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S Locks by Sinead Hair Extensions Review

S Locks by Sinead Hair Extensions Review Angelslocks Easilocks Refine Spa Whitburn

Back in November, I was invited along to one of my favourite local beauty salons in the North East, Refine Spa in Whitburn Village, Sunderland.

I'd been to Refine many times in the past for treatments and those of you who are long time readers of WhatLauraLoves may remember my blog post and video all about the HD Brows treatment that I had there.  To this day, it is one of my most viewed posts and my video with the highest amount of views on it but I guess that's because back when I had them done, the treatment had only just come out in the UK.  That's the great thing about Refine Spa, they're always well ahead of the game and bring the best in beauty direct to the North East.  I'd highly recommend the pumpkin peel if your skin is feeling particularly clogged.  I had this treatment a few months ago and my skin is still feeling the benefits of it now.

There's also a boutique within Refine Spa called Tigerlily which stocks the most beautiful clothing that goes right up to a size 32.  I'd always thought that their stock would have been for those ladies who are much smaller than I am but on a recent trip, I discovered that they sell plus size pieces too.  The beautiful grey jumper with chain necklace detailing that I'm wearing in the above photo is actually from their and I couldn't recommend it enough.  The quality is simply outstanding.

With already being a customer of Refine and loving their work and products, I'm sure you can see how much of an easy choice it was for me to say yes when they asked if I'd like to come along to try out their new, own brand of hair extensions.  Sinead, who fitted my extensions for me, hasn't asked me to write a review about her extensions, simply to try them out and give her feedback but I wanted to share my thoughts with you all too because I think they're a really good choice for girls looking at getting hair extensions.

S Locks by Sinead Hair Extensions Review Angelslocks Easilocks Refine Spa Whitburn

Refine Spa fit three different types of hair extensions.  Firstly there's Easilocks which are the premium brand that they offer, then there's Angelslocks which are their mid price range extensions and then S Locks which are their brand new own brand of hair extensions, named after their creator, Sinead.  The unique thing about all of these extensions brands is that they don't require any heat to apply them to your hair which means that they don't cause any damage, especially during the application, whatsoever.

Making an appointment at Refine is quick and easy, everyone that you speak to when you phone up is so friendly and I found that while they're a salon that offer the best of the best, they are very approachable and not pretentious in the slightest.  If you have any worries whatsoever, they're so easy to talk to and are more than happy to answer any multitude of questions that you may have.

The salon is so easy to find as it is literally on the main road as you drive through Whitburn Village with ample parking in their own carpark behind the salon.  Inside, the beauty salon is well laid out with an area dedicated exclusively to Sinead's Hair Extensions.  Everything is spacious and comfortable and the environment is really relaxing which is very important when you're going to be sitting for a while having your extensions fitted as it does take a couple of hours or so.

S Locks by Sinead Hair Extensions Review Angelslocks Easilocks Refine Spa Whitburn

I read up about Sinead before going along to the salon and I knew instantly that I was going to be in safe hands as she was trained and accredited by the best of the best, Easilocks founder Shane O'Sullivan before Easilocks even hit the big time.  This really put me at ease as I knew that I was going to be seeing someone who was really skilled in the art of fitting hair extensions.

Sinead is also an educator and trains others in fitting hair extensions so I knew that not only could she talk the talk but that she could walk the walk as well as others put their trust in her to train them to their best potential to benefit their own business ventures.

When having the extensions fitted by Sinead, she will book you a consultation appointment first of all where she will go through the different options for extensions with you and the costs as well as colour match you so that she can have the exact colours in stock ready to fit your extensions when you come in to have your fitting.  This bespoke service means that you can get the right colour and tones to suit your own hair and you're able to have more than one shade in your hair so that rather than having a flat colour, you gain a multi-tonal effect.

If you're looking to add colour to your own hair without dying it then this can also be achieved with the extensions alone by adding different shades of colour throughout the hair, mixed in with extensions that suit your hair colour already.  This will enable you to preserve your hair and give you the option to change the extra colour more often without committing to a dye job at the hairdressers. 

The S Locks extensions, or any of the other extensions that Sinead fits, are available to add length to the hair, or thickness or indeed both.  Not everyone wants long hair but many want thicker hair so they can be applied and cut to suit the length that you want but giving you the thickness you desire.  Some girls already have beautifully long hair but it is fine and thin, adding these extensions can give them the volume that they've always wanted without damaging their natural hair that they've grown for so long.

There's some fabulous before and after photographs over on Sinead's Hair Extensions Facebook page that you can have a look through to see some of the transformations.

S Locks by Sinead Hair Extensions Review Angelslocks Easilocks Refine Spa Whitburn

As you can see, before having my hair extensions fitted, my hair was looking very fine and thin.  I've always had fine hair and wished that I'd had thicker hair to give me some more volume.  Just before having my extensions fitted, I had had my roots died a darker, golden blonde and pulled through the lengths of my hair to darken it down quite a lot.  You may have noticed how dark it is compared to photos from earlier in the summer.

My reason for wanting to go a little darker was to help the condition of my hair and because I'd always fancied seeing what I would look like with darker blonde hair given that I've been very fair for my whole life!  Over the last couple of years, I've done A LOT of travelling and as my hair naturally lightens in the sun anyway, the increase of my exposure to the sun had caused my hair to lighten dramatically so when my already pretty light roots were coming through, they looked really dark as the rest of my hair was lily white!  Definitely time for a break and I found that the combination of having my hair dyed darker and having the extensions in, really gave my hair the opportunity to just be left to grow and replenish itself.

S Locks by Sinead Hair Extensions Review Angelslocks Easilocks Refine Spa Whitburn

Sinead selected three different shades of blonde to add to my hair and applied these to my hair in a very natural way, so that the lighter pieces would catch the light and the darker pieces would add depth.

The photo above shows a row of the extensions as she had applied them to my hair.  As you can see, they're all evenly spaced with no stray hairs left in between the bonds.  That's the sign of a good hair extentionist and as I'm no stranger to having hair extensions fitted, I know someone who is good at applying them when I see them!  It is so important to keep the application of the hair even and to ensure that there's no hair left in between so that they don't matte together.

You might notice that the bonds look different to the hair extensions that I've had fitted in the past and thats because these have a mini lock rather than a glue or keratin bond so they are the most gentle form of extensions that you can get as they do not cause any damage to the hair during application.

S Locks extensions are made with the finest quality Russian human hair and they are applied using a no heat and no glue method.  The hair is bonded together itself during its manufacturing and when it is applied to your hair, a mini lock, or micro ring as you may have also heard them referred to as, is used to seal a small section of your natural hair and the pre bonded extension in place.  This is a very quick and easy method of application and doesn't cause any pain or tugging whatsoever.  The whole experience of having the S Locks fitted was actually very relaxing and an enjoyable experience, certainly much quicker than any other extensions that I've had in the past.

I couldn't believe how quickly my hair had been transformed from short, thin and lifeless to voluminous, long and luscious!  The speed at which these could be fitted was really important to me as I have a bad neck after an injury almost two years ago.  I find sitting for long periods of time to be very awkward and painful for me so that fact that I didn't have to sit for very long to have the S Locks fitted and could have breaks in between where I could get up and move around, was a huge benefit to me.

S Locks by Sinead Hair Extensions Review Angelslocks Easilocks Refine Spa Whitburn

The S Locks hair is approximately 20-21 inches long with a little room for cutting and after application, Sinead is more than happy to cut into them to shape them as you would like.  This is really important as the shaping of the extensions helps them to blend in with your own natural hair.  I opted for a couple of light layers and some gentle feathering around the face so that they would blend in seamlessly with my own natural hair which is considerably shorter than the S Locks and I really think that they did blend in well.

Over on my youtube channel, I have a could of videos here and here where I have my S Locks extensions in and you can see how natural they look and the way that they move and blend with my own hair.  I am SO impressed with them.

The application through to the way that they looked was so spot on, especially the colour match to my hair.  Very natural and full of lots of gorgeous blonde tones.

S Locks by Sinead Hair Extensions Review Angelslocks Easilocks Refine Spa Whitburn

After having my extensions fitted, my roots were in need of a little dry shampoo in them despite my hair being freshly washed that day.  That's because when you have hair extensions fitted, your hair is being touched much more than it usually would and the natural oils from the hands can transfer onto the hair and if you have oily hair to begin with, it can look a little more shiny than usual.  This is always to be expected with hair extensions when first having them fitted.

S Locks by Sinead Hair Extensions Refine Spa Whitburn Easilocks Angelslocks
The extensions were so easy to style and curl myself. This was when I had first curled it and day by day the curls would drop a little more so my hair would look longer as the days went on.
As soon as the S Locks were applied to my hair I knew that I instantly loved them as they added just the right amount of natural thickness to my hair as well as plenty of length.  They blended in seamlessly and felt so lightweight in my hair.  They didn't feel as though they were weighing my hair down or that the bonds were too tight or nipping at my root, they were incredibly comfortable and that is something that I also found at night too.  Usually when you have hair extensions fitted, they feel a little strange at first when sleeping on them, but not these ones.  They were very comfortable from the word go and I very much think that that is down to the mini lock/micro ring bond that they are fitted with as they are so incredibly small and discreet and flatten to virtually nothing in your hair.

This also meant that when tying my hair up, they were virtually undetectable in my hair which was handy for me as I also like to wear my hair up in a pony tail or in a high bun when I am in a rush to get out of the door on a morning.  When fitting my extensions, Sinead was very thorough and asked me about the ways that I styled my hair so that she could make sure that she left enough of a gap either side of my head and underneath so that the extensions wouldn't show when I tied them up.  This, coupled with the fact that the bonds are so flat and small, meant that they couldn't be seen in my hair.

So many of my friends that hadn't seen me for a while actually thought that my hair had just grown as they looked that natural and undetectable in my hair.

S Locks by Sinead Hair Extensions Review Angelslocks Easilocks Refine Spa Whitburn

After having my gorgeous S Locks fitted, Sinead was more than happy to give them a curl for me and styled them into a loose wave for me which looked so pretty and ensured that I left Refine Spa feeling like a princess.

Before leaving Refine, Sinead made sure to explain the aftercare of the extensions thoroughly to me and recommended products to use that would be suitable for the extensions so as not to damage the hair or the bonds.  I really liked this service as Sinead knew that I had previously worn hair extensions for years and could have easily glossed over what to do but she didn't and made sure that she went through everything thoroughly with me.

S Locks by Sinead Hair Extensions Refine Spa Whitburn Easilocks Angelslocks
Worn slightly more straight so that you can see the full length of the extensions
The great thing about S Locks extensions, and the other extensions that Sinead fits, is that the hair is completely reusable for about 6 to 9 months depending on how well you care for it.  When looking on the Facebook Page you can see so many hair extension refits and the hair looks as beautiful and thick as it did when they were first applied.

Sinead recommends having the hair extensions refitted every ten to twelve weeks, because the extensions will move further down the hair as your natural hair grows, and her charges for this are very reasonable.  You have a couple of different options when having your extensions refitted.  Since they do not cause any damage to your natural hair, you can either have them taken out and refitted on the same day, or if you want to you can have them taken out and then go to have your hair colour topped up at your usual salon and come back another day to have the extensions put back into the hair.

S Locks by Sinead Hair Extensions Review Angelslocks Easilocks Refine Spa Whitburn

Something to keep in mind with micro ring style extensions is that while they are very sturdy in the hair, they are not the most durable form of hair extensions because they are so gently applied without any heat to physically glue them to the hair.  This isn't usually an issue for those with dry hair but for those with greasy hair like mine, it is something to be mindful of as you may notice that they will slip down the hair a little quicker than heat bonded extensions would because of the natural oils in your hair.  Refreshing your hair with a light spray of dry shampoo can help to prolong the longevity of the extensions as it helps to soak up the excess oils.

S Locks by Sinead Hair Extensions Refine Spa Whitburn Easilocks Angelslocks
Pulling my S Locks extensions around to the side of my head with a messy side plait.
I'm very pleased to say that I experienced very few of the S Locks extensions slipping completely out of my hair in the weeks following the application and they were so easy to take care of.  They were easy to wash, condition and style, they held a curl very well and I could easily go three to four days without washing my hair and just spritzing my roots with dry shampoo.    While I may have had a couple of the extensions slip out, I didn't mind this at all because I could see that none of my natural hair had broken off and that no damage had been caused to my hair.  Plus as I had a full head of extensions fitted in my hair, losing the odd one or two really doesn't make a difference and no one can tell as there are no sparse areas or gaps.

What I loved the most about them was that not one of the bonds became knotted or matted with another.  They were incredibly easy to manage and so soft, I never had to worry about knots or tangles in my hair.

About a month and a half into having my hair extensions fitted, I signed up to a new health club and started going to aqua fit and swimming on a regular basis and it was at this point that I did begin to have some issues with my extensions.

S Locks by Sinead Hair Extensions Refine Spa Whitburn Easilocks Angelslocks
Rocking my uber trendy Christmas Jumper with my S Locks in. I loved pulling sections back and pinning them!
Up until this point, I had had no issues whatsoever with my hair extensions.  The S Locks were so easy to style, they washed incredibly well and they looked and felt fantastic, so natural and lightweight and absolutely perfect for me!  However when I started to introduce swimming into my routine, I found that the chlorine didn't react very well with the extensions and seemed to strip them of moisture.  It didn't matter what products or treatments I used on my hair, nothing could pull them back and I found that I would wash, condition, treat and style them and they would look perfect but within hours the mid lengths and ends would become very dry and sort of bunch up together.  I was always on top of this by taking my Denman Tangle Tamer (review in this post/ buy it here) out with me to brush through the hair to stop the bunching together from becoming matted.  During this time, I found that I started to lose more of the hair extensions and they seemed to shed more.  Hair extensions do shed naturally, especially as your own hair is constantly growing but this was more so than usual.

Eventually, I took them out towards the end of the second month of having them in as I didn't want the excess brushing to cause any damage and I figured that I'd be due a refit in a couple of weeks anyway.  I wasn't upset about this in the slightest as I had had almost two months of beautiful quality extensions in my hair with no damage to my natural hair whatsoever when they were removed.  My hair looked so healthy after I had them taken out, none of the strands had snapped or become brittle and I was really impressed at how the S Locks Extensions had literally not damaged my hair in the slightest.

I removed the hair extensions myself which was incredibly easy to do however Sinead does offer a service where she can take them out for you and refit them if you would like them to be put back in again which in all honesty, I would recommend to everyone.  Taking the extensions out yourself is easy if you're used to it but it takes far longer than having them removed in the salon and it really makes your arms ache after only a short while!  Plus, I'd much rather be sat in the friendly environment of Refine Spa than at home removing them!

S Locks by Sinead Hair Extensions Refine Spa Whitburn Easilocks Angelslocks
Even when my hair was pulled back into a tight bun, my extensions couldn't be seen!
Now I know that taking them out may seem like a negative but honestly, don't let that put you off.  Sinead had made me aware that the extensions can dry out because of the chlorine in the water and it was my own choice to join the fitness club and attend the swimming classes.  I needed to for my own health and to try to rehabilitate myself after an accident.  However what I will say is that this is certainly not the only brand of extensions that this has happened with.

The year before I had Cinderella Hair Extensions applied in a bid to save me some money against my usual Great Lengths Extensions and although those are Indian Remy Hair and these are Russian Hair, they felt very very similar in my hair.  The Cinderella extensions are bonded with keratin and then applied using heat to attach them to the hair which isn't as gentle a method as the S Locks.  When first applied, they had a similar shiny coating on the hair to the S Locks which I think is due to the manufacturing process.  Like with the S Locks, this slightly unnatural shine went away after the first wash which takes place two to three days after first having the extensions applied.  The bonds of the Cinderella Extensions were far larger than the S Locks and I found that when I went into the pool on holiday, the hair behaved in EXACTLY the same way as the S Locks did by drying out and becoming difficult to manage, resulting in me having to take them out after only a month of wear.

I was absolutely gutted at the time as although they were cheaper than my usual Great Lengths, the Cinderella Hair was very expensive, much more so than the S Locks Extensions that I had fitted by Sinead.  This had never happened with my Great Lengths Extensions and I always presumed it was because the Great Lengths were a superior quality of hair compared to the Cinderella.

S Locks by Sinead Hair Extensions Review Angelslocks Easilocks Refine Spa Whitburn

When the same thing happened with the S Locks, I decided to consult Sinead as she really knows her stuff when it comes to extensions and she was so lovely about it.  She recommended that those who do a lot of swimming should opt for more of the premium hair extension brands that she fits such as Easilocks, or Angelslocks if the Easilocks are out of your price range, because they're able to cope better with the chlorine in the water.  I feel very confident in taking her advice with this and if I were to get extensions again in the future while I am still going to the aqua classes then I would definitely upgrade to the Angelslocks or the Easilocks.  However if I were able to find a class that I could comfortably attend that didn't involve water, I would happily have the S Locks hair extensions back in my hair and although I would need to purchase a new set of the extensions as the others were too damaged by the chlorine, this wouldn't be a hardship for me as the extensions are so incredibly affordable to begin with and a new set would be well worth it for me.

If you're someone who is looking for an affordable way to add excellent quality, natural looking volume and length to your hair with extensions then I would absolutely, 100% recommend S Locks Hair Extensions to you.  If you're someone who goes swimming then I would recommend taking Sinead's advice and opting for one of the other mini lock style extensions that she offers so that you can get the full use out of the hair and have it refitted for months but also keep in mind that what happened to me may not happen to you.  I can only give an honest report on how I found the hair extensions.

Wearing my S Locks Extensions on my masters graduation
While I had the S Locks Extensions in my hair, I was on cloud nine.  They looked and felt amazing and they were so easy to manage that I knew it wouldn't be the first time I would get these extensions in my hair.  I knew throughout my time with them in that they weren't damaging my hair in the slightest because I could feel a stark difference with them compared to other extensions that I've had in the past, including clip in extensions which tend to have a razor effect on my hair and the weight of them makes it snap off if I wear them too frequently.

For someone who has such fine, thin hair, I have to be really really careful so as not to use hair extensions that are going to cause it any damage as it is already fragile and the S Locks extensions were absolutely perfect for me.  I am already planning to get a new set put in sometime later in the year when I know that I have a few months break from going on holiday so that they wont dry out in the pool.  I am working on my fitness and rehabilitation now so hopefully I'll be able to do some work in the gym rather than relying on swimming and when that time comes and I'm not in the pool every week, I'll be getting my S Locks fitted again.  I absolutely LOVE them and don't see the need to pay any more for extensions when these look fabulous and are very affordable as far as fitted hair extensions go.

I can't wait to have them put back in and it might be sooner than I have planned as I'm not sure I'll be able to resist them for much longer!

S Locks by Sinead Hair Extensions Review Angelslocks Easilocks Refine Spa Whitburn

Refine Spa is open Tuesday through to Saturday with hair extensions available to be fitted every day except a Friday where Sinead works exclusively out of Sophie from Geordie Shore's salon above her boutique, Off The Rails, in South Shields.  I haven't visited that beauty room before so I wouldn't be able to pass judgement or recommend it but what I can recommend is Sinead's skills as a hair extensions technician and the Refine Spa itself which has always been outstanding.  Sinead can also work on a mobile basis if you are unable to get to Refine yourself.

There's lots of ways to get in touch with Sinead.  She has a Twitter page here and a Facebook page here and there is a Facebook page for the Refine Spa and Tigerlily Boutique too here.  I find that the Facebook pages are the best way to keep up to date with all of the latest offers available at Refine Spa and there's some great deals on across the range of hair extensions right now!

If you'd like to book in with her for a free consultation, either drop her a message on one of the social media platforms or call Refine to book on 0191 529 2199.  Refine is located on 14-16 East Street, Whitburn Village, Sunderland, SR6 7BX.

What is your favourite look to create with long, luscious hair?

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Saturday, 28 February 2015

Simple Kind To Eyes Eye Make-up Corrector Pen Review

Simple Kind To Eyes Eye Make-up Corrector Pen Review

In my recent affordable skincare haul, I featured the Simple Kind To Eyes Eye Make-up Corrector Pen and said that I wouldn't be using it until I had a new mascara to get to grips with.  Well, refraining from its use literally lasted a matter of days as I was doing my makeup for an event using a particularly liquidy mascara and as I was applying it, I sneezed, shut my eyes hard and ended up with mascara on my lovely eye make up and all below my lower lash line.

What a nightmare!

I'm pleased to say though that the Simple Eye Make-up Corrector Pen came to my rescue.

This is essentially a felt tip pen with a non greasy makeup remover inside that removes makeup when it comes into contact with the skin, including stubborn waterproof makeup which is surprising as the formula is free from oil.  This makes it the perfect product for cleaning up make up mistakes such as mascara smudges, eyeshadow fall out and even lipstick smudges.

Sometimes I make a mistake when applying my lipliner or darker lipstick and touching up with concealer or foundation just doesn't always look right and sometimes darker lip products bleed on my lips which just looks unsightly.  One day, I was testing out a new lip product and just thought I'll take this pen with me just incase and low and behold, it bled and I used the pen to clean it up, leaving my makeup looking flawless once again.  Although it does say that it is for eyes, there's no reason why it cannot be used anywhere else on the face and I have found it to be ideal for cleaning up around the lips when wearing darker lippies and to make my lips look an even shape when lining them.

Since this is a Simple product, I knew that it was going to be super gentle and I didn't have any worries at all with using it around my sensitive eye area.  This pen contains Pro-Vitamin B5 which helps to actively restore, soften and smooth the skin.  The formula is free from perfume, colours, harsh chemicals, unnecessary ingredients and alcohol, so it isn't going to dry your skin out or irritate it.

It is very easy to use, simply pop off the lid, hold the pen point side down for about 10 seconds to enable the felt tip pen to become wet with the solution and then use it directly on the makeup mistake to make it disappear.  I find it particularly useful for mascara that has gone onto my skin on my lower lash line and on my eye lids.  What I like the most about this pen is that it doesn't mess up the rest of my makeup the way that cleaning up mistakes with a cue tip sometimes can.  It is very light in its use and extremely precise so it just takes off the makeup that you want it to and then I usually just go back in with my blending brush to make sure my eye make up looks seamless.  I don't have to apply extra eye makeup, I just blend it a little so that the same finish is visible on the lid (shimmery, matte etc).

It is perfect for smudges, streaks and panda eyes whether that's while you're applying your make up or throughout the day.  Do you smudge mascara onto your eyelids when applying it? Do you cry at the cinema? Do your eyes water in the wind?  Do you rub your eyes forgetting you have makeup on them?  If the answer to any of those questions is yes, then this product has got your back!

The Simple Eye Make-up Corrector Pen has been around for a while and I can't believe it has only just come onto my radar thanks to shopping on Chemist Direct.  Sometimes I find that it is difficult to just browse for beauty and skincare products online on websites like Boots and Superdrug because there's just far too much choice that everything gets a bit watered down whereas selects Chemist Direct some of the best products out there and it is really easy to navigate through everything on their site.

Simple Kind To Eyes Eye Make-up Corrector Pen Review

So many of my friends have asked me how to avoid smudging mascara when applying it and there are a few tips that I can give them, such as tipping your chin downwards when applying mascara onto your bottom lashes and backwards when applying it to your top lashes but sometimes this isn't enough and mistakes do happen... and sneezes, as was the case with me!  For those occurrences, this make-up corrector pen is an absolute godsend.  I can also see it being particularly useful for those who don't have particularly good eyesight because sometimes people find it difficult to see clearly up close or far away depending on how they do their make up and if they smudge their mascara they can just clean it up with this pen.

Another problem that some of my friends have is with their mascara flaking or their eyeliner transferring from their waterline throughout the day and again, this product is perfect for touching up those annoying makeup fall outs on the go without disrupting the rest of your makeup because it is so precise.

The only downside that I can see to the Simple Kind To Eyes Eye Make-up Corrector Pen is that when you've used it to clean up dark makeup like black mascara, the tip does tend to get quite dirty so I'm not sure how long it is going to last for even though there's lots of product in the pen itself.  However while putting together this review, I've actually discovered that Simple recommend cleaning the tip of the pen on a makeup wipe after each use so I'm going to try that and I'll let you know how I get on (probably in an empties post when it has come to the end of its use!).

Personally, I'd recommend buying this from Chemist Direct because it is the cheapest price and I don't see the point in spending more money for the same product.  However you can also purchase it from Boots.

To see what other affordable skincare and makeup I picked up from Chemist Direct, you can have a look at my haul post here.

You can also take a look at this product and the full range of skincare from Simple over on their website here.

Have you tried this make up corrector out before?  Do you have any other tips for cleaning up makeup mistakes?

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Friday, 27 February 2015

I've booked a holiday!

Marrakech Morocco Travel Blog Blogger
Image Source
Marrakech Morocco Travel Blog Blogger
Image Source
Marrakech Morocco Travel Blog Blogger
Image Source
Marrakech Morocco Travel Blog Blogger
Image Source
Marrakech Morocco Travel Blog Blogger
Image Source

Marrakech Morocco Travel Blog Blogger
Image Source

Just a quickie today lovelies.

I've booked a holiday with one of my besties to Marrakech in Morocco for the summer and I cannot wait!

I was wondering if any of you had any travel tips or advice for Morocco, places to see and things to do?  We're mostly going to chill out but it would be nice to experience a bit of culture while we're there working on our tans.

Also, would anyone benefit from me reviewing the hotel and the places we go to?  If you would, let me know in the comments.

I'm so excited to save up and go holiday clothes shopping!

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Thursday, 26 February 2015

GIVEAWAY & Review | Charnos Socks from UK Tights

Charnos Socks at UK Tights

In recent months, I've really become accustomed to wearing boots whether thats standard boots or those with cut away detailing, as you can see in this post here. I'm also wearing trainers more often as I've been walking for a small amount of time on the treadmill before my aqua zumba fitness class.  Although we're heading into spring, now that I've discovered cut out detailing on boots and have started to wear trainers more again, I definitely wont be stopping just because the weather is warming up slightly.

With my change in footwear, I've needed some new socks to wear and the ones that I have been wearing recently are by Charnos from UK Tights.  They let me pick out three packs and have kindly offered three packs to give away to readers of WhatLauraLoves so read on to find out how you can win!

Charnos Socks

The first pack that I picked out were the Charnos Comfort Top Plain Cotton Socks which come as a pack of three.  There are four different colour ways to choose from and I picked the Black Mix set which has a black pair, an oatmeal grey neutral pair and a lilac pair.

I chose these ones to wear with my trainers for the gym because my gym wear is mostly black, grey, lilac and pink so I thought that they would match well.  If you know me well, you'll know that I love to be colour coordinated, right down to my hair bobbles, so for me to want to have socks to match my gym wear is perfectly normal for me.  If my friend Naomi is reading this she'll be laughing so hard right now as she often jokes about me and my matching outfits!

These cotton socks are made from natural fibres and feel really breathable when wearing them.  This is ideal when I'm wearing them for the gym because I've found that some socks make my feet sweat loads when I'm wearing them.  These are lightweight so I don't have that problem at all.

Charnos Socks at UK Tights

The second set that I picked out were the Charnos Rose and Spot Cotton Socks which come in a pack of two.  I got these specifically to wear with my grey Missguided Boots as I thought that they would look great poking through the cut out detailing and over the top of the boots.

Both of the pairs of socks in this pack are patterned and they are navy and burgundy coloured.  The first pair are navy on the toe, heel and stretchy comfort top while the body is burgundy with navy blue polka dots.  The second pair are all navy with burgundy roses on them.  They have a very quaint, rural English style.

There's a couple of other designs of patterned socks by Charnos available at Tights UK which would all look cute poking out the top of boots or other shoes such as brogues.

Charnos Socks at UK Tights

The final pair that I picked out were the Charnos Cosy Fleece Socks that are available in grey, peach and cream.  I picked the peach but to be honest, they're more of a pink which I personally prefer because lots of my PJs are pink and as these are so soft and cosy, they're perfect to wear around the house or to bed when my feet are cold at night.

I picked these ones to wear with my older pairs of UGG boots that don't have too much of a warm sole any more as well as with my longer boots.  They're really stretchy so I can tuck my jeans into them to ensure that they don't ride out of my boots, creating that awful bunching look.  They're so warm and my feet feel very toasty in them so they definitely get a big thumbs up from me.

I'm really happy with the pairs that I've picked up from UK Tights and now its time for you to find out how you can win some pairs of your own.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

All you need to do is to follow my blog via bloglovin and follow UK Tights on Twitter.  There are more options in the form below so that you can gain some extra entries.

If you're the lucky winner, you can choose 3 pairs of Charnos socks for yourself, just like I did in this post.  I will let you know that you've won the giveaway via email and I'll then be giving your email address to UK Tights who will contact you for you to let them know which socks you would like and to get your address.

The giveaway will be open until Sunday 8th March at 12:00AM.  It is open to UK readers only.  I have an international giveaway coming up very soon so don't worry lovelies.

Best of luck!

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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

WhatLauraWore: Mulberry Bayswater Love

Mulberry Bayswater Soft Croc Biscuit Brown Plus Size Blogger Review

The low lying light in winter may look pretty but it doesn't do anything for me when taking blog photos.  Although my head is shrouded in light like an angel so I'm feeling all sweet and innocent as I type this!

Today's fashion post is very much a typical casual outfit that I like to wear on the weekend or when I want to feel comfortable but still look put together.

This clothing combination has actually been worn so often by me in the last couple of months because I love the mix of the colours together.

Mulberry Bayswater Soft Croc Biscuit Brown Plus Size Blogger Review

My top is from New Look but it was so long ago that I bought it that I very much doubt they'll sell it anymore as they turn around their different styles quite quickly.  It is essentially a navy vest top with a big navy and white striped bow on it and I'm sure you'll be able to find at least a plain navy top elsewhere if you wanted to recreate this daytime look.  Here is one from ASOS Curve.

I'm also wearing my favourite denim leggings from New Look Inspire that you can also buy from ASOS here.  They're made from jersey but they look like skinny jeans so they're incredibly soft and comfortable to wear and they fit like leggings so if you're someone like me who often struggles with finding jeans that fit correctly, then I'd suggest giving these a go.

Mulberry Bayswater Soft Croc Biscuit Brown Plus Size Blogger Review

Over the top, I'm wearing the open waterfall cardigan in white from JD Williams but it is also available in a whole rang of other colours.  Thats what I love about the knitwear section of JD Williams; they always stock a range of colours in many of their different styles so there is something to suit everyones style.

This fine knit cardigan is a slightly big fit, with a really flattering open waterfall at the front which makes it a flattering piece to throw on and snuggle up in.  It is light weight but still keeps you relatively warm, making it perfect for this in between weather we're having at the moment where its quite sunny but theres still a chill in the air.  I would love to pick this up in a few more colours because it is such a staple piece in my wardrobe and i love easy it is to wear.

UGG Chivon Nubuck Shoes in tan

On my feet, I'm wearing the absolutely beautiful UGG Chivon Nubuck Shoes.  These are one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes that I own and for the amount of times I've worn them, they've remained in incredibly good shape.  I love the tan colour as it goes so well with blue denim and white so I do tend to wear them with casual outfits that feature those colours.  These shoes are available in a few other colours and I'd highly recommend checking them out and picking up a pair as they're honestly SO comfy!

Mulberry Bayswater in Soft Croc Biscuit Brown Review

Speaking of tan, the bag that I'm carrying is in a similar colour.  It is the Mulberry Bayswater in the soft croc print, which I believe was limited edition.  I have it in the colour biscuit brown with gold hardware and I still love it as much now as the day I bought it.

For jewellery, I'm wearing my Michael Kors beaded bracelet and my new ring from Harry Fay.  Its called the Amirra and while I'll be reviewing it in full very soon, let me tell you how much I love it already.  This silver ring with sapphire and cubic zirconia jewels is so elegant and stunning that it looks great with so many different outfits.  Harry Fay offer such a wide range of sizes so if you've struggled to find rings to fit you in the past then definitely try them out, plus if the size you ordered doesn't fit you correctly then they will exchange it for you free of charge!

Harry Fay have offered readers of WhatLauraLoves a discount code.  All you need to do to get 15% off your order is to enter the coupon code whatlauraloves at the checkout.

Michael Kors Beaded Bracelet and Harry Fay Amirra Ring Review

Navy bow vest top from New Look (alternative here)
Mulberry Bayswater in the soft croc print in biscuit brown from House of Fraser (similar here)
Amirra ring from Harry Fay (don't forget to use the discount code whatlauraloves at the check out for 15% off your order)


What have been your go to outfits recently?

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