Wednesday, 31 July 2013

The Ultimate Girls Festival Survival Guide

Girls when you're off to a summer festival there's five things that are more or less guaranteed:
1. You're going to queue for what seems like a lifetime to use a dirty portaloo
2. You're going to get a little bit dirty as you get down to the tunes
3. You're going to surrender you're personal space and camp in close proximity to other people and potential snorers, who you don't really know with little security for your personal belongings
4. You're going to face the unpredictable British weather
5. You're going to pay an absolute fortune for a bottle of water
Are we all in agreement here girls?
Whilst I can't do much about the latter, I can help you out with the other points by looking at fashion, accessories and toiletries.  Welcome to the ultimate girls festival survival guide...
Images complied from the New Look website
First up, is fashion.  Festivals have a distinctive style, it's all about mixing prints with casual pieces that are comfortable and effortless but well thought out.  I'm talking florals, I'm talking aztec, I'm taking denim and I'm talking fringing.  For your capsule festival wardrobe that is ready to conqueror rain or shine, I'd recommend either wearing a pretty floral or aztec short dress or playsuit or try a top with fringe detailing, crop top, swing cami or vest in either a plain colour or a aztec or floral print with either some shorts or a skirt.  The key is to keep this part of the outfit short on the legs, that way, if it is super warm you'll be kept cool and if it rains, you wont risk your clothes trailing in the mud and puddles.  As a cover up or a contingency plan in case it rains, I'd recommend taking a mac or parka with you as they can be folded up quite small and will fit in a little bag to be carried with you while you're watching the bands.  These are my top picks from the New Look website.  I love their clothes as I find that many of their styles transpire from the standard sized line to their Inspire range.  I got my inspiration from their new interactive infographic that shows a timeline of festival styles from 1969 with hippy fashion through to today.  It shoes how music and fashion are inter influential through the decades and crossing all different festival genres.
For footwear, I'd opt for a pair of wellies, that way you're ready to face the unpredictable British weather head on.  Whether you're a Hunter's girl or you'd prefer some gorgeous lilac ones like mine from the quintessentially British brand, Joules, wellies are a sure fire way to keep your feet comfortable while you're standing all day and if it rains, you'll have a great time plodging all while your feet are dry and toasty.
To keep the glare of the sun away from your eyes, opt for some sunglasses that are light weight and compact, mine are the Ray Ban 3025 Matte Gold Aviators from Sunglasses Shop.  I love these glasses as they keep the sun out of my eyes, they look stylish and they don't take up much room in my bag.  I'd recommend taking a cross body bag with you as they're easy to carry and leave your arms free to dance and hold your drink.  It's really important to get a bag that either zips across or has a turn lock on it for added security, after all, you don't want anyone being able to dip into your bag while you're enjoying the music.  Mine is from River Island but I've seen some other gorgeous ones from Primark and ASOS.
With staying in a tent in an unsecure environment, I'd recommend leaving all of your valuable possessions at home- if you can't afford to lose it then don't take it that's my motto.  I wouldn't take anything that was sentimental away with me to a festival or camping as I couldn't afford to lose them or have them stolen- they're priceless and I'd never be able to get them back.  The same goes for electricals- I would take a cheaper, pocket sized camera away to capture my memories rather than risk damaging my Nikon 1. 
Of course, the obligatory glow stick would be great to hang around your neck as you dance into the night.  Oh and some ear plugs to drown out the sound of drunken snorers, giving you the false sense that you're in the comfort of your own bed with lots of space, as you sink into your slumber...
If I were going to a festival for a few days or away camping, I'd curl my hair with my conical wand on the morning that I left.  I wouldn't be washing my hair while I was away so with a bit of hairspray the curls would stay in and drop to waves over the course of the weekend.  I'd pop on a floral hairband like these from Primark or a floral crown to give your hair a girly pop of colour and a nod to the hippy fashion of 1969.
For toiletries, I'd opt for small, travel sized staple products that do the job but that you don't mind getting a little messed up or lost in the tent.  You need some things that are practical and lightweight for carrying from the car to your pitch.
To freshen up my hair and revive the volume in it, I would recommend only one product and that's Batiste dry shampoo.  They do a range of minis in Superdrug that are perfect for travelling.  They will keep your hair free from grease and full of texture.
When it comes to brushing your locks, the Denman D7 Hairbrush Compact is the perfect addition to your festival swag bag.  With a vanity mirror on one side and a pop out hair brush, this is the perfect hair tamer for when you're on the go.  Brush your locks with one side, check out your style with the other.
To keep you looking put together and polished, I'd recommend painting your nails in a shade that compliments your festival outfit before you go and take a nail file with you in case you break a nail while you're away.  I always seem to crack a nail while I'm travelling or at work and I never have a nail file with me so I've really started to consciously carry one around with me.  The nail colour that I've gone for here is Coral Reef from Models Own, also available at Boots.
It is generally accepted that you're going to need to lose a little bit of your hygiene routine when you're at a festival.  Gone are the clean toilets, showers and luxurious nightly routine.  This is one of the only times I'd recommend turning to wipes, particularly for make up removal.  The Tea Tree Cleansing Wipes from Derma V10 at Home Bargains are a good option as they contain natural tea tree oil, aloe vera and peppermint oils that are designed to remove make up, clean the skin and prevent spots.  These come in a pack of 25 so there's more than enough to use for a weekend away, which is a good thing as they aren't very damp wipes so I find that I need to use more than one, even on a light make up application that you would expect to wear at a festival.
For eye make up removal, I would highly recommend the Halo Eye Make-up Remover Pads.  These are absolutely brilliant.  They aren't oily like other eye make up remover pads that I've used before and they don't leave a greasy film on my eyes after I've used them.  They remove all of my eye make up without tugging at my eyes as they're so gentle so I think these would be a great addition to your festival beauty bag.  Pick up your own pack in time for the festival you're going to from Superdrug or Tesco and while you're at it, check out their deodorant wipes too.
The Halo Deodorant Wipes are a quick and effective way to freshen up while you're at a festival.  The wipes are really soft and moist which is so important when you're somewhere that you can't get a shower as they give you a refreshed, clean feeling.  They are great to use over the whole body and they don't sting at all so they're great for sensitive areas like your underarms.  Not only do they act as a deodorant but they clean your skin too so if you've got a little muddy while dancing to your favourite singer then you can wipe yourself over with one of these.
The final and perhaps the most essential product needed to survive a festival environment is a pack of Feminine Freshness Wipes from Femfresh.  I don't know about you but I honestly can't think of anything worse than using a portaloo.  Even the clean ones make me squirm.  These wipes can be used to keep you feeling fresh and clean down there while you're away at a festival but also as toilet roll if your water closet of choice is lacking them.  These are available from Boots along with the rest of the Femfresh line.
I think that covers all of the bases then girls- fashion, weather, hygiene and personal space, so you should be able to survive anything that a festival throws at you now.

Do share your own personal festival stories, tips and tricks below.  I'd love to read them!
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Tuesday, 30 July 2013


As of August, I'll be offering advertising packages exclusively for bloggers on my blog.
If you would like to advertise on then email for details of all packages.
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Monday, 29 July 2013

WhatLauraWore: Saint or Sinner

Hi Everyone
Hope you're all well.  Just a quick outfit photo from me today as I'm busy working on some exciting posts for you all.  This WhatLauraWore outfit features this gorgeous mix match vest top that I got from All Saints.  Its in a beautiful neutral grey shade with a hint of purple in it and I love the way the fabric is pieced together- it looks so cool.  I've paired it here with some knitted denim leggings, my Mulberry bag and some floral flats to give it a cool and casual look that's perfect for shopping, the cinema or bowling.
Vest from All Saints
Knitted denim leggings from New Look
Bayswater bag from Mulberry
Floral flats from Primark
Charm bracelet from Pandora at John Greed Jewellery
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Saturday, 27 July 2013

Kiko Ready-To-Go Fluo Patch Nail Lacquer in Fluo Orange Review

There's a heat wave going on and my nails have gone fluro...

The Kiko Ready-To-Go Fluo Patch Nail Lacquer is a specially designed 3 in 1 set of nail strips.  Essentially they are a form nail wraps but they're the best ones I've tried so far.  What sets them apart from other nail wraps is their unique three coat design.  The consist of a layer of base coat, colour coat (here I have the 02 Fluo Orange) and top coat all together in one single nail strip.
Every pack contains two strips of eight nail strips that are already shaped so all you need to do is to find the shape that fits your nail and you're ready to put them on.  They're easy to apply, simply peal off, smooth down onto the nail from the centre outwards and file away the excess.  They feel really cool when you touch the actual strip as they actually feel like nail polish unlike other nail wraps that I've tried that have felt like sticky plastic.  Applying these saves me so much time as they literally take a couple of minutes to apply whereas if I were to have applied a base coat, a couple of colour coats (to get the opaque shade of the Fluro Orange wraps here) and a top coat, I'd be sat for a good ten to fifteen minutes.  They are odourless too so they don't have that strong nail polish scent to them which some people find pretty toxic!
They have a gorgeous finish, just like having a glossy professional manicure but at a fraction of the price at only £1 in the sale from the Kiko website.  I would most definitely repurchase these as they are PERFECT for summer nails because they're long lasting, glossy and have a bright colour.  The Fluo Orange isn't a shade I would usually go for but I am absolutely loving it as its so bright and looks awesome with my tan.  One thing that I did notice is that the longer I wore these the colour on the ends started to lighten- perhaps because of the strain on my nails with using my hands a lot, typing and doing house work or with sitting in the sun, I don't know but I'm assuming it isn't supposed to happen.  I actually loved the look this gave though because they started to look ombre and dip dyed.
They last about seven days before starting to chip depending on what you're doing.  I've got longer out of them before.  Removing them is easy too, simply grab a cotton wool pad with some nail polish remover on it and the nail lacquer just slides off.  Easy peasy!
What nail wraps would you recommend to me?

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Out With The Old...

Regular readers of my blog will know that the little bottle of goodness on the left is a very firm favourite of mine, having used several bottles since I first tried it last year.  The Good Things Deep Pore Anti Blemish Cleanser (review here) is probably my most loved cleanser as it is a simple, no fuss cleanser and toner in one, that freshens up my face first thing on a morning and removes my make up at night.  I'm a fan of the double cleanse, so I pop this on a large cotton pad and sweep it over my face before following it up with a cream cleanser on my Rio Sonicleanse.  If you'd like to read more about my cleansing routine then this post tells the full story.  This product really wakes me up when I'm using it on a morning, during the heat wave we've been having I've been keeping my bottle in the fridge to really cool it down and treat give my skin a treat.  When used to remove make up, I find that this removes all but the most deep set make up effortlessly, even waterproof eye make up.  My skin is left feeling soft, clean and smooth after use, without being stripped of its natural oils and uncomfortably squeaky clean.
With all of the good things I have to say about this product, you can imagine my confusion when I picked up the bottle on the right, the Good Things Deep Pore Anti Blemish Lotion, and found that it did EXACTLY the same thing as the Cleanser of the same name.  Well, I've done a bit of investigatory work and found out that the Good Things Deep Pore Anti Blemish Lotion IS the same product- only repackaged, renamed and rereleased.  So its out with the old and in with the new!  It contains the same superfruit extracts of wild fig and strawberry as well as liquorice extract and willow bark to fight bacteria and its still knocks the socks off some of the higher end brands at a fraction of the price (£4.99 from Boots to be exact!).  New same, same great product, I can see me repurchasing this for years to come!

What are your favourite cleansing lotions?

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Friday, 26 July 2013

My Favourite Rose Gold Make Up

Since college, some seven or eight years ago, I've had an obsession with rose gold.  I absolutely love the way that it looks and the way that it can transform an outfit.  Over the years I've managed to accumulate some beautiful pieces of rose gold or rose gold effect jewellery and when I'm wearing it I always like to accompany it with touches of rose gold coloured make up.  It looks so effective if you're wearing an all black outfit with rose gold jewellery and a clutch and even better when your make up compliments the tones of the rose gold.  Today I'm going to share with you some of my favourite make up bits that I love to apply when I'm wearing rose gold to compliment my outfit.

Some of these are rose gold coloured, some just lend themselves to the tones of rose gold and look even better when worn with a tan.  They're all a little bronze, a little golden, a little red and a whole lot of lovely.  Lets jump right in...

The Eyes

So for the eyes, I have the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Wash Eyeshadow in Rose Gold.  For a powder, this one is simply the best- highly pigmented, creamy and a joy to apply and blend.  I must try out some more of their eyeshadows because this one is just so good, it really puts MAC to shame.  Whether it is applied all over the lid for a full on rose gold eye make up look or blended through the crease to deepen a lighter rose look, this shade of eyeshadow looks the business.  It is a true rose gold shade that has just the right amount of red tones to give that rosy glow but it is enough gold in it to create a hue that compliments the eye rather than leaving them looking decidedly unwell.

One of my favourite ways to apply this eyeshadow is through the crease, using the Chanel Illusion D'Ombre in Emerveille across the lid with the Bobbi Brown Rose Gold shade blended through the outer third, up into the crease of the eye.  This creates a beautiful effect that allows you to really build up the lashes so that they stand out against the relatively light, rose gold eye lid.  Emerveille is a stunning light rose gold with plenty of gold and pink tones running through it.  It can be used as an eyeshadow base, as a wash of colour over the lid, built up to be a stark colour or used precisely as an eyeliner.  Personally I love running this along my lower lash line as it really opens up the eyes.

The Chanel Illusion D'Ombre Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadows are some of my favourite eye make up products in my collection.  The formula of the Chanel Illusion D'Ombre shadows is something of a complexity- smooth and creamy yet full of substance, almost like a foam, they have to be applied to be fully understood.  These shadows make great gifts too for make up concious friends as they're presented in gorgeous glass pots with the Chanel logo on the lid.

The Lips

Moving onto lips now and this is where we have some real complimentary shades.  In the bargain basement we have the Barry M Lip Gloss in Toffee.  This is a super duper cheapy but a lovely addition to a beauty addicts make up bag.  It applies smoothly and feels really creamy on the lips.  It gives a subtle wash or colour and isn't sticky at all so its really comfortable to wear.  In fact, it feels very much like a lipstick.

Speaking of lipstick, the Estee Lauder Pure Colour Long Lasting Lipstick in 112 Beige has been a firm favourite of mine since I started wearing make up.  It is highly pigmented, shimmer lippy that is super creamy and very long lasting.  The colour is to die for and looks amazing as part of any bronzed up, tanned make up look.  For an injection of extra sparkle, I love to layer the lighter Sugar Rush sparkle lipgloss from the Estee Lauder Pure Colour Lip Gloss range over the top.  This is a lighter gold lipgloss that still has plenty of pink tones running through it.  I got this free as a gift with purchase and it is part of a double ended lip gloss duo with the shimmer lip gloss Praline Paradise- both are available separately.  Now this one is something special- a beautiful rose gold shade that packs a punch on its own but looks equally as special over the top of other lipsticks.  I'd highly recommend these lip glosses as they're super long lasting and are comfortable to wear all day as they aren't sticky at all. Ten out of ten!

What are your favourite rose gold make up products?
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Thursday, 25 July 2013

My Pick of the Jack Wills Sale

When I visited London last week, I had some time to kill before I met up with an old friend for afternoon drinks and a bite in Laduree.  While I wandered through Covent Garden, I took the time to pop into one of my favourite quintessentially British shops, Jack Wills.

Jack Wills are a university outfitter that sell everything from hoodies to bedding and from iPad cases to flip flop all branded with some of the Jack Wills signatures like the pheasant logo, Jack Wills writing, pink and navy stripes and Union Jack.  Jack Wills always have amazing sales and you can end up grabbing yourself a right bargain if you wait until the time is right.  Today I'm going to show you the goodies that I bought.

I managed to get a good mix of products but since I'm on a spending watch with saving for our wedding, I only bought things that I really needed.

The main reason as to why I went into Jack Wills was to buy some more of their flip flops.  I meant it when I say that these are the most comfortable flip flops I've ever worn.  I have a pair that I was actually wearing on the day that I went to London and bought the things above that I have had for just over six years and they are still going strong.

The flip flops I chose were the Somerton Flip Flops in the blossom (pink) and white stripe and in the navy and pink stripe which were £10 down from £14.50.  These may look like your average rubber flip flops but they are the most comfortable flip flops ever and I've tried pairs across a spectrum of price ranges and brands.  I always go back to these.  My other pairs aren't looking their best now- whilst they're still intact and super comfy despite never being off my feet, they aren't as bright in colour as they do get dirty and with me going on various holidays soon, I want some bright new ones to take with me.

Another item that I bought to use on holiday is the Iris Bag which was £14 reduced from about £29 (I say about as I've chucked the tag out!).

Iris is an across the body bag with a Lark Paisley print, exclusive to Jack Wills.  I wasn't so sure about the print when I first saw it and there was another bag there with quilting also but in navy with pink and white hearts on it but the more I looked at this one the more vintage, festival chic I saw in it and fell in love.  It also has a Jack Wills branded leather patch on the front and antique brass trims.  For a small bag, this one fits a lot in AND it zips up which is so important to me as I want to use this for nights out while I'm away and I want to keep my belongings as safe as possible.  All of the other across the body bags I've seen just have a flap and no where to zip across the opening of the bag.  The thing that I love about this bag is the strap as it is really long.  Usually I find that straps on bags that cannot be adjusted are far too short whereas this one hangs in just the right spot.  I am so pleased I got this.  It is so comfortable to carry and will suit lots of my holiday outfits.

Another great bargain I found was the Fairhaven Make Up Bag, reduced from £19.50 down to £9.  I actually bought four of these- one for myself and three to give as gifts to my friends at Christmas, as I thought that they were such a good deal and I know that my friends will love them.

The Fairhaven Make Up Bag is actually made from laminated cotton so it will withstand stains and liquids.  I love the floral print on it and the navy and pink stripy inside.  Providing you're packing consciously, you can fit quite a lot in here.  I'll be using it to take my make up touch up items to uni.

Also to take to uni, I bought the Rushbrooke Pencil Tin in navy and pink stripe for £2.50, down from £6.50.

The Rushbrooke Pencil Tin is also available in the Union Jack design.  It is sturdy and slim so it will fit in the majority of bags yet it can still fit the essentials into it- I'll just be keeping a couple of pens, a ruler, highlighter and lip balm in mine.

To take to university, I bought two of the Calderwood A4 Notebooks in the pink Union Jack design.

These were £4 reduced from £9.50 and they are excellent quality- the paper is so heavy.  It is wide lined with the pheasant logo at the bottom of each page.  The pages don't tear out of these neatly and they don't have holes in them so it isn't paper I'll be able to take out and pop in a file so I think I am going to keep these purely for making notes and then I'll type everything up and add to my notes after my lectures and seminars.  The note books are spiral bound and have a heavy linen wrapped cover with the Jack Wills label on them.

Lastly, I bought two of the Farnworth A5 Notebooks in the Union Jack design and in brill pink.

These were £3 reduced from £7.50 and are essentially exactly the same as the Calderwood Notebooks except they're smaller and have an elastic wrap around band.

I'm thinking about doing some more back to school style posts with going back to uni in September.  Do let me know what you think about this and if you like my Jack Wills Haul.

What are your favourite items from the Jack Wills sale?

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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Pampering Beach Day and a BIG Night In

When the sun is shining and I've got a day off, I love nothing more than packing up my beach bag with some pampering treats and heading down to the seaside with the girls before heading home for drinks and a BBQ with Mr WLL and our friends.  We're all loving the heatwave that we're having in the UK and hope it is here to stay!  Today I thought I'd share with you the contents of my pampering beach bag and the yummy treats we enjoyed later that night.

When it comes to a trip to the seaside, my friends and I like to play about in the sand and splash around in the sea which is refreshing and fun until it comes to having lunch and there aren't any bathrooms around to freshen up and clean our hands.  Antibacterial products are great for this purpose.

Cuticura Antibacterial Hand Wipes and Cuticura Antibacterial Hand Gel

I like to take the Cuticura Antibacterial Hand Wipes with me on trips out and about  as they're really quick and easy to use, feel silky smooth and the packet is slim line so it doesn't take up a lot of room in my beach bag.  They are quite wet and have a really fresh fragrance.  They are antibacterial and antiviral and they are alcohol free as well so they don't irritate my psoriasis which is something that normally puts me off antibacterial wipes as they usually burn my skin but these don't at all.  Whilst these are hand wipes, they can be used on other parts of the body.  I used them on my feet when I've been at the beach before putting my sandals on as I am not a fan of the sand and I like my feet to feel clean!  I also use them on my desk at work to sanitise the area that I'm working at.  These hand wipes are £1.49 from Superdrug.

Another option for cleaning your hands while at the seaside is the Cuticura Antibacterial Hand Gel.  I really like the new Passion Flower and Mango hand gel as it has a gorgeous fruity fragrance that isn't apparent when you first apply it but can be easily smelled when it dries down.  Scented hand gels reminds me of all of the American YouTubers that I watch who all have a million and one different hand gel fragrances from places like Bath and Body works.  It's great that a fruity hand gel is now available in the UK!  I prefer to use hand gel when I've been using public transport and I always keep a bottle in my bag when I've been on the tube in London as I tend to feel minging afterwards!!  It is really easy to use, simply squirt into the palms of your hands and rub them together ensuring the hand gel covers all of the hands and nails where dirt and germs tend to gather.  The Cuticura Hand Gel is available in three sizes- 99p for 50ml, £1.49 for 100ml and £2.79 for 250ml and it is available from Superdrug, Boots, supermarkets and independent pharmacies.

Sun In Gentle with Lemon

If you're looking to add some subtle highlights to your hair then the Sun In Spray-In Hair Lightener could be a way for you to create that sun kissed look without spending a fortune at the hairdressers.  Spray on the ends of your hair to create an ombre look or around the frame of the face for a natural sun kissed lightening effect.  This is the gentle formula with lemon which can be used on blonde to dark brown hair to create subtle golden highlights which will vary in intensity from person to person.  The spray is heat activated so if you spray it on before heading out into the sunshine then the heat from the sun will work its magic.  Failing that, you could always use a hair dryer on your hair.  It is £5.56 for 150ml from Boots.

Miaflora Moroccan Argan Oil

After being out in the sun all day and playing in the water, I often find that my blonde locks are dried out and crispy.  A few drops of the Miaflora Moroccan Argan Oil through the mid lengths to ends of my hair usually sorts the dryness out and keeps the crisp, frizz at bay.  This is one of my favourite hair oils as it acts as a great blow dry lotion too if used on wet hair.

The Miaflora Moroccan Argan Oil is available from Holland and Barrett for £12.99.

Corn Silk Original Satin Translucent Pressed Face Powder

I tend to go to the beach make up free but if you're looking for something to keep the shine at bay then the Corn Silk Original Satin Translucent Pressed Face Powder is a good option.  This is a little vintage wonder as it reminds me of the powders my grandmother used to wear- it has that powdery scent.  I have the Original Satin finish and find that it leaves my skin looking matte but not flat, very natural and flawless looking.  It helps to keep the shine from my oily skin at bay and it doesn't clog my pores.  I am yet to find the ultimate face powder and I'm still on my quest but I do like this one and will keep using it throughout the summer.

It is available for £7.40 from Boots.

Dr Organic Royal Jelly Cellulite Cream

Dr Organic make the most delicious body creams that really rival the high end brands.  I have found that the Royal Jelly Cellulite Cream improves the firmness of the skin when massaged into the thighs and bottom twice per day.  I don't believe that any cream will really get rid of cellulite but this cream does make the skin feel firm and supple.  It is designed to be regularly massaged into the area affected by cellulite and the massaging action is designed to stimulate and support circulation and penetrate through the subcutaneous fat cells that are trapped in the collagen and elastin fibres in the skin, with the view to improving the appearance and condition of the skin.  I'm going to keep on using this to see if it has any lasting effect on my dreaded cellulite.

At £9.29 from Holland and Barrett, this cellulite cream wont break the bank but it will give you super soft skin.

Mudd Original Mask

After a day at the beach, applying sun cream and getting a little bit hot under the sun, it is easy for our pores to get a little bit clogged.  The Mudd Original Mask is a great way to deeply cleanse your face and unblock those pores.  Simply apply a thick layer to the face, leave to harden for 15 mins then remove using a face cloth or muslin cloth.  This is a clay based mask that helps to remove black heads and unclog the skin whilst removing excess oil.  These single application packs are £1.01 but they also sell five application packs for £3.05 and ten application packs for £5.10 in Boots, Superdrug, Asda and in pharmacies.

After the beach it was time to get the party started...

With the weather being as lovely as it is and the late nights being light and warm, staying in is definitely the new going out and my friends and I had a great night in courtesy of Money Supermarket.  After the beach, us girlies took to the jacuzzi and popped on our Mudd Face Masks while the boys got down to the cooking.  A few quick snaps later and they were around the barbie like

We do the vast majority of our food shopping at Marks and Spencers as it is local to us and the meat is already seasoned which is great for evenings like this where we get home late and don't have time to leave it to marinade.  We opted for The Grill Burger Combo, The Ultimate Steak Burgers, Lamb Kofta Kebabs and the Sticky and Spicy Asian Pork Belly.

For veggies and salads, we opted for Spinach and Potato Gratin, Garlic Mushrooms, Red and Yellow Santorini Tomatos and peppers for roasting.

A huge bag of Italian Baby Leaf salad leaves with some Tzatziki and Beetroot and Mint Dip were thrown into the mix while the boys nibbled on some Walkers Sensations while the meat was barbecuing.

While the meat cooked, all that was left for us to do was to crack open a bottle of Desperados with plenty of lime for the boys and for the girls to enjoy a glass of rose.

Of course a big night in wouldn't be complete without a few games.  We love playing Hum Bug which is a game where you have to hum a song and your team mates have to guess the song you're humming.  Its a great ice breaker to use at parties as it gets everyone involved and feeling a little silly.  We always ends up with us sitting in fits of giggle!

What is your favourite way to spend a big night in?  What are your favourite BBQ foods?  What are your beach bag pampering treats?

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