good look.

If you're skiing, doing water sports, going out on a boat trip or exposing your skin to intense heat then this is definitely the SPF for you.  Apply your sunscreen all over your body as normal and then run this stick over the extra sensitive areas of your face and you're good to go.  I always try to remember to apply this right before I have a nap when sunbathing because if I don't, I can guarantee I'll wake up with a red nose and sunglasses marks!

Whether you're going away for a winter sun break like I know many of you do, or if you're looking forward to your hols next summer, I'd highly recommend picking up some bottles of the Clarins sun protection to take with you and certainly a tube of the face SPF for everyday use back home.  You really can't beat it.

I'll be posting about my faves from their aftersun range soon so keep an eye out for that post coming up!


What formulation of SPF do you like to use?  What are your favourite Clarins products?

Friday, 29 September 2017

Stepping Into Autumn With Esprit

autumn winter fashion form esprit

The leaves have started to change colour, the nights are getting darker and theres definitely more of a chill in the air; Autumn is certainly on its way.

Of all the seasons, Fall has to be my favourite for fashion.  I love nothing more than layering up to keep me warm and experimenting with textures and rich colour palettes.

Shopping at this time of the year is always fun but this year I'm especially looking forward to it as I'm giving my wardrobe a complete overhaul.  Online shopping is definitely the way forward if you're a busy bee like I am and  the new autumn collection at Esprit is a great place to start.

Esprit Velvet Trainers

Take these velvet trainers for example.  Available here in the jewel tones of Bordeaux Red and Navy, they're a sumptuous way to upgrade your wardrobe this autumn.  Their shape reminds me of Converse All Stars but the fabric and colours ensure that they look far more of a splurge.  Pair them with skin jeans or even a pleated shirt and an oversized jumper.

Esprit Jumper Dress

Speaking of jumpers, a knitted dress is the perfect addition to any wardrobe this autumn.  I love the soft knitted dress with appliqu├ęs in sand from Esprit here because it will layer so well with other pieces.  A lightweight jumper like this is perfect for wearing underneath a trench coat or mac with knee high boots and it would look great with a padded gilet too.

Esprit winter coat

I love to wear faux fur during the colder months because it looks so snuggly and never goes out of fashion.

The shiny down coat with a faux fur hood from Esprit ticks all the right boxes for me.  Its available in classic black and a stylish bordeaux red, both with a shiny finish that catches the light beautifully.  This is a wearable coat that you'll be able to pull out year after year.  The padded style is a total classic and I love that the designers have thought to add an elasticated belt to it to pull the wearer in at the waist; flattering, practical and stylish; what more could you want?

What pieces do you love from Esprit at the moment?  Whats your favourite thing about autumn fashion?

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Yours Clothing Plus Size BARGAIN!

This month, I have bagged the bargain of the summer; a gorgeous Yours Clothing jumper for ONLY £7!!

The Black Sweat Top with Gingham Bow Detail is part of their Limited Collection brand which brings fast, on trend plus size fashion to all of us curvy fashionistas!

The jumper combines three monochrome gingham bows with a lightweight black sweat top with classic details such as the scooped neckline and ribbed cuffs; just the right mix of stylish and sport.

It has long sleeves so its perfect for this time of year and you can layer a cami underneath for extra warmth if needs be.  Since it isn't big and bulky, it sits comfortably underneath jackets and coats so whether its an Indian summer or a crisp autumnal day, you'll be able to wear this piece.

Versatile jumpers like this one are a total staple for your autumn wardrobe.  Pair it with a black faux leather pencil skirt or jeggings and you'll be ready for whatever the day throws at you!


*Photographs by India Jackson
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