Tuesday, 28 February 2012

WhatLauraVlogged: Night Out With Friends

Just a quick post with me this evening to share with you a vlog I made over the weekend when I went out with some of my old school friends.  They're a lovely bunch :) I hope you like it!

Do you vlog? Have you got any requests for videos from me?

Sunday, 26 February 2012

WhatLauraDid: Week 9

WhatLauraLoves This Week:
School Friends, Pretty shoes, New Look, Vlogging, Dior Amber Diamond Highlight, Bed hair, Lemonade, Pink Sands Yankee Candle, YouTube, Bio Oil, Avene skincare, Tiny Tower, iMovie, Editing photos, pretty sandals, Peartiser, mild weather, Granny Smith cocktails.

I've had a great week.  Nothing in particular to report, nothing ground breaking, just a really good week spent relaxing and spending time with family and friends.  I became addicted to a couple of iPhone games; Temple Run and Tiny Tower and I also discovered some great cheap apps; Colour Splash which is a app that allows you to edit photos so that the whole picture is grey but with some features in colour, very cool, and iMovie which is great for making on the go vlogs and uploading them fairly quickly to YouTube.  This will definitely encourage me to upload more as it is so much easier than faffing on with my camcorder.

Pancake Day was awesome this year as sad as that sounds!  I haven't had pancakes for years as I've never really been too keen on them. This year, I really fancied them though and wanted to try them again after all these years. I had mine with strawberries and Golden Syrup and they were delicious!  What did you have in yours? If you look closely in the photo above, you can see Daisy May trying to greed some pancake off Mr WLL! Naughty but so cute!

On Thursday I went to a spa and had a manicure, pedicure and an omnilux and microdermabrasion facial as well as another treatment which I'm not too sure if ill talk about on WhatLauraLoves... and on Friday I went out for lunch with my friend to a wine bar and restaurant along the sea front.  I also popped into New Look and bought some more shoes and jewellery so expect another New Look haul coming up this week.  On Saturday night I went out for an Indian meal with a few of my friends that I went to school with and then we went out for a few drinks in town, it was lovely to see them.
This week on WhatLauraLoves:
Speaking of New Look hauls, I posted this WhatLauraBought New Look Haul  earlier on this week.  I blogged about two great skincare companies this week too; Decleor and Avene.  I've used the Decleor Cleansing Milk and Tonifying Lotion for years and really recommend it for those looking for something gentle and non offensive; its great for those with sensitive skin.  For those with really dry skin, I'd recommend reading my review of the Avene Extremely Rich Compensating Cream as it would be perfect for your skin type.

On Friday, I tried my hand at vlogging and filmed my first ever 'follow me around' style vlog.  I also posted a WhatLauraWore post of the outfit I wore in the vlog.  Thank you all for such a lovely response on YouTube and my Twitter, I really appreciate it.  I must admit I did feel a little silly talking to myself, especially when out in public, but I am getting used to it and have filmed another that I'll be uploading tonight.

I started vlogging in response to some requests on Twitter, so if there's any other blog posts or Youtube videos that you'd like to request, please let me know either in the comments, on Twitter or by emailing me at whatlauraloves@gmail.com and I'll get round to them as soon as I can!

Saturday, 25 February 2012

WhatLauraWore: My First Follow Me Around Vlog

Yesterday I filmed my first 'follow me around' style vlog as it was requested on my Twitter page, you can watch it on my Youtube Channel here.  I didn't have a clue what I was doing and felt like a complete fool but alas, I have successfully filmed it, edited it and uploaded it all through my iPhone 4s.  I used my new iMovie app to edit the vlog and in all honesty, it has been the best £2.99 I've spent on apps on my phone, with the exception of buying extra Smurfberries on Smurfs Village of course...

This is the outfit I wore yesterday and in my vlog, hope you like it.  I realise that I look completely wind swept and I am squinting because the sun was so bright, however my clothes aren't wind swept and they themselves can't squint which I'm sure is the main thing.

Pink swallow dress from New Look
Black leggings from Evans
Pink flower earrings from Primark
Rose gold watch by DKNY
Bag by Juicy Couture
Black bow pumps from Primark

I'm working all weekend now but I hope that you all have lots of exciting things to get up to!

Stay Beautiful <3

Thursday, 23 February 2012

WhatLauraBought: New Look Haul

Despite being Thursday, today is the start of my weekend as I'm off today and tomorrow and working on the actual weekend.  I'm having a pamper day today at a local beauty salon at a spa near to where I live.  I'm having my usual omnilux and microdermabrasion facial, a mani and pedi and possibly another treatment. 

Today on WhatLauraLoves I thought I would show you some of the things I've picked up in recent weeks from New Look.  They're continuously improving in my opinion.  I'm finding more and more clothes in the Inspire range that I like and their shoes and jewellery are consistently beautiful.  For me, when I'm buying jewellery I'm often at either end of the spectrum.  I either buy cheap costume jewellery or very expensive gold or platinum diamond jewellery.  There isn't much middle ground for me.  I find New Looks costume jewellery to be reasonably price, great quality as they are robust and don't tarnish easily (yes, I'm comparing to you River Island!), and not too cheap looking (like Primark jewellery can sometimes look).  Some of these pieces you will have seen, some are new.  Check out the sandals and flip flops that they've already started getting in for the summer.  They're so pretty, stylish and very cheap to buy.
Carved Rose Bracelet Set, £7.99
Carved Rose and Leaf Drop Earrings, £3.99
Embellished Toe Post Sandals, £24.99
Wide Fit Leopard Print Ballet Pumps, £15.99
Contrast Patent Sandals in Stone and Leopard Print, £12.99
Inspire Ponte Belted Dress in Navy and Green, £24.99
Have you picked up any good buys in New Look lately? Where has your favourite place to shop been lately?  Do you always shop the high street or are you more of a designer shopper?

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Avene Extremely Rich Compensating Cream

Eau Thermale Avene Extremely Rich Compensating Cream, £16.50 from Boots
Eau Thermale Avene Extremely Rich Compensating Cream helps to strengthen the skins natural barrier against the elements which can make skin drier and age prematurely.  It is full of natural plant based ingredients like shea butter and safflower oil which nourish, hydrate and restore the skin and of course, it contains Avene's renowned thermal spring water which is known for it's anti irritating and soothing properties.
Despite being such a thick cream (it even comes with a spatula!), it absorbs really easily into the skin and begins moisturising from the moment you apply it.  I find that it stays ever so slightly tacky, but not greasy, on the skin for at least an hour or so after application which I personally like as some creams are absorbed so quickly that within an hour you wouldn't know you'd applied it.  The Avene Extremely Rich Compensating cream continues to moisturise for hours!

This cream is ideally suited to those with the driest of skins, for whom it makes the perfect day cream, particularly in the winter months.  However I would still say that those with oily skin can benefit from this cream.  I myself, have combination to oily skin and wear this cream at night.  I always have noticeably softer skin when I wake up in the morning after I've used this.  Its fantastic to use if you have a cold too.  I first started using this cream after I had a cold and I was hating how the middle of my face was rough and flaky from blowing my nose too much.  This cream really soothed my skin and restored it back to good health!


Monday, 20 February 2012

Decleor Cleansing Milk and Tonifying Lotion

I have lost count of the amount of times I have repurchased these two, so I thought it was about time I reviewed them on WhatLauraLoves.  The Cleansing Milk and Tonifying Lotion are two of Decleor's best selling products and I have used them as my main cleanser and toner for years.  I've said this many times in the past, but I first started using Decleor after an unfortunate experience with Clinique's Three Step System where the toner was that strong it was like paint stripper.  Decleor's cleanser and toner couldn't be further from this; they're both so gentle they're perfect for all skin types, even the most sensitive of skins.  They're both packed full of essential oils and essential waters that your skin welcomes with each use.

Decleor Cleansing Milk
with Essential Oils and Essential Waters - Face and Eyes-

The Decleor Cleansing Milk is an incredibly light, milky cleanser that is lightly fragranced with essential oils, of which lavender can be particularly noted.  The cleansing milk does remove most makeup and dirt from my face however if I have a full face of heavy makeup, notably Estee Lauder's Double Wear, then I will take the thick of my makeup off with baby wipes and then deeply cleanse with the cleansing milk and toner.
To apply it, I dampen a couple of cotton wool pads slightly with some water so that they're damp, not soaking and I then squirt some of cleansing milk on the cotton pad before gently wiping it over my face and neck.  Dampening the cotton pad, means the cleansing milk isn't as easily absorbed so you end up using less product

Decleor Tonifying Lotion
with Essential Oils and Essential Waters

I always use the Decleor Tonifying Lotion hand in hand with the Cleansing Milk as they are the perfect accompaniment to one another.  The toner is alcohol free so it isn't harsh on my skin and it still does a fantastic job of removing any remaining oil, makeup and dirt from my face left over after cleansing.  The Decleor Tonifying lotion leaves my skin smooth and oil free, but not dry, and prepared for the application of further skincare products.  To apply, I simply soak it into a cotton pad and sweep over my face and neck.

If you've had bad experiences with other cleansers and toners, if you're looking for something natural and gentle or if you've got sensitive skin then I would highly recommend the Decleor Cleansing Milk and Tonifying Lotion.

Decelor have since changed the packaging of the majority of their skincare range.  I always buy my Decleor products from my local beauty salon when Decleor release their special edition 400ml bottles for almost the same price as the 250ml.  If you prefer to shop online, then there is the Decleor website where the 250ml bottles are £19.50 but if I were you, I'd be heading over to Feel Unique where you can pick up the 400ml bottles for £17.85 each with free delivery.

Have you tried Decleor products before? What is your favourite cleanser and toner?

Sunday, 19 February 2012

WhatLauraDid: Week 8

WhatLauraLoves This Week
Estee Lauder Re Nutriv, Cherry Coke cocktails, 2-4-1 deals, love, Origins Vitazing, DVD nights, UGG boots, Daisy May's hair cut, Home and Away, dangly earrings, wavy hair

Mr WLL and I celebrated both Valentines Day and our anniversary this week.  We didn't want to do anything too flash or costly, like in years gone by.  This year we had a lovely night in, with a massive pizza, salad and garlic bread takeaway and watched Eat Prey Love and Valentines Day on DVD.  Gift wise, Mr WLL got me my Kindle 4 (yes I opened it early!) and all the bits to go with it and I got him tickets for the last football game of the season.  For our anniversary, we wanted to go on an old school date; so we went to Revolution for a burger and cocktails and then watched a film.

This week on WhatLauraLoves, I posted about my favourite primer Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch which I never leave out of my makeup routine.  I've also been trying out the latest dry shampoo release from Batiste, Cherry.  Its fun, flirty and fruity, I love it!  I made another addition to WhatLauraWore, this time with a casual outfit that I wore to the cinema.  I've been going to the cinema LOADS lately.  This week, I went to see The Vow with my best friend which was brilliant, so sad but happy at the same time and with Mr WLL I went to see Chronicle which was surprisingly ok and The Muppets which bored me to tears unfortunately.

What have you been up to this week?  What were your favourites this week?

Batiste Cherry Review

This week, I popped my Batiste Cherry...

My favourite dry shampoo brand Batiste have launched their new fragrance; Cherry.  Everything about Batiste Cherry is perfect for the spring and summer, from its scent to its packaging. This is definitely going to be one of my must haves this spring!  The scent is so fruity it smells good enough to eat  so if you love the smell of cherries and fruity fragrances, you'll adore this.  It isn't too strong, sickly sweet or artificial though, more of a pretty natural cherry scent.  I adore the vintage style packaging too- this can looks great on my dressing table.

Batiste Cherry works just as effectively as my other Batiste faves Wild and Brit.  Simply spray at the roots, rub vigorously and brush through to create volumised texture in hair that is free from oil and grease.  I've used Batiste for years so I'm well rehearsed in using it.  Check out my video below to see how I create volumised, oil free hair using Batiste.

Batiste Cherry retails at £2.99 from Superdrug, Boots, supermarkets and chemists.

Have you tried Cherry yet?  What is your favourite Batiste dry shampoo?

Friday, 17 February 2012

WhatLauraWore: Casual Days

Its Friday!!  I thought I'd never make it but I have and the weekend is here.  Before I go off to enjoy what is left of my evening, I thought I'd share with you a casual outfit that I wore to the cinema recently.  Mr WLL and I often go to see a couple of films at a time as it's a cheap night out for us because we have the Cineworld passes.  For £14.99 a month we can go to see as many films as we like; I'd highly recommend getting one if you have a Cineworld near you!  My outfit isn't anything special, just something casual without being too relaxed.

This bag sparked a bit of a debate in our household.  Although I know it is like a leopard print, it really reminds me of an owl for some reason... do let me all know what you think?!

Love jumper dress from Evans
Coloured leggings from Newlook
Leopard print pumps from Newlook
Scarf from River Island
Bag from River Island
Panda hat from River Island
Leopard print and Swarovski crystal watch from Guess
Cannes bracelet from Tresor Paris
White gold and diamond rings

Have you been to see any good films lately?  What are your plans for the weekend?


Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch

Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch, £24 from Clarins
Instant Smooth is one of my favourite products from Clarins.  It's a miracle skin perfecting primer that plumps the skin and smooths fine lines and reduces the appearance of large pores to give you a flawless looking complexion.  The texture is silky smooth and it literally melts into your skin which makes it a joy to apply.  I apply it using my fingertips, either alone, which I love if I've got a tan, or before I've applied my makeup, which is how I mostly use it.  You're supposed to just apply it over your fine lines, wrinkles and enlarged pores but I apply it all over my face as I love how smooth it makes my skin.  It minimises all of my flaws and if I have any rough, flaky, uneven areas or blemishes then this seems as though it puts an invisible veil over these areas to smooth them, therefore stopping my foundation clinging to these drier areas; it literally glides on after using this.  You can also mix this with a foundation and apply it that way, although I haven't tried this so I can't really comment on its effectiveness.

This product is definitely suitable for all skin types; if you have dry skin, it will smooth all of your skin and if you have oily skin like I have then this will be absolutely for you as it absorbs excess moisture as you apply it and it gets to work on smoothing and plumping the skin.  I find that it stops my skin from being as oily and shiny throughout the day and it makes my make up last so much longer.

A little goes a long way so this pot lasts a couple of months with everyday use.  I used to buy mine from the Clarins counter at House of Fraser but recently I've been getting it from Feel Unique where it is £21.60 with delivery.  Instant Smooth is such a high quality Clarins favourite, it is worth every penny!

Have you tried Clarins Instant Smooth? What is your favourite primer?

Sunday, 12 February 2012

WhatLauraDid: Week 7

Sunday is here again and I can't help but notice how quickly the weeks are flying by.  I have spent the majority of this week lying on the sofa with my duvet and puppy Daisy May as I've been feeling so poorly.  My skin has seemed to react badly to being poorly too.  I've been moisturising all week as usual and my face and body are fine but on Friday my hands started to look like the photos above... very strange.  No matter how much I moisturise, they're still flaky and its just my hands!  I tweeted these photos on Saturday and so many of you responded with ideas as to what it could be and what I could use to treat it so I am going to give those a go this week.  A lovely follower also offered to send me some cream that she uses and has found to work for her which was so nice of her, so I'll give that a go and post about how effective it is, once I've given it time to work.  I began to feel better on Friday so I went back to work and Mr WLL and I went to the cinema on the night and twice on Saturday.  We've been to see Man On A Ledge which was absolutely BRILLIANT, a total must see, The Grey which was good but the ending was a bit pointless and Woman In Black which was pretty scary for a 12a!  We went to the Bridal Gathering wedding fayre today which was so good.  Lots of entertainment, food and drinks to try and lots of displays so we could get some ideas.

This week was skincare week on WhatLauraLoves. I've written about some of my favourite moisturises and some of the skincare products I've been using most recently. First up was the Decleor Aroma Confort Moisturising Body Milk which I have used religiously for years, followed by a product rave about Bio Oil.  Towards the end of the week, I posted 3 reviews on some Trilogy skincare products; two moisturises and an exfoliater.  I've still got some more skincare products to post about but I thought you all may get a little bored of posts purely dedicated to skincare so I've rescheduled them for a couple of weeks time; I've got a couple of Avene reviews, a Manuka Doctor rave (lets face it, I'm obsessed with the brand so any review was always going to be a rave!) and some Decleor posts to go up too.  If skincare is not your thing, this week I also blogged an outfit post of the green version of the navy Kate Middleton esq dress I wore out the other week and this coming week, I have another outfit post coming up and some makeup posts that I hope you'll enjoy.  Let me know if there's anything else that you'd like to see on WhatLauraLoves.

What have you been up to this week?  What have your weekly favourites been? Have you seen any good films lately?

Friday, 10 February 2012

Winter Skin Saviour: Trilogy Skincare

The winter months play havoc with my usually oily skin.  Whilst I've been blessed with relatively resilient, blemish free (most of the time!) skin, there's some conditions that my skin doesn't cope too well with and that's the cold.  Up until now we've been fairly lucky with our weather up here in the North East.  That was up until the last few weeks where the temperature has plummeted and we've had lots of snow, ice and frost brrrr.

So to continue with Skincare Week on WhatLauraLoves, I thought I'd write today about two moisturises from Trilogy and a facial scrub that I have been sent to try out for you all.  These are three very high quality skincare products which all contain very natural ingredients.  They are quite heavily scented for skincare products, more so than other moisturises and facial exfoliants that I've used but again, the fragrance is pure and natural.  There's nothing artificial and manufactured about Trilogy products that's for sure!

Trilogy Ultra Hydrating Face Cream
I have thoroughly enjoyed using this cream, it is gorgeous and smells amazing; you can really smell the lavender and the manuka honey in it.  I love using it at night time because of that as it really relaxes me and helps me sleep.  The consistency is thick but it sinks in straight away and makes my skin feel soft from the moment I apply it.  I've also used the Ultra Hydrating Face Cream as a face mask by applying a thicker layer and leaving it on for 30 minutes while I relax in the bath before washing it off.  Since I ran out of my Manuka Doctor Apinourish Rejuvenating Face Mask I have been using this once a week and loved how nourish it has made my skin feel.  I'd say this cream was suitable for all skin types.

Trilogy Vital Moisturising Cream
Of the three products this is my least favourite as it just didn't work wonders for my skin in the way that the others did.  I felt as though it left a film on my skin and made it feel tight and because of this, I didn't find any advantage of its moisturising properties.  Mr WLL on the other hand, who has naturally dry to normal skin, has been using this for the past month now and his skin has become very soft and supple.  It sinks in straight away on his skin without leaving it tight like it does on mine.  He has thoroughly enjoyed using it and the loved seeing the effects that a bit of moisturiser brings to his skin (I've been trying to get him to use a moisturiser regularly for years!).  Out of the two moisturises, id recommend this one if you have dry skin.

Gentle Facial Exfoliant
This exfoliater is brilliant and if you like rose scented products you'll love it as it contains organic rosehip oil, making it smell very similar to the Vital Moisturising Cream.  It is made up of really fine grains, that get right down deep into the skin and really clean out the skins pores.  After I've used this my skin is much brighter as it is clear of the build up of dead skin cells.  I would use this every two to three days in the bath or shower, simply by dampening my face with warm water first, then turning the water off and slowly rubbing the exfoliant on my face in circular motions.

Trilogy skincare products are available online on their official website www.trilogyproducts.co.uk, on www.boots.com and in House of Fraser and John Lewis.  The Vital Moisturising Cream retails for £24.50 for either a 60g jar or a 50ml pump (like mine) and the Ultra Hydrating Face Cream also retails for £24.50 for a 75ml tube.  The Gentle Facial Exfoliant is £21.50 for a 75ml tube.  All are great value for money for products that are packed full of gorgeous natural ingredients.

Have you tried any Trilogy skincare products?  What are your favourite scents for skincare?

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Bio Oil Rave

Today I have a review and product rave for you on something that could benefit everyone; Bio Oil.  If you take one thing away from reading this review, then let it be this: Bio Oil is quite simply, bloody brilliant.

I've heard such wonderful things about Bio Oil but for some reason, I always put off buying it when I was younger and growing, and getting the odd stretch mark.  I probably looked at the price tag, which isn't high by the majority of peoples standards now... but when I was 15 I was looking to spend my money on shoes and nights out... which hasn't really changed eight years later, I'm just working now.  Anyway, I digress.  Now having used it years later, I really wish I had bought it sooner.  Bio Oil works.  Like REALLY works.
I was sent Bio Oil to try out back at the beginning of December and I've since repurchased it twice, once for me and once for Mr WLL as he has recently had an operation and Bio Oil has helped repair his skin as it was mending.  The scar is really improving and is definitely less severe than it would have been had he not used Bio Oil.  It has also worked wonders on my own scars.
I've had a fairly lumpy white scar on my arm for years and years now, since I was in school.  I got it after having my BCG injection (the one for tuberculosis where you have the six pricks needle first).  Anyway, after the injection healed, it left a scar on my arm that I've hated ever since.  It has always been so noticeable, it doesn't tan and it looks ugly.  Everyone I know who had it done has the same problem; they have all scared.  When I first got Bio Oil to try out, I applied it to my arms on the Friday night, completely not thinking about the scar.  I wasn't really trying it out then for the purposes of review.  I just didn't have any moisturiser with me and thought I'd put the Bio Oil on, see what it was like and then start reviewing it the week after.  I didn't use it on the Saturday, then on the Sunday night I was sitting watching TV and randomly looked at my arm, to find that I had a little patch of white flaky skin.  Like a red rag to a bull I picked it off- painless, no broken skin, simple.  It was only until I took a closer look that I realised it was my scar.  No kidding.  I'd applied Bio Oil ONCE and two days later picked off the lumpy scar skin to reveal fresh, normal skin underneath.  I absolutely couldn't believe it.  I keep checking my arm to see if I can see it and its just not there!
After these, quite honestly, miracle results, I've started using Bio Oil all over on other scars that I have and on my stretch marks.  Nothing has happened over night as drastic as for mentioned, but I have noticed a visible difference in the appearance of my stretch marks; they're definitely fading.  I've also used Bio Oil as a bath oil and as a full body moisturiser which has worked great with all this cold weather we've been having.  Central Heating plays havoc with my skin over the winter and Bio Oil has really helped to keep my skin healthy and moisturised.

I would urge everyone to try this, it is definitely worth it!

Have you had any great experiences with Bio Oil?

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Decleor Aroma Confort Moisturising Body Milk

Decleor Aroma Confort Moisturising Body Milk
Decleor are one of my favourite go-to skincare brands as they have a fantastic facial skincare range but an equally as brilliant body and sun care selection too, which I think is often rare from skincare brands as I tend to like one type of product and stick to it.

I first discovered Decleor after an unfortunate experience with the Clinique 3 step system many years ago and have used Decleor ever since both at home, on holiday and I go for a Decleor facial at my local spa every six weeks.  I've tried many products from Decleor and I can only think of one that I haven't greatly enjoyed using as much as the others.

My favourite body product from Decleor has to be the Aroma Confort Moisturising Body Milk which is packed full of essential oils.  The scent of the body milk is just amazing, so relaxing and comforting and it instantly transports me back to the salon where I have my facials and massages as they use this during many different treatments.

This body milk is perfect for use all of the body and most significantly effective, I find, on the decolletage and arms.  It has a smooth consistency and the perfect formula- neither too thick nor too watery, making it workable on the skin.

A little goes a long way without jeopardising its moisturising properties and it is quickly absorbed into the skin; this means that I can quickly apply it on a morning and put my clothes on straight away as it is non sticky.  If you feel that you don't have time to moisturise your body daily then this is a one for you to try out.  The body milk is ultra nourishing without being greasy or leaving an oily film on the skins surface and my skin remains moisturised all day.

Decleor are renowned for their essential oils and combination of therapeutic ingredients.  The Aroma Confort body milk is paraben free and contains 'oils of Meadowfoam, Coconut, Blackcurrant (Seeds), Shea Butter, Essential Waters of Kiwi, Orange and Resinoid of Myrrh, Chestnut Extract and Chestnut Milk, Wheat Proteins, Magnolia Essential Oil, Essential Wax of Rose, Narcissus and Acacia and Vitamin E Derivative'.

I've lost count of the amount of times that I've repurchased this body moisturiser.  I always try to buy the limited edition 400ml bottle when they have them at the spa as it is better value for money.

There are many Decleor salons up and down the country, but you can buy online here too and through the shopping links below.


Whats your favourite skincare brand? Have you tried Decleor?  Which scents bring back memories for you?

Monday, 6 February 2012

WhatLauraWore: Hotel California

Well close, but not quite Hotel California, more like the Roker Hotel along Sunderland's sea front.  I went to a function there recently with some work colleagues for a three course meal, show and all inclusive bar; it was bound to get messy!

Inspire Ponte Belted Dress from NewLook
Leopard print clutch from Primark
Earrings from NewLook
Bracelets from New Look
Rose Gold watch from DKNY
White gold and diamond rings
Leopard print sandals from New Look

Hair Extensions from Foxy Locks
Nail Polish in Mint Green from Barry M

I wore the green version of what I call my Kate Middleton dress.  When I first bought the navy version, I loved the colour of the green dress but thought I wouldn't suit it.  After wearing the navy one out, I loved the shape and feel of the dress so I was eager to purchase the green too; after wearing it out, I'm really happy with it.  The only downside to the green dress is that if you spill anything on it then it is very visible until it dries unlike the navy dress which is a fool proof addition to any socialites wardrobe.  Having spent the evening carefully sipping my Malibu and coke and leaning so far over my plate, I successfully avoided any spillages... only for my efforts to be ruined when I went outside to get in Mr WLL car and it was raining heavily.  Obviously by this point I was far too focused on going home to bed and concerned that my mouth tasted as though I'd eaten all of the coconuts on a small Maldivian island to care what my dress looked like.

Where do you buy your dresses from?  When you find a style you like do you tend to buy the same dress in different colours?  Whats your staple style?

Sunday, 5 February 2012

WhatLauraDid: Week 6

WhatLauraLoves this week:
Alien perfume, Debretts Etiquette for Girls, Yankee Candles wax tarts in Vanilla Frosting, pillow spray, Fake Bake Airbrush, Tok Zal Mishti, birthday parties, Kindle 4, Neom candles, strawberry room and linen spray, Decleor Rose D'Orient, snuggles on the sofa, Foxy Locks Extensions, make up free days, Bailey Button UGGs, my grey FOCCO, close friends.

This has been one of those weeks that has flown by as I reflect upon it... but at the time, it dragged!  Between work, the dentist and the doctors, there wasn't much time left for fun until Friday when Mr WLL and I went out to celebrate his birthday.  We went for a curry and then came home to watch the film Hanna which was good but it took me ages to actually understand what was going on!  We watched another good film this week too; Half Light, an Demi Moore film off a good few years ago.  That was really good, I'd definitely recommend checking that out if you're into thrillers.

I got a Kindle 4 this week, its supposed to be for Valentines Day and our Anniversary but Mr WLL picked it up early just incase the shops sold out.  I'm going to sit and work out how to use it tonight and I've got some books already to go on it.  If you would like me to review the Kindle or if you've got any book recommendations then please let me know.

My oily skin has taken quite a dry turn in recent weeks.  I'm not surprised though as the heating has been on full blast since the temperature has dropped dramatically in the UK.  The North East seems to have got off lightly though as friends in London have reported lots of heavy snow.  We just have a bit of ice up here!  I've been using a cream by Trilogy to combat the dry patches I've been getting so I'll review that soon for you all to read.

I blogged about some foldable shoes called Tipsy Feet this week and boy did I need them, I was like bambi on ice walking in my Dune heels on Saturday night!  I also posted about the Gok Wan for Simply Yours event that I went to in London last week so check out those if you would like to keep up to date :)

What have you been up to this week? What are your favourites?  Can you recommend any good books for me to download or films to watch?

Friday, 3 February 2012

Leopard Print Tipsy Feet

Leopard Print Foldable Shoes size 7-8 £24.99 from www.tipsyfeet.co.uk
Tipsy Feet are flat pumps that fold away into a small matching pouch that can be kept in your handbag, carried as a clutch or in the glove box of your car.  They're great for taking on nights out for when your feet hurt in high heels as they're flat and comfortable, saving your aching soles after dancing the night away.  I have the leopard print ones but they're available in so many other colours and patterns.  The pouch that comes with them is in the same colour as the shoes and folds out into a durable carrier bag, perfect for carrying your heels about in after you've taken them off and put your Tipsy Feet on!  You can also check them into a cloakroom at a night club like this too.

Size wise, they're available in Small (UK 3-4), Medium (UK 5-6), Large (UK 7-8) and Extra Large (UK 9-10).  Such a wide choice, I've never seen shoes like this go up to a 9-10.  I have a very tall friend who wears a size 10 shoe and she will be overjoyed that these are available in her size!

Trying out the Tipsy Feet, really comfortable!
It's Mr WLL's birthday this weekend and we're off out for a meal and drinks with some friends.  Outfit wise, I'm wearing this navy dress from NewLook and a creamy nude clutch bag from French Connection (YEARS old!) and these new nude shoes from Dune, they're the Candy D Sling Back Court Shoes and they're beautiful.  Its very very rare that I wear heels as I had a car accident a few years ago so I can't last very long in high shoes- not only do they hurt my feet but my back too.  I've wanted a pair of nude heels for ages and finally took the plunge last week and ordered these beauties.  I figured that since we're going for a meal and a few sophisticated glasses in a wine bar, I wont be standing up too much and wont have to walk very far so I should be ok, especially since I have these for when my feet they get sore.  The dress has a skinny leopard print belt so not only will these relieve my feet when they begin to hurt but they wont look out of place with my outfit either!

What are you up to this weekend? Got any gorgeous outfits planned?  Are you a heels or flats girl?

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