Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Help Me Pick My Fancy Dress Outfit!

In June it'll be my friend's 26th Birthday and she's having a party at her house.  Of course I accepted the invite but on closer inspection, it's a themed party... 80s themed. That means I need a costume! 

After my Manuka Doctor review post where I dressed up as a bee, I'm sure you're all aware that I'm quite partial to the odd fancy dress occasion, but this year I'm a little stumped.  My friend is the kind to go all out and really go to town on the party and her costume, so for me, nipping to the local fancy dress shop on the day just won’t do.  For this party, I really need to plan ahead!

I was born in 1988 so I can't really draw on my own 80's fashion for inspiration as I doubt romper suits and baby grows would quite cut the mustard.  

I do have a “Made In The 80s” t-shirt from a few years back hanging around somewhere, that I thought I could perhaps wear with leggings and leg warmers…although I doubt I'd find it and the chances of it still fitting are next to none, so I am essentially in search of a new outfit.  

When I think of 80's fashion, I imagine crimped and curled hair, jelly bracelets, sports luxe, loads of neon, bright clothes, leg warmers, oversized clothes - so that's what I've been searching for online.  
After a lot of searching, I have found a great website for fancy dress called Fancy Dress Ball, which seems easy to navigate and they’re reasonably priced – which is a plus, as I’d rather keep this expense to a minimum, as it’s just a one-off occasion wear.

There are SO many options to choose from, which made this outfit planning process a lot less stressful.  I eventually managed to narrow my choices down to three... but now I need YOUR help to decide which one to buy!

Madonna's got nothing on me...

So the first of my 80's fancy dress idea is the 80's Wild Child Costume, which comes with a black and gold top, jacket and tutu, leggings gloves and a headband. So all I'd need to do would be to tightly curl my hair, ruffle it up a bit and wear some white heels.  

My second choice is the 80's Party Girl Costume, which is a more bright and colourful take on the 1980's.  It comes with a camisole, corset, reversible pettiskirt and leg warmers  - but I definitely think I'd have to get a brightly coloured wig and some jelly bracelets to go with it.  

My final choice is the 80's Let's Get Physical Girl, which is a fantastic sporty take on the 80's.  This look is all about the brights and comes with a leotard, crop top, shorts and a plaited headband so all I'd need to add would be some bright coloured leggings and some beads!

As you can see, I'm spoilt for choice so I'm really looking for your recommendations as to which look to go for.

Which is your favourite outfit?

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  1. I love number three!!! It's amazing :D xx
    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  2. Number 2 gets my vote! I think it is the most "fun" one!

    Kate xxx
    Sparkles and Lace Blog

  3. I love them all, but I think number 3 would be comfy and requires not much else other than leggings and beads :) but number 1 is very madonna in the 80's too, unfortunately I have the pleasure of remembering the 80's very well ha ha, it was all neon leg warmers, bright beads and bangles and bright pink and blue makeup, lovely eh? I'm sure you'll look amazing in any of them, have a great time! lots of love xxxxxxx


  4. Definitely, the Madonna look alike in the first picture. She was dressed up like that in her video for 'Like a Virgin' - it's so 80's! XX

  5. I really love the first outfit, and as you say, it'd just be a case of curling/ruffling to add to the look.

    Looking at it from a perspective of 'things you'd be able to use again'. The lacy leggings are really pretty and the skirt would be good for adding volume to things/wearing alone.

    The tights with the third one are great though!

    I'm sure whatever you decide will be great though.

  6. I love dress number 1 :) I think it is so cute and would look wonderful on you!

  7. Number 2 FOR SURE! You'd rock that :) x

  8. I would choose dress nr 1

  9. I would choose dress nr 1

  10. I love number 1 as well! Definitely Madonna... I remember dressing like that when I was about 13. How embarrassing!

  11. Defo number 1 x


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