Monday, 12 September 2011

WhatLauraWore: Champagne Cocktails and Gold Galore

Good Evening Beauties

I've finished work for the day and looking forward to a day off tomorrow.  Michael and I are going to go to the Metro Centre to have a look around the shops, pick up a couple of holiday brochures (we're thinking somewhere hot that's ultra stylish with a spa, a bit of culture, lots to do and the all important all inclusive champagne) and go to Wagamama- mmmm yum.  We're going to go to Cineworld afterwards too so if you've seen any good films lately then let me know in the comments box.

Today, I thought I would share with you an outfit from a recent night out.  I'm actually wearing a top that I bought in a couple of sizes up so that I could wear it as a dress- clearly I'm a genius... just kidding.  I often do this though as there aren't many dresses out there that I love and I hate wearing tights which limits my choices as to which ones I can get away with wearing leggings with.  This one is from Evans, its the current season as I only got it last weekend but I cant for the live of me find it on the website.
Orange and purple floral top with a black cami underneath from Evans
Black lace trim leggings from Evans
Coral and gold bag from River Island
Gold and bead hoop earrings from Miss Selfridge
Gold bangles from Primark
Rose gold watch by DKNY
White gold and diamond rings
Gold flower sandals from Primark
Thanks for reading, stay beautiful :)

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Party Shoes for the Birthday Girl

Hi Everyone

Since it’s my birthday in a few weeks, I have been looking for some gorgeous heels to wear on my birthday night out. The trouble is, I’ve come across a fantastic website and just can’t decide between all of the gorgeous Viva La Diva Ladies Shoes! I’ve finally narrowed it down to this gorgeous strappy style but I just can’t decide between the gold and the silver as they would both go with the dress I’m planning to wear.

I really love the style of these sandals as they would look equally as lovely with a dress or a skirt regardless of the length and can be worn all year round. They look as though they would be really good quality too and have a sturdy heel so I would imagine them to be very comfortable. I love metallic colours for evening shoes, they catch the light, sparkle and accessorise really well with all of my jewellery and clutch bags. I’m a little undecided as to whether to go for gold or silver, or perhaps both... a girl can’t have too many shoes can she?

I don’t often wear heels on nights out as my feet tend to hurt after hours of dancing but I’m making an exception for my birthday. We’re going out for a meal and cocktails before we go clubbing so I figure I’ll be sitting down for much of the night anyway. To relieve my feet at the end of the night and ensure my comfort while trekking to the taxi queue, I am going to get some of these After Party Ballerinas. They're such a good idea, they just fold up really small and you pop them in your bag for when your feet hurt at the end of the night. Absolutely genius!

I think that everyone would be able to find a pair of shoes from Viva La Diva as I’ve never known a company to offer such a wide variety of styles and sizes- designer brands, standard size, wide fitting, sizes 9-11, boots, heels, flats, slippers you name it, they’ve got them. They have some gorgeous over the knee boots that I really want to order. I often cant find boots to fit my calves but Viva La Diva sell boots in wider calf sizes so I will definitely be checking out the boots soon!

What are your favourite shoes from Viva La Diva?

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Fashionable AND Warm Knitwear from Pure Collection

Morning All,

I don’t know about you, but it feels as though we have gone from summer to autumn in the space of a week. Mind you, I live in North East England which, on a map of the UK, seems to have been permanently covered by a rain cloud since they started showing weather updates on the 5 o’clock news. It would seem that the autumn has really set in and we officially have rain, snow, wind and hail to look forward to for the next 5 months. However all is not lost, as with the cold weather comes cosy warm knitwear and I’ve found some gorgeous womens knitwear at Pure Collection.

Although I do not like the wet weather, autumn and winter are actually my favourite seasons for fashion and I am a big believer that style should not be compromised for warmth.  Fashionable AND warm knitwear is out there girls!  I do not mind paying good money for knitwear as I always look for high quality, long lasting pieces that won’t go out of fashion so that I can wear them year after year.  I hate being too hot so I always look for knitwear that is breathable.  Layering pieces are high on my radar too as I’d prefer to wear more thin layers for insulation and remove them if I get too warm than wear one thick item.  Shopping for knitwear this autumn will be no different... and so my search begins...

1, Cashmere Knitted Cape- available in Butterscotch and Heather Charcoal
This year I’d really like to get a cape as I missed out on the trend last year and it is sent to be even bigger this year. One such as this Cashmere Knitted Cape in Butterscotch would be both fashionable and practical for many a wardrobe and will become a staple for autumn/winter 2011. A cape in this style is a great layering piece. I’d wear it with a lightweight, long sleeved jumper underneath, perhaps with a camisole under that if it was very cold and with a pair of dark skinny jeans or jeggings and some knee high boots. Since capes are quite a large with a relaxed fit, it is important to slim down the rest of your body under the cape, so as not to make your silhouette appear big and bulky, and skinny jeans are a great way to do this.

2, Draped Cashmere Cardigan- available in Black, Grey Camel and Heather Grey
Another wardrobe staple and layering piece, the draped cardigan, looks fantastic on all shapes and sizes. I love how versatile a cardigan like this is, you can wear it in the winter with a long sleeved jumper or in the milder weather with a cap sleeved t-shirt or camisole and accessorise with a scarf to suit the temperature outside.

3, Cashmere Animal Print Cardigan- available in Butterscotch and Heather Grey
I absolutely adore this animal print cardigan as it adds a chic touch to an otherwise plain winter outfit. If you didn’t embrace patterns during the summer then the winter is the time to add a little print to your wardrobe. A little cardigan like this would be a perfect addition to my work wardrobe as its sophisticated and professional looking enough, whilst still being young, fun and fasionable.

To shop at Pure Collection is such a hassle free experience.  I found the design and information provided on their website to be fantastic.  For each item you are given clear photos along with the description and features of the item, the stock availability, a detailed size chart and care instructions.  What more could you ask for?

What are you looking forward to for the coming season? What are your most loved items to wear when the cold weather sets in?  What are your favourite pieces from Pure Collection?

Monday, 5 September 2011

Murine Bright and Moist Eyes

Morning All

Today I thought I'd share with you a product that I've found has really helped me lately.  For the last few years, I have worked in office environments where there is often air conditioning and bright lights.  I have often found that when using a computer all day in this environment, my eyes can sometimes become quite dried out and dull.  I'm a right one for rubbing my eyes too when they're tried and dry which doesn't help either!  For the last month I've been using Murine Bright and Moist Eyes eye drops and found that they have done a great job at making my eyes feel moist, soothed and refreshed.  It cooled them down too after I'd rubbed them and seemed to make my eyes brighten up to how they looked at the beginning of the day.

Murine Bright and Moist Eyes
I've never used eye drops before, so I was a little unsure and a bit wary of using them to begin with but they were really easy to apply.  The ones I used from Murine came in a little squeezy bottle and I just tip my head to the size and squeeze a drop in the corner of each eye- they're actually really comfortable to apply.  I don't really know what I was expecting the formula and texture to be like but the Murine Bright and Moist Eyes feels really nice following application- not sticky, watery or annoying.  The formula is like a gel rather than a liquid which is great as I've found that it stays in my eyes for a long time.  I find that I only need to use this once a day but you can apply it more if you need to.  I wear eyelash extensions a lot and found that they didn't interfere with them too which is great!

Murine eye drops are available from chemists and Boots and are just under £5, which is a small price to pay for the comfort they give you.

Have you used eye drops before? Which products get you through the day?

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