Monday, 20 November 2017

On Looker, Sharing My Glamorous Curve Denim Jacket

Pearls have made a contemporary comeback in 2017 as embellishments on a whole host of key fashion pieces from bobble hats and sliders to cardigans and denim.

I've been loving the trend, especially when added to denim jackets and jeans; its girly, feminine and oh so pretty.

However the trend has been a little slower to reach the plus size fashion world than I'd have hoped.  All year I've been in search of a pair of denim jeans or a denim jacket that feature a pearl design.  Finally I've found the perfect style for me; the Glamorous Curve Ripped Pearl Jacket from Simply Be (Also available from the Simply Be US site for my friends across the pond; don't worry girls, I've got your back!).

I've long admired the Glamorous clothing that I've seen featured in fashion hauls from other vloggers but I didn't realise that they had a plus size range until very recently when I happened upon them on the Simply Be.  This is my first piece from Glamorous Curve and I'm so impressed with the quality but even more so by the on trend styling.

Distressing and rips, light wash denim that'll suit any skin tone or hair colour and a little feminine touch with silver beading and pearl embellishments; I feel as though this is the denim jacket I've been waiting for years for.

The embellishments not only give this jacket a style upgrade but they take what could be quite a vintage 90s piece and bring it up to 2017 with a girly twist.

I've been wearing this jacket so much since I got it; over the top of dresses to make them look more casual and layered with my faux fur collar grey cardigan for a cosy laid back look.

One of my favourite ways to style it however is in an off-duty fashionista meets slightly sports luxe way.  I take a T like the Grey Textured Zip Cold Shoulder Longline Top With Stud Detail from Yours Clothing and pull on some leggings that can be worn more as trousers such as the Limited Collection Black Leather Look PU Leggings. The two together with the jacket create a look that's off-duty  and effortless, yet still on trend and stylish.

Keeping along the girly sports luxe theme, I added two of most worn pieces this autumn and they're both from River Island.

The River Island Grey Quilted Chain Front Bowler Bag and the River Island Rose Gold Metallic Lace Up Runner Trainers were both pieces that I lusted after in store and bought with my birthday money at the end of September.  I'm really trying to cut back these days and not splash out willy nilly on things that I don't need so to treat myself to these really did feel like a treat, plus the bag was down to £30 in the sale (it still is!) which felt like even more of a treat!

This bag has served me so well over the last couple of months.  It holds everything I need and is strong and sturdy so whether I'm travelling, going out to work all day or running errands, I can take my laptop, ipad and charger, phone, purse and anything else that I need out with me.

I love the combination of grey and white with the pale gold chain; its a great way of wearing neutrals without going down the nude route.  These are colours that always work so well together and they pair beautifully with almost everything else in my wardrobe.

Just like the bag, as soon as I clapped eyes on the River Island Rose Gold Metallic Lace Up Runner Trainers I knew that I had to make them mine.  Clearly inspired by the Balenciaga Runners, these trainers are out there, bang on trend and a real statement piece.

Yes, they're uber comfortable but these trainers are all about how they look and thats GORGEOUS!  They complete my outfit perfectly and accessories this look exactly to my style right now.

While I'm so happy that I've now got the pearl embellished piece I've been searching all year for, I can't help but think that I could have found an embellished denim jacket like this and had an idea on how to style it a lot sooner had I used the new Looker app.

Looker is a brand new app, available on the Apple App Store and on Google Play, that enables you to share photos of the outfits and the latest looks you've put together with your audience.  You might be thinking, 'surely that's what Instagram is for?' but you're wrong as while Looker too is totally free to download and join just like Instagram, it has some added benefits that you don't get with many other social networks.

The difference with Looker is that there aren't any annoying algorithms getting in the way of who can see your outfit posts and follow you.  I know that as a blogger, its really frustrating when I work so hard on a post for Insta or Facebook and it doesn't show up in peoples feeds and I know that that's not only frustrating for the people who follow me but for the people who post themselves too.  Everyone is affected sadly but with Looker, that's not the case.  You post and your followers see your posts, similarly, someone who you follow posts and you see their posts; its that simple.

Whats even better about Looker is that all of the posts on the app are directly shoppable, meaning that if you upload an image to the site, you can click on the different elements of your outfit and create an affiliate link directly through the app to that item.  Then when people view your picture, if the love the jacket you're wearing, they can click straight through to buy the item or take a closer look at the finer details.  All users, regardless of whether they're a blogger or not, can earn up to 5% commission on items sold through their looks so its a great opportunity for all you fashion loving beauties out there to capitalise on your style.

The Looker app is a really positive place to be both in mind and body; I guess you could say it has a community feel to it.  Looker recognise that style has no boundaries so they don't restrict on age or size; anyone can upload any outfit post from any retailer and if they have an online website and you can find the item, you're able to link to it.  Having no size restrictions is fantastic as it enables app users to find the fashion that will fit them and be inspired by other stylish women who have also joined the platform and are sharing their style with the rest of the community.

Speaking of community, there is no opportunity for negativity, jealousy or hate through the Looker app.  Unlike many social networks, it doesn't come with the drawbacks that come with social sharing as there are no likes or comments and you're not obligated to follow or follow anyone back.

Social media can often feel like being fed to the lions as people can be so cruel online so I love that there isn't an option to comment on the outfit posts.  I also love how there isn't the pressure that usually comes with a lot of social networks; since I work as a blogger, I feel as though some people validate my job by the number of likes and followers I have, gain and maintain on each post and I'm not entirely sure that's healthy.  With Looker, no one else can see how many followers you have which not only relieves the pressure but I also feel it gives smaller accounts more of a chance.

However while I loved the idea of Looker from the off, I really fell in love with the whole concept when I came to post my first outfit picture.  I wanted to explore all of the areas of the app and try out the different features.  I clicked on the words 'FaceTune' which I assumed would take me to the App Store to download the app that so many people use to whiten the background of images and so many more use to manipulate their body and face to within an inch of its former self.  However rather than doing that, a prompt pops up simply saying 'You don't need it. You look perfect the way you are :).'

Now that's the kind of positivity I want to be a part of!

You can find out more about the Looker app and download it here.  I'll be posting my outfits over on the app under the username 'What Laura Loves'.

Happy styling girlies!

How does the Looker App sound to you?  What do you think about the pearl trend?

*Thanks Sarah for taking my photos for me, you beaut!

Monday, 13 November 2017

My Favourite Clarins After Sun Combinations for Face and Body

My Favourite Clarins After Sun Combinations for Face and Body Review

Jetting off for some winter sun?  Then you'll be needing the Clarins Aftersun Range!

You might recall the post I blogged last month all about the Clarins SPF range well their range of aftersun products is just as fantastic.  I've been using them for a long time now, my favourite being the Clarins After Sun Moisturiser Self Tanning which rehydrates the skin and intensifies a tan with a small amount of false tanning pigment within the lotion.  It gives the skin a golden glow without making me feel as though I need to really hammer the sunbathing to get my tan up fast!

However this summer and autumn, I've been trying out a combination that's new to me and that's adding the Clarins Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster For Body into my aftersun products.

This is a really genius self tanner that comes in a dropper bottle so that you can customise your tanning result; simply add 4 to 6 drops into your regular body lotion or aftersun in your palm, mix and apply as usual for a natural looking, made to measure tan.  Adding more drops intensifies the bronzing effect and less understandably, gives you less of a golden glow.  The effect is soft, gradual and my skin has never looked streaky using it.

The result is really natural looking and I love that I can use these drops on holiday with my aftersun to have a similar effect to the Clarins After Sun Self Tanning that I've used and loved for a long time, or I can add them to my regular body moisturisers to reap the benefits of those with an added healthy glow.

The Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster is available for the face and the body but as far as I can see, the ingredients are the same.  I bought the one for the body as the bottle was bigger and the cost difference meant that it was cheaper per ml (£27 for 30ml) overall than buying the face one (£20 for 15ml) either on its own or with the body booster and I use it in both my face creams and my body lotions.

My Favourite Clarins After Sun Combinations for Face and Body Review

Since trying out the booster drops, I've dabbled with more of the Clarins after sun range and I've found a couple of absolute gems.

The Clarins After Sun Gel Ultra-Soothing is a fantastic body product for soothing the skin when you've spent a day basking in the sun and prolonging a tan.  I used my first bottle up on my trip to Bali and have since repurchased in the airport when I went away to Crete with my friends.  It smoothes onto the skin effortlessly, cools as it absorbs, reduces redness and sinks in within a few minutes leaving my skin looking and feeling hydrated, soft and smooth.

This after sun has the most fabulous formula that is cooling like a gel but quite dense like a cream.  It contains refreshing watermelon extract and feels cooling on the skin; not in a cheap aloe vera aftersun way, this gel is soothing and nourishing on the body.  It works quickly to rehydrate the skin, making it feel comfortable and deeply moisturised.  Keeping your skin hydrated helps to prevent peeling and helps your tan to stay around for longer which lets face it, we all want!

My Favourite Clarins After Sun Combinations for Face and Body Review

For the face, the Clarins After Sun Replenishing Moisture Care For Face and Décolleté is an absolute winner.  Just like I'd always recommend using a separate SPF for the face and body, I'd suggest doing the same with your aftersun too as generally they contain different ingredients and a lot of things that are suitable for the skin on our body can clog the pores on our face.

This Clarins face aftersun has the most gorgeous texture that's somewhere between a lotion, a gel and a balm; not too dissimilar to the body aftersun I've reviewed above.  Only one pump is needed as the bottle dispenses just the right amount of product for the full face and décolleté.  It immediately soothes, hydrates and regenerates the skin using a combination of powerful ingredients including moisturising Shea, Centella Asiatica and Mimosa Tenuiflora.  It also contains sunflower seed and aloe vera extract which cools and soothes the skin and reduces redness.

I'm very conscious of premature skin ageing so using an aftersun like this one is important to me to help to repair the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines, while protecting against free radicals that can remain active even after you've come out of the sunshine.

I love to get a tan while I'm away on holiday but taking care of my skin has to always be the priority.  I love that with Clarins, I get the best of both worlds; fantastic sun protection and nourishing aftercare, resulting in a deep, long lasting tan without burning.


What Clarins products do you love the most?  What aftersun formulas do you like to use the most?

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Atkinsons Scilly Neroli Fragrance Review

Atkinsons Scilly Neroli Fragrance Review

When it comes to luxury perfumes, Atkinsons 1799 is sure to never disappoint.

From the scents themselves to the packaging and heritage of the fragrance house, this is one perfumer to not miss.

One of their latest releases Scilly Neroli, launched as part of The Contemporary Collection in 2016, is an aromatic aquatic fragrance that'll have you leave you feeling awakened with its zingy air.

The growing Contemporary Collection is currently made up of eight fragrances which are a modern take on the ingredients that are really symbolic of Atkinsons 1799.

It is a powerful citrus, floral fragrance with top notes of lemon, petitgrain and sea notes, a heart of neroli essence and orange blossom and a base of ambergris and patchouli.  The effect is long lasting on the skin which I was surprised to find from such a fresh scent.

Atkinsons fragrances come in stunning 100ml bottles and are quintessentially British in design with robust glass and a coat of arms etched lid and plate.

I could see both women and men enjoying this fragrance and the stunning packaging would sit well on a dressing table or on top of a mens dresser which is great news with Christmas coming up.  Scilly Neroli is a luxury fragrance and therefore sits at a, albeit well deserved, higher price point and would make the most fabulous gift this December 25th.

Atkinsons Scilly Neroli Eau de Parfum is available from House of Fraser and Selfridges.


Which Atkinsons fragrances would you like to try?  How does Scilly Neroli sound to you?

Friday, 10 November 2017

Decléor Aromessence Neroli Amara Oil Serum Review

Decléor Aromessence Neroli Amara Oil Serum Review

2017 has seen many new releases but one of my favourites has to be the Decléor Aromessence Neroli Amara Oil Serum.

'But wait a minute, doesn't Decléor already have a Neroli Serum?' I hear you ask.  Well beauts, this one is a reformulation and its back, better than ever.

I've used plenty of the Decleor oil serums in the past after first discovering the Aromessence Rose D'Orient Oil Serum (review here) on recommendation of Pure Bliss Spa in Sunderland;  I've been going there for Decleor facials for years and trust their advice completely.  The Neroli is an oil that I started using last year and now that I've tried the new and improved one over the last seven months, I can certainly say that Decléor have done the impossible; made an already incredible product, even better.

The new Decléor Aromessence Neroli is a completely natural face oil thats designed to hydrate and boost the skins radiance while having a soothing effect on the senses.  It is applied in the same way as the other Aromessence oils day and night; warmed between the hands, lightly held over the face to breathe in the oils and then tapped into the face and neck with the fingertips in 3 movements, before adding moisturiser.

The oil is suitable for both female and male skin and I can see it being effective on all skin types, even those with sensitive skin as it is very gentle.  The oil is light in consistency and not greasy feeling to the touch.  It is instantly nourishing on the skin and sinks in relatively quickly.  The scent is noticeable when you first apply it, quite spa like and very relaxing.  This is the kind of product that has the ability to calm my senses as well as nourish my skin which I tend to find is the case with a lot of Decléor products and one of the many reasons as to why I've used their products for over 10 years.

When my skin is in dire need of moisture, this is the serum that I know will instantly turn it around and if I use it consistently, my skin looks and feels its absolute best.  Undoubtedly, this is down to the powerful blend of ingredients selected for the formula.

Aromessence Neroli Amara uses a blend of the highest grade Essential Oils; these being Neroli, Petitgrain, Juniper Berry, Sandalwood and Clary Sage, along with the cold pressed Botanical Oil, Hazelnut Virgin Oil, all of which are 100% natural and free from colourants and mineral oils.  There's also Parsley in the formula which is said to help lighten pigmented spots on the skin; if this is something that you're concerned about then this oil serum maybe a good one for you to try out.

Neroli is at the centre of the formula and it fulfils the exact intention of a serum; it moisturises and acts as a vector to drive other ingredients further into the skin.  A serum is usually applied as the layer sandwiched between the skin and moisturiser, with the idea that it'll help to add an extra layer of hydration and help the moisturiser to be drawn deeper into the skin, making it more effective.

This oil makes my skin feel so soft and nourished thanks to the Neroli and the Hazelnut Oil within the formula.  I have oily skin but it is dehydrated too, especially around the perimeter of my face and this oil helps to nourish and combat the dryness in these areas.

While the previous Aromessence Neroli worked wonders on my skin, the new one does even more so thanks to the new addition of Sweet Orange Essential Oil from which essential oils are derived from the flower, fruit leaves and twigs.  It is a wonderfully effective ingredient that soothes the skin, reduces redness and boosts glow.

I didn't think I would be able to notice the difference between the formulations but the Sweet Orange Essential Oil really does make such a difference and my skin looks even more radiant after using it.

With that in mind, if your skin is looking dull and lack lustre and is in need of nourishment, hydration and radiance restoration, then the Decléor Aromessence Neroli Amara Oil Serum is the one for you!


What are your favourite Decléor products?

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Simple Water Boost Range Review: Micellar Facial Gel Wash, Micellar Water and Hydrating Booster

Simple Water Boost Range Review: Micellar Facial Gel Wash, Micellar Water and Hydrating Booster

Sensitive skin experts, Simple, have released their brand new Water Boost range which is designed to reverse the 5 signs of skin dehydration; dryness, roughness, tightness, dullness and dehydration lines.

Over the last two weeks, I've been trying out the three principle products from the line to see how they would work for my skin.

Typically, I have a clear complexion and I've always been proud of how well I take care of my skin but it is not without its faults.  I have oily skin, especially around my t zone but the outer parts of my face and high up on my cheeks, my skin is dehydrated and if I ever let my skincare slid or if I'm stressed, not getting enough sleep or eating a poor diet then it really shows in my skin.

A lot of people don't know that their skin is dehydrated, especially if they have oily skin like me as its a common misconception that skin cannot be both oily and dehydrated at the same time, but it can.  If I take the outer part of my cheek and gently lift my skin up wards, I can see small lines and it is those that are a sign of dehydration.  I also get dryness around the outer part of my face which again, shows that it is dehydrated.

Simple Water Boost Range Review: Micellar Facial Gel Wash, Micellar Water and Hydrating Booster

There are three key products in the Water Boost line; a gel face wash, cleansing water and a hydrating booster which is almost like a serum.  I have been trying these three out but they've also released a gel cream and a sleeping cream too which sounds awesome!

The range harnesses a unique blend of skin-loving ingredients such as plant extracts and minerals, with none of the harsh chemicals, artificial colours or perfumes that let many skincare products down.  By containing ingredients that the skin loves rather than hates makes this range ideal for those with sensitive skin as well as dehydrated and dry because it shouldn't have any aggressors in it.

One of the key active ingredients within this line, Pentavitin, is a natural plant extract that has a complex that is identical to our skin.  It works intelligently to mimic the naturally occurring moisturising agents that are found in our skin.  It has the unique ability of being able to bond with skin cells and allowing the skin to build moisture over time.

The first product that I tried out from the range is Simple Water Boost Micellar Facial Gel Wash, which can be used morning and night.  It contains cleansing bubbles called micelles that gently attract make-up and dirt and instantly hydrate the skin.  I found that this wash good to use as part of my morning skincare routine as its refreshing and cleansed my skin well.  Unlike other gel face washes I've tried, my skin didn't feel tight or dry after use; it really does hydrate the skin, leaving it looking and feeling clean and soft.

I preferred to use this on my skin when it was makeup free as I really enjoy using a cream cleanser to remove my makeup (after a micellar water) and I just can't get away from that type of product; I just love a cream cleanser!)

The product that I instantly enjoyed was the Simple Water Boost Micellar Cleansing Water which is great whether I'm using it to refresh my skin in the morning with the quick sweep of it on a cotton pad or as the first step in my cleansing routine to start to remove my makeup.

This micellar water sweeps over the skin easily and for being so gentle, it really effectively removes surface makeup and dirt from the skin.  My skin feels refreshed and hydrated after use and again, it doesn't feel dry, squeaky clean or tight.  I much prefer this cleansing water over others like Bioderma and I'd definitely choose it when I run out in the future.

Simple Water Boost Range Review: Micellar Facial Gel Wash, Micellar Water and Hydrating Booster

The last product I've been trying out is the Simple Water Boost Hydrating Booster, a first for the brand.   Designed to enable long-lasting skin hydration that cannot just be washed away, this product can be used as a hydrating primer, mixed in with a moisturiser or applied as a treatment to dehydrated areas.  Personally, I like to use it in place of my serum, applying a layer to my skin before adding my day or night moisturiser.  Its lightweight, none sticky and quick absorbing, leaving my skin looking and feeling visibly hydrated and healthier.

The range is completed with another two products; a Hydrating Gel Cream which is an instantly hydrating moisturiser and the product that I cannot wait to get my hands on, the Simple Water Boost Skin Quench Sleeping Cream which sounds like the intense nourishment that my skin needs!

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