Sunday, 30 September 2012

WhatLauraDid: Week 40

A photo from Turkey the last time I was there

This week I celebrated my birthday which I'll give you all the gossip about next week but for the time being, let me tell you, it was one of the best birthdays I've ever had!
Other than my quick birthday post, this week has focused quite a lot on nails but they're one area that I like to make sure looks good at all times.  Its something that's so quick and easy to keep on top of with the right products and keeps you looking well groomed and polished.  I reviewed one of my most treasured shades this week, Models Own's Champagne which is a gorgeous metallic shimmery shade that looks gorgeous on both finger nails and on toes.  Speaking of toes, I also blogged about my favourite pedicure shades this week from brands like OPI, Barry M and Models Own.  I also shared a quick snapshot of my latest acrylic manicure that I have had done for my holidays.
I also blogged about Hand Food by Soap and Glory and my favourite Tweezers from Tweezerman.  I cannot live without these, they're a staple in my beauty bag!
What have you been up to this week?


Saturday, 29 September 2012

Holiday Nails

Today I thought I'd post a quick snapshot of the nails I had done for my holiday.  A simple white french tip with a glittery silver line going across and a flower added to my ring finger.  The bright white french tip is sure to go with any outfit and the flower makes them summery and adds a pop of colour. Very pretty and girlie.  Acrylic nails are great for holidays as they're hard wearing and long lasting, at least at the place I get mine done, so I can be guaranteed that they will stay on for the two weeks that I'm away without lifting or pinging off.  I absolutely love them.

I've got a post coming up next week where I talk about how I wear acrylic nails without damaging my natural nail when it comes to taking them off.  Stay tuned for that as I think its something that will help a few people!
If you're in the North East, I have my acrylic nails done at Pro Nail in Sunderland and I'd really recommend them.


Friday, 28 September 2012

My Favourite Pedicure Polishes

Since I recently posted a review of some of my favourite pedicure products from Dirty Works, I thought it was only right that I share with you my favourite pedicure nail polishes, other than creating a crystal white french pedi of course.  When it comes to toe nails, theres no better colour palette than pink as far as I'm concerned.  All of my favourite polishes to use on my toes are pink and coral hues, barring one.

OPI Elephantastic Pink
A gorgeous coral pink with a formula that is to die for. 2 coats and this polish is opaque and creamy. Topped with the OPI RapiDry top coat, I've found that on my toes this lasts for two weeks which is twice as long as it does on my nails. Read my full review of this polish here.

Models Own Coral Reef
The formula of Models Own polishes is just amazing. So easy to work with, quick drying and opaque after two coats. This is a fabulous dark bright coral and looks fabulous with a suntan. It's pretty red toned for a coral polish which is a lovely change from my other pink toned coral polishes.  Check out my full review of this polish here.

Barry M Flamingo Pink
I adore the colour of this polish. It is very similar to OPI's Elephantastic Pink, I just wish the formula of Barry M polishes was as good as OPI, although there is a big difference in the cost of them.  I'd definitely recommend this polish as a one to take away with you on holiday if you're wanting a coral pink pedicure as they're very affordable so if you lose it/drop it/the sun affects the formula then it's not too gutting as ruining an OPI polish!  You can read my full review of this polish here
Models Own Pink Blush
Pink Blush is the ultimate Barbie pink shade that I have loved for years now. I raved about it here in this post and have continued raving about it ever since. However for the ultimate girly look I paint both my finger nails and toe nails with this polish.  For my summer holiday this year, I'm wearing Pink Blush on my toes.

Models Own Champagne
I mentioned earlier that pinks and corals are my pedicure shade of choice. Champagne is the only exception to that rule. This light metallic shade looks stunning on toe nails, especially when wearing sandals or peep toes.  Check out my full review here.

I've already posted full reviews with photos of these polishes applied to my nails but I thought I'd share a quick swatch snapshot here too so that you can see how the shades compare against one another.
So these are my top pedicure polishes, what are yours?


Thursday, 27 September 2012

Soap and Glory Hand Food

Soap and Glory Hand Food, £5 for 125ml from Boots
I've heard this product raved about time and time again on blogs and on Youtube so I thought that it was about time that I chucked my opinion into the mix and I have to admit it's not as positive as other reviews I've read.
Hand Food from Soap and Glory is a hand cream that is designed to soften, smooth and sooth hands that are dry, chapped or in bad condition.  It smells almost like a perfume, which I thought I would love but im quite undecided about it!  It's fruity, floral and musky with other scents of bergamot, strawberries, mandarin, amber and vanilla included.  I find that it leaves a film or residue on my skin that is irritating and it doesn't feel particularly hydrating or moisturising until its fully sank in, then I feel the moisturising benefits.  I have chapped skin on some of my finger tips and psoriasis on my wrist and I haven't found Hand Food to help my skin on these areas but it is lovely on my more normal skin.  I now have this on my desk at work to keep my hands soft throughout the day, then I use an intense hand cream at night like my favourite one from palmers cocoa butter.
Hand Food is available to buy in store and online from Boots for £5 for a 125ml tube which is great value for money. There's also a handy travel sized available for your handbag or for when you're travelling.
What is your favourite hand cream?  Can you recommend one to me?

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Happy Birthday to me!

My Birthday Cake from my friend Sarah
Hi Everyone
It's my birthday today!  Just a quick post to say thank you for all of your messages, I really appreciate your comments, tweets and emails.  I read every single one.  You're a lovely bunch :)
I've spent my morning catching the sun, opening cards and gifts and enjoying my time with Mr WLL.  He has hired us a boat for the day with a private captain to drive us around some of the beautiful bays.  We'll be stopping for a BBQ lunch on the boat too, so excited!

Hope you're all having a good day.


Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Tweezerman Slant Tweezer

Well groomed, polished eyebrows are key to my look everyday.  Well groomed eyebrows frame and lift your face.  They create definition and bring out your other features.  I have my eyebrows tinted and then I pluck them to enhance their natural shape.  My favourite tweezers to use are these special edition tiger print Slant Tweezers from Tweezerman.
These tweezers are so accurate and precise.  They grab the hair I want to pluck first time, every time and make plucking my eyebrows a quick experience.  They can be used on the SLANT side for general plucking and they can be flipped over so that you can use the tips for precise work or for short fiddly hairs.  The tweezers come with a little plastic tip cover which I think is a great added extra to protect the tips from damage and unnecessary wear.
These Tweezerman tweezers are available in shops and online.  I've seen them retail for between £15 and £22.  These particular ones you can buy on ASOS for £22.
Do you prefer to pluck your eyebrows or wax them?  Which is your favourite brand of tweezers?


Monday, 24 September 2012

NOTD: Champagne by Models Own

Champagne by Models Own is my most worn nail polish ever.  It is the most beautiful shimmery gold nail polish that also has some silver tones making it perfectly suited to wear with any metallic accessories like gold or silver jewellery.  It's cool toned rather than being a warm yellowy gold which I find doesn't suit my skintone at all!  I love wearing this on my toe nails as well as on my finger nails.
As with all Models Own polishes, it is two coats opaque and a dream to apply as it is very even and quick to dry.  I top it off with a coat of OPI's RapiDry and it lasts a good week before I have to change it.  For a shimmer polish, this doesn't take to much effort to remove either which is great!
What is your favourite Models Own shade?

Sunday, 23 September 2012

WhatLauraDid: Week 39

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Camels in Turkey... look at that little guy laughing in the back!
I hope you've all had a good week and that your lives are treating you well.  I've been enjoying so well deserved rest and recuperation.  I've been enjoying some sunshine and some amazing products lately and I've reviewed some of them on here this week.

Starting with three products from the new British Skincare Brand Love Your Skin.  I've been trying out an exfoliating cleanser, serum and moisturiser and I'm so impressed with them.  Very natural and high performance.

This week I've shared with you a perfume that I'll always hold dear to my heart as it's the fragrance I wore on my first date with Mr WLL.  Wearing it always brings back so many happy memories.  YSL Elle is one of those signature scents that is a love it or hate it amazing fragrance.  Check out my review of it here.

I've been able to throw away lots of empty bottles this week which are all hair care related.  Read my latest empties post, the hair care edition!
My WhatLauraWore fashion posts this week both came in the form of gorgeous dresses from Simply Be.  I'm loving their clothes at the moment, they have so many pretty dresses in.  Check out my Ruby Rocks Print Martini dress and my coral polka dot dress.

This week is the first time I've opened up my blog to guest posts from other bloggers after Ray from Who is She asked if she could do a post for me at the VIP opening of Krispy Kreme that we went to earlier this month.  She's written a great post about ASOS and started a great discussion about fashion styling and sizing in general, click over her post 'Isolation?' here.

What have you all been up to this week?

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Empties #06 Hair Care Edition

In the weeks leading up to my holiday, I really made a conscious effort to use up the little bits of products that I had left, particularly hair products.  These are my current empties and I cannot wait to chuck the empty packages out!

Herbal Essences Breakage Defender Intensive Mask
This hair mask has seriously saved my hair this summer.  I cannot rave about it enough, I've already bought another which screams volumes in my book, especially as I'm always testing out different products.  I've written a full review here.

Aussie Colour Mate Shampoo and Conditioner
I'm a big fan of Aussie hair products, they're fantastic quality particularly for the price.  I've enjoyed using this shampoo and conditioner, it's kept my hair clean and nourished and I love the peach scent that they both have.  I haven't noticed any prolonged life of my high and low lights though but I didn't really expect that from the shampoo and conditioner, it's more about keeping your hair clean so that your colour shines through.  I'm pleased I tried these although I probably wouldn't repurchase them unless my favourite Aussie shampoo and conditioner, Aussome Volume, weren't on the shelf.

TIGI Bed Head Ego Boost
Ego Boost is a split end mender and leave in conditioner.  It's one of those products that I can take or leave.  It doesn't work miracles, it doesn't float my boat and in all honesty, I very much doubt I'd ever repurchase it as there's much better products out there.  For split ends, I recommend a good hair cut and as a leave in conditioner, I much prefer the Wen Cucumber Aloe Cleansing Conditioner which leaves my hair soft, manageable and not greasy in the slightest. 

Revlon Colour Professional Nutri Colour Creme 1002
If you've got blonde hair and you're wanting a conditioner with a toner in it to give you more of an ash blonde look then I'd highly recommend these colour balls.  I got mine from the salon supply shop when I had more ash blonde toned hair but I'm sure they're available to buy in salons and online.  It's a purple toned conditioner that you pop on your hair after shampooing for a few minutes and then wash out.  It works a bit like the silver shampoo you can buy and does a great job at lightening your hair and giving it a light ash tone.  It's great for brightening up dull, dark, yellow blonde hair.  This isn't a product I would repurchase at the moment as I've had some dark blonde/light blonde low lights put through my hair these last few months but if I go back to having more ash blonde hair then I'd definitely buy this.

Volume Inter Actives Hair Care, Volume Express from Revlon Colour Professional
This is another product I've purchased from the salon supply shop.  Volume Express from Revlon Colour Professional is a leave in volumiser for fine hair.  It contains arginin, wheat proteins, ginseng and cationic bio-polymers to strengthen the hair and give it more natural body and volume and it really does work.  I spritz this through my hair after I've towel dried it, then I blow dry it with a round brush and it creates a salon looking blow dry with lots of volume every time.  This stuff is brilliant and I'll definitely be repurchasing!

What products have you used up lately?

Friday, 21 September 2012

WhatLauraWore: Celebrating Like A Queen

September is my favourite month of the year.  It's my favourite for many reasons but mostly because it's my birthday on the 26th.  This year I've got a few different nights out organised, gosh I'm like the Queen.  This is the outfit that I wore for my first night out; a meal and drinks in town with a few of my closest friends.
Polka Dot Dress from Simply Be, £40
Polka Dot Dress in coral spot from Simply Be
Coral wedges from Primark
Coral and gold stud clutch from River Island
Coral and gold heart studs from New Look
Coral rose ring from Primark
Gold chain cuff bracelet from Primark
Rose gold watch from DKNY
The polka dot dress from Simply Be is a short tea dress that is perfect for the summer.  It is super cute, super girly and a gorgeous choice for a girls night out.  The dress comes in a bright pinky coral colour with white spots, very Minnie Mouse but simple and eye catching and different to anything else I've seen out there.  I got lots of compliments on this dress when I wore it out.
It has a lovely shape to it; floaty angel sleeves which are great for those who aren't fond of the tops of their arms and a square neckline to flatter your bust and show a bit of cleavage.  The Polka Dot Dress comes with a patent black skinny belt that cinches you in at the waist.  The dress is light weight and soft, it floats over curves and looks so cute teamed with coral heels or wedges.  It could also be dressed down to wear during the day with cute ballet pumps.
It's available in sizes 12 to 32 and is 36 inches in length which is supposed to be knee length.  It is pretty short and I have a feeling that it may come up extra short on those who are much taller than me at 5ft 5", although it may be because my larger tummy will pull the dress upwards so I guess it's one of those dresses where you just need to try it on!  It feels great when you're wearing it girls, I love it, so give it a go!

How would you style this dress?  What are your top picks from Simply Be?

Thursday, 20 September 2012


As Laura is busy sunning herself by the pool on holiday, I thought I would use this as a good opportunity to hijack her blog for the day. You may have seen me on Laura's blog before however for all formalities I will introduce myself properly- my name is Ray and I have a blog called Who is She. I met Laura about 18 months ago and its scary how similiar we both are!
Anyway onto the point of todays post- Laura asked me to do a fashion post for her, and I thought that as something a bit different I thought we could have a bit of a discussion. Initally I was going to pick some items of clothing however when looking on Asos I was shocked to see how the plus size range is completely seperate to the normal range even though they both contain items of the same clothing.
Images from
On a side note (you will notice I like to go off topic a lot), how fabulous is this sequinned kimono? I actually can't wait to get my student discount card so I can order this. As you can see both the kimono and the shirt are avaliable in both the normal and curve range- question, why can't Asos not combine both and have the one item of clothing listed and include how it would look on a range of sizes? Onto another point, I'm 5'10 and I find some Asos dresses really short even though they claim that the model is the same height as myself. Do you plus size ladies find that when you order clothing from Asos it fits/looks completely different from how it is on the site? Or do you even consider these models plus size and reflective of a real plus sized woman??
Images from
However what I will applaud Asos with is the fact that they actually get the styling with the Curve range spot on. Take a look at the mustard pussy bow blouse you have to admit the pencil skirt looks fab with it, however as for the petite version- Thelma has been on the phone and asked for the underlay of he Gypsy wedding dresses back. I'm sorry but that skirt is horrid and does nothing to sell the blouse to me. I sometimes wonder if the stylists at Asos have been sniffing something prior to styling as I find that they often get it so so wrong, yet with the Curve range everything is spot on. When your shopping for items of clothing do you look at how its styled for your own inspiration, or do you ignore how its been styled and purely look at the item of clothing itself??
I'd love to know your opinions on the matter, and if you ever want some dire bedtime reading make sure to check out my blog.
Ray xxx

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

YSL Elle Eau De Parfum

Elle is an incredibly feminine perfume even down to the gorgeous bright pink and gold packaging.  I'm a sucker for a pretty perfume bottle but it's what's inside that really counts and this perfume is truly stunning.
There'll always be a place in my heart for this scent as it was the perfume I was wearing on my first ever date with Mr WLL.  I ran out of Elle a few months after we had first started dating and I didn't repurchase it for a good four more years.  I didn't mention anything about my latest purchase to Mr WLL and as soon as I walked by him wearing it, he was like 'OMG you wore that perfume on our first date!'  I couldn't believe he'd remembered, he has a terrible habbit of forgetting things and small things like that aren't usually what he remembers.  Now that makes a signature scent!
Elle is a very strong, in your face, instantly recogniseable scent but unlike any other.  A few sprays of this and the scent lingers all day long.  This eau de parfum packs some punch and if you like sexy, alluring, somewhat overpowering scents like I do, then this is definitely for you.  It is a floral scent but not in an old fashioned English rose garden kind of way, it is very musky, fruity and modern.
Elle has heart notes of freesia, raspberry and jasmine, top notes of mandarin, peony and ginger and base notes of musk, patchouli and cedar.  It's one of those rich scents that you just have to smell for yourself... and once you have, you'll never forget it.

YSL Elle is available from all perfume counters in department stores and the majority of perfume shops.  As a price guide, at The Perfume Shop online and in store, YSL Elle is £43.50 for 30ml, £55.50 for 50ml and £78.50 for 90ml, all eau de parfum.  There is also a shower gel (£19.99) and body lotion (£24.99) available which are great for layering the scent and making it last even longer.  The body lotion is a personal favourite of mine.
Have you worn Elle before?  What is your favourite YSL fragrance?

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

WhatLauraWore: An Evening In The Wind

A windy September evening was the perfect opportunity to show off my new gorgeous dress from Ruby Rocks at Simply Be.  When I first tried this dress on I said 'wow'. It felt amazing and made me feel feminine and sophisticated yet sexy.  Let me tell you why.

Ruby Rocks Print Martini Dress from Simply Be, £55
The Print Martini dress is a high quality dress that gives the body a great shape, quite vintage looking and very feminine.  It fits and flatters in all the right areas.  The dress features a flattering v neck wrap over top which makes the most of your cleavage regardless of the size of your bust.  I have a pretty small bust in comparison to others my size and it still made me feel curvy and sexy.  Speaking about the top of the dress, one thing that I really love about this dress is that it comes up quite far under your arm.  I often find with dresses and tops that the arm holes are so long that they show an unflattering area of my skin and sometimes the side of the band of my bra, this dress doesn't show that at all, the fit is fantastic.  The dress is sleeveless but the straps are wide which helps to balance out your figure, particularly if you're top heavy or have larger hips or a bigger middle like I do as it makes you look more in proportion.  If you're not a fan of your arms then a little black shrug would look lovely with it.  The full skirt of the dress skims over lumps and bumps and doesn't cling at all, it's perfect!
I love the print of this dress too.  Whilst I associate florals predominantly with spring and summer, the bold, bright flowers on this dress are on top of a dark background which make it equally as good a choice for an Autumn outfit.
I can't imagine anyone not looking great in this dress.  Whether you're the kind of girl who'd dress it up with heels and a clutch for the evening like me or dress it down with big sunnies, flip flops and a straw bag, you'll look gorgeous and exude style effortlessly.  It's available in sizes 12 through to 32 and I'd say that it is true to size.  The Print Martini is a midi dress at 45 inches, it's a great length on my 5ft 5" frame it comes below my knee but on someone taller it would still look equally as good.

Ruby Rocks Print Martini Dress from Simply Be, £55
Ruby Rocks Print Martini Dress from Simply Be
Black platform peeptoe heels from Matalan
Coral clutch bag from River Island
Rose gold watch from DKNY

What are your favourite items from Simply Be?  How would you style this dress?

Monday, 17 September 2012

Love Your Skin

Love Your Skin is a brand new British skincare company that launched at the end of July this year by skincare expert Lorraine Winslade.  Their skincare philosophy is based on the idea that skincare doesn't need to be complicated to be effective.  This says to me that their products contain the necessary ingredients to benefit the skin without overloading it with unnecessary chemicals and nasties.  After looking more into the brand, I've discovered that the brand is just that- simple, no nonsense but premium quality.  When creating the line, Lorraine Winslade drew on 40 years experience in the skin care industry.  This lady knows her stuff; she understands the skin and how it functions so in creating this range of products she has combined the best natural ingredients and perfected them with science.  The Love Your Skin range of products are designed to treat, compliment and assist your skin in it's normal functions, to optimise it's appearance and enhance it's performance.  This all sounds great to me but do the products live up to their hype?

Love Your Skin

Since these products are from a new brand, I hadn't read any reviews or heard opinions on them before trying them which was actually quite refreshing.  Flying blind when trying out these products really allowed me to form my own opinions about them based purely on the products themselves as I wasn't looking out for things I'd read about.  I've been trying them out these products for the last month and a half and I've loved the results.  I really wanted to give them a thorough road test before reviewing them so for the last 7 weeks I've used this cleanser as my only morning cleanser and replaced my usual day and night serum and moisturiser with these two.
Rosemary and Willow Bark Cleanse and Smooth Exfoliating Wash
Cleanse and Smooth Exfoliating Wash, £22.99 for 200ml
The Love Your Skin Rosemary and Willow Bark Cleanse and Smooth Exfoliating Wash is suitable for all skin types, I'd say it would even be great for those with the most sensitive of skin.  It's very gentle and the exfoliating particles aren't particularly abrasive which makes it great for every day use.  The cleanser thoroughly cleans the skin, removing deeply embedded dirt and excess grease and oil whilst the exfoliating particles remove the dead skin cells which can dull the surface of the skin making it lack luster and clogged.  I apply the exoliating wash every morning to damp skin, massaging it in with particular attention to the areas where my pores get clogged the most like my chin and nose before washing it off with warm water.  This gentle way to clean and exfoliate my skin has kept it smooth, clean and has kept my pores unclogged which has reduced my black heads and spots.  I'd really recommend this cleanser particularly if you're looking for a gentle way to exfoliate.  Perhaps you've tried the hot muslin cloth cleansing technique and found that it is too harsh for you, then this would be a great alternative.

Cleanse and Smooth Exfoliating Wash, £22.99 for 200ml

As a side note, this cleanser smells amazing.  Non offencive and very natural.  Nothing about this product is artificial which I love.  It feels and smells very natural and great for the skin.

Brightening and Clarifying Facial Serum

Brightening and Clarifying Facial Serum, £30 for 30ml
The Love Your Skin Moringa, Pomegranate and Cranberry Facial Serum is a brightening and clarifying facial serum.  I love the inclusion of pomegranate in skincare products as it's known for it's anti ageing properties too.  This, along with the other natural ingredients, makes it perfect for those whose skin is regularly exposed to the pollutants of city life which are known to prematurely age the skin.  I use this serum morning and night after cleansing and find that it really does brighten my skin.  It works hand in hand with the exfoliating cleanser which removes the dead skin cells and unblocks pores and then this serum is an added boost of brightness keeping the skin looking far from dull and lack luster.  It is a water based serum making it easily absorbed into the skin and it doesn't leave a film on it at all.  This is perfect for my combination to oily skin but it's actually suitable for all skin types that appear dull and lifeless.

Collagen with Vitamin E Intensive Hydra Gel Moisturiser

Intensive Hydra Gel Moisturiser, £29.99 for 100ml
The Love Your Skin Collagen with Vitamin E Intensive Hydra Gel Moisturiser is a light weight water based moisturiser that really intensely hydrates the skin.  I've been using this morning and night and loving the benefits.  This particular moisturiser is again, suitable for all skin types and ages which makes it simple and no fuss choice.  I know so many people who find it a chore and time consuming having to consider age, skin type and benefits when choosing a moisturiser and some people also struggle to find one product that works well for all of their skincare concerns like if they have acne prone, oily t zone skin with dry patches and fine lines.  This moisturiser takes the hassle out of choosing as it's suitable for all and all that's left for you to decide upon is the serum that you would like to use to run alongside it as a more targeted treatment and they are easy to choose from as well as they're all very clear on what they aim to achieve.  Again, they're suitable for all skin types so all that's left to decide is the effect you want the serum to have- brighten, calm, purify, smooth, etc.  Love Your Skin actually sell a kit called The Apothecary Set which contains the moisturiser and then the four different serums they do if you'd like to use the moisturiser on a daily basis and then target the serum you use to your current skin care concern.

Anyway, I digress, back to the Intensive Hydra Gel Moisturiser.  It works great with my oily skin as it hydrates and moisturises all day and doesn't leave a film on my skin making it a great base for my makeup.  It hasn't clogged my pores or broken me out and my skin is looking plump, smooth and soft to the touch.  The collagen protein in the moisturiser attracts and binds moisture to the skins surface which helps it to stay looking young and healthy.  Sounds good to me!

This cleanser, serum and moisturiser routine is really working for me and I'll definitely be buying more from the range.  Love Your Skin is available to buy direct from their website here with free delivery on all orders over £50.


Sunday, 16 September 2012

WhatLauraDid: Week 38

Daisy May, my bichon, had a short cut this week as she was too hot with all that hair!
This week has been absolutely manic, I'm bloody shattered and in desperate need of a break.  It has been one of those weeks where I've had so much to do with not enough time to do it in and unfortunately my dear friend sleep has had to take a back seat.  However it is my birthday very soon so I've got that to look forward to and last night was my first birthday night out which I'd organised to have early as my best friend is away when it's my actual birthday night out (gosh I'm like the Queen!).
Amongst my many tasks this week, I got my nails done for my birthday which I'll show you in a post next week.  Before I had them done, I was wearing Coral Reef by Models Own on my nails and this was featured as a NOTD post this week.  It's a gorgeous red toned coral that is bright but creamy opaque.
I've been treating myself to a coconut oil hair mask frequently this year and I finally blogged about it on yesterday!  Read my review here.  I also reviewed the ITCHeze Cooling Spray Gel from Care which is a great product to treat itchy, red skin.
A week on WhatLauraLoves wouldn't be complete without an outfit post and this week I've been wearing an animal print dress from Yours Clothing.
What have you been up to this week?

Friday, 14 September 2012

Coconut Oil Hair Mask

This year I've really become a fan of hair masks.  I've always enjoyed using them weekly but now they have become a twice weekly ritual and I feel cheated if I don't have the time to apply them.  One type of hair mask I've been enjoying using is one using pure coconut oil which you can buy from health food stores.  I got mine from Holland and Barrett and I'd really recommend this one as it's worked wonders on my hair, there are other uses for it too- you can use it on  your skin and in cooking but I like to keep it for my hair.  I'm trying out one from another brand at the moment so I'll let you know how I get on with that one soon too.
Perfectly Pure
Pure Coconut Oil
The Perfectly Pure Coconut Oil from Holland and Barrett makes a great hair mask.  It's really easy to use and a big tub like this goes a very long way.  I'm not even half way through this one and I've been using it since the beginning of the year!  Coconut oil is rich in lauric acid which is known to help prevent premature hair loss and this was what first drew me to using coconut oil on my hair at the beginning of the year because I was losing weight so quickly, I didn't want my hair to suffer and start falling out!
At room temperature, the coconut oil is solid so it needs to be melted in the microwave before you apply it to your hair.  I put a couple of tablespoons in a ramekin and heat it in the microwave for a minute, or until all of the coconut oil has melted.  I then start to massage it into the roots of my hair then run it down the length of my hair right to the tips.  I either leave it for 15 minutes then wash out, or wrap my hair in a towel and leave it to work it's magic overnight and rinse my hair the next morning.
The Perfectly Pure Coconut Oil leaves my hair feeling super soft and the softness lasts too, unlike some processed products that just coat your hair, this pure product actually feels like it's giving your hair some good nourishment.  I find that it makes my hair feel stronger, more resilient and less prone to breakages and snapping too.
This huge 453g tub is available for £14.99 from Holland and Barrett.
What are your natural hair care wonder products?


Wednesday, 12 September 2012

NOTD: Coral Reef by Models Own

One of my most worn shades this summer has to be Coral Reef from Models Own.  Not another coral polish I hear you scream!  Well this is different to the other coral shades in my collection as it's more red toned than my usual pink toned coral polishes which makes a welcome change and gives me a bit more variety when choosing which one to wear.  I'll be wearing this on my toes for my birthday night out as it'll go lovely with the coral dress I'm wearing from Simply Be.  Coral Reef makes the perfect pedicure colour.
As with all Models Own polishes, the drying time is so quick.  I always do two coats to ensure an even application and by the time I've painted one hand, then painted the next, my first hand is dry for me to apply my second coat.  Absolutely fantastic.  Coral Reef has a smooth consistency that provides an even application.    As well as being a red toned coral and quite a bright one at that, it is very creamy looking which is great for a bright polish as I often find them to look thin and watery but not this one!  The packaging of Models Own polishes is spot on too- the brush is just the right size, the lid fits perfectly into my hand with ease to apply the polish and the design of the 14ml bottles look smart on my dressing table.
I find Models Own nail polish to last about 4-5 days chip free on my nails and easily 7 days with my favourite top coat.  This polish is easy to remove too and as long as you've used a good base coat it wont stain your nails either.

Models Own polishes are available to buy on their website and at Boots online and in store for around £5 each but they're always having multi buy offers on.  Models Own are now newly available in Selfridges and will soon be gracing the shelves of Harvey Nichols too, exciting stuff... and for all you international readers, fear not as Modesl Own are going global!  Their award nominated Bottleshop will be opening up in key locations in the UAE like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and also in Bangkok, Taiwan, Korea, China, Panama, Iran and Kuwait!
What is your favourite Models Own polish?  Are you a lover of coral shades like me?

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Care ITCHeze Cooling Spray Gel

Since I'm off on holiday soon, I've been looking at products to take with me as medicinal or alternative therapies incase either of us are poorly while we're away.  I've also mentioned on here before that I suffer from a dry skin condition called psoriasis which often leaves my skin hot, sore, itchy, dry and cracked.  There isn't a specific cure for psoriasis, it's more about controlling it and finding out what works best for you.  I've tried numerous creams from the doctors without any joy of them working and personally I find alternative therapies or non medicinal treatments work best for me; the occasional sunbed, non medical creams and cooling sprays.  In the past I've used the Avene Eau Thermale Thermal Spring Water which was lovely and cooling but I've actually found a spray that is more multi-purpose, more effective for other skin problems and has more uses.  That's the ITCHeze Cooling Spray Gel from Care.

Care ITCHeze Cooling Spray Gel

The Care ITCHeze Cooling Spray Gel is just that, a cooling spray gel that's designed to provide relief to itchy, irritated skin.  Perhaps you suffer from prickly heat at home or on holiday?  Perhaps you have psoriasis or a dry skin condition like me?  Then this spray ticks all the boxes for cooling relief.  It's a fast, targeted, non messy application that really cools down the area, takes the heat out of the skin and provides almost instant relief and soothing.  It moisturises the skin and hydrates it making it great for those with dry skin, it also eases redness and overall reduces discomfort.  I'd say this is really multipurpose as it could be used on insect stings, nettle stings, prickly heat, dry skin, etc.  It doesn't have a fragrance so I can't see it irritating anyones skin and it's suitable for all the family which is great if you have little ones and are worried about what to put on their sensitive skin.

It comes in a 120ml spray pump which provides a non messy application and doesn't leak which makes it perfect for travelling and popping in your bag while you're out and about.  The last thing I want to have is a bottle leaking all over my Louis!  The ITCHeze Cooling Spray Gel from Care is easy to find in supermarkets, chemists and online.  On Amazon its£7.45 for this 120ml bottle.

Have you tried this product before?  What did you think of it?  What non medicinal products do you swear by?
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