Thursday, 12 August 2010

Models Own Facebook Sale

Calling all make up lovers and beauty queens everywhere, Models Own are having a half price sale!

 Click the link below to LIKE:

Yes you did read correctly, Models Own are having a 50% off sale.  Well, not just yet they're not. Here's the catch: They need to get to 10,000 likes (formerly known as fans) on their Facebook page by 31st August 2010 and they need YOUR help to do this.
(It is important to note that this offer cannot be used together with any other offer, but hey, when its 50% off, who needs another offer?!)

Ok, so here's what you have to do: Blog about them, Tweet about them, Share them on Facebook, write about them anywhere you can but MOST IMPORTANTLY, go to and LIKE them. Text and email all your friends and family and get them to like Models Own on facebook too, after all, they can share in the discount and treat themselves to lots of fabulous products at half their usual price. So spread the word everyone!!
If Models Own reach their target of 10,000 likes by 31st August then a special discount voucher will be released to all their fans on Facebook so that each and every one of you can enjoy 50% off all of their products when you spend £20 or more. That's right, you can get £20 worth of products, for £10! Excited? I thought so. So come on, click here and LIKE them. It will only take a few seconds of your time, and lets face it, you've probably spent much longer than that trawling through their website and mentally adding tonnes of their products to your make up wish list- i know i have!
By 'liking' the Models Own Facebook Page you'll not only be eligible to receive the 50% off voucher but you'll also have access to all of the fantastic posts that Models Own link on their wall about their products and the latest trends, comment and share your thoughts and rave about your own Models Own products, post pictures of you wearing Models Own make up and read and see what everyone else has to say about the brand that everyone is talking about!
When most people think of Models Own, they automatically think of their fantastic nail polishes, all of which are so highly pigmented they knock the socks of the way over priced high end brands.  From creamy pastels to glitters that sparkle, Models Own really has it all when it comes to nail polish; they literally have every colour you can think of and they keep surprising us again and again with yet more fabulous colours.
Below are two of my most favourite colours, Pastel Pink and Beths Blue.
Pastel Pink by Models Own
Beths Blue by Models Own
As you can see, both of these colours are so highly pigmented and for pastel shades, their colour looks so creamy and vivid, not washed out like some pastel shades on the market! These polishes are so cheap too, especially for the quality you are receiving.  They retail at £5 each which is affordable in itself, but Models Own also has a long running offer on their polishes on their website where if you buy 3 polishes you save £3 and if you buy £5 polishes then you can save £7, so even after you use your voucher, you can still enjoy great discounts on their products.
Models Own also have a range of make up brushes of which i have tried the angled brush and the blending brush and i would highly recommend both. At only £3 each they are an absolute steal!  More recently, they have brought out a retractable brush which I am dying to get my hands on as it is PERFECT for popping in my hand bag on nights out and it wont get make up all over the inside!  Models Own have also brought out products for the lips, eyes and face and theres sooooooo many i'm wanting to try out. Particularly their blushes as the colours are just to die for.  Alas, i am waiting patiently (well not so patiently, hurry up and LIKE) for the Facebook 50% off sale. Pretty Please.
Another thing that must be said about Models Own is that their customer service is fantastic.  When i have ordered from them in the past, if I've ever needed to contact them regarding my order then i always receive a speedy reply.  Products can be bought on their website using a credit or debit card or through PayPal so its super safe too.  Unlike other online stores, Models Own don't charge over the top prices for the postage and packaging.  For delivery within the UK, postage and packaging is only £2.95 for orders under £20 and its FREE for orders over £20.  International shipping prices are reasonable too so there's no reason why anyone cant enjoy Models Own products.  Their postage is super quick too and when your products arrive they're always packaged in gorgeous boxes with bubble wrap and tissue paper to keep your purchases safe.  Here's a photo of my recent order:

I recently purchased 8 polishes and 2 brushes from Models Own
So if you like what you see and want 50%, yes 50%, off at Models Own then get yourself onto the Models Own Facebook Page because as soon as the Facebook Page hits 10,000 likes, all of their likers get the discount code... so i'm sure you'll all agree that the quicker we help Models Own reach 10,000 likes the better!
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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

NOTD: Pastel Pink by Models Own

Pastel Pink polish by Models Own
Today im wearing the bang on trend Pastel Pink nail polish by Models Own.  When anyone thinks about pastel colours, they always think of the colour pink. It works so well as a pastel shade and Pastel Pink by Models Own is the leader of the pack when it comes to light, creamy, pastel shades of pink.

Pastel Pink is such a gorgeous colour
I found that the polish applied really well which is without a doubt because of the smooth consistency. It gave an even coat to my nails and dried exceptionally quickly which is something I really look for in a polish.  To achieve the best results with this polish, id recommend using two coats so that you're left with an even application that reaches its full, creamy potential with the best colour possible.

Pastel Pink creates the perfect summer look
For a pastel shade, this polish is so well pigmented. The colour of some pastel pink nail polishes that ive tried have looked really washed out but not this one. The colour of Pastel Pink by Models Own is vivid and vibrant which is unusual for a pastel shade. I'll definitely be wearing this polish on holiday this summer. It goes perfect with my new Waterham Flip Flops by Jack Wills and looks perfect with the rest of my summer wardrobe as its such a versatile shade.  This is not just a gorgeous colour for the summer, it will carry you through to the colder seasons as well to brighten up your winter wardrobe. Just think of cosy grey knitwear with this gorgeous Pastel Pink polish.

This polish has lots of staying power too, ive been wearing it for 4 days so far and not a chip in sight!  This is quite an achievement for me as im always so busy and usually chip my nail polish really easy- but not this one!

This nail polish retails at £5 which is affordable in itself, especially for the high quality that you get with this product, but Models Own also has a long running offer on their polishes on their website where if you buy 3 polishes you save £3 and if you buy £5 polishes then you can save £7. You can also buy Models Own products in selected Boots stores but i prefer to shop on their website as i find that is where the best offers are on their products and the delievery is super quick!

Let me know your thoughts on this polish- i absolutely love it and i hope you do too!


Welcome to my Blog

Hey Readers

Welcome to my blog What Laura Loves <3

Im just starting out blogging and as this is my first post i thought id tell you a little bit about what you can expect from my posts.

Beauty ~ Fashion ~ Hair ~ Life

I decided to start this blog after years of people asking me where I got things from, how I do my hair and different make up looks, what products I use, that kinda thing.  So ill be writing alot about hair, make up, beauty and the products i love.

I'll also be writing about fashion and the different looks i like.  Im a big girl, always have been but its something that im looking to change as im now a member of Slimming World (Im doing pretty well so far too- almost 2 stone in 2 months! So id highly recommend it if you're looking to lose an extra few pounds!).  Being a bigger girl ive found it hard to find clothes in the latest styles so ill be sharring those finds with you and the things i like to wear, from a variety of shops.  I honestly think that you can stylish no matter what your size, as long as you're comfortable in your own skin, and i live by that.

Although ill mainly feature beauty products in my blog, ill also talk about things that matter to me, what im up to, what i think about films or tv programmes ive watched and anything else that comes to mind at the time!  If you have any suggestions or theres anything you'd like me to review or write about then you can comment below or email me.

Ive got loads of ideas for posts in the pipeline and im so excited to get started... I may even start Youtube-ing once I build up my confidence a bit! So until next time..... I've been Laura and you've been Fabulous :)

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