Sunday, 30 December 2012

WhatLauraDid: Week 53 The Final Post

Wow, what a way to round off the year; Christmas, Boxing Day and now we've just got New Years Eve to look forward to and then it's all over with for another year, boo hoo.  I'm actually off to a New Years Eve, Eve party tonight in Leeds but I really wanted to get this post up before I go as it marks the final WhatLauraDid post.  After writing my catch up every Sunday, I've decided to retire it in order to make way for a new weekly post... the topic of which remains undecided.  I'm quite impressed actually that I've been able to keep this up for a whole year.
It has been really quiet on WhatLauraLoves this week.  I guess I just wanted a break over the Christmas period.  I've worked so hard this year both on my blog and in my private life and this festive season has really been a great opportunity to relax.  I did, however, FINALLY get to wear my new dress from Simply Be for a party on Christmas Eve, Eve.  These Eve, Eve parties seem to be quite an occurrence in my life don't they?
I hope you all had a lovely Christmas regardless of what you got up to and I really hope you had some lovely outfits to wear too.  Hook me up in the comments if you've posted any outfit pics as I love looking to those for inspiration.  Oh and I hope Santa was very good to you all too.  I've had some tweets asking if I'll do a 'What I Got For Christmas' post and like last year, I won't be.  That's not to say I'll not do any in years to come, I just feel that I am very lucky and privileged to receive what I have done but don't want to share that with the web in one big post.  There's some out there who aren't as fortunate as I and I really don't want to cast a shadow of the real meaning of Christmas, which to me, is all about spending time with those you love.
One gift I will let you know about though, as it will be of some benefit to you, is my new camera, the Nikon 1 and studio set up which will enable me to take much better photos.  I'm really looking forward to the new year as I want to really take my blog to the next level... but more about that on New Years Day!
For now though, after a hard week of partying, late nights and shopping, I'm off to have a bath with my bottle of Warm Cinnamon Nights by Treacle Moon in preparation for this evening.  Crack on!


Friday, 28 December 2012

Warm Cinnamon Nights

After a long day sales shopping there's nothing I enjoy more than a long soak in the bath with something bubbly and scented.  Now where has my quest for post shopping tranquillity taken me to this time?  Relaxation central if you please.
My bubbles of choice this month have been blown by Treacle Moon with their latest release, Warm Cinnamon Nights which is their Winter 2012 special edition offering- think of it as a Christmas gift if you will.

Warm Cinnamon Nights is a definite multi tasker having been formulated to lather up well as a shower gel whilst working equally as successfully as a bubble bath, providing just the right amount of foam and bubbles to soak until your heart is content.  Either way, the lingering scent of warm cinnamon, spicy clove, syrupy ginger, vanilla and honey topped off with orange and stewed apple will stay on your skin for hours, not to mention it will fill your home with a truly wintry fragrance.  Very homely indeed.

Simply run a hot bath, pour a generous amount under the running water and light a candle, then all that is left to do is to lie back and relax... Enjoy!

Available at Tesco, £2.99 for 500ml
Warm Cinnamon Nights is available in a huge 500ml bottle, exclusively at Tesco for a purse friendly £2.99.  However, like the sales, it's not going to be around forever, so if you want to experience your own warm cinnamon night then you'd better be quick...
Chop Chop!


Monday, 24 December 2012

WhatLauraWore: Christmas Eve, Eve

Regular readers may remember the dress I blogged about at the end of November; the Embellished Prom Party Dress from Simply Be.  Well I've been waiting weeks to wear this dress and last night finally came the time for me to give this Simply Be beauty its first outing.
I really wanted to let this beautiful dress do the talking so for accessories, I kept it simple with some silver and white gold jewellery and some black peeptoe heels.
Embellished Prom Party Dress in cobalt blue from Simply Be
Black peeptoe heels from Matalan
Silver earrings from a little shop in Tenerife
Silver heart bracelet by Guess
White and yellow gold ring by Tiffany and Co via Selfridges
Hair extensions from Clip Hair
This gorgeous dress is still very much available from the Simply Be website for £60 in sizes 12 to 32 and I think it would be perfect to see you through to the New Year at all those parties and celebrations I'm sure you'll be attending!

How would you style this dress?
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Sunday, 23 December 2012

WhatLauraDid: Week 52

Ok so I've got a bit of a confession to make... this week I haven't been braving the cold with you all.  Instead, I've been sunning myself in Tenerife.  After a hard working year, a week away in the sun was much deserved and I gladly jetted off to the volcanic island for a holiday with my family.
Of course, I didn't leave the blog to run dry as I scheduled lots of Christmas and winter style posts for you to enjoy.
Kicking off the week with my Christmas Gift Guide I showcased a whole host of gift ideas (and perhaps Boxing Day shopping ideas) from Clarins, Models Own, OPI, Good Things, FCUK, the list goes on and on.  More gift idea posts this week came in the form of a gorgeous giftset from skincare indulgence, Decleor.  Oh and feast your eyes on one of my favourite gifts of all, the Xen-Tan Head To Toe Tanning Collection; go on, give the gift of a great tan this Christmas!  I haven't just been buying gifts for others recently as I did make a little purchase myself for a wireless keyboard for my iPad with the idea of using it to blog on the move.

If you're looking for something to wear over the festive period then I've got that covered too with my pampering day outfit, my Christmas shopping outfit and my Christmas party outfit.
I can't believe this is my 52nd WhatLauraDid post!  I'd planned on doing them for a full year, every Sunday and so my last one will be next Sunday 30th December.

I hope you've all managed to get your Christmas presents in to avoid the Christmas Eve rush tomorrow.  I've just got to endure the food shop at M&S and then I'm done!  It's not just any Christmas Food.....


The Gift of a Great Tan

When it comes to Christmas presents, I can't think of anything I'd like to receive more than one of these gorgeous Christmas gift sets from Xen-Tan.  These are the best tanning gift sets I've seen on the market this year and it's no surprise that they are by one of my favourite tanning brands... you might remember my rave about their Mousse Intense earlier this year and I've repurchased it monthly ever since.  I did dabble with the Lauren's Way Darker than Dark lotion (not so positive review coming soon on that one) but after two applications it quickly made its way into the bin.  I guess once you go Xen-Tan you never go back!
Now, onto the gift sets.  Well, there are three to choose from which will suit those wanting to achieve a light, medium or dark tanned skin tone and the products within the sets are chosen to help you to achieve the desired look.  They're also a guide as to which products would suit each skin tone, so if you're really fair you may find that the light set will develop into the best tan to suit your colouring and so on.  Whichever gift set you choose, whether its for yourself or to give as a gift, it will ensure the wearer is ready and bronzed for all those parties over the festive season!
Head to Toe Tanning Collection
Photo taken from Xen-Tan
All three sets contain one of the Xen-Tan tanning mitts which is essential for helping you to achieve a flawless false tan application.  The products are packaged in a really sturdy white and clear cosmetic bag that fastens with gold press studs which is perfect for travelling and they all contain an information card too that lets the reader know about the products Xen-Tan offers.  The set then contains Xen-Tan's very own Body Scrub which has a very fresh minty scent and a tanning product suited to each kit so the 'dark' set has a bottle of Dark Lotion, the 'medium' set has a bottle of Deep Bronze Luxe and the 'light' kit has a bottle of Transform which is like a gradual tan, perfect for false tan virgins, those with very fair skin or those who want to achieve a deep tan over time.
I have the dark collection as that's the false tan look I like to achieve and whilst my hair is fair, my skin suits a dark tan well, perhaps that's because I have brown eyes but regardless, I love to look very brown.  Xen-Tan is the best tan for achieving a deep brown tan that is very natural looking.  All of the formulas that I have tried have applied like a dream, smell surprisingly nice- not like the usual biscuit fake tan fragrance and have a great guide colour.  The colour is long lasting and they fade evenly.
Contained within the 'Dark' set is a Xen-Tan Body Scrub and a Xen-Tan Dark Lotion which is famous in the tanning world as it is loved by so many.  I've got a review coming up on both of these products but for the time being, I thought I'd put this up as a last minute gift post just incase you had any last minute gifts to buy.
The Xen-Tan gift sets are £39.99 at the moment which is a great buy considering their RRP is £47.97!  I got mine from the Xen-Tan website.
I know that all of my girls would really appreciate one of these this year, what about your friends?
Oh and of course, don't forget about my guide to achieving the perfect false tan at home.

Saturday, 22 December 2012

It's a Decleor Christmas!

There comes a time in a bloggers life when the people they know 'in real life' start to read their blog and this is one of those posts that I'm praying certain people don't read as it features their Christmas present...!
Featuring the gorgeous Hydration Coffret from the Decleor Wonders of Nature giftset collection...
Decleor Hydration Coffret

I chose this set for my friend because she's just getting into skincare and loves high quality products- and it doesn't get much more high quality than Decleor.  The Hydration Coffret set itself has a good mix of essential and complementary products that work together as a complete hydrating skincare regime.  The set contains a full sized 50ml Hydra Floral Cream, a full sized 15ml Hydra Floral Gel-Cream For Eyes and a sample size (1 third of full size) 5ml Aromessence Neroli facial serum.  I've tried all of the products myself and saw how well they perform.  They're indulgent, spa like and feel like a treat everytime they are applied.
The first product to be used in the routine would be the Aromessence Neroli serum which is one of Decleors 100% natural elixirs of pure essential oils.  To apply the oil is simple; just a couple of drops massaged and pressed into the skin with the fingertips using the Decelor acupressure method that I first discovered during a facial but you can also find out all the information online.
I've tried this serum at home before too in another 5ml sample that I received after a Decleor facial a while ago and it lasted for ages, so although this is only a sample size, it will last my friend a long time too. With it being a sample, I didn't review it on my blog however I've reviewed a similar serum from Decleor in the form of their Aromessence Rose D'Orient hereI find it quite calming and soothing on the skin as well as hydrating when used with the Hydra Floral Cream.

The Hydra Floral Cream has been my day cream of choice for the last few years now and I know it performs really well, also as a night cream, particularly in the winter time when the skin is subject to the harsh, cold elements and central heating.  Its a fairly thick cream, indulgent but quick to soak into the skin and it provides long lasting softness and hydration to the skin which is needed throughout the year but most importantly in winter time.  The cream has a special 'drip feed' action that keeps the skin continually moisturised all day and helps to protect it against the ageing effects of pollution.  It contains Orange Blossom Floral Water as well as a whole host of other nourishing natural botanicals and boosts the moisture levels of every skin type going which makes it a great choice for a Christmas gift as it is suitable for all skin types and therefore buying it is worry free!
The third skincare product in the set is the Hydra Floral Moisturising Gel-Cream For Eyes which is essential for keeping the delicate skin around the eyes hydrated.  In this skincare gift set there is a full size 15ml tube of the eye cream which will last months as only a small amount needs to be applied around the eye using the ring fingers as they apply the least amount of pressure and don't pull the skin.  Like the Hydra Floral Cream, the eye cream has 'drip feed' technology too and keeps the eye area hydrated and smooth all day which helps to combat fine lines and wrinkles caused by pollution, the environment and the cold.  Since the formula is inbetween a gel and a cream, I've found that it is very cooling too which really helps with puffy eyes and bags to soothe them and improve their appearence.

As a set, there are great savings to be had on these products as the Hydra Floral Cream retails for £39.50 for a 50ml pot on its own, the Hydra Floral Moisturising Gel-Cream For Eyes is £24.80 for a 15ml tube and a 15ml bottle of the Aromessence Neroli is £44 so this 5ml bottle would be around £14.66 whereas the whole set itself retails for £42.
Oh and as a bit of a Brucey Bonus, the gift set also contains a jewellery ring holder in the shape of a gold tree which will look gorgeous on any girls dressing table.
I think this is a great set to give any skincare lover, especially someone who is just starting out with skincare as all of the products can be used morning and night and are suited to all skin types.  I got this giftset from the Decleor website but it is also available in spas and from department stores.
Have you bought any Decleor Christmas gift sets this year?  Which one is your favourite?


Friday, 21 December 2012

WhatLauraWore: All In For Christmas!

When it comes to Christmas shopping, I like to be comfortable but it’s important to me to look fashionable too.  Christmas shopping is a bit of an event for my fiancĂ© and I as every year we go late night shopping at the Metro Centre to get gifts for our friends and family and we make a night of it.  Shopping until our feet hurt with a coffee break in between, then we dump our bags in the car and go for a nice meal and I have a couple of glasses of wine.

This year, I opted to wear the Knit Multi Heart Jumper in black with cream hearts from the AX Paris Curve range for my shopping spree.  I love the heart print of this jumper so much that I’m really tempted to get the stone one too!  The jumper itself is oversized but I sized up again so that it was even more slouchy as I love to wear oversized jumpers as dresses.  This gorgeous jumper can be worn on the shoulders or off for that relaxed look.  It is a great layering piece too- I’ve found it works particularly well with a little camisole underneath for extra warmth.  The jumper itself is lightweight and really easy to wear.  I literally pop mine on and go.  Here I paired it with some simple black leggings from Evans, some spike studded flats from New Look and of course, my large furry bag from River Island that is perfect for taking with me when I’m shopping as it has lots of compartments to carry all of my essentials in.  I also opted to wear a knitted head band from Primark which is in fashion once again this winter.  Knitwear like this jumper from AX Paris look so cute with knitted accessories and they can really be a statement part of your outfit.

Knit Multi Heart Jumper from AX Paris
Black leggings from Evans
Spike studded loafers from New Look
Animal print furry bag from River Island
Pink and gold bangles from Primark
Cream knitted headband from Primark
What do you like to wear to do your Christmas shopping?  Have you got all your presents in for Christmas?

Thursday, 20 December 2012

WhatLauraWore: The Christmas Party

That time of year has come where the panic sets in and we all start flapping about what we’re going to wear to all of those Christmas and New Year parties, am I right girls?  Well for me, Christmas party season certainly seems to have snuck up on my blind side this year and I’m so pleased that AX Paris have been at hand to help my through the nights out I’ve enjoyed so far this season.  One such night out was for my Christmas party with work last weekend.  The event was held in a classy riverside venue with a Casino Royale theme, so I knew from the outset that I would need to dress to impress.  For me, it was a case of go glam or go home!

I chose the Jewel Drop Back Dress in the colour aubergine (also available in red, purple, black and leopard print) because it was a colour I wouldn’t usually go for.  On the night, I felt a million dollars in this dress because it is a great fit and the embellishment on it is gorgeous.  It is a great fit; plenty of room in the bust, an elasticated back panel and just the right length to be flattering but still sexy.  I got lots of compliments on my legs at the party, let alone the dress!  The jewelled detailing on the dress meant that I didn’t need to add lots of jewellery as the sparkly jewels spoke for themselves.  I popped in some statement feather earrings from Matalan in a similar colour to the dress and wore a silver bangle from Red Herring at Debenhams to match the jewels.  I kept my other accessories simple and to a minimum, with my black clutch from Dove and peep toe heels from Matalan, to really let the dress do the talking.
Aubergine Jewel Drop Back Dress from AX Paris
Silver bangle from Red Herring at Debenhams
Black Peeptoe Heels from Matalan
Black clutch bag from Dove at Boots
Purple feather earrings from Matalan
What are you wearing to your work Christmas party this year?

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

WhatLauraWore: Pampering Day

Today I thought I'd share with you an outfit I wore recently to the beauty salon.  I was having a gel manicure and pedicure, celeb brow treatment and eyelash extensions in preparation for my holiday so I knew I'd be in the salon a long time and wanted to wear something comfortable yet stylish.  Black always looks effortlessly smart and it is a colour that I find very easy to wear... even if I'm pale without any makeup on!
The outfit centred around one of the plus size dresses that I recently got from Bon Prix.  The Frilly Hem Jersey Dress retails for a purse friendly £19.99 and is one of those items that can be dressed up or down to suit the occasion.  I'm wearing it here with some leggings and ballet flats but it would look equally as good worn without the leggings and perhaps with some long boots.  I love how the frill hem makes it look like I'm wearing a skirt which keeps the look feminine, pretty and gives the look a bit of shape.  It has a flattering v neck too with a button fastening at the neckline which can be worn open or closed.  The long sleeves and soft, light fabric also make this a great layering piece too- I've found that it works really well under my leather jacket.

Frilly Hem Jersey Dress from Bon Prix
Animal print fur bag from River Island
Leopard print and black bow flats from Primark
Gold and light pink bangles from Primark
Thomas Sabo Charm Bracelet
Gold scarf from River Island

What are your simple but chic outfit choices?

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Blogging on the Move

This summer I decided to utilise my time more efficiently.  I work very hard at my career but also spend a large chunk of my day doing blog related things and whilst my hard work pays off, I do find it difficult at times as I feel that I'm always at the computer.  At work I get an hour lunch break but to be honest, I don't really need a whole hour so this summer I bought one of the new iPads with the intention of using some of my lunch hour to blog which would hopefully give me some free time on an evening to do activities that aren't related to my blog as whilst I love it, I need a life too.

Since I bought my iPad in the summer, I've been looking for a case with a built in keyboard for ipads but the only place I could find one was on a website called Zagg but at over £100 I couldn't justify it, especially when saving for a wedding.  That was until I saw a great deal on Groupon that not only introduced me to a new brand but to a great deal as well.  I was able to get a case and bluetooth keyboard for my iPad from a brand called Uerotek for only £19.99 which was a saving of 67% off the retail price of £59.99- what  a great deal!
The case is  made of sturdy aluminium and cradles the iPad to protect it from scratches and damage.  It has a wireless Bluetooth QWERTY keyboard within the case which makes it feel like I'm just typing on a little laptop and the case itself acts as a stand for my iPad too, allowing it to stand both horizontally and vertically.  This will also be great for when I travel as I'll be able to stand my iPad up to watch films which I currently can't do with my Bags of Love photo iPad case.  This aluminium case fits inside the Bags of Love sleeve which I was so pleased about!  The Uerotek case also features a rechargeable lithium battery provides the power to the keyboard and there is automatic sleep and wake-up functions that kick into action when the case is opened or closed.  This has proved so useful to me, especially while at work and when travelling as I can blog and prepare posts on the move.  The only fault I have found with it is that depending on the surface I am using it on, the weight of the iPad can sometimes make the keyboard tip backwards, not enough for it to fall over but enough for it to lift up at the front.  This isn't much of a problem as when I'm typing it stays down anyway and doesn't occur too often.

As a side note, I thought it would be a good idea to meantion the apps I use for blog related activity on my iPad and iPhone after a reader commented asking what I use.  Well, I do have the Blogger app downloaded however I'm not a fan of it at the moment as I think it is too unlike Blogger itself and instead I like to blog on the usual website through Safari.  I tend to take all of my photos, upload them onto my computer and paste them together with my border and logo, I then upload them onto individual blog posts on Blogger and save them as drafts, then when I'm out and about, I can just go into Blogger through Safari (the internet) and write my posts.  To read blogs, I use the Bloglovin' app where I subscribe to my most loved blogs.  I think the app is so easy to use and really well laid out- like a simplified version of the online website.
I can't believe I could have missed out on this offer as if it wasn't for Groupon not only would I have never known about Uerotek and wouldn't have got an iPad case and keyboard but I also wouldn't have made such a good saving.  The Groupon website was really easy to use, very quick to sign up, easy to select the groupon voucher I wanted to purchase and easy to pay for it.  I love how it allowed me to purchase more than one of the same Groupon deal too as I was able to get one of these cases for my father too at the same great saving.  I'm really impressed and will definitely use the service again, especially after seeing that I can get great discounts on mini breaks and beauty and restaurant deals in my local area.
Here is the link to the Groupon website where you can search for deals in your own area and nationwide too.
What Groupon deals have you taken advantage of?

Monday, 17 December 2012

Christmas Gift Guide

Today I thought I'd share with you some Christmas gifts I've been buying this year and some items I thought would make nice stocking fillers.
First up is the Daily Energizers gift set from Clarins which contains three products from the popular Daily Energizers range.  The products are full of radiance boosting ingredients to perk up young skin.
Daily Energizers Gift Set

This is a great budget option for Clarins lovers and skin care novices alike.  The Daily Energizer set contains a full size 30ml Daily Energizer Cream (which usually retails for £20), a 30ml sample size Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel and a 30ml Sample size Wake-Up Booster.  I had originally wanted to buy just the cream for my friend but the set actually worked out to be much better value and I thought it would be nice for her to have a couple of other products to try.
I've used all of these products before myself and found them to be very brightening and awakening, making them great for young skin, particularly in its twenties; you know the type, subjected to long, late nights, partying, studying and not to mention stress and ageing pollution.  With that in mind, these products are formulated to hydrate, protect, energise and correct minor imperfections the skin so that it can maintain a flawless, radiant complexion.
I'd say that these products are pretty much suitable for all skin types and would therefore make a great Christmas present for anyone.  The cream in particular made my skin feel so soft and smooth all day long without leaving an oily residue on the skin.  Not only did this provide a great base for applying my everyday makeup but it kept my oily skin shine free too.

I got this gift set from Feel Unique but it is also available from lots of other places online.  Whilst I was ordering this on Feel Unique, I also spotted some cute Burts Bees gift sets that I thought would make great stocking fillers for my friends Christmas gifts.
Burts Bees Basics Pomegranate Gift Set
I picked up a few of the Burts Bees Basics Pomegranate Gift Sets to use as stocking fillers to run alongside my friends main presents.  These cute little gift sets contain a replenishing lip balm and a hand salve.  I've used both of these before but in the plain beeswax version.  The hand salve in particular is great for popping in your bag when you're out and about to keep your hands soft and supple.
Of course it wouldn't be Christmas if it wasn't for Boots and their Christmas 3 for 2 on gifts.  I've bought loads this year from Nandos sets to Ted Baker mens gift sets but I wrapped them all up and gave them to the respective receivers well in advance of my holiday to Tenerife this week so I don't have any to show you except this gorgeous set from FCUK.
FCUK: The Toiletry Bag
One of my friends often works away from home and I thought this kit would be perfect for her when shes travelling as the black patent toiletry bag has two zipped compartments, one deeper than the other to house all of her makeup products, brushes and perhaps skincare too.  I have one of these myself and found it great when on holiday.
All of the products are full size and smell of the popular Signature fragrance which is fresh and fruity smelling.  The Signature Bodywash is 300ml, the Bodybutter 200ml and the Bodyspray 150ml.  The set also contains a purple body polisher.  These products can be bought separately which I've also done in the past to use as stocking fillers.  This is a great, classy looking little kit to add a bit of glamour to your Christmas gifts.
Clarins, OPI and Models Own
I always think that a nice foot cream or hand cream with a nail polish or two makes a really cute gift, especially in wintertime.  My favourite foot cream is the Foot Beauty Treatment Cream from Clarins.  I've repurchased this for myself countless times and have bought this for so many of my friends as gifts that I've lost count.  The nail polishes I show here are from my most favourite brand Models Own (Juicy Jules and Champagne in the top right photo and Pink Blush in the bottom right photo and from the Wonderland collection we have Northern Lights in the below left photo and Snowflakes in the below right photo) and also OPI, this one is Nothin' Mouse About It from the Minnie Mouse Collection and has gorgeous little hearts within the polish.
Polishes like these, particularly the Models Own ones are an affordable way to get your friend a high quality, glitzy and thoughtful gift this Christmas.  I really like the idea of putting together a few products yourself to create a tailor made Christmas gift set and that's something else that I have done with some younger friends gifts this year.
100 Ways for Every Girl to Look and Feel Fantastic Book
Good Things Products
The book 100 Ways for Every Girl to Look and Feel Fantastic by Alice Hart-Davis and Beth Hindhaugh is a great read for teens as it promotes things being healthy and taking good care of yourself all in a friendly, fun to read format.  Coupled with some skincare products from Good Things, the skincare line also by Alice Hart-Davis, make a great tailor made gift for any young woman.
What are your favourite products from these brands?  Have you bought any gift sets like these this year?


Sunday, 16 December 2012

WhatLauraDid: Week 51

Quite a makeup free week now that my brows and lashes are done
I'm finally all in for Christmas.  My gifts have been bought, wrapped and all given out.  This year I have been mega organised, even more so than last year which I didn't think it was possible to top but I did it!  Here's to many stress free Christmases ahead!
This week, I blogged about eye colours and makeup styles as well as some Etat Pur products that have been keeping my skin soft and supple over the last month.

This weeks fashion post showcased my new poncho from s.Oliver at Curvissa.  I also posted a trend led post looking at the Baroque style.

What have you been up to this week?

Friday, 14 December 2012

Skin Softening from Etat Pur

D-Panthenol Vitamin B5 Pure Active A32 (£11.60 for 15ml) and Hand Repair Care B62 (£6.80 for 50ml)
Over the last couple of months, I have been trying out some new skincare, specifically targeted for the hands.  The skin on my hands is dry at the best of times but becomes chapped, split and sore in the winter months and becomes unbearable.  My main way to ease this is by keeping my hands moisturised at all times, particularly before and after going out into the cold.  The frosty weather and central heating play havoc with the skin on my hands at this time of year.

A couple of products I've been trying are from Etat Pur which is a brand I'd previously not tried before I was asked if I'd like to review them.  These were Biomimetic Skincare B62 and Pure Active A32.

Biomimetic Skincare B62
The Biomimetic Skincare B62 is a hand repair care product in the form of a super soft cream that moisturises, nourishes and protects dry or damaged hands.  It soothes and repairs the skin leaving it feeling soft and comfortable.
The texture of the cream encompasses a comforting feeling by being rich and deeply nourishing.  It soaks into the skin really quickly which is perfect for when I'm at my desk at work and leaves a velvety finish.  One of the things that I love the most about this cream is that it has a non-sticky finish in that it doesn't leave a greasy coating on the hands for ages after use which is what I hate about other hand products I've tried so I was pleased to see that this hand cream isn't like that.  I do find that after I have applied it, it is slightly tacky for the first minute or so before it fully sinks in and then my hands feel totally nourished and velvety soft.

For those days where my skin is ridiculously dry then I opt for the D-Panthenol Vitamin B5, Pure Active A32
D-Panthenol Vitamin B5, Pure Active A32

This product can be used not only on the hands but on other areas of the body that are very dry, like the face, or rough like elbows.  What initially attracted me to D-Panthenol was that I'd heard it is brilliant for those who suffer from psoriasis which I do.  Lately my psoriasis has been flaring up on my elbows and been particularly irritating, dry and flaky which catches on my knitwear.

I've been applying this product as more of a treatment for the last month and whilst it hasn't taken away my psoriasis, as it is stress related, it has certainly soothed my skin and softened the dry flaky areas making them much less painful.  I started by applying it to my elbows morning and night for two weeks and then I saw the most improvement in the skin in this area so I dropped down to using it once a day in the morning thereafter and this has helped to maintain the softness of the skin on my elbows.

The cute little bottle dispenses just the right amount of product by pressing the bottom of the bottle, making it really easy to use and mess free.  It is almost like an oil in texture that sinks into the skin immediately leaving it feeling incredibly soft and supple without leaving a greasy residue.  I'd definitely repurchase this!

Etat Pur products are available direct from their website which I'd recommend checking out, particularly for their gift sets which would make great Christmas gifts.  The D-Panthenol Vitamin B5 Pure Active A32 is priced at £11.60 for 15ml which may seem pricey but a little goes a very long way and the Hand Repair Care B62 is £6.80 for 50ml.

Have you tried any Etat Pur products?  How did you find them?
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