Thursday, 28 October 2010

Models Own make me Blush!

Just thought id do a little review of two powder blushers that ive bought from Models Own.  I already own quite a few of their nail varnishes but when they had their Facebook sale, i thought id try some of their make up offerings.

First up is Warm Glow:

Warm Glow is a pink peach shade with a golden glittery shimmer to it. What a GORGEOUS powder blusher.  If you're looking for something to compare it to, id say it is quite similar to Coralista by Benefit. I think that out of the two, I prefer Warm Glow by Models Own because its much more pigmented and easier to build up, Coralista is just slightly lighter. Plus at £5, Warm Glow is less than half the price of Coralista (£23.50 RRP) and in my opinion, much better value for your pennies.
I felt that using Warm Glow gave me a healthy look and instantly lit up my face with a 'warm glow'.
I have blonde hair and think that it really suits my colouring but I also think this blush would look great no matter what your hair colour.  It really is a beautiful blush and its bronzing qualities also make it fantastic for highlighting by sweeping across the eyelids or the cheekbones.  Although this is more of a summer blush, i will defy the odds and wear it year round!
Onto the second blush i bought: Cheeky Pink.

Cheeky Pink is a bright pink powder blusher.  It has a slight sheen to it so it makes your cheeks look healthy.  It is really pigmented so its best to use a light hand and then build up the colour to create your desired effect.

Cheeky Pink looks lovely all year round- in the summer with all the bright trends and pretty florals and in the winter with paler skin to create rosey pink cheeks.
Although two very different shades, both Warm Glow and Cheeky Pink are gorgeous, high quality soft powder blushers.  Here they are side by side for a comparison.
Models Own also have a third blush called Peach Blush.  I havent tried it yet because i thought it looked like more of a light brown peach and since I was wearing a lot of bronzer over the summer when i bought these two, I didnt think it would really stand out.  Id still like to give it a go sometime though.
You can find Models Own products on their website here, on ASOS and in selected River Island and Boots stores.  Most of their products retail at £5 each and for the quality you're getting, they're well worth it.  All of their packaging is simple but effective using clear packaging with white writing.  I love this look. 
Have you tried any of the powder blushers by Models Own?  Are there any others you would recommend?


Tuesday, 26 October 2010

NOTD: Nude Beige by Models Own

Nude Beige by Models Own £5
If you asked me what outfit i'll be wearing tomorrow, I wouldnt be able to tell you.  Its going to be one of those days where I just shove anything smart but casual on to go to work.  So tonight when painting my nails, I decided to go with this shade by Models Own- Nude Beige.  Its a gorgeous creamy nude that airs a bit on the brown side....... like hot chocolate powder (if that makes any sense!).

Application is fantastic like all Models Own polishes and its fast drying.  The above photo is with 2 coats and as you can see, it looks smooth, even and streak free which is exactly what I look for in a polish.

Ive had this nail polish for a few months now and it has become my 'go to' colour because it goes with absolutely everything so i can paint my nails the evening before i go out and not have to worry that my nails are going to clash with my clothes.  Its a great year round colour that always receives compliments- who doesnt love nude nails?!

As always from Models Own, this polish is £5 but if you buy more you save more.  Check out their website here.

Have you tried this shade? Can you recommend any other good nudes?

Monday, 25 October 2010

Get The Look: Cheryl Cole

Love Cheryl Cole's tights from the Promise This video and her recent performance on the X Factor?

Well here they are:
Wolford Bondage Tights
Im not sure if these are THE tights Cheryl is wearing, but theyre identical to them.  The're made by a brand called Wolford and these are their Bondage Tights.  They can be bought here on the Tights Please website for £32.

I love them, they make such a statement.  They're daring, bold and sexy without being slutty.  They still leave a little to the imagination.  That said, i dont think im daring enough to wear them!  Think ill leave that to Cheryl Cole.

What do you think- would you wear these tights?

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Fragrance of the Month: October 2010 Edition

My favourite fragrance this month is Couture Couture by Juicy Couture.
Couture Couture by Juicy Couture
Ive lusted after this scent for a couple of months now.  I first smelt this fragrance back in August when i was in the airport going to Turkey and after a few not so subtle hints, it was wrapped up with my birthday presents at the end of September.  So this is the perfume ive been wearing all this month and its gorgeous!

This perfume is consistently described as an 'it' girl fragrance and it certainly is. Its a fun, flirty and playful scent that I feel just as comfortable wearing during the day as I do going out on a night.  Ive received LOADS of compliments when ive been wearing it, even from people who I dont know at work who've walked past me and gone 'ooh whats that you're wearing? its gorgeous!'  The only problem is when people ask you such questions as a reply of 'Couture Couture by Juicy Couture' rolls quite oddly off the tongue!

Since this perfume is largely described as an oriental floral scent aka 'Florental', its not something i would usually go for but I absolutely love it.  Theres so many different layers to this scent and it lasts for ages on the skin, although not quite all day so I have found myself popping it in my bag (yes, i know its a big bottle, ill have to get the 30ml version too!) to make sure im smelling suitably beautiful all day long!

Top Notes: mandarin, orange flower and grapefruit.
Heart/Middle Notes: Jasmine, plum and honeysuckle.
Base Notes: amber, sandlewood and vanilla.

My Fave October Fragrance
The packaging of this perfume is absolutely lush.  The box is in true Juicy Couture style.  The glass bottle is quite vintage with a gorgeously detailed gold lid.  The pink zip detailing adds a little bit of a punk twist whilst the crown 'J' and love charm hanging off keep it girly and pretty. 

I got the 100ml bottle, but it also comes in a 30ml (ideal for your handbag) and 50ml.  With an RRP of £65 it is a little pricey but sooooo worth it, although it might be a good idea to try it out in a shop first to make sure you like it before impulse buying it off the internet!  I've found one on The Perfume Shop website for £64.50... buy it here.

All in all this perfume is sweet but strong and the ideal perfume for Autumn.  Id highly recommend giving it a sniff!
Have you tried this fragrance? Any others you'd recommend me to try this Autumn?


Saturday, 16 October 2010

My Choice of Uggs for this Winter

Every winter, without fail, I buy a pair of Uggs.  Sometimes even two.  Ive had some quite colourful ones but this winter I wanted a staple colour that would go with most things.  I decided on these Bailey Button UGGS in the colour sand:
Bailey Button Ugg Boots
These are a similar size to the Classic Short Ugg boot which are calf height.  I have these in sand too but ive had them for years and they're starting to look a little past it so these are a great update to them.

They have a gorgeous Ugg branded button on the side and an elastic band to keep the sides together.  They open up at the side too which is great for when you're tucking your pants in and making sure theres no bunching at the tops.  It means you can style the tops of the boots too as the way they open at the sides creates like flaps so you can play around with folding the cuffs down etc.

Like all Uggs they are so comfortable to wear and the sheepskin is so soft.  Ill be wearing mine with leggings or with thick black tights if im wearing a skirt. Love Love Love!

I bought mine at a shop called Daniel Footwear.  They were £160 which is pretty pricey but considering they're never off my feet in the autumn/winter/spring, its money well spent.  I know a lot of people who buy copies from Priceless shoes and other shops and whilst they may look ok, they dont stand up to British weather and end up looking awful after a day out in the rain.

Last year I bought the Ugg Care Kit from Daniel Footwear too for £22 and used it on these Uggs as well as all my others. I never normally buy the aftercare products as I think that some shops just try to sell you things to get more money out of you when you dont really need it.  But trust me, the Ugg Care Kit is fantastic!  You get everything you need to protect your Uggs from the elements and keep them looking brand new.  The kit contains a cleaner & conditioner liquid, water stain repellent, a freshener spray, a brush and a scuff eraser.  If you're spending that much on good boots, you wanna protect them :)

What are your Uggs of choice this winter?

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

More Champagne Anyone?

My fiance and I have started to put things away for when we get our first home together.  We've lived together for a few years now but its my dads house so we havent been able to put our stamp on it as much as we would like.  Now that we're engaged, we're looking more seriously at buying a home together so whenever our birthday comes around, our friends and family get us homely things or gift vouchers.

It was my 22nd birthday a couple of weeks ago and my friend got me this gorgeous bottle stopper from the Home collection at Monsoon.  Its such a perfect gift for me as I do enjoy the odd glass of wine or champage but since my fiance doesnt drink, i rarely open a bottle as i cannot drink a full one on my own so now i can use this bottle stopper and enjoy a bottle over a few nights.
Monsoon Home bottle stopper £8
Its a gorgeous cut glass design that looks so glamorous.  It retails on the Monsoon website at £8 which is a fantastic price for such a sturdy design.  The bottom part is metal with rings of rubber around so that it sticks in the bottle properly.  Its REALLY heavy!  It also says on the website that this bottle stopper will fit all wine bottles.  Ive tried it in a few different sized bottles since i received it and so far it has fitted nice and snuggly in them all.

You can see how big it is from the photo above.  You can buy the bottle stopper here.  With a bottle stopper as beautiful as this, what more of an excuse do you need to crack open another bottle?

Id never thought about buying things from Monsoon for our home but after getting this as a gift, I had a little look on their website and theyve got some gorgeous things.  All vintage glamour- just my style.

Have you bought anything from Monsoon Home?


Dry Shampoo Disaster - Batiste vs Superdrug Away with the Fairies

This is a bit of a negative review on a product ive tried recently but hopefully you'll be able to find some positives in it.

I am quite possibly Batiste's biggest fan.  I adore dry shampoo and have been using it for years.  My natural hair is very fine and can get greasy really easily.  I can wash and style it on a morning and by the evening, its limp and starting to look greasy which isnt great if i am wanting to go straight out after uni or if i dont have enough time to wash and style my hair again before going out.  I always try to not touch my fringe too much so as to not transfer any oils from my hands onto my hair and when using conditioner I only put it on the midlengths to ends but my hair still ends up greasy.  Dry shampoo is perfect for helping me to achieve a gorgeous hairstyle all day long.  I usually use Batiste dry shampoo for this and ive never had any problems.  Ive heard some people say that they arent too keen on it because of the dry powder that it produces but ive found that if you dont hold and spray it too close to your head and rub quite vigarously then the powder soaks up any oils and leaves your hair revived and refreshed.  This dry shampoo is also fantastic for giving volume which i love as my hair is pretty lifeless.  Batiste offer different fragrances in their dry shampoo range and ive tried them all; theyre fantastic!  The Blush fragrance is my favourite as it leaves my hair smelling gorgeous!  I usually buy mine from Superdrug and theyre £2.09 but sometimes they have special offers on, which i ALWAYS take advantage of!

So anyway, I was in Superdrug at the weekend picking up a few bits and noticed they had their own range of dry shampoo.  At only £1.49 a can i thought id give it ago.  This is what the can looks like:
Superdrug Dry Shampoo £1.49
This is Superdrug's own dry shampoo in Away with the Fairies.  I think there were a couple of other ones too.  Unfortunately, i was really disappointed with this product.  I used it exactly as directed yet it didnt do anything to revive my hair.  In fact, it made it look shiney and more greasy.  Rather than it coming out as a fine misty powder like i thought it was going to be, it was more like a wet look hairspray.  Perhaps ive just bought a dodgy one, but theres doesnt seem to be anything wrong with the product, except that it doesnt work.  Gutted to say the least!  The only thing that I like about this product is that the packaging is nice and it smells nice, if a little like alcohol.

Id really really recommend dry shampoo if youve got hair that gets greasy easily, if you need a little refreshing in between washes or if you need a little volume in your hair.  I just wouldnt recommend the Superdrugs own brand.  Stick with Batiste.  Its by far superior!

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Want gorgeous healthy skin? Its Simple!

I always seem to be picking up free samples but its not often I rave about the product enough to go out and purchase it myself.  I went on holiday to Turkey this year with my fiance and when we went to pick up our travel money from Thomsons we were given this little pack of freebies from Simple.  I absolutely LOVE Simple anyway, both of us do after I bought my fiance the mens skincare range for his birthday.

In this little pack we got the Simple Sun Sensitive Protecting Facial Lotion
 and the Simple Kind to Skin Vital Day Cream.

First up is the Simple Sun Sensitive Protecting Facial Lotion:

Its got SPF 25, which is great as its always best to protect your skin, even in the UK.  The sun is mega ageing to the skin!  The consistency of the cream is really light and its perfect for use under make up.  Its oil free too so if your skin gets even more oily in the sun then this is definitely for you.  Im going to purchase this for the next time I go on holiday.

Finally, my favourite, Simple Kind to Skin Vital Day Cream:
OMG this cream is to die for.  Its absolutely gorgeous.  Its full of goodness- sunscreens, vitamins and nutrients and is like a healthy drink for the skin.  Its a much thicker consistency than the other cream above which makes it perfect for the colder months coming up as my skin dries out and needs a little extra moisturisation.  Simple were kind enough to send me a voucher for my birthday so im going to use that to buy this cream and some others from the Simple range.  My skin is in need of a little Simple TLC!

Although this is the day cream, they also do a night cream which i cant wait to get my hands on.  One cream when i wake up, one when I go to bed- what could be more difficult? Simples!

Check out:

MUA Make Up Academy Haul

In typical Saturday fashion, i popped into the Metro Centre for a spot of shopping. Well, id originally just 'popped' in to pick up the fur gilet id ordered last weekend but lets face it, it would be rude to travel all the way to the Metro Centre without having a little look around the other shops. So what should have been a ten minute shopping trip turned into a 4 hour shopping expedition... mostly spent in Superdrug.

I came across Superdrug's new Make Up Academy (MUA) range and after deciding on a lip stick and a lip gloss to try out, I realised all of the products in the range were only £1. Yes, that’s right, £1. Well that was it, i ended up putting several other items into my boyfriends hands and promptly marched him to the check out to treat me!

MUA have a wide range of products- nail varnish, eye glitter, mascara, lip gloss, lipstick, eye shadow, eye dust, bronzer, blusher and eyeliner. A lot of the products were sold out when I got there, like the eye shadows but the testers were still there so I tried some of them out... and for the price, I’m impressed! I still managed to pick up seven great items though and I’ve been eyeing up the full range here:

So here’s what I bought:
All this make up for only £7? This cant be true?!
But it is!
Next, I bought two lip glosses, again for £1 each.  They're in squeezy tubes which remind me of the Juicy Tubes by Lancôme, but when they retail at £14, the MUA version are a complete steal and a much more affordable version.  Theyre so easy to apply and made my lips look full, juicy and gorgeous.
First up is the nail polish I have just reviewed.  Shade 1 which is a blue-black nail polish with blue and purple reflects.  They didn’t have any other nail polishes in stock that I wanted to try but I’ve had a look online and there are loads I’m going to order!

MUA nail varnish in Shade 1
This nail varnish needed two coats to reach its full potential.  It was fast drying and so far, its remained chip free!

Next, I bought two lip glosses for £1 each:
Lipglosses- Shade 3 and Shade 5
 They come in squeezy tubes a bit like the Juicy Tubes by Lancôme which retail at around £14 each, so in comparrison, these are an absolute steal!

These lip glosses can be worn alone or on top of lip stick.  Shade 3 is like a pearlescent nude and shade 5 is a glittery, shimmering pink.  The colour pay off isnt brilliant but they are exceptionally glossy and look fab worn over lippy.

Both colours shown just out of the tube then
smoothed out as though on the lips
 Ive tried to photograph these lipglosses on my lips but the photos dont really show the full glossyness of the gloss!
Shade 3
Shade 5
 Next up, I bought 3 lipsticks, again for £1 each.

Shades 3, 4 and 5
Lip Stick Shade 3, 4 and 5
All of these lipsticks are so moisturising and dont dry out the lips at all.
Here's how they look on my lips:

Shade 3
Shade 3 is a vibrant, bright pink.  Fantastic colour pay off.  Its moisturising but doesnt appear very glossy or shiney.
Shade 4
Shade 4 is a very light, bubblegum pink.  When i say light, i mean VERY light which can be a good or bad thing, depending on the look you're going for. Its definitely more sheer than the actual bullet of lipstick looks.
Shade 5
Shade 5 is a light shimmery, pearl pink. Very pretty and true to the colour in the lipstick bullet.

Finally, I bought this gorgeous gold glitter eye liner.  The applicater is like a plastic nib which im not too sure i like.  I prefer brushes but aside from that, this is a really good glitter eye liner and will look fantastic with a smokey eye in browns or blacks.
Glitter Eye Liner
The packaging of all of the products is basic but all you could want really and they show the product off really well.  Especially the glitter eyeliner which looks loooooooaaaaaaads more expensive than it actually is and check out that sparkle!

The only thing I’m not particularly keen on about this brand is that the products don’t have a name, like they're just known by shade number. I quite like products to have a shade name, like 'baby pink' for example. Although this doesn’t bear any reflection on the performance of the product, it does make it easier to identify the product.

Have you tried any MUA products? Id definitely recommend giving them a go, some of them are great finds!


NOTD: Shade 1 by MUA

On Saturday, i purhased this nail polish from Superdrug's MUA Make Up Academy and tried it out as soon as I got home.

MUA Shade 1
The polish doesnt have a shade name, but it is Shade 1 and can be purchased in Superdrug stores or online here for only £1.  Yes, only 1 of the finest queens english pounds!

At first sight, I thought this was a navy polish, but its actually a black, with blue and purple reflects.  The colour is so stunning, it will definitely see me through many a Christmas night out!

MUA Shade 1
This nail varnish definitely needs two coats as the first coat comes out looking streaky but after a second coat it is transformed.  I always apply two coats anyway so this really isnt a problem.  Plus, its mega fast drying, which is great for me as I ALWAYS leave painting my nails until the last minute.

After 2 coats
I have to admit, I was a little dubious at first as I didnt have high hopes for a nail polish costing only £1 but having used it, im so pleased i put my faith in it.  The only let down I would say is the packaging which is a basic nail polish pot but with a sticker on for the information.  It makes the product look cheap, which of course it is, but you know what I mean!  This of course, doesnt bear any reflection on the performance of the nail varnish and at a price thats affordable for everyone, I dont think anyone can grumble!

I'm definitely going to try some more MUA nail varnishes.  Ive got my eye on shades 4, 9, 10, 12, 13, 15 and 18..... not many haha.

Have you tried any MUA products?

Saturday, 2 October 2010

MAC Prep & Prime Microfine Lip Refinisher

I saw a lip exfoliator similar to this on one of Imogens You Tube videos but I didnt really know how to get one locally as it wasnt something I would order online on its own and to be honest, I never thought I actually needed much lip exfoliation. That was until I started wearing ultra light lipsticks like Barry M's Marshmallow and Baby Pink. Although absolutely gorgeous, these lip paints are quite drying and I've heard a few reports from bloggers that they take a little bit of practice to be able to get them to work without showing any cracks in your lips, etc. Well, this is it. This product is how you get those ultra light shades to work for you.

Introducing..... MAC's Prep and Prime Microfine Lip Refinisher!
Microfine Lip Refinisher
I bought this when I went to the Designer Outlet in York at a cosmetic shop, i dunno if it sold old stock or somthing but it was certainly cheap- only £7.50.

The actual product is quite small in size but theres more than enough there; i think it will last me ages.  The packaging is what is to be expected from MAC- gorgeous and sparkley.
Lip Refinisher
This is a two in one wonder product.  On one side there is an exfoliator and on the other side is a moisturising lip balm.  Both work really well with wonderful results.  Oh and it smells gorgeous too- vanilla. Yum.

Swatches- top is the lip balm, bottom is the exfoliator

Hopefully you'll be able to see where ive swatched the two sides.  The top is the moisturising side and the bottom, with the little black grains, is the exfoliating side.  Ive read some people say on the internet that the exfoliating side doesnt work very well but it really does.  Granted it may not be particularly gritty but this isnt a microdermabrasion product, it is a gentle exfoliator.  No one wants a load of grains on their lips.  What I did was I put it on my lips as i would applying lipstick, then rubbed my lips together.  When building up the momentum of doing this and varying pressure, i found a level that suited me that provided the best results.  After doing this and then applying the lip balm moisturising side, my lips were so soft and had no flaky bits whatsoever.

2 in 1 wonder product!
Results were instant.  Shortly after using this lip refinisher i applied Baby Pink lip paint by Barry M and it glided on so smoothly, it wasnt dry and you certainly couldnt see any cracks or chapped lips underneath. RESULT!  Ive been using this once a week since I got it and I love the results.

My lips felt so soft, even after the first application!
Id highly recommend this product or a one similar to anyone, everyones lips could do with a bit of TLC, especially with the winter coming up.

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