Tuesday, 20 March 2012

WhatLauraWore: Making the Most of my Clothes!

This is an outfit I wore recently while I ran some errands and popped to the shops.  I've filmed a vlog wearing this dress which will be up shortly, as soon as I've got time to put it together on iMovie.  I really enjoyed wearing this dress, its a little short at the front and back but its super pretty and I love how it is quite casual too, with the little pockets but it can be dressed up just as easily.  Later in the day, I added a cropped denim jacket by Joe Browns at Simply Be as it got a little too windy.  I hate it when its so warm outside but the wind cools things down!

Flower and palm leaf dress from Evans
Couture Is Bliss bag by Juicy Couture
Nail polish on hands and toes is Elephantastic Pink by OPI

Over the last few weeks, I've been following a strict diet and I'm quickly losing weight (I will post about my experiences with dieting, I promise, but I'm planning on doing this after the first month!).  Soon enough, I'm going to need a new wardrobe so in the meantime, I am seizing every opportunity to wear the pretty clothes in my wardrobe and make the most of them before I no longer fit into them.  I'm planning on selling my clothes on Ebay as I downsize so I'll let you all know when they're up too.

Do you make the most of the warm days by wearing your prettiest clothes?  What are your favourite outfits at the moment?



  1. Gorgeous! and OMG can I please have your legs, they are amazing! xxx

  2. You look so good!

    Almost every day here is Australia is hot ... im making a trip home to the UK for Xmas and worried ill freeze to death as i dont have any "winter" clothes!

    Looking forward to the ebay sale! x

    1. Australia? WOW! If I lived there I doubt I'd ever want to leave lol Well I suppose the best part about not having many winter clothes is that when you get over here you'll be able to go shopping!! xxx

  3. hey Laura, love your blog! what diet are you doing? xx

    1. Hi Honey

      I'll be doing a post on my diet and exercise very shortly xxx

  4. OMG! Laura you look amazing. You are doing seriously well on ur diet. So proud of you. And I second the legs comment xx

    1. Thanks Laura, its really nice that people have started to notice. I'm feeling great! xxx


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