Sunday, 21 April 2013

Stella McCartney Launches SS13 Lingerie Collection

When it comes to lingerie collections, it's not often a new release catches my eye as much as this one from Stella McCartney.  She first enticed the fashion world with her Stella range in 2008 and now her new range features five types of bras with simplistic designs set to support women of all shapes and occupations.  Now, Stella McCartney is delving into a wider range of lingerie for SS13, and the collection is just as stunning as ever. The underwear finds a balance between the typical modern designs Stella McCartney is known for, whilst maintaining a romantic edge to keep the collection feminine and you all know how much I love this style.

Image Source: Figleaves
Stella has expressed how she has always been inspired by lingerie from an early age and how she was obsessed with the beauty of the French slips, handwork and inlays – something which has stuck with her ever since the creation of her graduation collections at St Martins College. What could ring more true – “It’s the starting point of what you wear every day and it has a really big impact on how you wear your clothes, what you wear on top of your lingerie and how you feel in general!”  I couldn't agree more, particularly with her comments on how it will impact what you wear over it.  Good fitting lingerie in the correct style can change your dress size and make clothes you wear fit and hang correctly on your body.

Classic look
The pieces in the collection generally have a classic look. There are plenty of styles to suit many chest sizes, whilst there are the occasional ‘alternative’ designs that you’d expect from a high-fashion collection.  I found the colours to be simplistic and the prints are pretty basic - but still effortlessly gorgeous. Everything has clearly been designed to become an important part of the outfit, whether due to it creating a smooth, feminine shape, or through a bra strap peeking out of a sleeve.

The range is available in the UK, and you find it among the Figleaves selection of lingerie and bra sets – which I believe is one of the few stockists they have in the UK at the moment, other than their own website.
For me, the stand out set from this SS13 lingerie range is the Jodie Rocking bra and knickers set which is a gorgeous herringbone print giving a chic twist on a classic heritage look.  I adore the mix of metallic and black as I really think the design stands out for all the right reasons.  It's available in sizes up to 38D however I know many of you who read my blog are blessed with a larger chest so depending on your cup size, you might be out of luck with this one. I definitely think this could be an idea though, Stella – extending the range of sizes available...  Perhaps if there is enough interest – she may very well do that.  Here's hoping!

What is your favourite piece from the collection?  What SS13 lingerie releases are you loving right now?

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