Sunday, 17 March 2013

Sparkly Jewellery Haul

Whenever I walk past New Look, I can't resist popping in to see the latest offerings from Roam Jewellery.  I haven't bought any sparkly pieces for a while and my jewellery collection was due an update so I picked up these pieces while I was out last week.  I got a couple of extras too to give to friends as birthday gifts.


I love how this necklace combines gold and pewter chains with a large heart pendant on it.  It is unlike anything else I have in my collection.

This 'love' necklace is so gorgeous and sparkly but the gold chain is dull which stops it from being that in your face, brassy tone.  I wore it recently in an outfit post here.

This silver diamante pendant is perfect for my friend who has a birthday coming up soon, she'll love it and it'll make a great gift with the heart shaped earrings further below.

I love this really simple light bronze disco ball on a gold chain- simple yet effective and the sparkly diamant√© detailing catches the light really well.


These aren't my usual style but as soon as I saw them I knew I had to have them.  Silver and gold chains with pewter and gold spikes hanging down from a hoop, they're just gorgeous.

These gold oval earrings with clear crystals in them are simple yet chic and pretty.  These would add a hint of bling to my work wardrobe as they're tasteful and easy to wear at the office.

Another pair of studs I bought were these cute heart shaped ones that have blue crystals on a gold backdrop.  They feature a contrasting pink crystal flower on them too.  I love wearing earrings like this when my hair is up.

These were another purchase where I had to have them as soon as I saw them.  I bought a set for me and a set for one of my best friends for her birthday.  My purchase was inspired by Nikki Phillippi who wears a similar pair in some of her Youtube videos.

These are the heart shaped earrings that I think would go really well with the necklace above.  They're so sparkly and again, look lovely when worn with an up do.  These are presents for my friends as I already have a pair of these myself.

These large silver hoops have a heart inside them and would look great with other silver jewellery.

Feather earrings look beautiful during the warmer months and these will be perfect for spring.


I love these three stackable rings- pewter, silver and gold with diamante detailing, they really make a statement when worn together.

Roam Jewellery is a concession available in New Look stores.

What is your favourite piece of jewellery right now?

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  1. Pretty much would love to come and steal all that sparkly jewellery, it is all so lovely. I think New Look has stepped up their game jewellery wise over the past year or so, before I didn't feel as if they we're particularly sparkly or special pieces but I'm very impressed with what they have to offer us these days. I have the heart shaped earrings and wear them to death to work. Very jealous of your new additions.

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment Charlotte. I completely agree- New Look have definitely stepped up their game in recent years. Especially with the additions of their concessions like Roam Jewellery, they're flying the flag on the highstreet!

      Laura xxx


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