Monday, 18 June 2012

No7 Natural Blush in Candy Pink

No7 Natural Blush in #22 Candy Pink. £9.50 from Boots
I've been looking for the ultimate Barbie pink blusher for a long time and I have finally found my match in the No7 Natural Blush in Candy Pink.  It is very well pigmented and adds a bright pop of pink colour on the cheeks.  For a softer look, you can also apply it using a light hand to create a softer effect.  The powder itself is tightly packed in the pan and when swatched it isn't too finely milled.  It is incredibly soft and applies smoothly to the cheeks.  I use an angled blush brush when applying this.
It was £9.50 from Boots but I bought it with one of the £5 off vouchers which made it a total bargain.  With it being so well pigmented you don't need to apply a lot of product so I anticipate this lasting a long time.  When the £5 off voucher next comes along, I'm going to try out some more shades from No7.  I tried ones years ago and it wasn't very pigmented at all, very wishy washy but using Candy Pink and seeing such a lovely flush of colour has made me want to try more of them.  I have used up the majority of my single blushers in the last few months (well, except the new Sheer Cover ones I got recently) and opted for my palettes from MAC and a budget 28 blush palette from Ebay but I realised that I really do need some single blushers to take away with me on holiday and nights away so a few more of these No7 blushers will come in handy.

Have you tried any No7 blushers?  Can you recommend any shades to me?


  1. Ooh, it's lush and looks great on you! xoxo

  2. Lovely colour, really suits you

  3. Wow I really love this shade! I'm going to be picking this up next time im in boots, I always skip over the no7 range, in my local shop it's in the corner away from all the other make up bits x


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