Friday, 30 November 2012

LBD Party SOS Kit with Holland and Barrett

A couple of weeks ago, a very sexy little black box wrapped in a gorgeous red ribbon landed on my doorstep.  Inside were three beauty essentials, courtesy of Holland and Barrett, for me to let you all know about in case you'd like to try them in the countdown to the festive season.
In the run up to the Christmas, so many girls panic about getting ready for all over the parties that they have to go to over the Christmas and New Year.  It's not just about finding the perfect outfits but looking great within ourselves too.  Whether it be the works Christmas party or a family get together, we all seem to want to look our best and put added pressure on ourselves at this time of the year.  Well, don't despair, Holland and Barrett don't want you to feel the pressure, instead they want you to feel naturally body beautiful and shimmy your way into 2013!
Inside my little black box were three products; a pot of coconut oil which is designed to leave skin and hair feeling soft and silky smooth, some Skin, Hair and Nails supplements to make them feel strong and supple and a 14 day Fat Metaboliser party panic plan pot of supplements which are designed to aid those who want to slim down in time for their special occasion.
Miaflora- Coconut Oil
£6.99 for 207ml
You might remember that earlier in the year I blogged about the Perfectly Pure Coconut Oil which I use as a hair mask.  Well this Coconut Oil from Miaflora is very similar and works great as a hair mask treatment and hair oil to smooth fly away ends.  It can be moisturised into the skin in place of your usual daytime moisturiser which I like doing after I've been in the bath as it leaves my skin feeling really silky and shimmery; this is perfect, particularly if you're using it just before a night out as it gives that my skin but better glow.  It sinks in really quickly too.
Speaking of the bath, I've also found dropping a dessert spoonful into my running bath water creates a wonderfully moisturising bath, a bit like having a bath with baby oil in which I've also blogged about!  This is great to remove false tan too as after lying in the oily water for a few minutes, the false tan starts to break up and I use some exfoliating gloves to slough away the last remnants of the fake tan and stimulate my skin leaving it smooth and silky.  Now there's a tip for you which will be especially needed after all of those false tan applications over the party period!
It's not just me who is a fan of coconut oil... In 2011 Victoria Secret model Miranda Kerr said she "cannot go a day without it", actress Jennifer Anniston mixes it with rock salt to create her own body scrub (now that would be good to remove fake tan!) and Gwyneth Paltrow claims it is her secret for looking fabulous in her forties.  Now if they aren't good enough reasons to jump of the coconut oil band waggon then I don't know what is!
Holland and Barret- Skin, Hair and Nails supplements
Usually £7.69 for 60 caplets but on offer for £3.84 until 5th December
These are 3 in 1 supplement tablets containing the antioxidants Vitamin A (from Beta Carotene), Vitamin E and Selenium which are all natural ingredients that combine to support healthy hair ready for your rollers and hairspray, vibrant, glowing skin that oozes natural beauty and strong polish ready nails- perfect for the party season!  These supplements are designed to be taken daily, with three tablets per day preferrably with meals; personally, I take one every morning after breakfast while I'm doing my hair and makeup and then two before I go to bed after my evening meal when I'm taking my makeup off, yes you've guessed it, I keep mine in my beauty bag!
I've used the same type of skin, hair and nails supplements for years from Holland and Barrett and when I stop using them, I do notice a difference, particularly in my hair as it certainly isn't as strong as when I'm taking the supplements.  If you have weak nails and hair or lacklustre skin, these supplements are something you can take to see if they'll improve these areas overtime.  It's certainly not a quick fix but combined with a healthy diet, good skincare routine and drinking lots of water, they may be able to help you as they certainly helped me.
Nutrition Headquarters- Fat Metaboliser
Usually £10.99 for 120 caplets but again they're on special offer for £5.49 until 5th December
The Nutrition Headquarters Fat Metaboliser supplements are designed to help you to shift those last few pounds as part of a healthy lifestyle plan by taking one tablet mid morning and one tablet mid afternoon everyday.  They contain Vitamin B6 and Chromium which all aid your metabolism and help to maintain normal blood glucose levels.  They claim to give you more energy throughout the day, resulting in a healthier, more energetic you.  Of course the supplements alone wont shed the excess pounds, they need to be combined with a low-fat diet and appropriate exercise.  To help you with this, there is a 14 day diet plan plan that you can download from the Holland and Barrett website that has an easy to follow eating plan and recommended exercises that are designed to tone and strengthen your muscles.
Out of all of the products, these are the ones I haven't tried as I'm following a diet and exercise plan separately and I'm not taking anything to aid that loss at the moment- incidentally, I've just hit the 6 stone weightloss mark.  Hooray!!  I'm not adverse to taking weightloss supplements however, as I'm sure they'll work for some people, I just can't tell you my own personal experience.  I wouldn't recommend such a product on my blog as I haven't tried them myself but I hope the information I've given you about the product is enough for you to tell whether you would like to give them a go.
All of these products are available from the Holland and Barrett website and in store.  I've got a points card with them and always use it when I'm in store, it works a bit like the Boots and Superdrug cards so I'd recommend picking up one of those the next time you're in.  The key fob is the best as it's so handy and always with me!
What are your LBD ready essentials?  What part of your body are you most focused on getting ready for all of those Christmas nights out?

Dirty Works Mini Marvels!

Budget beauty favourite Dirty Works have created a fantastic range of gift sets for Christmas 2012.  There is a gift set for everyone ranging from bath bombs to lip balms and fragrance sprays to body butters.  They're all affordable yet indulgent and perfect for teens and young women.  I've been trying out the Mini Marvels! Body Butter Trio which is one of my favourite sets that Dirty Works have released.
Mini Marvels! Body Butter Trio
Dirty Works
This little gem proves that good things really do come in threes.  The Mini Marvels! Body Butter Trio contains three indulgently thick and creamy body butters which are all super moisturising and provide long lasting comfort and hydration to the skin which is vital in the winter months when the cold elements and stuffy central heating play havoc with the skin.
My favourite of the three body butters has to be the Coconut Caress which smells AMAZING and the scent really lingers on the skin too which I found comforting.  The set also contains Dirty Works favourite Supreme Creme and a limited edition Velvety Vanilla Body Butter which smells amazing, lightly fragranced and natural rather than the sickly sweet, overpowering scent of many vanilla scented products.  They all contain Shea Butter and Sweet Almond Oil which quickly work to leave the skin feeling soft, supple and smooth.  I apply the body butter after a bath, before bed time and leave them to work their magic over night.  I think they're great value for money and will definitely be repurchasing the full size of the Coconut Caress.
The Dirty Works Mini Marvels! Body Butter Trio would make a perfect Christmas gift as it looks fun, the products perform well and at £4 it wont break the bank either.  I'd recommend this as a stocking filler or as a Secret Santa gift.
The Dirty Works website is a great way to find out about all of the great products that the brand has to offer and all of the products as well as the Christmas gift sets are available to buy from Sainsbury's both online and in store.
What are your favourite Dirty Works products?

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Xmas Gifts from Fresh

This Christmas, I would love to unwrap a gift from beauty favourite Fresh.   They're a brand that I find elusive, indulgent and innovative which is everything that I look for in a beauty brand.  One of my favourite product ranges from Fresh is their fragrance line as they're so different to other scents out there; very citrus scent and fresh smelling, funny that!  This Christmas, Fresh have released their Holiday 2012 Gift Set Collection which was inspired by vintage Champagne catalogues from France and exudes festive merrymaking and Christmas cheer.  One such gift set is the Fragrance Essentials Rollerball Trio which I have been enjoying this season.
Fragrance Essentials Rollerball Trio
The Fragrance Essentials Rollerball Trio is a great option for any perfume enthusiast this Christmas.  Up until Fresh opened their first store in the UK, their products hadn't been too easy to obtain over here so I'm really pleased they have a shop in the UK now.  This also means that if you have a friend who is into fragrances that are a little different, something that not everyone has, then this is a great choice of present for them.
There are three 10ml eau de parfum rollerball fragrances contained in this set, these being:
  • Brown Sugar which is an effervescent citrus scent sprinkled with sheer caramles
  • Sugar Lemon which is a bright blend of crisp citrus notes and fruity florals
  • Hesperides Grapefruit which is a medley of intoxicating citruses.
The three awakening fragrances can be worn on their own or layered to create a personalised unique scent which I love the idea of.  I'm inclined to say that the Hesperides Grapefruit sent is my favourite but then I keep smelling the other two and think that they are my favourite, so really I'm spoilt for choice and enjoy them all equally.  I've really enjoyed layering up the scents together and also with some of my other perfumes.  These perfumes are much more citrus scented than the musky scents I usually wear so they are a really welcome addition to my fragrance collection.
The scents themselves are very high quality, deep and long lasting.  I find that I only need to apply a little of the eau de parfum to get a strong smell of the fragrance and it lasts for hours on the skin.  The good thing about these rollerballs is that they are so handbag friendly and easy to use, perfect for a night out and for topping up my scent during the day as they fit in all of my bags, even my smallest clutches.
The packaging of the Fragrance Essentials Rollerball Trio is gorgeous too, dressed in winter fruit shades that really epitomise the spirit of the season.
The Fragrance Essentials Rollerball Trio is priced at £27 which is excellent value for money.  Fresh have many other gift sets available to suit different tastes and budgets; there is the Sugar Soiree Mini Lip Collection £49, the Sugar Addiction Mini Lip Collection £36, Sake and Sea Berry Spa Retreat set £56, Spa Escape set £38, Hesperides Grapefruit Jubilee £34 and the Sugar Passion Princess £21.  You can read more about these gift sets on the Fresh website and if you're in the US, you can order Fresh products direct from their website too or search to find your nearest store to shop in.
You may be wondering where you can buy Fresh products from, well the Fresh Holiday Gift Sets are now available from the Fresh London Store which is located at 92 Marylebone High Street, W1U 4RD. You can call the store direct on 0207 486 4100 to place orders for delivery within the UK and internationally too.
Which Fresh products have you tried?  Are you giving the gift of fragrance this year?

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

WhatLauraWore: Trying Out Tesco with Bond

On a recent trip to the cinema to see Bond, James Bond (ever the comedian), I wore my first ever item from Tesco.  This gorgeous poncho is so soft and warm that it is really comforting to wear.  Ponchos are one of my wardrobe staple items for the winter season as they're so effortless and fashionable.  I throw mine on top of some leggings and a little top and I'm good to go.  I'm also wearing my new favourite boots.  These gorgeous furry wedge ankle boots are from New Look and are seriously the most comfortable pair of heels I own.
Poncho from Clothing at Tesco
White v neck t shirt from Evans
Navy leggings from Simply Be
Fur wedge ankle boots from New Look
Wristlet clutch by Gucci
Have you seen the new Bond film Skyfall? It was the first Bond film I'd ever seen and I loved it.  Adele's voice on the title track is amazing, so haunting!
What are your winter wardrobe staple pieces?

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

WhatLauraWore: The Works Do

I recently went to a Christmas party night with some work colleagues and thought I'd share some pics of my outfit with you all.  To me, dressing for a work night out requires a level of class but of course, that doesn't mean you can't look glamorous too.
Embellished Contrast Drop Back Dress, £40
This beautiful dress is the Embellished Contrast Drop Back Dress from AX Paris.  I love the classy nude chiffon top of this dress and the silver sequin flowers are so pretty and make this dress easy to pair with any metallic shade of jewellery and accessories.  The dress is elasticated under the bust to create shape and pull the wearer in, usually at their slimmest part.  The black under skirt of the dress is pretty short but the black chiffon layer over the top stops it from being too revealing.  I love the drop back style of the dress as it feels really glamorous when walking.  The chiffon material is floaty and flattering as it skims over my tummy.  I've worn a similar shaped dress to this which was also from AX Paris; check out my Peacock Dress here.
I'm also wearing my new wedge shoe boots from New Look.  These are from the wide fit range and although I don't have wide feet, I find these to be the most comfortable heels that New Look offer as they give your feet room and reduce the pain of wearing heels.  I danced all night and left at the end of the night without sore feet- result!
Embellished Contrast Drop Back Dress from AX Paris
Black wedge ankle boots from New Look
Gold glitter clutch from Matalan
Feather earrings from Matalan
Rose gold watch by DKNY at Earnest Jones
How would you style this dress?


Monday, 26 November 2012

First Impressions: Simply Be Dress

This year, on Christmas Eve, Eve Mr WLL and I are off to a special party at our friends restaurant and I really want to dress up for the occasion as there's going to be people there I haven't seen for a long time.  Dressing to impress is certainly a necessity and I have been scouring the shops and online well in advance to make sure I find the perfect outfit in plenty of time before the party.  No last minute shopping for me this year.
When it came to choosing my outfit I knew, more or less, exactly what I wanted for the outfit in terms of shape; a short dress that pulls me in under my bust and features a floaty chiffon style material.  I've always quite liked my legs but as I lose more weight, they really are becoming a feature I want to show off because they're one of my slimmest parts.  I have a large tummy that is so much wider and bigger than the rest of me.  I guess that's why I don't wear trousers too often as I have to go several sizes larger for them to fit my tummy but in doing that they make my legs look much bigger than they are.  That meant trousers and even a maxi dress were out and I knew I would want something above the knee and not figure hugging over my stomach.  Other than the shape of the dress, I was quite open minded when hunting for my outfit- lace, embellishment, colour, material, embroidery, sleeves, sleeveless were all an option.
When Simply Be suggested their Embellished Prom Party Dress I knew I had to have it and whilst I'm not going to be wearing it until December 23rd, I just couldn't wait to show you the dress I'm going to be wearing.  Call it a first impressions post if you will.
Taken from the Simply Be website here.
The Embellished Prom Party Dress from Simply Be was actually designed by their Facebook followers as their Ultimate Party Dress which makes it really special and I hope they like the look I put together with it.  The dress itself is a really striking cobalt blue, a colour which I haven't really worn before but am really forward to wearing as it looks so beautiful, especially with the jewelled embellishment on the waistline which adds a bit of Christmas sparkle.  The photo on the website is a really accurate depiction of the shade of the dress in real life.  The only thing I would say is that I was expecting the dress to be longer than what it is, which isn't a bad thing at all.  The description states that the dress is 36inches and sits above the knee but on me it actually comes up quite a bit higher when I'm moving around which I suppose is my tummy pulling it up.  For me, I don't mind as when I've tried sitting down in it and moving around it doesn't appear to be uncomfortable or too revealing but for those who aren't a fan of showing off their legs or for the nights where you don't have time to get the fake tan out, then I'd recommend some thick black tights which will not only keep you warm but look great with the dress too.
The dress floats effortlessly over my stomach which I love about it as it makes me feel feminine and sexy without being self conscious.  The underskirt is made of a jersey material and has a mesh overlay which has the same floaty effect of chiffon that I love.  The dress has some detachable straps too but I can't see these being needed and think that it looks much better as a strapless dress.  For those who aren't a fan of their shoulders or arms then a little black shrug or bolero would help to cover up this area without detracting from the beauty of the dress.  The dress has a sheering back for comfort and to help with the fit which is great, particularly, for those women who are lucky enough to have a larger bust too.
I ordered my usual size and the fit was accurate and true to size for the size I ordered.  As I've said many times before, my body is completely out of proportion, I've always been considerably bigger around my middle than I am around my bust which has been exaggerated further with my recent weight loss so I always need to buy an item that will fit around my tummy and therefore expect it to be bigger around my bust, which this dress is.

It retails for a purse friendly £60 from the Simply Be website.  I say purse friendly because it is guaranteed to see you through many Christmas parties to come!  Having given it a quick try on, I know I'm definitely going to enjoy wearing this.
I am SO looking forward to wearing this dress, I literally cannot wait!
What dresses have you chosen for your Christmas nights out? Any from Simply Be?

Sunday, 25 November 2012

WhatLauraDid: Week 48

Another busy week has passed both on my blog and in my private life.  Life is going by so fast at the moment and I'm enjoying every moment of it.  Also it's Christmas in one month, so excited!
In anticipation of the festive season, this week I revealed my Christmas gift wrapping theme for this year and shared some secrects on how to choose the perfect Christmas gift wrap.  Another gift guide post was published too which featured a great skincare set from Love Your Skin.  Oh and a great stocking filler idea comes in the form of this gorgeous Denman Anarkitty hair brush!
If fashion is more your thing, then there were lots of WhatLauraWore outfit posts this week, starting with a pretty feather print dress from one of my favourite brands AX Paris.  Also this week, for the first time on WhatLauraLoves, I featured a dress by Sienna Couture.  This sparkly gold number would be perfect for a night out this Christmas. 
At the beginning of autumn I was asked by a few of you to do some more casual outfit posts and again, I have delivered on my promise.  Here is one of my most favourite outfits that Ive been wearing during the day this month.
Hope you've all had a good week :)

Saturday, 24 November 2012

LYS Xmas Gift- Apothecary Set

I love giving the gift of great skin at Christmas as there are so many great skin care gift sets out there to choose from and it is quite an easy option, particularly if you are unsure of what to get someone.  With make up you need to know the persons colour choice and skin type, perfume is something that really comes down to personal preference and for clothing you need to know the persons size whereas with skin care, you can buy products which are suitable for all skincare types and a set like this from Love Your Skin is perfect.
Apothecary Set
from Love Your Skin
Skin is dynamic, it is ever changing and needs presciptive care and attention.  The Apothecary Set from Love Your Skin allows the user to customise their morning and evening moisturising to meet their skins requirements each day.  I haven't seen a skincare set like this before and I think it is a great idea.  The set contains five high quality, professional products, these being the Hydra Gel Moisturiser which I have reviewed here and these four easily absorbed facial serums:
  • Brightening and Clarifying- contains Moringa, Pomegranate and Cranberry to brighten and clarify lack lustre, dull and lifeless skin.  I've tried this one before, you can read what I thought about it here.
  • Smoothing and Re-Texturising- contains Centella and Willow Bark which help to smooth the surface of the skin and reduce scarring caused by blemishes.
  • Purifying and Balancing- contains Sage and Tea Tree to help rebalance greasiness on the skin and reduce blemishes.
  • Calming and Soothing- contains Chamomile and Seabuckthorn which calms and soothes sensitive skin and reduces high colour in the skin.
The serums can be used alone underneath the moisturiser or blended into the moisturiser.  I do this on the back of my hand first and then apply it to my face and neck after cleansing and toning.
I think the Apothecary Set from Love Your Skin is a great choice this Christmas for anyone who loves skincare and taking care of their skin, even if you don't know what their skin type is, this set is suitable for all as it allows the recipient to customise their skincare routine to suit their skin at the time.
The items in the Apothecary Set retail for £149.99 when bought separately and the set usually retails for £120 which is a great saving in itself but at the moment it is on special offer for £99 so I'd grab it while you can from the official Love Your Skin Website.  Plus there's free delivery on all orders over £50.
What is your favourite product by Love Your Skin?  Which skincare gifts are you giving this Christmas?

Friday, 23 November 2012

Stocking Filler From Denman

This is the latest limited edition released from leading brush brand, Denman who have teamed up with Northern Irish artist, Emma Geary aka 'AnarKitty' to create a sassy, sexy edition of their famous D3 Brush.

The Denman D3 Brush is an absolutely classic brush that everyone should own whether they're a haircare professional or a hair lover styling their hair for a Saturday night out.  It's an essential styling tool that is so easy to use to create a multitude of hair styles from the classic but basic to the volumised and glamorous.  The D3 features the famous half round rubber pad which helps to smooth the hair and it is made up of smooth, round ended nylon pins that are set in a staggered formation to help to provide excellent grip and control for maintaining tension on the hair while styling.  It's great for creating sleek bobs and for flicking the hair out on the ends.  I also love to use it to back comb large sections of my hair.

When Denman and AnarKitty got together, they were looking for artwork that was stylish, original and unique and they certainly found that with AnarKitty's style which is all about focusing on the strong, individual women in today's society but with a twist of femininity.  She signs her work with her initials 'AK' which have been printed onto the front of the brush and next to the artwork on the back.  The main design on the reverse of the brush incorporates the Denman crown, the famous asymmetrical bob hairstyle and the Rococo swirl design.  AnarKitty named this piece 'Sassy' as a tribute to the late Vidal Sassoon who endorsed Denman brushes and help to make them as popular as they are now using his great blow drying techniques.

Denman brushes are British made which is one of my favourite things about them, besides how well they perform, as I'm really proud of such great craftsmanship coming from the UK.  With Christmas fast approaching, I think one of these AnarKitty brushes would make a lovely stocking filler for any fashion concious woman.

At only £7.50 this brush wont break the bank.  It can be bought direct from the Denman website.

What are your favourite Denman brushes?

Thursday, 22 November 2012

WhatLauraWore: Sienna Couture Little Gold Number

Tonight I thought I'd share with you one of the most recent party dresses that has made its way into my wardrobe.  This sparkly dress is the gorgeous Sequin Dipped Hem Dress by Sienna Couture.  It features a gold sequin top with a zip up back fastening, an elasticated band that pulls the wearer in underneath their bust and a chiffon dipped hem skirt.  The top half of this dress is a great fit and would be perfect for those with a larger bust as there is lots of room in the material to accommodate a more ample chest.  The length of the dipped part of the dress is perfect as it skims the middle of my calf and isn't so low that I'd risk standing on it in heels.  The length of the front of the dress is ridiculously short and I did feel uncomfortable sitting down as the dress would ride up further, mainly because my tummy sticking out would then make the dress shorter which I'm sure many plus size girls would find too.  Other than than, the dress is a great fit and could easily be worn with black tights to banish the concern over the dress being a bit too short.  Oh and if you're not a fan of the tops of your arms, then a little black shrug would look really cute with this dress.  I really felt gorgeous wearing this out as the gold sequins are so eye catching and it looks feminine and glamorous which are top of my list of things to look for in a party dress.
Sequin Dipped Hem Dress, £40 from Sienna Couture, size 16-12
Sequin Dipped Hem Dress by Sienna Couture
Black wedges from Primark
Cream and gold stud clutch from Select
Gold disc earrings from New Look
Rose gold watch by DKNY
Tresor Paris bracelet
This gorgeous dress is available direct from the Sienna Couture website for £40 but I've also seen it in New Look too.

What do you think of my dress?  Whats your favourite Sienna Couture dress?

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

How to Choose a Xmas Wrapping Theme

When it comes to Christmas, giving is definitely better than receiving for me. I love nothing more than choosing the perfect gifts for my friends and family and then spending time wrapping them up in gorgeous Christmas paper. Every year I decide on a theme for my Christmas wrapping paper and accessories and I thought it would be a good idea to share my gift wrap theme for this year with you all so that it will help you when you're choosing your gift wrap.
First off, a quick note on children's gifts as, for me, they are a little different to my adult friends and family gifts as I tend to stick to wrapping paper with Christmas characters on and then I buy the gift tags to match- simple. Anyway back to the adults... When choosing gift wrap, I usually stick with two colours or one colour with one or two metallic shades (i.e. gold and silver) for my adult friends and family gifts. I find that this is most effective and looks great under their tree. This year I've decided on a theme of purple and gold; a gorgeous jewelled colour with a classic metallic, my gifts will take a modern twist on festive this year.
I like to buy good quality gift wrap that looks great but is also affordable and cost effective. It's all about getting the balance between a wrapping paper that is thick enough to make it easy to wrap and look great whilst being affordable, after all those who receive your gifts will just be ripping the paper off! This year, I bought wrapping paper from Dunelm Mill which was really affordable at around £2.99 for a 5 meter roll and I adorned my parcels with little gold bows and ribbon, also from Dunelm Mill, and larger purple and gold bows with purple ribbon from Card Factory where I also bought my gift bags from. My little gold tags came in a pack of 50 for only £1 from the Matalan Clearnece Store, what a bargain!
Whilst I'm not the best wrapper in the world, having gorgeous accessories like these really help to created beautiful looking Christmas gifts.  I tend to wrap as I go too which tends to ease the stress of Christmas, i.e. whenever I buy a present I wrap it as soon as I get it home so as to avoid having loads of gifts to wrap in one go and if anyone stumbles upon my present stash then they don't know what I've bought (yes, I'm talking about you Mr WLL!).
What Christmas wrapping theme are you going for this year?

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

WhatLauraWore: Fabulous in Feathers

I was recently featured on the AX Paris blog with this outfit post but I thought I'd post a WhatLauraWore feature on here too to let you all know where everything I was wearing was from.
Stud Feather Print Chiffon Dress from AX Paris
Faux Leather Jacket from Inspire at New Look
Black peep toe heels from Matalan
Studded clutch bag from Primark
Studded bangle from Select
Feather earrings from Internationale
Rose gold watch by DKNY at Earnest Jones

The dress I’m wearing here is the Stud Feather Print Chiffon Dress from the AX Paris Curve range. This particular dress is also available in a darker feather print and in a paisley print. I chose the light feather print as I thought that the mix of stone and grey colours were a great alternative to the dark shades and jewelled colours that are usually available at this time of the year. The mix of colours allows the dress to be styled in either a soft and feminine way or a little more edgy with a black leather jacket. A leather jacket is not only a fashionable way to keep warm in the colder months but it is a great way to toughen up an otherwise girlie dress. I wore this dress out for dinner and cocktails with friends and paired it with my black leather jacket, black peep toe heels and black studded clutch bag. For jewellery, I wore a rose gold bracelet watch, a studded bangle and some long cream feather earrings.

The material of the dress and the cut is perfect for a curvy girl as it is figure flattering and hides a multitude of sins. There is a flattering scoop neckline that is low enough to be flattering without being too revealing, thick shoulder straps to balance out the bust and for support and ample room in the fit of the chest. The arm holes are cut at just the right size too as they fit neatly and comfortably, without hanging down too low that the bra band is revealed. The dress cinches the wearer in underneath the bust; on many curvy women, this is their slimmest part so adding the elastic under the bust is the perfect way to create a figure flattering shape to any outfit. From the bust down, the chiffon floats over the figure so whether your problem area is your tummy, bum or hips or if you’re lucky enough to have no areas you’re concerned about, then you can rest assured that this dress will glide over your figure. The dress looks almost draped on the bottom half and features pockets with studded detail on them. Again, it has all been done in a very feminine manner which makes this a really versatile piece. The dress is very true to size and it is a great length too- I’m 5ft 5” and it comes to just above my knee. I love it for nights out, whether I’m clubbing or going out to dinner as it takes the worry and hassle out of dressing up; I simply put it on and go!


Monday, 19 November 2012

WhatLauraWore: I Heart Simply Be

This winter I'm loving the knitwear that Simply Be has to offer.  Thick and chunky but flattering and feminine, their pieces are keeping me warm and fashionable.  This gorgeous ivory bobble heart jumper from Angel Ribbons at Simply Be is one of my favourite casual pieces in my wardrobe at the moment as it is so soft and stylish.  A quick note on sizing: it is a large fit so I would recommend sizing down.  Simply Be also sell this particular jumper in a dusky peach colour which I am so tempted to buy!  I'm also wearing a staple item in my wardrobe- leggings from Simply Be.  I have these in so many colours and they're really affordable, wash very well and are great quality.
Bobble heart jumper in ivory by Angel Ribbons from Simply Be
Navy leggings from Simply Be
Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 in Damier Azure bag
Diamante and pearl bow flats from New Look
Silver and diamante snowflake studs from Matalan
Rose gold watch by DKNY
I've got lots of outfit posts planned for the next month as well as some Christmas Gift Guide posts but as always, if you have any requests, please let me know.
What do you think of my outfit?

Sunday, 18 November 2012

WhatLauraDid: Week 47

When I sat down to write this I didn't even know what week we are on.  This year is flying by so quickly and I've got so much on in my personal life at the moment that the days are going by in a whirlwind!  Alas, I have discovered that it is Week 47 and this week marked the first of my Christmas Gift Guide posts with a great little stocking filler from Batiste.
The weather has turned ridiculously cold this week and I've been enjoying layering up some of my most recent pieces from New Look.  One of my favourite pieces is a faux leather jacket which I wore in my most recent WhatLauraWore outfit post.  I've got so many outfit posts coming up over the next month which will be a mix of daytime casual and evening way so stay tuned for those!
A great press release landed in my inbox this week from Yours Clothing.  They're launching their new TV advert for the winter and they're giving you an exclusive sneek preview of it here.  I'm sure you'll all agree that the advert looks fantastic.  You can shop the clothes featured in the advert in a special section of the Yours Clothing website here.
Whats more, they're also running a competition to win £250 worth of Yours Clothing products.  To be in with a chance of winning, enter here.
Yours Clothing have been so kind as to offer readers of my blog an exclusive 10% discount off everything on the Yours Clothing website until the 30th November when using the code BLOG10 at the checkout.
Have a great week.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Christmas Stocking Filler from Batiste

Christmas is fast approaching and I'm sure you're all frantically  rushing around to get your Christmas presents in already.  It's such a busy time of year for everyone and the shops are always packed so I thought I'd start doing some Christmas Gift Guide style posts to show you whats out there and to give you a good idea of some great pieces to pick up before you head into your local shopping centre.  Today's post features a great little stocking filler from Batiste that would also make a lovely gift if you're doing a secret Santa between friends or at work.
Limited Edition
WILD Batiste Dry Shampoo Trio
The trio includes three of the latest feisty Batiste Dry Shampoo varieties; Savannah which is a hot pink zebra creation, Mamba the sexy snakeskin offering and bestseller Wild which I've reviewed here, all in handy 50ml sized cans.  These are great for reviving your hair when it is looking greasy and lank, erasing the oil and freshening it up, but they're also great for adding volume to your hair.  Love big hair on a night out but find that it goes flat half way through the night?  Pop one of these little beauties into your clutch to resurrect the volume in your hair whilst you're out.  These three will add a gorgeous fragrance to your hair as well.  After freshening up on a night out, I'm often asked which perfume I've just applied and people are surprised when I tell them its the smell of my hair from the dry shampoo I've just used.  Batiste have packaged the three dry shampoos in a funkly little clear wash bag making it look like a lovely gift for someone, completely no fuss to wrap but a lovely present to open.  The bag itself is perfect for storing all of your makeup essentials and keeping in your bag as you can see exactly where everything is making it quick and easy to use and it is also perfect for taking on holiday as it is perfect for passing through airport security with your inflight beauty regime inside.
Sound great?  I think so too but that's not all you get as each pack contains a 20% off voucher for leading fashion retailer Motel Rocks and the chance to win £300 towards a new wardrobe.  An offer like that sounds too good to miss!
It is limited edition so you'll have to be quick if you want to get your hands on it.  It hits Boots stores in October 2012 and will be available to buy at £4.99 for 3 months while stocks last.
Happy Shopping!

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