Saturday, 31 August 2013

A Pink Unboxing

This autumn, I plan on getting my walking boots on and heading out in the cool air to burn a few calories and see a bit of our beautiful countryside.  The shoes I'll be wearing are my new Sierra Lite Original Walking Boots that have just arrived from Hi-Tec.
Today I thought I'd do a quick unboxing post to show you my new boots and to give you my initial thoughts on them and then I'll do a thorough review once I've had a chance to wear them somewhere other than in my house!  I think its important to fully test something out before giving you my opinion on it, especially something as specialised as walking boots.  Whilst they're relatively inexpensive at just under £50, they are a shoe that I would wear on the odd occasion that I go walking so the cost per wear is quite high and for that reason, I really want to make sure that they're worth it.
From the outset, the boots feel pretty light weight, much more so than they look and they feel sturdy too without being hard.

I really like the mesh and suede design and of course, the pink colour making them a very girlie option for walkers.  The white laces and base look fab with the dark pink, it really sets them off although I doubt they'll stay clean for very long.

I can't wait to give these a try and see how they perform!

Check back to read my thoughts!

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Share the Love August

Hey Everyone
Welcome to the new feature on my blog called Share The Love.  Each month I'll be sharing with you the great blogs that have advertised with me for that particular month.  August has been a pretty fantastic month for me blogging wise and I've loved reading these gorgeous ladies blogs, they really are fantastic.

Hello everyone, my name is Zoe and I write a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog called Mammaful Zo, I also have a You tube channel of the same name. I post lots of different things from reviews and wish lists to favourites and fashion with some lifestyle posts in between. I'm a self confessed chatterbox with an online shopping addiction. If you love beauty, fashion, shopping and having a good old girlie chat, come and say hello.
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Hey everyone, I'm Jess, a recently graduated twenty-something from Manchester. Being a trainee solicitor, I don't usually get the chance to talk about things I have been literally obsessed with since I was old enough to point; fashion and beauty. That's where The Crown Wings has come in, allowing my to ramble to my hearts content about pigmentation and playsuits. Never in my wildest dreams did I think people would read, and dare I say it return to hear my endless chit-chat, but they have and I love sharing my life and loves with this community. Now taking a picture of a product before using it and searching the high street for the best new trends has become second nature and I hope it stays that way for a very long time. I've met some amazingly sweet and lovely people through blogging, and hopefully if you pop by my blog, relax and have a read, I'll meet even more! Fingers crossed I'll speak to you all soon. Bye xoxo
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Hello everyone! I’m Cole, a 22 year old blogger and vlogger. I write a blog called and have a corresponding YouTube channel which involves everything to do with Beauty and Fashion. I often post tutorials as I’m a professional makeup, hair and nail artist but I also write product reviews, DIY posts, monthly favourites and lots more! If you like beauty and fashion it’d be worth having a read of my blog! Hope you enjoy!

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"Hair Extensions by HJ Extensions are a fantastic way to transform your tired and unloved hair, creating you a wonderful new look.  With HJ extensions there is no need to wait years for your hair to grow. Within hours you could transform your hair in order to have a new, fresh look and the hair you’ve always dreamt of.  And best of all, all of this amazing transformation can take place in the comfort of your own home.  HJ Extensions can be used in a variety of ways to change and improve your hair. Using the highest quality 100% Human hair from the 3 market leading brands only- Great Lengths, Cinderella and the all new Easilocks extensions give a guaranteed natural look, with which you could add length, volume, highlights and colour."

Links: Website // Twitter // Facebook
 Which blogs have you been reading this month? Let me know what you think about these gorgeous bloggers- who is your favourite?

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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Models Own Velvet Goth Collection

My all time favourite nail polish brand, Models Own, have released a new collection ready for the autumn winter.

Models Own Velvet Goth Nail Polishes
When I first saw these I thought that they were going to be like the velvet manicure that Ciate released last year which was like a overly textured, fuzzy nail offering that quite frankly, was a pain to apply and pain to remove.  Thankfully, Models Own have created a collection of polishes with all the velvet appeal you could dream of, minus the fuzz.

Models Own Velvet Goth Nail Polishes in Valerian, Amethyst and Sardonyx
There are 5 14ml polishes in the collection, each with a dark and mysterious inky hue.  There is a deep emerald green shade called Absinthe, a deep charcoal grey called Obsidian, a stunningly rich bottle blue shade called Valerian, a gorgeous blood scarlet red called Sardonyx and a beautiful royal purple called Amethyst.  The latter three polishes, I was kindly given by Models Own and I've been trying them out recently.

Models Own Amethyst
Amethyst is perhaps my favourite out of all of the polishes I tried, mainly because of the gorgeous Cadbury's purple colour.  It is bright but has a lot of depth to it, as do all of the Velvet Goth polishes, and it has gorgeous purple micro shimmer particles combined with large glittery pieces running through it.  I have a jumper in a similar royal purple colour that I can't wait to wear this with and be all matchy matchy but I'll have to wait a couple more months for the weather to cool down before that can happen!

Models Own Amethyst Swatch
Through using these polishes I can definitely see that they do draw some comparisons to the traditional Models Own polishes in that they are quick to apply with the fantastic brush (not too wide, not too thin) and fast drying however they do have some notable differences in that they have a textured finish, nothing too gritty or noticeable but they're textured nonetheless.  The texture comes from the large glitter particles and multi faceted shimmer within the polish.  Another noticeable difference is the packaging.  Whilst the bottle shape and size are the same, gone are the white lids and instead each bottle has a limited edition, fuzzy velvet cap in a colour to match the polish.  Super cute!

Models Own Valerian

All of these photographs were taken without using a base or top coat so that they show a true reflection of the polish.  Remember that textured finish I talked about earlier?  If you want a completely smooth finish then you could add a top coat.  Be careful though as this may give the nails a glossy finish too which is great if you like that look but with the Velvet Goth collection, it is all about the matte sparkle.

Models Own Valerian Swatch
The finish of the nail polishes on their own is very two dimensional, giving a nod to a velvet appearance and a deep gothic feel.  They're super matte but sparkly at the same time so they look glamorous and would perfectly compliment an evening outfit.

Models Own Sardonyx

Two coats is definitely needed when applying all of these as only one coat does not give you the depth of colour that two gives.  Like I mentioned earlier, they are fast drying however it is important to try to keep the layers of polish application thin as with this being quite a textured polish I do find that it has a tendency to dry slightly and go a little gloopy, particularly by the time the second coat comes around.  This is easily solved by making sure the lid is replaced when you wait for the first coat to dry and giving the bottle a good shake before opening it again.  I've found that the more coats of polish you apply, the deeper and darker the colour of the nail polish appears however two coats is more than sufficient.

One thing that I really like about these polishes is that they are surprisingly easy to remove.  Usually I find that heavily textured or glittery polishes are a little tough to get off to say the least but these were quite straightforward after holding a nail polish soaked cotton pad over the nail for a few seconds first.

Models Own Sardonyx Swatch
The Velvet Goth collection launched worldwide on the 24th August at the Models Own Bottle Shop but they will be much more readily available online from the 2nd September on the Models Own website.  From 4th September they'll be heading into Boots stores nationwide and into Superdrug from 25th September.  They are a purse friendly £5 each.
Get the dates in your diary girls!
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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

EXCITING OFFER from Pur Minerals

My friends over at Pur Minerals have let me in on a little secret... from tomorrow there's going to be an awesome deal on their products.  When you buy any two of their products you will receive one of their Eye Shadow Trio's free of charge in the shade of your choice, unless you buy online in which case you'll receive the gorgeous Pink Mix shade.
Purminerals special offer
You can take advantage of the offer by visiting any Marks and Spencer Beauty Hall or by visiting Marks and Spencer online.  Hurry though as the offer is only on from 29th August until 11th September 2013!

I've got a make up look coming up using one of the shadows and a mascara from Pur Minerals so stay tuned for that!
In the meantime, to help you to decide on what you want to try out from Pur Minerals, I've reviewed some of their products here and here.

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ASOS Curve Haul

Hey Everyone

Today I'm going to share with you a little haul from ASOS.  I know that they've been working with a lot of bloggers in recent months but all of these were purchased my me from their ASOS Curve line.  This was actually my first time ordering from ASOS, aside from a very small order of 1 dress and a nail polish last summer.

I've got to say I was really impressed by the delivery service as the email updates from ASOS were really thorough and my order arrived less than 24 hours after I'd placed it which was just incredible.  The next day delivery was free because of the value of the order that I placed, as were returns.

Another great thing about ASOS is that they offer student discount so, needless to say, I am looking forward to becoming a masters student in September.  However if you're not a student, another way to get great discounts on ASOS, wherever you are in the world, is through this website.  Codesium provides an overview of all of the available discount codes for ASOS for all countries so no matter where you can in the world, you can grab a good bargain!  Now lets look at what I picked up...

This was quite a big order for me and I ordered some things, like the bottoms, in a few different sizes as I'd heard the sizing could be a little hit and miss.  Overall I found that the tops were small fitting, the dresses were true to size and the bottoms were a very generous fit.  From the outset I didn't intend to keep EVERYTHING I ordered mainly because I didn't want to spend that much and I didn't need that many new items but I wanted to try a lot of items that were a little out of my comfort zone to find a few new items to grace my closet.
ASOS Curve Tops
I ordered three tops to try from the Curve range and I really liked the quality of them all, especially for their low cost.  These were all great buys, particularly if you're on a budget.

The first item I ordered was the ASOS Curve Vest with Multicoloured Skull Print which was £9.50.  I really liked the print on this and I thought it would be a girlie take on a more rocky look.  When it arrived it just didn't suit my style but I did really like it.  I think this would look great with some denim shorts and some Converse.

The second top I bought was the ASOS Curve Woven Vest in Blush that was on sale for £9.50.  This one wasn't right for my shape as with it being woven it had no stretch in it so it didn't fit me properly because I'm so much smaller around my shoulders and bust than I am around my stomach.

The last item I bought was the ASOS Curve Exclusive Top With Woven Front In Flamingo Print that was on sale for £15.  This is the only top I'll be keeping and was my favourite out of all three.  This was a better fit than the other woven top as the back was stretchy so it was a much better fit.  I like that the back is lower than the front too.  The woven front of the top is very sheer and has a beautifully colourful flamingo print on it.  I think this will look great as a swimsuit cover up with a pair of shorts in the summer or tucked into a skater skirt with a pretty bra underneath.
ASOS Curve Dresses
I ended up keeping two out of the three dresses that I ordered and I can't wait to feature these in future outfit posts.  The first item I kept was the ASOS Curve Exclusive Skater Dress in Cheesecloth that I bought in Mint for £22 but it is also available in black and blue.  This is a very light weight dress that will be perfect for a summer holiday.  It has an elasticated waist and a wrap over v neck which I really like because it creates an effortless shape.  It is the kind of dress that you can just pop on and go.  I'll be wearing this with some tan accessories.

The second dress that I bought was the ASOS Curve Tribal Print Beach Dress which was £25.  This is the one that I'll be sending back, only because it didn't sit on me quite the same way as it did on the model online and it was a little too sheer for what I wanted to use it for which was for a summer holiday evening dress.  I'm going away early next year and I want to buy plenty of clothes now at the mid summer before the winter stock comes in because there wont be much choice when I go away.  I know that this is a beach dress so you expect it to be lighter than other dresses but I have worn similar dresses as actual dresses than just as cover ups in the past but unfortunately it couldn't be done with this one.  If you were looking for a pretty dress to cover up with at the beach then this would be a good option as the colours are so pretty and I love the tribal print.

The other dress that I decided to keep was the ASOS Curve Smock Dress in Floral and Paisley Border which was on sale at £21.  I cannot wait to share this with you in a WhatLauraWore outfit because it looks so much better on than it does in a photograph.  I'm going to wear this in quite a laid back style with some flat sandals and a cross body bag.
ASOS Curve Skirts
The first two skirts were inspired by my good friend Zoe as I'd been talking to her about skater skirts and saw her wearing the pansy one.  I've kept both the ASOS Curve Exclusive Skater Skirt in Jersey which I paid £9 in the sale (but it appears to have gone back up to £16!) and the ASOS Curve Skater Skirt in Pansy Print for £9.50.  I've worn the black skirt already in this post but I can say that both of them are a fantastic fit, a bit on the large side but I love how they look.  They feel really comfortable too.  The ASOS Curve Skater Skirt With Embroidery Print which was on sale for £10.50, was another skirt that I bought but I sent this one back as it was a little too thick for me as I wanted something a little more light weight.  The embroidery print on it was gorgeous though and I did like how it was quite structured.
ASOS Curve Leggings and Peg Leg Trousers
Finally the last items I bought were both keepers.  I needed some navy leggings for a future fancy dress project and the ASOS Curve Exclusive Legging in Navy for £10.00 fit the bill.  These were a generous fit and good quality.

Perhaps my favourite purchase of the whole order was the ASOS Curve Peg Trouser in Floral Print which were £22 and again inspired by my friend Zoe.  These are SO comfortable, colourful and really eye catching.  I've worn these with a black peplum top and I've worn them with a lime green top before and both looked fab.  I LOVE these and will be definitely buying more peg leg trousers from ASOS in future!
What are your favourite picks from ASOS?

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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

WhatLauraWore: Coral Jewel Drop Back Dress from AX Paris

Todays post is the epitome of my summertime, glamorous style.  Huge sunglasses, relaxed hair and a gorgeous dress.  The one I'm wearing here is the Coral Jewel Drop Back Dress from AX Paris which really is a statement piece.  This is because of the pretty coral jewelled embellished waist and sweet heart neck line.  The dress is lined to the knee, covered with a  chiffon overlay and it has a drop back.  I love how pretty and feminine it is and the soft coral colour is perfect for the spring and summer months.  The fit is very true to size and their is an elasticated panel in the back for added comfort.
AX Paris Coral Jewel Drop Back Dress
Coral Jewel Drop Back Dress from AX Paris
Coral wedges from Primark
Coral and gold stud clutch bag from River Island
Sunglasses by Dolce and Gabbana from Selfridges

What is your summer evening style?

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My Top 5 Summer Picks From Bon Prix

Today I'm going to be sharing with you my top five summer picks from Bon Prix, the Parisian style retailer that is super affordable.  Their pieces are great quality too as I discovered when I reviewed their Frilly Hem Jersey Dress back in this post.
Bon Prix Summer Dresses
When checking out the dress section, two dresses really caught my eye.  Firstly the Body Flirt Sleeveless Tea Dress in black striped which has a cowl neck top, a broad tie waist and a sheer chiffon skirt to swish in the summertime breeze.  I love the soft red and yellow colours together.  This would be perfect for a christening or even a wedding and is a really affordable option for £39.99.  For those jetting off for a little late summer holiday, the Body Flirt Dipped Hem Cami Strap Dress in navy printed is an excellent buy for only £19.99.  There are a couple of different colours available in this style  but what I love about this colour is that is combines lots of blue and purple shades together with neutrals for a really stand out summer look.  This is one of those dresses that would really compliment my figure too.
Bon Prix Maxi Skirts
If its broke, don't fix it, that's my motto and the same goes for fashion- if you find an item that you love and that fits well, buy it in every colour.  This collection of Maxi Skirts from Bon Prix is one such item.  They're made of jersey and have an elasticated waist for comfort and the material gathers slightly to create a flattering pleated effect.  My favourite colours are the cobalt, menthol and pale pink all of which would look great with a simple cami worn tucked in.  Which ones are your favourite?
Bon Prix Liquorice Pleated Skirts
When it comes for dressing for the office on really hot days, I always find it difficult to find something that is smart but still cooling.  The Liquorice Pleated Skirt available in green, taupe and maroon is a gorgeous way to wear something shorter, cooler and more summery whilst still looking smart and put together.  I love the way that this flattering A-line skirt has been styled with a black cami and blazer.  The look could easily be taken from day to night by swapping some black flats for some heels, adding a little black clutch and some sparkly jewellery.  The great thing about this skirt is that it will be able to take you effortlessly through to the autumn and winter seasons by adding some black tights.

Bon Prix Palm Print Swimsuit
The last of my top summer picks from Bon Prix is the Body Flirt Palm Print Swimsuit which has a gorgeous photo style print on the front of it with plain bottoms, giving the effect that it is a two piece tankini when it is actually a swimming costume.  It has removable soft cups and is elasticated under the bust for extra support.  I just wish I could be in the sunny palm tree destination that is in the photograph!

What are your favourite summer picks from Bon Prix?

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Monday, 26 August 2013

NSPA Miniature Sized Favourites

When a great brand creates miniature sized versions of their signature products, you know that they're serious about skincare.  There's nothing I hate more than falling in love with a product range but then going on holiday and having to switch up my products because I can't buy my usual favourites easily in a travel sized form.  Sometimes this is a blessing in disguise but often it is a risk as I never know quite how my skin is going to react to the new skincare products.  Also, skincare can be very hit and miss so before I purchase a full sized product, I really like to get my hands on a smaller, more luxury sample sized version first.  That's where NPSA ticks all the right boxes.
NSPA facial skincare and body care products
About NSPA
The NPSA brand is a range of indulgent, spa inspired body, facial and hair care products that were created and are used by the experts at the Nirvana Spa which is the UKs No.1 Day Spa.  All of their products are designed to treat, care for a distress even those with the most hectic lifestyles, which I certainly has as I am always on the go, right in the comfort of their own home.  What makes NSPA unique is that they have taken their years of spa knowledge and put that experience into a line of products that you can use to create your own cleansing ritual, often using just 3 or 4 key products.  All of the NPSA products have been dermatologically approved and they are free from Parabens.  Better still, they are against animal testing so you can rest assured that the products themselves nor the raw materials have not been tested on animals.  And the best bit? They're all low cost, high quality and easy to get your hands on in Asda or direct from the Nirvana Spa website... In simple terms, this is luxury that you can afford.
Beauty Rituals

NSPA Beauty Rituals Step 1, 2 and 3

Beauty Rituals is NSPA's collection of skin enhancing facial beauty products.  There's 4 steps to the simple routine- step 1 is to cleanse to draw out impurities and to clarify the skin to get rid of make up and dirt, step 2 is to exfoliate to slough away dead skin cells, refine pores and smooth the skin, step 3 is to treat to condition and replenish the skin and step 4 is to moisturise to restore, nourish, soften and protect the skin.  The great thing about NPSA is that there isn't just one products that you can use for each step, there is actually a choice of four products for steps one to three and a choice of eight products for step four so whichever formula you prefer, you'll be able to find a product to suit you.
I have been trying out a product from steps one, two and three, all of which are a smaller, travel size of 50ml compared to the full sized products and are available to buy in the Beauty Rituals Box that NSPA offers so they are great for travelling or just trying out the products before committing to the full size.
NSPA Melting Cleansing Gel
NSPA Melting Cleansing Gel
The first product I have been trying out is the Melting Cleansing Gel which is actually a luxurious gel that turns into a cleansing milk as you're using it.  This is step one in the beauty rituals routine and is really simple to carry out- simply massage it into dry skin at first, using small circular motions to work the gel from the chin up to the forehead, at this point the product is still a gel formula, then wet your hands with warm water and repeat the massage action to transform the product from a gel into a cleansing milk and then rinse thoroughly with warm water.  It leaves my skin feeling and looking clean without drying it out and making it squeaky clean.  It doesn't hurt my eyes or leave a film on my skin after use.  It really makes my skin look fantastic.  I don't use this to remove my make up as I prefer to use a water based cleanser on a cotton pad first and then use this but it can be used to remove make up if you prefer that method.
NSPA Melting Cleansing Gel Swatch
The NSPA Melting Cleansing Gel is really gentle and is suitable for all skin types, even including sensitive skin.  It contains grape seed oil which dissolves make up and impurities and can help to improve the radiant appearance of the skin as well as ginseng which is known to be moisturising, vitamin E which is an anti oxidant and avocado, apricot and neroli oils which nourish skin.
This is available in a 125ml bottle for £6.00 in Asda or in a 50ml bottle in the Beauty Rituals Box.  The cost of this cleanser is just ridiculous really.  It is such a great product with such a very low price in comparison to how good it is that I really don't see any need to spend more money on the higher priced brands.  It is honestly THAT GOOD.  I will be buying the full size of this.
NSPA Hot Cloth Polish
NSPA Hot Cloth Polish
The NSPA Hot Cloth Polish is a really quick way to deeply clean and exfoliate your skin and this is step two of the routine.  It contains cocoa butter and sweet almond oil which help to dissolve make up and vitamin E, avocado, apricot and neroli oils to soften and moisturise the skin.  Now you might be wondering why I'm suggesting a further cleanse of the skin after completing step one which is the cleansing stage.  Well, using a cleanser alone whether you're using a water based lotion with a cotton pad, a cleansing milk or gel over the sink or, dare I say it, a cleansing wipe, does not remove the most deep set make up and dirt so you really need a second cleanse to deeply clean the skin.
The Hot Cloth Polish is quite a thick cream that feels very luxurious and rich and it smells incredible, a little fruity, floral and fresh.  After completing step one, I dry my face and then apply a small dollop of the Hot Cloth Polish to my skin, massaging it in circular motions in the same way as I did with the Melting Cleansing Gel.  Then I run a muslin cloth under the hot water, wring it out and then place it over my face for a few sections before using a polishing motion to remove the cream from my face.  The use of the creamy cleanser in conjunction with the muslin cloth really polishes my skin and makes it look incredible.  It has a texture too it so its not like a wishy washy cloth but at the same time it is a gentle enough combination to use everyday.  It really gets rid of my dead skin cells and leaves my skin looking really bright, smooth and even.  It feels smooth after use and I find that other products I put on my skin following this really sink in much better than when I don't use it.

NSPA Hot Cloth Polish Swatch
This is £7 for a 150ml tube but it is currently on special offer for 2 for £8 in Asda and it is also available in a 50ml size in the Beauty Rituals Box.  In both the Beauty Rituals Box and in the full sized product box you do get a muslin cloth to use with this.  Out of all of the products I've tried, this is the one that I would say gives all of those higher priced brands a run for their money.  This is just fantastic!  I would absolutely 100% buy the full size of this.
NSPA Illuminating Beauty Serum
NPSA Illuminating Beauty Serum
The NSPA Illuminating Beauty Serum is step three of the beauty ritual and has been described as 'sleep in a bottle' which I would completely agree with.  I apply this all over my face after steps one and two and if I am having a make up free day then I will apply a moisturiser or if I am wearing make up that day then I will apply it directly after applying this serum.  The reason why I do that and skip a moisturiser is that I find the beauty serum to be so softening on my skin, brightening as though I've had a restful nights sleep and it leaves it with a smooth, fairly matte texture which is the perfect base for make up.  It makes my skin glow from the inside and it looks so naturally healthy when I'm wearing this.  I absolutely LOVE it.
NSPA Illuminating Beauty Serum Swatch
The NSPA Illuminating Beauty Serum contains natural vitamin E and ginseng for their moisturising properties (they're also brightening too, brands like Origins use ginseng in some of their most popular brightening products), maca root to boost the skins radiance and grapeseed oil which gives the skin some luminosity.
This is £7 for a 50ml bottle but it is currently on special offer for 2 for £8 in Asda and it is also available in exactly the same 50ml size in the Beauty Rituals Box but in different packaging.
Bathing Rituals
NSPA Bathing Rituals
Bathing Rituals is a range of body care products that were designed by the spa experts at NSPA so that you can create your own bespoke body care regime at home.  Like with the Beauty Rituals product line, there are three steps to the Bathing Rituals routine each with a choice of products for each step.  The three steps consist of the cleanse to remove dirt and impurities for step 1, exfoliate to buff away dead skin cells and to smooth the surface of the skin for the second step and the third step is to moisturise to restore, nourish and hydrate the skin.
I've been trying out a couple of products from steps two and three in the jojoba and white jasmine scented line.
NSPA Jojoba and White Jasmine Body Polish
NSPA Jojoba and White Jasmine Body Polish
The NSPA Jojoba and White Jasmine Body Polish is the second step in the Bathing Rituals Routine and is probably my favourite step as I really enjoy using a good body scrub.  This body polish dispenses as a clear gel like formula filled with little grains of walnut shell.  I like to wet my skin first, then turn the shower off and start to rub this over my body in circular motions.  I find that it feels the most abrasive when used in this way which is how I like it.  The body polish leaves the skin free of dead skin cells so it looks bright, smooth and perfected and it is super soft too.  That's thanks to the jojoba and rose hit oil and sandalwood essential oil which not only helps to soften the skin but it makes it smell good too.  This line has quite a floriental fragrance and it layers really well.

NSPA Jojoba and White Jasmine Body Polish Swatch
The NSPA Jojoba and White Jasmine Body Polish is £2.95 for a 225ml tube but it is currently on special offer of 2 for £5 in Asda and it is also available in a 75ml travel size in the £10 Weekender Bag on the Nirvana Spa website.
NSPA Jojoba and White Jasmine Body Lotion
NSPA Jojoba and White Jasmine Body Lotion
The NSPA Jojoba and White Jasmine Body Lotion is a light weight, quick to sink in body lotion that layers beautifully when applied to dry skin after using the body polish above as it has the same gorgeous floriental fragrance.  It feels very silky and high quality when applying it and it leaves my skin feeling really hydrated and nourished.  The lotion contains shea butter, rose hip and jojoba oils as well as sandalwood essential oil and conditioning pro-vitamin B5 which are great for moisturising even the most thirsty of skins.  If you want silky soft and smooth skin in an instant then this body lotion is a fantastic option.
NSPA Jojoba and White Jasmine Body Lotion Swatch
The NSPA Jojoba and White Jasmine Body Lotion is £5.00 for a 250ml bottle and it is also available in a 75ml travel size in the £10 Weekender Bag, both from the Nirvana Spa website.
I've thoroughly enjoyed using all of these products and I would recommend them all to you, particularly the face products from the Beauty Rituals line as they're absolutely amazing quality and really rival the higher end brands.  I'm definitely going to purchase the full size equivalents when I've ran out of similar products in my collection!
What NSPA products have you tried?  What did you think about them?

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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Empties #15

Well, well, well, what do we have here?  More empty bottles?  It must be time for another empties post!

Lets see what products I've been using up this time...

Victoria's Secret Pure Seduction Smoothing Body Scrub

First up is the Victoria's Secret Smoothing Body Scrub (buy here if you're in America) in the scent Pure Seduction.  This is a gorgeous sugar scrub that smells of red plum and freesia, very fruity and floral.  The scent lingers on the skin too and I love that Victoria's Secret sell a range of products in this scent.  I bought the fragrance mist at the same time as I bought this scrub and I've really enjoying using the two together, although I'm miles off finishing the fragrance mist.  You can read all about my Victoria's Secret UK haul here.  I can't buy this where I live but when I visit Westfields then I will repurchase it.  I'm going too so I'll pick up some then, I might try some other scents too as they're all the same fabulous gritty texture.
Scholl Cracked Heel Repair Cream

I bought the Scholl Cracked Heel Repair Cream (buy here) on a whim in the airport last year before I went on holiday.  My feet always get really dry when I'm walking around abroad and my heels crack like nothing else- they get SO sore, cracked and sometimes bleed.  I put this on for a couple of days running and I couldn't believe how much it helped my feet.  I didn't think it would be very effective but combined with a little gentle filing, it really, really helped to get rid of the cracks in my heels.  I'd definitely repurchase this.

The Avene Extremely Rich Compensating Cream (full review here, buy here) is ideally suited to those with very dry skin, even those with really sensitive skin.  It is an incredibly thick cream that I reserve for applying when I have a cold as my skin goes really dry and flaky around my nose and this cream helps to pull my skin back around.  I probably wouldn't repurchase it again as this is my second pot of this and I'd quite like to try something else now but I would recommend this to those with dry skin, particularly to use in the winter time as it really soothes the skin and deeply moisturises it.

The Dr Organic Rose Otto Hand and Nail Cream (full review here, buy here) is a really lovely hand cream.  It sinks into the skin pretty quickly and is really moisturising without being greasy or leaving a film on the skin.  I have the 20ml travel size that I've repurchased several times and I would definitely repurchase again.  I like to keep this in my bag and apply it throughout the day to keep my hands soft and looking youthful.  Dr Organic are actually holding a competition to be the face of their brand.  All you have to do is head on over to their Facebook page and upload a couple of photos and fill in a form and you could win a glossy photo shoot, luxury weekend for two and the opportunity to win a contract with Premier Model Management.  So if you're confident, healthy and beautiful inside and out then you could be in with a chance!

The biggest let down of the bunch was the Catwalk by TIGI Your Highness Nourishing Conditioner from the Volume Collection (buy here).  I bought this with the matching shampoo but I used that up quite a while ago.  As a shampoo and conditioner, this duo are lovely- they smell great, clean the hair and mildly condition it BUT I found that they don't add volume to the hair which is why I opted for them over the other hair care duos in Sallys.  I wouldn't repurchase them as I like products that do what they say on the tin and this doesn't.

Warm Cinnamon Nights is a bath and shower gel by the brand Treacle Moon (full review here, buy here).  This is a very warming scent that makes you feel cosy when using it.  Despite being a limited edition product last Christmas, Warm Cinnamon Nights is still available in a huge 500ml bottle, exclusively at Tesco for a purse friendly £2.99.
What products have you used up recently?

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