Thursday, 11 November 2010

NOTD: Warwick Avenue by Nails Inc

Warwick Avenue by Nails Inc
Today, I am wearing this nail polish by Nails Inc who, I've since found out, describe it as a nude pink peach shade.  It is really hard to photograph to get the true colour but in all honesty, I think it looks more of a baby pink in the bottle than a true peachy pink nude.  However it is different when it is on the nail where it does represent a peachy pink nude shade.  So please bear that in mind when you are looking at it in a shop as it just gives the name of the polish as 'Warwick Avenue' which doesn't tell you anything about the actual shade!  It provides a nice alternative for people who are wanting a slightly more pink take on the nude nail.

Warwick Avenue by Nails Inc

It has lovely packaging as with all Nails Inc products- simple but effective which makes it stand out as a brand and has led other brands to follow in its design footsteps, like Models Own.  The application of the nail polish was ok, the consistency is quite thick and drying time was pretty much average, nothing to write home about.  After the second coat it did remain tacky for quite a while which is ok if you've got the time to sit around doing nothing but since the majority of us are busy bees, this polish requires time that we just don't have.  My pictures are taken with two coats of the polish on and it did provide an even application but the nail polish itself just doesn't dry opaque enough for me unfortunately as I can still see my nail underneath.

It is pretty and I do like it to some degree but I don't think I would use it as a stand alone nail colour, mainly because of being able to see my nail underneath after two coats, which i don't like as I haven't got the time nor the patience to sit and layer up nail varnish until it is completely opaque.  I would definitely use one coat of this as a pink base when doing a french manicure though.  I'm really undecided about the colour of this polish, when I see it from afar, I like it, but up close it looks a little cheap.

Despite owning a fair few, I have never been too fond of Nails Inc polishes as I think they are quite over priced for what they are, especially when brands like Models Own are making high quality polishes at less than half the price.  My friend bought this polish for me for as a late birthday gift- my birthday is in September but I didn't see her until October so I'm not too sure on the date that this polish was released.  After looking at the Nails Inc website though, I did find out that this polish retails for around £11.  Personally I think you can get the same, or better, on the high street for much cheaper.  That's just my opinion though, I'm sure there are many people out there who are screaming at their computer screens right now!!  I really appreciate it as a present and it was a lovely gift to receive, I'm pleased I have this nail polish in my collection and I will use it again but I don't think I will be repurchasing it with my own money.

Although I don't really buy magazines nowadays, as I get all my celeb and fashion info online, I do know that Glamour magazine (UK Version) are giving away a Nails Inc polish free with this months magazine.  Since Glamour Mag retails at only £2, if you fancy trying one of their new polishes then I would get in on the action!  There are a few autumnal colours to choose from and I think this Warwick Avenue shade may even be available as a freebie.

What are your thoughts on Nails Inc nail polishes?
Love them or Loathe them?

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