Sunday, 27 February 2011

Fragrance of the Month: February 2011 Edition

Far Away by Avon

Far Away is an oriental fragrance with exotic floral notes and hints of sandalwood. With this bottle being an eau de parfum it lasts all day on the body, unlike some cheaper fragrances that wear off after a few hours.  This scent has become a firm favourite of mine to wear during the daytime.  The glass bottle is hard wearing so it is perfect for throwing in my bag on my way to work.  The packaging of the perfume doesn't feel cheap at all and Far Away as a product has a distinctive design that is instantly recognisable to a lot of people.  Although I've been wearing Far Away during the day, it's seductive, sexy scent is perfect for evening wear too.

Far Away has been around for years and is Avon's Number 1 fragrance.  I always remember that when I was younger my mam used to wear Far Away perfume by Avon.  She had the set, from the perfume down to the skin softener and she still uses it today as her daytime fragrance, saving her Miss Dior by Christian Dior for the evening.  I spotted a bottle of it on her dresser before Christmas and asked her to get me a bottle when she next saw the 'Avon Lady' at work, as I always loved it when I was in my teens.  I thought she had forgotten about it but on Christmas morning I unwrapped a little present and inside was a bottle of the Far Away eau de parfum.  I always talk about layering scents, Im a big fan of scented lotions and potions to match my fragrance as using these to 'layer' the scent helps it to last longer.  Avon have created a whole range of Far Away products which can be used for this purpose.  Far Away comes as a perfume, a body spray, roll on, bath and shower gel, shimmering body powder and skin softener.


I've been wearing Far Away a lot this month, especially at work and it seems to be a signature scent for a lot of people, perhaps because it is so affordable and has an instantly recognisable smell.  Since I've been wearing this perfume, so many people have asked me if it is Far Away and have said that they love it too.

This is the only Avon scent that I have owned myself but I've smelt samples of a few of their other fragrances and I'm actually really impressed.  I am normally a bit funny about buying fragrances without smelling them first as in my eyes, its a disaster waiting to happen, but the Avon catalogues often have scented pages which are a very true likeness of the smell of the perfume so I think I can buy in confidence out of the catalogue, or online after having a smell of the book!

You can buy Far Away out of the Avon catalogue from any Avon Representative or from

Have you tried Far Away? What about any other fragrances by Avon?  Would you buy a perfume without smelling it first?

Friday, 25 February 2011

Moving Into Spring With Primark

Hello Beauties <3

Primark has some lovely buys in at the moment.  I had a peek in there recently for a pair of shoes for work and came away with lots of lovely things... except the shoes for work!  There's some lovely floral jewellery and light nude tones to carry you into Spring.  I'm loving the shoes they have at the moment and snapped up some sandals, even though it'll be a while before I can wear them.  Here's what I bought:

First up are these gorgeous pumps.  Ive been looking for some comfy and easy to wear shoes that go with lots of different outfits.  I got a pair in a nude pink blush colour with frills on the front of the shoe and a white pair with a plaited detail going around them.  Although no one will be able to see it when they're on my feet, I adore the floral material inside the shoe.  It makes them feel so girlie and feminine.  I love shoes like these from Primark, they're so affordable and good quality.  I couldn't see them in the normal section, even though I know they do them as my friend has a pair, so I had to get these from the Wide Fit section.  I don't have wide feet but I bought a shoe size smaller than I usually wear and they fit almost perfectly :)

I must, however, have quite wide ankles as sometimes I cant get sandals to fit me that have a buckle fastening around the ankle.  With that in mind, I'm ALWAYS looking out for sandals with elasticated straps.  These were perfect and for only £2.50 a pair, I had to snap a couple of pairs up, even if it is February!  They are actually a little bit big on me around the ankle so I really cant win.  They'll be perfect in the summer time though and I'm so pleased I found them.  I have a couple of pairs from Faith from a couple of summers ago but since Faith shut down, I need to find another shop to top up my supply of flip flops and sandals... perhaps Primark is the place!

I've never been too much of a fan of Primark bags as the majority feel and look cheap, which they are and I love a good bargain but I don't want something to look cheap.  For the recent Bloggers Night Out, I picked up this light pink mock snakeskin bag.  I love the gold chain detailing on the strap and how it can be worn over the shoulder, as I wore it, or across the body.  The gold fastening on the front is reminiscent of Mulberry dontcha think.  Although pink isn't really my choice of colour in bags, I adore the colour of this as its so subtle and very feminine.  A definite hit for Spring and Summer nights out on the town!

Of course I couldn't go to Primark without buying some jewellery.  I picked pieces that I could mix and match together and the pieces I picked out are most certainly geared for springtime.  The jewellery in Primark is gorgeous at the moment and with such soft colours, mixed with diamantes and gold, these pieces will be firmly on my most worn list in the months ahead. There's a lot of pieces that seem to go together, as though they were in a set but I'm not really one for completely matching all of my jewellery.  Through buying similar coloured jewellery along a similar theme, I'll be able to mix and match these pieces to create lots of different feminine looks.  Check these beauties out...

I also picked up this beaded cuff style bracelet which I wore on the night out with the blogging girlies.  Talk about ill-fitting.  This bracelet is a one size fits all style but look at it when it's fastened on the last ring.  I've hardly got little wrists and this bracelet is just HUGE.  Has anyone else had this problem with similar bracelets in Primark?  Bracelets like this aren't really something I would try on in the shop itself, mainly because of the big label they put on them but I think ill have to in future!  If you have little wrists, stay away from this bracelet!
I also managed to pick up two gorgeous vintage style rings.  A blue floral one which really is beautiful and not like anything else I have, and a pretty cameo ring.

Are you a Primark addict like I am?  What are your favourite accessories at the moment?

Sunday, 20 February 2011

WhatLauraWore: Shopping Trip!

Yesterday I went shopping to the Metro Centre.  I needed to exchange a DKNY watch that had broken (i suspect due to poor craftsmanship rather than carelessness on my part) and I wanted to have a look about for a new liquid foundation as I've recently ran out of my YSL Perfect Touch Radiant Brush.  I picked up quite a few goodies, including the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation and power which I'm really excited to try.  You get a free makeup bag with some products in when you buy two or more products, so check that out in House of Fraser.  I also picked up some Superdrug buys and some things from MAC... more on these later :)

I was gutted to see that the snow is back-- not where I live but close by up in the hills there is snow and it was snowing lightly when we got in the car this morning.  Argh, I hate it.  Looks pretty but I hate how everything comes to a standstill when it snows.  Britain is just not equipped for lots of snow so I really hope this is the last of it and it starts to warm up.  As it was FREEZING outside, I opted for a warm outfit today.  My hair was very messed and just shoved up in a bobble with a few pieces hanging down and make up wise, I was wearing quite a lot of products but in a natural style.  In hindsight I should have worn very little makeup, if any as the girls at the various counters I visited took my makeup off in parts to match up different foundations to my skintone.  Im not too bothered about leaving the house without any make up on, unless im going on a night out or meeting up with my friends.  As long as I have a bit of mascara on, I dont mine too much-- I dress and do my make up for me, not for anyone else!

What Laura Wore:
Cream waterfall cardigan from Very
White vest top from So Fabulous at Very
Jeggings from Yours Clothing
Pink blush pumps from Primark
Louis Vuitton Odeon bag
Love necklace from Primark
Daisy earrings from River Island
Engagement Ring
White gold and diamond heart ring
White and gold diamante watch by DKNY

Is it snowing where you live?  Would you step outside the house with no make up on?!

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

The Bloggers Night Out

Happy Tuesday Everyone!  I hope you're all well.

Steph, Ellie, Rach and I
Today, I thought I'd share with you some pictures (courtesy of Rach and Steph) from a blog meet up I attended recently in Durham.  A fantastic night was had by all and its taken me all week to recover!  In the days leading up to the meet up, I had a bit of a rough time with SO many things going wrong so the night out was a great way to let my hair down... and what a night it was.  We didn't start taking photos until the end of the night, why? I'll never know but by that point I was absolutely lashed.

Julie and Ellie
Despite being 22 and a student, I rarely drink.  I think I sickened myself a bit too much when I was between the ages of 16 and 19 so now I'm not really bothered about going to town and getting hammered every Saturday night like I used to be.  Once in a while I love it though but because I don't drink very much now, a little goes a long way with me.
Ellie and Rach
I brought my friend Julie out with me for a bit of moral support as she's always asking when I'm going out next and I felt bad going out and not inviting her, plus I knew she'd fit in well with the blogging girls cos she has lovely taste in fashion (River Island addict).  It was good having her there to meet the girls for the first time.  Id spoken to Rach a lot on bbm but didn't know the others so I was nervous to say the least.
Me, Steph and Rach
We took a taxi through to Durham and after getting lost, we found the Gala theatre area where we were all meeting.  It was chucking it down with rain so we were staying around the bars in this area so as not to expose ourselves to the elements too much!  We started off in Ebony, a pretty pricey champagne bar where a woman turned round and spilt the drink I'd been waiting 20 minutes to get served for and paid a fortune for ALL down me.  My drink was pink yet you couldn't see any staining on the dress I was wearing so I was quite relieved.  What a way to start the night though, I was livid.  Of course I couldn't say anything to her as I was meeting the blogging girls for the first time and they were sat on a table close by... so i politely walked back to the bar, to get some tissues and dry up, whilst cursing the stupid woman who ignored my 'excuse me please' and bashed right into me.  Easily done, I know, but when all of her friends are telling her to watch where she's going she really has no excuse.

Julie, me and Steph
Meeting Rach and Ellie at first was nerve racking but they were lovely and I just kept chatting to get to know them.  We moved onto the Slug and Lettuce for cocktails and more chat, where Steph, her sister and her sisters friend joined us.  We then went to Fat Buddha for even more cocktails. My poor, poor liver.  We ended up going clubbing in Love Shack which I went to on my birthday night out and loved it, despite its cheesy moments.  We had such a laugh and i can safely say, ill never look at Jonny Depp in the same way again.  It was kind of one of those nights where the next day you keep giggling to yourself about the funny moments that happened the night before.  I really enjoyed chatting with like minded girls.  Although we're all different we have blogging and a love of fashion and beauty in common.  I don't know about you all, but for me, I find it quite hard talking about my blog with some of my friends as they don't really understand it all, so it was great to chat to the others.
Me and Julie
I think we'll all meet up again as we got along so well.  We're already planning a shopping trip in the near future and as for the next drunken night out, who knows when it will be but it'll certainly be a wild one.  Party on girls!
Steph, Me, Julie and Rach
All of the girls looked gorgeous- pretty people with pretty outfits and even prettier personalities.  You can take a look at the other girls blogs here: Rach, Ellie, Steph.  If you'd like to see my WhatLauraWore outfit post for this night out then have a peek here.

Rach, Julie and I
Have you been to any blog meet ups?  Do you talk to your friends about your blogging?

Sunday, 13 February 2011

WhatLauraWore: Bloggers Night Out

This week I was treated me to a new outfit to wear for the bloggers night out.  I went to the Metro Centre with my dad and he was so helpful and actually chose the dress I got for the night.  He didn't moan once... even though the football was on.

I was going for a look that was pretty and feminine but warm and practical as I wasn't too sure where we would be going in Durham and I couldn't be chewed on walking up hill or across the cobbles in heels. 

What Laura Wore:
Floral and black dress by Studio NY at Evans
Black leggings with lace trim from Evans
Black bolero from Evans (not shown)
Frill detail pumps in pink blush from Primark
Pink blush mock snakeskin bag with gold chain detail from Primark
White watch with gold diamante face by DKNY at Ernest Jones
Beaded bracelet from Primark
Flower necklace from Primark
Gold flower earrings from Primark
Rose and diamante gold ring from Primark
Engagement ring

What outfits have you been wearing lately?  Are you a heels or flats kind of girl?


Tuesday, 8 February 2011

NOTD: Nude Polish by Eyeko

In 2010 I severely abused my Models Own Nude Beige polish and although Ive still got lots left and im certainly not tired of it, I have been on the look out for a slightly pink or peach toned nude and ive found it!  In the form of Nude Polish by Eyeko.  Yes its another nude to add to my collection but who can blame me? Afterall it is a gorgeous colour and who doesnt love a nude nail?!
Application was fairly even, although the consistency of the polish is quite watery so I found that when first applied it looked a little uneven but then dried looking even.  This makes it a great buildable nail polish.  If you're just looking for a natural tint to your nail, I would go for one coat but if you're looking for a glossy take on the mannequin manicure then id layer up two to three coats.  The above photos were taken with 2 coats.  Its a super pretty pinky peach nude that would go with anything.  Id highly recommend adding this shade to your collection, no matter what your style.

I love the packaging, its really cute and different to the other nail polishes I own.  It is quite small though, at only 8.5ml where the majority of the nail polishes I have are 15ml.  Ive worn this polish quite a lot since I bought it and I can see it getting used up quite quickly, especially with the warmer weather coming up.  I love how it remains chip free for about four days without a top coat.
The only downside to this polish is that it takes a little while to dry, at least it did for me.  2 coats took about 5 minutes to dry which wasnt too bad but I was in a rush to get out so I was praying it would dry a little quicker.

Oh and if you're looking for a comparrison with Models Own Nude Beige, there really is no comparrison as they're completely different shades and create two completely different looks. Read my NOTD post on Nude Beige here.  I absolutely love both of them.
You can buy this Eyeko nail polish online at for £4. Im an Eyeko Ambassador so if you would like to receive a free gift with your order of £15/$20/€18 and over, then enter my code E11289 in the Ambassador Code section at the checkout.
Have you tried any of the Eyeko nail polishes? Can you recommend any other shades to me? What are your top nail polishes in your collection?

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Batiste Gold Shimmer Review

Amy from Flaws and All recently won a competition that Batiste had on their Twitter and she was sent a two cans of their Shimmer dry shampoos for her and a friend to try.  Amy very kindly sent me the Gold one to try out.  I'm a big fan of Batiste dry shampoos as my hair gets greasy REALLY quickly.  My hair produces quite a lot of natural oil, plus the hair itself is really thin, (although I have lots of it) which is never a good combination!  Ive tried the majority of the scented Batiste dry shampoos as well as the original one but I had never tried any of the Shimmer ones before so I was looking forward to giving this a go.  In the past I had seen the Batiste Shimmer's on the shelf and bypassed them in favour of Blush because I didn't know how a dry shampoo could refresh greasy hair and be shimmery at the same time!
First up, the packaging is gorgeous.  Although this doesn't effect the performance of the dry shampoo, I really appreciate attractive packaging.
This photo was taken with one day old hair.  As you can see, my hair is pretty greasy.  I used to wash my hair everyday but since discovering Batiste dry shampoo, I can wash it every second or third day.  It really does the trick at refreshing my hair, as though its been newly washed.  It also adds volume to my hair too which helps me to achieve the voluminous bed head look that I love.
As with all Batiste dry shampoos, they recommend lightly spraying the can from about 30cm from your hair so that your roots and greasy sections of hair are evenly covered with the dry shampoo.  Then, with this can, you're recommended to massage it into your scalp, leave for a few moments and then massage the product throughout the hair to evenly distribute the shimmer and to fully revive the hair.  I followed the instructions, as always, as detailed on the can as i thought this would allow me to achieve the best results.
Eek!  The dry shampoo literally shot out of the can so fast, much faster than the other dry shampoos I have tried, I felt like I was launching a rocket rather than refreshing my hair.  My hair was quickly coated which is great for saving time, but it came out much thicker than the dry shampoos I've used before which I wasn't too keen on.  I thought perhaps I had sprayed it incorrectly but I have tried it a few times now and the same thing happens whenever I use it.
I had to rub the dry shampoo into my scalp in a much more vigorous fashion that usual.  The formulation of the dry shampoo actually seemed quite clumpy which meant that it didn't rub in very well and I was still left with a very white scalp which was very noticeable as a blonde so God knows what it would look like on a brunette.  It did do a very good job of refreshing my hair though and it eliminated my greasy roots in a flash.
After a quick brush through, I styled my hair and was then ready for work.  My hair didn't look greasy at all which was a plus but it was VERY glittery and the glitter did transfer all over my clothes and onto my hands whenever I touched my hair.  For that reason, I wouldn't wear the Batiste Shimmer dry shampoo during the day again but I would use it on a night out to give my hair a bit of sparkle.  It could also be sprayed directly onto the body and then rubbed in (to rub away the white powder) to give the skin a golden glittery glow which would look gorgeous with a tan.

Batiste Gold Shimmer dry shampoo can be purchased from Superdrug and currently retails at £3.05 for the 150ml can.  It is also available in a Sliver Shimmer.

Have you tried the shimmer range from Batiste? What are your thoughts on dry shampoo and the shimmer offerings?

Friday, 4 February 2011

Time Is Of The Essence! - Love Suzie Jewellery

Love Suzie is an online shop selling a mixture of modern and vintage handmade jewellery.  There's something for almost everyone at Love Suzie, A LOT of their pieces catch my eye which is very rare for a small jewellery boutique.  Usually I find two or three pieces that I like but with Love Suzie, I could genuinely find a place for lots and lots of their jewellery.  If you're looking for something a little different, then I'd recommend having a look on their site.  Love Suzie sells necklaces, earrings, brooches and rings.  They have some lovely collections too- I'm in love with their Alice In Wonderland themed jewellery.

Like many people, I discovered Love Suzie through Twitter when someone retweeted a link to her site and I instantly bookmarked it with a view to making some purchases when I got some pennies.  To my surprise, I ended up winning a competition that she had on her Twitter recently and won one of the pocket watch necklaces that I was wanting to buy anyway- talk about good luck!

Time Is Of The Essence!
Pocket Watch £13.99
The Time Is Of The Essence! pocket watch is inspired by Alice in Wonderland.  I love the idea of having a watch combined with a necklace, mainly because the majority of my watches have dead batteries in them and I really haven't got around to having them replaced so having a watch on a necklace suits me down to the ground!  There is a pretty floral design on the reverse of the pocket watch and the chain has a beautiful antiqued gold tone so it will go with many outfits and suit many styles.  The chain is a long length, around 32 inches, which is brilliant for me as being a bigger girl, some necklaces look shorter on me than they do on others.  With this style of chain, it hangs long on everyone, as it is designed to do, so everyone can wear the style.

If you're thinking of ordering from Love Suzie or anywhere online, I think it is important to consider the packaging and any gift wrapping that may come with the item.  Love Suzie have packaging down to a fine art.  My necklace arrived in a jiffy bag with bubble wrap inside so I could rest assured that it wouldn't have been damaged in the post.  Inside the bag, my necklace was packaged like this:
Really eye catching packaging as I'm sure you'll agree.  It reminded me of an old sweetie bag :) So cute!

Love this necklace?
Check out the Love Suzie shop here,
the Love Suzie Blog here,
the Love Suzie Twitter here,
and the Love Suzie Facebook here.

Have you bought any jewellery recently? What are your favourite things from Love Suzie?

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