Sunday, 20 February 2011

WhatLauraWore: Shopping Trip!

Yesterday I went shopping to the Metro Centre.  I needed to exchange a DKNY watch that had broken (i suspect due to poor craftsmanship rather than carelessness on my part) and I wanted to have a look about for a new liquid foundation as I've recently ran out of my YSL Perfect Touch Radiant Brush.  I picked up quite a few goodies, including the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation and power which I'm really excited to try.  You get a free makeup bag with some products in when you buy two or more products, so check that out in House of Fraser.  I also picked up some Superdrug buys and some things from MAC... more on these later :)

I was gutted to see that the snow is back-- not where I live but close by up in the hills there is snow and it was snowing lightly when we got in the car this morning.  Argh, I hate it.  Looks pretty but I hate how everything comes to a standstill when it snows.  Britain is just not equipped for lots of snow so I really hope this is the last of it and it starts to warm up.  As it was FREEZING outside, I opted for a warm outfit today.  My hair was very messed and just shoved up in a bobble with a few pieces hanging down and make up wise, I was wearing quite a lot of products but in a natural style.  In hindsight I should have worn very little makeup, if any as the girls at the various counters I visited took my makeup off in parts to match up different foundations to my skintone.  Im not too bothered about leaving the house without any make up on, unless im going on a night out or meeting up with my friends.  As long as I have a bit of mascara on, I dont mine too much-- I dress and do my make up for me, not for anyone else!

What Laura Wore:
Cream waterfall cardigan from Very
White vest top from So Fabulous at Very
Jeggings from Yours Clothing
Pink blush pumps from Primark
Louis Vuitton Odeon bag
Love necklace from Primark
Daisy earrings from River Island
Engagement Ring
White gold and diamond heart ring
White and gold diamante watch by DKNY

Is it snowing where you live?  Would you step outside the house with no make up on?!


  1. Cute outfit! Let me know whatyou think of Double Wear, I have been wearing it for years now and I love it, but be warned it is heavier than the YSL! x x x

  2. @Gloria- Thanks honey. Oh I will do, planning on trying it out this week and doing a blog post on it next week that way ill have put it to the test at work and on a night out! Its reassuring to know that so many people love DW, i hope I do too. Hopefully ill be able to work with it, even if its heavier than YSL, probably just what I need as my skin is quite oily at the moment. Fingers crossed :)

    Laura xoxo

  3. Ohh I love double wear foundation :)I got the free EL gift yesterday,can`t wait to try everything.I live about half an hour from the metro centre and it snowed here on Friday night :(You look great,love your cardigan xxx

  4. I'm not brave enough to go out without make up :S
    Lovely outfit <3

  5. I'm not too bothered about not wearing makeup either. Unless it's at night or I'm going to be out for longer than a couple of hours, I kind of see it as a waste of makeup! hehe
    That cardigan is so cute! my sister has one just like it and I keep wanting to 'borrow' it haha. Jeggings scare me :(

  6. I love the cardigan, and your hair colour! It's gorgeous. :) xx

  7. I was recently shopping for foundation, but did not find anything. I will have to do more recearch on it.
    You look very nice on your photos and make up looks very natural ;)
    Please review the foundation you bought for uswhen you get chance!

  8. This is off topic but I have just found your blog and I love it :) Following!


  9. @Laura- Ahh another lover of Double Wear! Ive been wearing it for the last few days and I love it! Ive used everything (well, tried out) from the free gift and its actually really good, the mascara is awesome. So you're up my neck of the woods-- hope you dont get any more snow!! xoxo
    @Rebecca Lucy- Sometimes I wish I wasnt brave enough, then no one would see me looking like death warmed up with no make up on haha xoxo
    @Prettyinthedesert- Lol i completely agree about the makeup. Why do jeggings scare you lol?xoxo
    @Rebecca- Thank you hun :) xoxo
    @GoldenGlow- Aw thank you, lovely of you to say xoxo
    @GlamourMe- I certainly will do, ive been using it for the past few days and I really like it. Expect a review this week :) xoxo
    @Miss A- Aw thanks! Im pleased you like it. Always love getting new followers who enjoy what I ramble on about :) xoxo


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