Thursday, 27 January 2011

Have a LUSH Valentines Day!

Morning All :)

Last night I went out for a curry with a couple of my friends which was absolutely gorgeous although I was very aware of the Syns I was consuming.  Still, I enjoyed it and you do have to factor little evenings out into things.  I'm not going to avoid going out for meals with my friends because I'm on a diet... life is for living!  I woke up quite early this morning so before I leave for work, I thought I would show you a couple of things I picked up in Lush a few weeks ago from their new Valentines collection.  There's a Love Birds soap in the collection as well which I didn't buy as I'm not really a soap person, a bath bomb called Frog Prince which although looked really cute, the scent just wasn't for me.  You can also get a shower gel called Its Raining Men which I've heard smells amazing, just like Honey I Washed the Kids which I love but I just couldn't justify buying ANOTHER shower gel.  After Christmas, I practically have it coming out of my ears!!  There was, however, two very cute items that I just couldn't resist.

Magic Mushroom
Its back again for another popular year!
I absolutely adore the cute toadstool design, it's just so cute (although I haven't got a clue what its got to do with Valentines Day but hey, its red like a love heart! <3 ).  Magic Mushroom is a Lush bubble bar that smells of strawberries and cream.  It smells delicious, sooo creamy and exactly like strawberries and cream.  I just cant wait to use this... apparently it turns the bath water red and full of frothy bubbles!

The Ex Factor
This is the only ex I ever want to see again!  With a buttery, vanilla scent this gingerbread man shaped bath ballistic is certain to be gorgeous in the bath and for such a low price, I can see me stocking up!!

I cant wait to use these two.  Ive been enjoying lots of Ditzy Doll baths lately as well as using up some of my Christmas Lush products.  One of which is the ever popular Candy Cane bubble bar.

Candy Cane Bubble Bar
Yum yum yum Vanilla Absolute, I LOVE YOU!  This bubble bar smells beautiful- even the bubbles smell sweet and gorgeous.  Like the majority of Lush products I've tried, this bubble bar left my skin feeling super soft.  I really hope its available next year.
Even in my HUGE bath, I got two baths out of this bubble bar.  It created loads of gorgeous bubble and turned my bath water a light, candy pink colour (although this didn't photograph very well, my bad).

Have you tried any of the Lush Valentines Day products?  What are you planning to get your special someone for Valentines- perhaps something from Lush?  Are you doing anything special for Valentines or do you think its a little overrated?

Monday, 24 January 2011

WhatLauraWore: My Working Wardrobe

Evening All, how was your day?

Thought I'd share an outfit of the day for you today.  The dress code at my workplace is smart casual and many of the girls wear black trousers and a nice, not too revealing top and some wear little blouses with fitted waistcoats and pencil skirts or suits.  It really varies from department to department but essentially you can wear anything you like as long as it isn't jeans, sportswear, clothing with large logos, shorts, that kind of thing.

Today I chose to wear quite a plain outfit, very black but with gold highlights.  I was in a huge rush this morning to spritzed in a bit of Umberto Giannini's Backcomb in a Bottle and applied some very natural, basic make up.  These photos were taken when I got home from work tonight.

Outfit Breakdown
Cropped Cardi- black with gold hearts- from the Beth Ditto Collection at Evans
Simple Tie Vest in Black from the So Fabulous range at Very
Black Extra Wide Leg Jersey Trousers by Evans
Black bow pumps with gold stud detailing from Primark
Tan vintage bag from Primark

Time is of the Essence Pocket Watch by Love Suzie
Charm bracelet from Primark
Vintage floral ring from Primark
Vintage stud earrings from Primark
My engagement ring

Nail Polish is Nude Beige by Models Own.  Read my review here.

As you can see from my pictures, I like to be comfortable at work.  I'm not too bothered about being all dolled up, I'd rather be smart but comfy.  I think until I lose some weight, the suited and booted look just wont suit me!

What outfits do you wear for work?  Is your workplace really strict on what you can wear or are they quite lenient?


Sunday, 23 January 2011

Year Round Gift Ideas from Ditzy Doll
If you're looking for cute wedding favours, stocking or birthday present fillers or simply a little gift to show someone you care then I would really recommend checking out the bath bombs available at the Ditzy Doll Shabby Chic and Bath Boutique.
I bought a whole host of bath bombs just before Christmas to give to my friends and family as stocking fillers, as well as a few for myself.  They come individually wrapped to keep them fresh and they all come in little organza bags with luggage label style tags with the Ditzy Doll logo on and the name of the bath bomb.  With packaging like this, who needs gift wrap?!  I certainly don't!  They're fantastic and all ready just to pop in a stocking for a Christmas present or in a gift bag for a birthday present.  From time to time, Ditzy Doll also sell soap which again, come in lovely packaging and make an ideal present, especially when put together with one of their bath bombs.  If you see the soap on their site, snap it up quickly as just like their bath bombs, they're very popular.  My Auntie loved the Strawberry Supernova bath bomb and soap that I got her for Christmas.

Ditzy Doll are always bringing out new products, so keep checking out their website for some gorgeous buys.  They currently have some beautiful gifts for Valentines Day... Boys, you have been told!

As well as buying for birthday and Christmas gifts, I got some bath bombs for myself to try and over the past month I've been really enjoying having a candle lit Ditzy Doll bath.  The first bath bomb I tried was Strawberry Supernova.

Like all the bath bombs, Strawberry Supernova comes in a little organza bag which is great for this kind of bath bomb because it has little red rose petals inside.  Having petals aren't so much messy, but for some people, after a long day at work, the last thing they want to do is to clean little bits out of the bath so providing a bag is a great option.  I've also found that when in the bag, the bath bombs seem to take longer to dissolve which is a bonus!

Size wise, Ditzy Doll bath bombs are quite small, you'll notice this especially if you are used to Lush bath bombs and alike.  With Ditzy Doll, it really is a case of quality over quantity.  When dropped in the bath, Strawberry Supernova sounded and looked like it was fizzing really quickly but it actually took quite a few minutes to dissolve which I love.
After the bath bomb dissolved, I was left with a gorgeously fragrant bath smelling of champagne, strawberries and roses.  Very romantic and girlie and certainly not fake and artificial smelling like some brands of bath bomb I have tried.  Ditzy Doll bath bombs are very natural and harm free- they do not contain any animal products so they are perfect for vegans and vegetarians and they have not been tested on animals.  Hooray, thats what I love to hear!  Strawberry Supernova is a perfect bath bomb for a bath with your partner- check out the new heart shaped bath bombs available especially for Valentines Day!

If you're looking for a bath bomb for a night out, then I would really recommend Little Black Dress which is scented with "Channel 5" which smells similar to a very famous perfume and is full of gorgeous gold glitter that glistens in the water and stays on your skin in a subtle way after your bath.  Simply stunning.

Of all the bath bombs that I got, my favourite out of those that I have tried so far is Christmas Celebration...
This is a warming spicy bath bomb with that signature Christmas scent.  It was brought out for the festive season and I am PRAYING that its available again next year as I will be stocking up!

Have you tried anything from Ditzy Doll? What are your favourite smellies from their website?  Are you more of a bath or a shower person?

I've got a lavender infused Oh So Sleepy bath bomb that I am going to use tomorrow night- cant wait!!

Slimming World Weigh In Week 2

What a week I've had.  I'm so tired its unreal and I've been that busy I haven't had a chance to update you all with my progress at Slimming World this week.  At my weigh in on Wednesday, I lost three pounds so which I'm really pleased about (obviously) although this week, I don't think I will have lost as much.... I may have even gained.  I've not been watching what I eat too much as I've been concentrating on writing an essay on unilateral contracts, interesting i know...  Suppose ill found out the damage I've done on Wednesday but I'm not going to be disheartened by it.  It took my a lot of years to put this weight on so I cant except it to come off over night!!

I noticed that I've reached 96 followers on this blog.  Hello and THANK YOU :D  Think I may do my first giveaway when I get to 100 subscribers as a way to say thanks to everyone who reads my blog.  The whole blog giveaway business puts me off a little bit as some people blatantly do them to get more followers, which is fine if that's what they want, but I would personally prefer to gain more subscribers gradually because people enjoy reading my posts, not to win a load of stuff, only to unfollow in a few months time.  I think that's why I want to wait until I get to 100 followers before doing a giveaway as then ill know that at least some people enjoy my ramblings!

Daisy May went for a groom today at Posh Pooches (they're FANTASTIC- if you live in Tyne and Wear, I would HIGHLY recommend them).  She's so cute, looks like a little snowman.  This isn't a very good pic, she looks sad :( I assure you she's a happy little puppy though.  Ive ordered some more Angels Delight which is a natural product used to get rid of tear staining (the reddy orange yeast bits on her fur), particularly in white dogs and cats that you just mix in with their food.

How are you all?  What have I missed?  Have you had a good week?

Monday, 17 January 2011

Alex by Alex Curran Perfume

My favourite fragrance this month is Alex by Alex Curran. I’m not usually a fan of celebrity fragrances as they are usually a bit of a letdown. This perfume however, is certainly not a disappointment. Alex Curran, in case you’re wondering, is Steven Gerrad’s Mrs and this is her debut fragrance that clearly she wouldn’t have if she wasn’t a WAG but that’s beside the point. Apart from that, I don’t really know much about her. She’s pretty though.

This scent was originally launched back in 2007 and was a really big hit but for some reason, I never tried it until three years later. I first smelt this fragrance at my cousin’s house back in October and fell in love with it. It’s such a girlie scent that’s perfect for everyday use. That’s really what I’ve been looking for, a daytime perfume. I love to smell nice, it’s a necessity to me, but a lot of my favourite perfumes are very expensive, to me at least, and quite heavy; take Couture Couture by Juicy Couture, Gucci by Gucci, Alien by Thierry Mugler, Elle by YSL as examples. So I’ve been looking for a cheaper but equally as gorgeous alternative to wear during the day, that is also fresh and light and I think I have found it. After making it widely known that I like this perfume, I received three gift sets of Alex for Christmas. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

Alex by Alex Curran is a floral citrus scent with additional notes of black pepper, vanilla, tonka bean and musk. The perfume is fresh and light but creamy at the same time, which makes it perfect for daytime wear but it is also suitable for the evening. The only downside to the fragrance is that it doesn’t last all day and I’m not too sure if that’s because of the formulation of the perfume or because it is so light. Either way, it does wear off after a couple of hours so if you purchase this scent, I’d recommend popping the bottle in your bag, or decanting a little bit, so that you can have a quick spritz throughout the day.

Both the perfume and the body lotion look gorgeous on my dressing table. I really like perfumes that have nice packaging. Although it doesn’t add to the scent, I think perfume makes you feel pretty so it should look pretty in the bottle too. The packaging of Alex by Alex Curran is gorgeous. The perfume itself comes in a gorgeous tall pink bottle with a silver leaf design on the back and an eye catching girlie logo on the front. It’s not the best bottle I’ve seen in my life, but it’s certainly pretty. The body lotion is equally as pretty and the theme of the silver leaf design, pink background and black and silver logo run through the packaging from the box to the perfume to the body lotion. I like this as although it is a cheaper fragrance, there hasn’t been a major compromise on packaging.

The bottles that I have are 100ml each which will last me for AGES but not as long as some other perfumes because I will need to apply it a little more often. However, for the price, this doesn’t bother me. Buying this fragrance as part of a gift set is such a good idea because you get a gorgeous 150ml body lotion with it which can be used to layer the fragrance and therefore, reduce the need to reapply the perfume.

WhatLauraLoves Top Tip!
Layering your scent makes it more intense and stay on the skin for longer. Gift sets that include a shower gel, body lotion and the perfume are perfect for this. Simply take a shower with your perfumed shower gel (or a regular shower if you don’t get a shower gel with the particular fragrance you’ve bought as its the body lotion step that is most necessary), then dry off and apply the scented body lotion, leave it to soak into the skin and then spray on your perfume. I like to squirt a bit just above my belly button and on my wrists, d├ęcolletage and neck. Layering the scent in this way will keep you smelling of your favourite fragrance throughout the day without the need to reapply the eau de toilette.

This perfume is widely available online and in shops. Mine were purchased from Semi Chem, the discounted beauty store. They have some fantastic offers on this perfume and many of the other, cheaper fragrances. You can purchase a gift set containing a 100ml Eau de toilette and a 150ml body lotion for £10 in the shop. Quite recently, they had an offer on where you could buy two gift sets for £15 and then they had 20% off that price for one day only, so you got the two for £13.50 which is such good value for money.

Are you a fan of celebrity fragrances or do you avoid them like the plague?

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Bathing with the Boogg

When the Boogg was released in Lush this Christmas I fell in love.  I stocked up before even trying them.  Look at these little guys, they're SO cute!
The Boogg £2.25 each from Lush
The idea for The Boogg came from a Swedish tradition called The Burning of the Boogg ceremony that takes place every year after Christmas.  In Sweden, the local citizens fill a snowman's head full of fireworks and then put it on a bonfire and wait for the fireworks to explode.  It is thought that the longer the fireworks take to explode then the better the summer will be.

The Boogg as created by Lush, is a cute little snowman bath ballistic filled with colourful little pieces of bubble bar.

Lets see this little guy in action...
After hitting the water, the Boogg started fizzing and moving around the bath and straight away creamy white froth started to appear and the little bubble bars started to move out on their own.  They aren't big enough to colour the bath water the way that normal bubble bars tend to do or create long lasting bubbles which is disappointing but it still looks pretty for a while.  Judging by these photos, I think the effect of the Boogg would be a bit better in a smaller bath, ours is pretty big!  Next time, I'm going to put two Boogg's in at once.  The effect of the Boogg was over pretty quickly but it was great while it lasted.  I got in the bath and lay for a while in the few bubbles that the Boogg had left which was lovely and relaxing, which I think was because of the smell.

The smell is lovely, although not a scent I usually enjoy.  The Boogg is a herbal scent which is undoubtedly the reason why it is quite calming.  Armoise, Rosemary and Clary Sage are some of the oils that it contains and along with lots of other natural herbal products.

Overall, I love the Boogg but I think its more because of how cute it is and the idea of the bubble bars inside the bath ballistic than because of the effect that you actually get with it.  I'm looking forward to using two of them in my bath at the same time to create a bigger, more lasting effect... well, that's the idea!

Did you check out the Boogg over Christmas?  Did you stock up on any of their limited Christmas stock?  What Lush products are you loving at the moment?

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Slimming World Weigh In Week 1

Morning Beauties :)

If you follow me on Twitter or often read my blog then you may have noticed that last Wednesday I joined Slimming World which is quite a big thing for me!  This time last year, I certainly wouldn't have had the courage to go as I was always really embarrassed about my weight which I think was down to being bullied in school.  I would never openly talk about it or want to go clothes shopping with the girls but now, I've changed a bit and become a little more proud and accepting of who I am.

Last night was my first weigh in at Slimming World.  I wasn't looking forward to it, if I'm honest.  Mainly because I was feeling so bloated which was a little uncomfortable.  I was also really worried that I wouldn't have lost any weight either, despite eating the right things.  I've had an Extra Easy week, where you can eat fruit, veg, meat and pasta, potatoes and rice freely and you have ONE Healthy Extra A and one B which are where you get your milk, cheese, bread, etc from in measured proportions.  This was pretty easy to do in all honesty and I would recommend it to anyone starting Slimming World.  We went out to Akhbars for a curry on Saturday night though and I was worried that this would spoil my weight loss.  When I totalled up my number of Syns that I had eaten, although it was over the daily limit of 15, it was only 37 in total and since I didn't eat any other Syns for the rest of the week and you can carry them over into the next day, I think I was OK and this didn't harm my weight loss too much.

Getting weighed last night was worry free, well in the embarrassment sense at least as I was worried I wouldn't have lost any weight.  I was so happy to see that this week I have lost 5 pounds and I am soooooo proud of myself!!  I didn't stay for the meeting as I was tired after work and it goes on until 8.30.  I just wanted to get home, get my dinner and go to sleep!  Next week I am hoping to keep this up and continue to eat healthily.  I don't have time for exercise at the moment but I'm hoping to introduce this in very soon.

Have you been following Slimming World? Hows it going?

Sunday, 9 January 2011

New Beginnings

Good Evening All

Thought I would update you all with whats going on in the life of WhatLauraLoves.  This month so far has been full of new things, new starts and new beginnings.  Daisy May is sat here greeding some honey and toast off my dad, which she seems to enjoy although I'm not entirely convinced that puppies are supposed to eat honey on toast.  Still, its something new for her and I'll know in the morning if she's not supposed to eat it *cue puppy poop*.
Last Wednesday I started Slimming World and so far I'm really enjoying the eating plan.  I was a little nervous going to my first meeting but I knew that it had to be done.  I chose a group that takes place in a church hall.  It's not too far from where I live so that I can walk there some evenings when its light in the summer, well that's the plan anyway.  Angela, who is the Slimming World consultant at the group I've joined, was so warm and welcoming.  As soon as I entered the hall, she came straight over and asked if I was looking to join and then she took me over to a little table with some new starters and got me to fill out a simple form.  She asked if I would like a cup of tea but I wasn't too bothered, everything was a little too new for me to relax with a cuppa.  There was loads of new people joining the group, I suppose it's with it being the start of the year but that made me feel loads better as I wasn't the only one.  Angela then went through the pack with us as a group and explained the eating plan and how to get the best results.  Then it was just a case of paying and getting weighted!  It wasn't embarrassing at all and no one knew how much each other weighted.  Its really discrete which I like and the scales were covered so even I didn't know what weight I was.  They record your weight onto like a little chip and pin card, that's so they can track your progress and work out group statistics, like who is the "Slimmer of the Week" etc and they also write your weight and how much you've lost/gained every week in your own book as well.  Angela asked me what my goal weight would be but to be honest, I haven't got one.  I don't feel any pressure to become a Size Zero like this idiot Kenneth Tong keeps going on about, nor do I want to be a size 0/4, it just wouldn't suit me or my body shape.  I don't think I would feel particularly womanly without any curves.  Women are supposed to have boobs and a bum!  That's not to say that there is anything wrong with being a "size 0/4", each to their own and all that jazz.  I know a few girls who are naturally very slim, like a UK size 4 or 6, they don't have their bones sticking out and they eat loads, they're just naturally very petite.  I think girls like that are often forgotten when all of this size 0 business is slated and hated.  People say that it is disgusting, which I completely agree with when you see these models with their bones sicking out, looking so malnourished and withdrawn, it is vile but there are some girls who are naturally tiny and they are often thrown into the annorexic group when they shouldn't.  I don't think that being unhealthily thin is a goal to aspire to and I'm certainly not wishing to be really thin.  Its an unrealistic goal for me, it would never happen and nor would I want it to.  I think ideally, I would like to be a size 12 or 14.  That way ill be a healthy size, be able to fit into the majority of clothes in nice shops like River Island and Top Shop and my weight wont get in the way of me enjoying life.  Hopefully with Slimming World, ill be able to achieve that goal.

This week has also been a time for trying new products WITHOUT breaking my New Years Resolutions! So far, I have managed to stick to them... I know it is only 9th January but that's quite good for me as I usually give up by lunch time on the 1st! The products I've been using were all given to me as presents for Christmas and there was LOADS that I haven't used before. Result! Over the course of a couple of showers, I have used up a really big sachet of Salt Scrub by the Sanctuary Spa which I received in a gift set from boots. Its gorgeous and will definitely be on my 'To Buy' list for when I've used up all of the other body scrubs that I have. I shut the shower off when I used it and it was so abrasive on the skin. It smells beautiful too, like a salty version of the signature Sanctuary Spa scent. It washed off really easily and left a lovely oil on my skin. I usually hate oil based products as they seem to leave a horrible film on my skin but this just made my skin feel thoroughly moisturised and since it soaked it all up, there was no awful residue left on my skin. I've also tried some new products from Lush, well not new to Lush but new to me. The Comforter is a gorgeous bubble bar that turned my bath water a lovely purpley pink colour with lots of bubbles and filled the room with the scent of blackberries. Yummy. I have decided that I prefer the bubble bars from Lush to the bath ballistics. Even though I love a good bath bomb, nothing beats bubbles in the bath! I've been using the Lush Helping Hands cream too and Rockstar soap which left my skin smelling gorgeous for ages. All of which I would highly recommend, particularly the Helping Hands cream. The smell isn't anything to shout about but it is SO moisturising without being greasy or sticky. FANTASTIC.
The Comforter bubble bar by Lush

Rockstar soap by Lush

Helping Hands handcream by Lush
Tomorrow is a big new beginning for me as I start my new job.  It isn't a graduate position but the salary is very close to it, the hours are fantastic for the field that it's in, there is potential for promotion so that I can use my degree and it's literally around the corner to where I live.  Sounds perfect on paper and I really hope that it is.  I'm quite nervous about starting though and I hope the people who are in my training group are nice.  I'm sure they will be as we'll all be in the same boat, so to speak.  I've chosen what I am going to wear already, the dress code is smart casual with the usual no jeans, strappy tops, etc rule, and I've got everything laid out ready for me so that in the morning, I can casually get up, get dressed and enjoy breakfast which I NEVER usually eat.  I have to be there for 8.30am and as yet, I'm not too sure what my breaks are but I'll tweet about how it goes throughout the day!

9 days in and 2011 is looking pretty good. New year, new start, new me.

Have you started anything new this year?  How are you getting on with your  new years resolutions?

Friday, 7 January 2011

Primark Haulin'

Morning All

My Primark addiction is getting seriously out of hand, God knows what I'll be like when I can fit into their clothes (come on Slimming World, WORK!).  It seems I can't go into town these days without popping in to see what they have in store for me.  Here are my latest buys:

Cute cute cute lace less plimsoll trainers in white and floral for only £6. Great for the summer. Love these.

Daisy chain head band.  Super cute and perfect for all of those preppy, bed head hair styles.  It reminded my of my puppy Daisy May when I saw this so I just HAD to get it and for only £1, I don't mind sharing it with the puppy :)

I also picked up these flower clips for my hair which are great to just pull my hair back out of my face.  My barnet is kind of mid length at the moment and I'm not too sure what I'm wanting to do with it.  I usually have a side fringe and loads of choppy layers but for the time being, I'm just leaving it to do what it wants while I decide on a style.

6 pairs of flower earrings for £2? Yes please!  These are gorgeous.  You get three pairs which are plastic and then another three pairs that look like they're made out of... uhm... clay?  I dunno what its called but anyway, its that stuff you can mould and then bake.  I'm sure you understand what I mean...!!

Another 6 pairs of earrings for £2? Oh yeah!  Flowers, bows, hearts and dragon flies, these will look lovely in anyones ears!  Particularly for the spring and summer months.

I also picked up this gorgeous gold necklace that makes a bit of a statement.  It has gorgeous dragon fly, flower and bow detailing on it.  This was only £2.50.  I love the jewellery in Primark, even though it has gone up recently.  It's still just so affordable compared to other highstreet shops.
The last item I got was this gorgeous gold bracelet with lots of different charms hanging off it.  Its just my style and will look great worn throughout the day or on an evening.

Have you been to Primark lately? Picked up any bargains I should know about? Lol, go on, feed my shopping addiction!

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Loving Laura Ashley

Laura Ashley is a gorgeous store that sells lots of feminine, glamorous, shabby chic and vintage style clothes, bedding and homeware.  Literally everything in the shop is to my taste, although I do find some of the things to be a little overpriced, especially when shops like Matalan do offer similar items, like cream bird cages, etc for a much more reasonable price.

I recently popped into Laura Ashley to get a few pieces for my new bedroom.  I managed to find some great bargains in the sales but I would advise you to buy online rather than in store as some of the items in store are still full price but they have 50% off on the website.  As I found out when I paid £18 for this gorgeous picture frame in the shop, only to find that it is £9 on the website.  Absolutely ridiculous but I do really like the frame and it is a style that I haven't seen before.

Its cream with a vintage distressed style and has two ornate hooks at the bottom to hang jewellery off or little keepsakes.  I love it.  When I decorate, I just want cream walls so that I can change my bedding, etc often with out it clashing and I want to accessorise loads with photo frames, prints and pretty things!  So this frame is perfect for me.

To use as tie backs, I got these cute cream bow hooks.
To hang my dressing gown on the back of my door, I got these gorgeous cream hooks with glass style diamonds on the end.  They're double hooks so Ill be able to hang up a few things on these, plus you get two in a pack so there is one for my night gown and one for my coat.
I picked up a few decorative pieces of hang off my door handle, drawer knobs and hooks like on the photo frame.  First, I got these lovely little fabric hearts that are like little cushions.  These were actually in the children's section.  They're scented so would be lovely to hang up or pop in my underwear drawer.
Then I picked up these two mirrored signs.  One that's heart shaped with 'Princess' on and one that's flower shaped with 'Good Night Sleep Tight' on it.
You can buy all of these from the Laura Ashley website here:

Do you like the style of Laura Ashley homeware? Have you picked up any bargains for the home lately?

Nail Polish Storage

Good Afternoon Beauties

Today I thought I would show you all how I store my nail polishes. Just before Christmas I had a massive clear out and got rid of a lot of damaged and old products that I haven’t used in a long time and can’t see myself using in the future, some of these were nail polishes, old nail files and alike. Once I had my final pieces together that I knew I was keeping, I realised I had quite a number of nail tools (clippers, files, buffers) and no where to put them. It was the same case for my nail polishes. Although I do not have a huge collection, I did need somewhere to store the ones that I do have as before I was just keeping them in a Tupperware container (classy, huh?).

I’m currently in the process of decorating my room and picking up bits and pieces as I go to put in my room. I’d considered many different storage ideas for my nail polishes, from a shelf for the polishes and a pot for my tools, to a cake stand style display to an actual nail polish rack that you would find in a beauty salon. However none of these ideas were really suited to me. I don’t particularly want my polishes up on a shelf gathering dust, plus knowing me, I’ll knock them off or take one down to paint my nails and never put it back up there again. When my new room is finally finished, I want it to be clutter free and have a place for everything with everything in its place. It was when I was shopping in WH Smiths that I came across the perfect solution to my nail polish troubles.

This gorgeous floral box is one of the document holders that you can buy in WH Smiths. There are LOADS of different colours to choose from and lots of different sizes and styles but this is the one with ‘documents’ written on the label (you can get different size ones for ‘CDs’ ‘Photos’ etc). All I did was take the cardboard label out, turn it over onto the blank white side and write ‘Nail Polish Bits & Bobs’ on it with some girlie doodles and I popped it back into the little holder.

Design wise, this is perfect for my new room. I’m going for that vintage floral but glam kind of feel and this box is perfect. The main box is blue with gorgeous pink flowers that look like they’ve been hand painted and little white and pink flowers around them and it has a bright pink lid. It is simply gorgeous! This one was actually in the sale for about £3.99 so I think they are usually a little more expensive than this but they are still very affordable.

The box fits all of my nail polishes in with the greater majority being able to stand up correctly, although where possible, I have put them lid down so that I can see the colour and name of the polish when I open the box.
The rest of the box is made up of my nail tools like cuticle snips, nail clippers, nail files, buffers, my Ped Egg, orange sticks, that kind of thing. I also keep a handy on the go manicure set in there that I got from Superdrug in case I am travelling or to take out with me during the day.

I don’t keep any hand cream in this box as I have quite a number of tubes that just wouldn’t fit and I am currently trying to use them all up so what I have done is I have kept one hand cream in my bag and the rest I have put away in a cupboard, not to be taken out until the one I have in my bag is completely used up! I do however, keep nail varnish remover and nail corrector pens in here and cuticle oil as well as nail glue and a box of false press on nails which are surprisingly fantastic for only a couple of pounds out of B&M Bargains, buy one get one free too!
This document box really is a great space saving storage idea for nail polishes or even any make up palettes and things that you may have. I couldn’t believe how much I could fit in mine when I got it home. It’s a bit like Mary Poppins handbag!

How do you store all of your nail products? Do you have a huge nail polish collection or do you tend to stick to just a few well used shades? Would you like to see a nail polish collection post?
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