Monday, 20 October 2014

Review of the Femfresh Range of Intimate Body Washes

Femfresh feminine hygiene products
It is a basic need in my life, to be clean and to feel clean and it really isn't asking a lot.  Yet when I pop into Boots and Superdrug the shelves are lined with so many shower gels to choose from in lots of different scents to clean your body with and to make it feel and smell nice but when it comes to feminine hygiene products there isn't as much of a choice available.  This is ridiculous really considering we all have sensitive areas that need to be cleaned just as much as the rest of our body.

When it comes to feminine hygiene products, Femfresh are really flying the flag as the market leading brand because they offer the most choice I've seen out there and after trying out various products, they really are the best there is.

Femfresh Daily Intimate Wash*
In the past I've talked a lot about the travel size bottles of Femfresh on my blog because I think they're an essential part of my travel toiletry bag whether I'm camping in the lakes or on safari in Kenya but today I wanted to share with you a selection of their full size products.  These are just as much of an essential in my shower as my shampoo and shower gel and I love that Femfresh offer a variety to choose from and while they all do pretty much the same job, they're all a little different.

First up is the Femfresh Daily Intimate Wash which I first tried and loved in the travel size and now I have the 250ml bottle.

This one is a very gentle, gel like wash, containing soothing and calming aloe vera, that is suitable for use everyday.  Using a product specifically designed for your intimate area is really important because normal body washes can disturb the pH balance of the area causing discomfort and irritation.  The intimate area usually has a low pH level which helps to protect it against irritation and Femfresh helps to keep the pH balance at this healthy level.

The Femfresh Daily Intimate Wash cleanses the skin without making it feel dry and irritated because it is free from soap and helps to soothe the skin.  It doesn't have a strong scent but leaves you feeling fresh, clean and banishes any unpleasant odour.

It is priced at £2.99 and is available here.

Femfresh Ultimate Care Active Fresh Wash*
Next up is the Femfresh Ultimate Care Active Fresh Wash.  I believe this is a fairly new addition to the Femfresh intimate skincare line and I reviewed it back in April along with their deodorant which is an absolute favourite of mine, particularly when I'm travelling or exercising.  You can read my full review here.

This is one of my favourites out of all of the Femfresh washes because I find it the most effective at neutralising odour and making my feel really clean.  This is the one that I use after I have been to my belly dancing fitness class and if you're a gym go-er then I'd really recommend it for your wash bag.  It has this silver ion technology which is why it keeps you so fresh.  Natural originating silver ions have very strong antibacterial and deodorising properties that work with your body to help it become and stay fresh and anyone can benefit from it in this wash, even those with the most sensitive of skin.

What I like the most about the Femfresh Ultimate Care Active Fresh Wash is that it can actually be used all over the body and it will keep your whole body feeling and smelling fresh all day long.  It is gentle and wont irritate your skin, after all it has been formulated specifically for use on your sensitive areas.  I don't know of any shower gels that I would trust to use down there so it is great having a product that I can use all over.  When I pick a body wash, I tend to like awakening, zingy scents but these aren't great to use on intimate areas not only because they can upset the pH balance of the area but also because of their scent.  If any of you have ever washed using the Original Source Mint Shower Gel then you'll know exactly what I mean... burn baby, burn.

This wash has a slightly more noticeable scent than the Daily Intimate Wash and it is slightly more milky in colour but they are used and perform in the same way.

The Ultimate Care Active Fresh Wash is £3.69 here.

Femfresh Ultimate Care Pure and Fresh Gel Wash*
Next is the Femfresh Ultimate Care Pure and Fresh Gel Wash which is another preferred wash of mine for after I have exercised because it has a slightly stronger fresh scent than the Daily Intimate Wash and I find that that gives me the feeling of being even cleaner, making it great for use particularly when it is that time of the month.  It is packed full of ingredients from natural origins and you can use it everyday in your shower, just as you would with a regular soap or shower gel.

As with all of the Femfresh products, this intimate body wash is dermatologically tested and also gynaecological tested, unlike the usual soaps and shower gels that you'll find in the shops.  This way, you can ensure that what you're using is suitable for your most sensitive area.

The Femfresh Ultimate Care Pure and Fresh Gel Wash is available for £3.69 here.

Femfresh Ultimate Care Soothing Wash*
Last but by no means least is the Femfresh Ultimate Care Soothing Wash which is my absolute favourite wash product from Femfresh.  Like with the other Femfresh products, this hypoallergenic wash can be used as a shower gel too and it is my favourite one to use in this way because I really like the scent of it; very girlie and a little fruity.

It contains probiotics to stimulate natural defences as well as moisturising and protecting cranberry oil.

My friend actually recommended this wash to me because it is her favourite to use.  She'll remain nameless for what I'm about to tell you but she is someone who suffers from recurrent cystitis and so she really needs to be careful of what products she uses down there.  She absolutely swears by the Femfresh Ultimate Care Soothing Wash and even uses it in place of shaving gel when preening the rose garden so to speak.

Again, I think this is a great one to use, particularly if it is that time of the month  and it is available for £3.69 here.

While I have reviewed each Femfresh product here separately, I do think that they're all much of a muchness because they all perform exceptionally well and do exactly what they say they will on the bottle.  Ultimately, you need something that is going to be gentle and effective without disturbing the pH balance of your skin and causing irritation.  Femfresh ticks all the right boxes so it is just up to you to find the one that you like the most.  My two favourites are the slightly more milky washes; the Active Fresh Wash for after exercise and the Soothing Wash for daily use, particularly when feeling a little more sensitive than usual, mostly because I like the smell of it the most!

You can visit the Femfresh website for more information on these products and all of their other ones.

What are your favourite Femfresh products?

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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Repurchasing Favourites: Klorane and Thierry Mugler's Alien

For all I have a stash of beauty products large enough to open a small retail store, there comes a point in my life where I just can't resist repurchasing some of my favourites.  This time, it was a perfume that I just cannot be without and two of the best make up removing products I've tried from top skincare brand Klorane.  I bought all of these from Escentual and got some great deals (1/3 off French pharmacy brands in October and the fragrance is cheaper than elsewhere anyway!).

The first product that I repurchased was the Klorane Eye Make Up Remover Lotion.  I have been using this for years and years and it is the only eye make up remover that I have ever repurchased because, in my eyes, it is the best out there.

I have tried quite a number of eye make up removers in the past and what I have found is that I am not a fan of bi-phase solutions where they have a high oil content and you have to shake the bottle to get the two liquids to mix together.  I hate the feeling that they have on my eyes and they leave an awful residue that tends to irritate them and make my skin feel awful.  Since I discovered the Klorane eye make up remover many years ago, I haven't looked back and while I've tried other removers since, they have all been samples or freebies when buying other products, as this is the only eye make up remover I will repurchase now.

What I love about it is how gentle but effective the formula is.  It doesn't feel oily in the slightest.  I pour a little onto a cotton pad, the remover has a blue tint to it so you can see exactly how much you've applied so as not to waste any, and then I hold it over my closed eyes for a few seconds and then wipe away the make up.  It is effortless and doesn't tug at my eyes at all.  I particularly like using this make up remover after a night out as it removes pigments, liquid liner, waterproof mascara and lash glue with complete ease.

Considering it has a very mild formula with soothing cornflower, it is incredibly effective and removes all of my eye make up in an instant without irritating my eyes or making them sting.  French cornflower has softening and anti-inflammatory properties and Klorane harvest it during full blossom before frying it out in special clay ovens which means that the cornflower water that is subsequently distilled from the flowers has all of the active ingredients and purity still in tact.  It has a pH that is similar to that of tears which is what makes it so mild that you can use it without irritating your eyes.  It s suitable for those who wear contact lens' too so if you're a lens wearer then give this a go.

Klorane have repackaged their eye make up remover into more of a slender bottle.  I like the new packaging, although there was nothing to dislike about the previous packaging either.  You can see my full review of this eye make up remover from many moons ago in this post although my opinion has only grown stronger towards the product from then to now.

The eye make up remover is available in a 100ml and a 200ml bottle like the one I have.  It is available to buy here and here.

The other Klorane product that I repurchased were the Klorane Make Up Remover Wipes.  I actually received a sample of these to review a couple of months ago but I used them up before I could even get my camera out to snap a photo of them; I loved them that much!

These are a very quick and easy way to remove the vast majority of the make up from your face before heading into the bathroom for a thorough cleanse.  They're very moist wipes so they don't tug at my skin whatsoever and the solution that is on the wipes is very effective indeed.  Like with the eye make up remover lotion, these wipes contain the same French cornflower water, making them very gentle and non irritating on the skin.

While I wouldn't suggest make up remover wipes as your only method of cleansing your skin, I think that they're great at getting your make up off before cleaning your skin with a cream cleanser, for refreshing your skin on a morning or for taking with you onto aeroplanes, to festivals, camping and any other home away from home.  These are the best wipes I've found to date as they're very moist, great at breaking down dirt and make up and they come in a packet with a proper lid that helps to prevent them from drying out.

The Klorane Make Up Remover Wipes are available here in packs of 25.  They are also available from John Lewis.

The last favourite that I repurchased was the Thierry Mugler Alien Eau de Parfum Eco-Refill Bottle.  Alien is one of my most loved fragrances and I have worn and repurchases it for years and years.  The scent is sensual, exotic, very mysterious and different to anything else I have ever smelt before.  It is very distinctive and once you know what Alien smells like, you'll be able to recognise it instantly on others.  I do find that this is a scent that smells different on different people so I think it is one to try in store before buying it blind online.

When you purchase Alien, you're able to buy a refillable spray bottle that comes with the perfume inside, then when you run out you can take it along to a refill stand from certain stores (theres one in the House of Fraser where I live) or buy one of these refill bottles to top it up yourself.  These are the new echo ones that are in slightly cheaper packaging than the other type of refill bottles but that doesn't matter at all as you're not going to be keeping it on your dresser once you refill your gorgeous Alien bottle.

Refilling the bottle is easy, I have done it many times before.  The box containing the refill bottle also comes with a handy funnel so it enables the perfume to be poured into the Alien bottle with next to no spillage depending on how steady your hand it.  I can't wait to refill my bottle and start wearing this scent again.  I have definitely missed it!

The 60ml refill and the 90ml refill bottle like I have are available here and here.

What favourites have you repurchased recently?

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Saturday, 18 October 2014

Australian Bodycare Cleansing Face Mask Review

The Australian Bodycare Cleansing Face Mask has been my mask of choice over the last four weeks and I've got to say that I am really enjoying using it.  I had been using the Origins Clear Improvement Mask over the summer and while I couldn't say that these two masks are one and the same, they do have very similar results on my skin.

Australian Bodycare Cleansing Face Mask*
This is a mineral rich clay face mask that aims to deeply clean and purify the skin which is great for those who suffer with blocked pores and blemishes, especially because it also contains Tea Tree Oil that has antiseptic properties.  I think it is the Tea Tree in the mask that makes it tingle when I first apply it.  This feels really refreshing and awakening, especially if I have time to pop it on my skin first thing on a morning, although I must say that my eyes did feel as though they were going to water the first time I used it!  Despite the powerful cleansing formula, it is suitable for all skin types, although as it does have a tingling tea tree sensation, I think those with very sensitive skin may be surprised when they first try it.

It is suitable to be used on a regular basis too, although for my skin, I tend to apply it as and when I have breakouts or once per week to really deeply cleanse my skin.

I've said this on my blog before but I don't have blemish prone skin.  It is very oily, I get the odd breakout and I have quite a few blocked pores and blackheads.  I find that this mask works superbly well at clearing my skin.  I have tried using it when I already had a spot on my skin, like in the photos taken on this post, and I found that it seemed to draw out the spot more and then the next day, it had decreased in size and redness considerably, with almost completely disappearing by the day after.

Australian Bodycare have added papaya extract to their face mask as the enzymes within papaya are known to have exfoliating properties.  I find that after I have used this mask my complexion looks a lot brighter, very renewed and as though the dead skin cells have been polished off.

I really like the formula of this mask because although it is made of clay, it doesn't dry the skin out too much.  It does contain macadamia oil to soothe and calm the skin which I can definitely see the results of as my blemishes reduce in redness after I have used the mask but I also think that the macadamia oil helps to soften the skin too as my skin doesn't feel tight after using it or while it is on my skin.

I apply quite a thick layer to my face and neck as I sometimes get the odd under the skin type spot on my neck.  I leave it on for at least 20 minutes (ten minutes is the minimum recommended time) while I'm tidying the kitchen or shaving my legs and I find that the mask gradually sets.  It does harden but not in a painful or extremely tight way like the Origins Clear Improvement Mask so those of you who have found that mask to be a little too tightening may prefer this one.  Some of it actually seems to sink into the skin and become clear in appearance.  When I come to wash the mask off my skin, I run a face cloth under the warm tap and then gently remove the mask using circular motions.

The Australian Bodycare Cleansing Face Mask leaves my skin clear, bright and super smooth, ready for a good moisturiser or make up application.

Check it out online here and buy it here.

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Friday, 17 October 2014

What I Got For My Birthday

Today I uploaded a new video to my YouTube channel.  This week it is a video all about a selection of the very kind gifts that I received for my birthday this year.  I've linked everything below in case you can't see them clearly in the video.

Please watch and give it a thumbs up on Youtube:

Gifts in the video:
The White Company Leather and Wool Jacket- sold out
The White Company Heart Print Scarf in Frost Grey- available here
The White Company Chunky Rib Poncho in Biscuit Marl- available here (now in the sale)
Floral and Aztec Print Scarf from Primark
Floral Statement Necklace from Primark
Custom Made Name Necklace from Black Heart Creatives- available here
Lumie Bodyclock Active 250 Wake-up Light- available here and hereThomas Sabo Charm Club Wedding Rings Charm- available here
Daniel Wellington Classy St. Andrews Watch in Rose Gold- available here
Daniel Wellington Classic Trinity Lady- available here
Soap and Glory Exfoliating Scrub Gloves- available here
Soap and Glory Massage Glove- available here
Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub- available here
Soap and Glory Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub- available here
Pandora A Love Story Stud Earrings- available here
Links of London Sweetie Candy Hearts Bracelet in Rose Quartz- available here
Links of London Limited Edition 'Keeper of my Heart' Valentines Day Charm- available here
Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment- available here
Bose Sound True AE Full Size Headphones with Mic/Remote in Black/Mint- available here
Lady of the House Boudoir Cushion- available here
Steve Madden Green Cowl Scarf- I can't find it, sorry!
Ray Ban Green Mirrored Avaitors- available here and here
Statement Necklace from Next- similar here
Laura Mercier Creme De Pistache Honey Bath- available here and here
Michael Kors Hamilton Bag (I think this is the large size) in sky blue- sold out from The Outnet

Hope you all have a great weekend and thanks for supporting me on my new YouTube channel.
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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Plus Size Fashion Haul

In my latest video, I am switching up my wardrobe with some staple pieces that will last me throughout the autumn and winter.  They're plus sized items from stores like Boohoo, Evans, ASOS and Slink Boutique.  A lot of the items are available in smaller sizes, particularly those from Boohoo and ASOS.

Watch the video here and please give it a big thumbs up!  As always, if you have any questions then please leave them on the video and I'll get back to you there.

Here is a full list of all of the items featured in my haul:

Slink Boutique
Q'Neel Floral and Animal Print T Shirt
Karen Kane Cowl Neck Top in black and cream
MAT Silk and Knit Jacket

Boohoo Plus Desiree V Neck Oversized Tee in white and black
Boohoo Plus Mo Floral Woven Print Kimono in ivory

Evans Ponte Jacket in navy (only black available now)
Lovedrobe Navy Lace Insert Skater Dress

ASOS Curve Pull On Jeggings in black
New Look Inspire Denim Jersey Leggings
Pink Clove Contrast Floral Jumpsuit

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