Wednesday, 30 October 2013

WhatLauraWore: Goddiva Plus

Today I wanted to share with you a quick outfit that I put together to go out to dinner with Mr WLL.
Ruched Metallic Top from Goddiva Plus*
The top I'm wearing is the Ruched Metallic Top from the new plus size range by Goddiva.  The range covers sizes 16 to 24 and there are lots of very bold print items, quite reminiscent of Gemma Collins style.
The Ruched Metallic Top is available in red, like I have, mustard and also black.  It is a really easy to wear piece that you can pair with jeans or leggings, like I have, and it is long enough to cover your bottom.  The top has a black inlay in it making it look as though it is a layered piece and it has some really pretty draping effect as well as cap sleeves.  The top is a generous fit, so I do think that the size 24, that the range goes up to, will actually fit those who usually wear a 26 or 28.  However the silky soft material that the top is made of is a clingy material so whilst it is a generous fit, it will show off your curves.
For accessories, I've kept it simple with my new Isabel Marant dupe boots (review here) and FCUK box clutch.
Ruched Metallic Top from Goddiva
Leggings from Simply Be
Tassel Boots by Claire Richards for Fashion World
Bangles from Evans
Clutch from FCUK

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Monday, 28 October 2013

Empties #19

Today I have another empties post for you.  It's quite a collective one this time around with some really awesome products that I have since repurchased as I couldn't be without them... ok that sounds a little dramatic but the thought is surely there!
First up are the two products from the John Frieda Luxurious Volume range that I have raced out to repurchase as I literally LOVE them.  I'm going to do a full review of them on my blog, along side some of the other products from the line once I've had chance to test them all out.  The first product I've used up and would like to rave about is the Fine To Full Blow Out Spray (for 100ml buy here or here, or for 30ml buy here).  This is a miniature size which is perfect for travelling or for trying out the product for the first time, like I used it for.  I spray it all over my hair, starting at the root and going right to the tip, brush my hair through and then blow dry it with a round brush.  It gives my hair incredible body, just like I've had a salon blow dry.
The product that I've been using in conjunction with this one is the Blow-Dry Lotion Root Booster (for 125ml buy here or here, or for 25ml buy here).  I spray this into the roots of my hair only but all over my head, not just on the top section and then I blow dry with a round brush.  The volume and lift in the roots that this gives is incredible.  Using the two of these together is fine on oily hair like mine and I can use them freely without worrying about them making my hair oily as they don't at all, in fact they probably leave it feeling a little dry but the volume lasts.  Girls, you HAVE to buy these!!
Another hair product I have used up is the Miaflora Moroccan Argan Oil (review here, buy here).  This is a great little oil to pop through the ends of the hair before blow drying to ensure a smooth blow dry or through dried hair to give it a healthy, nourishing glow.  I wouldn't repurchase this now simply because I've gone through two bottles of this and I'd really like to try something new but I would definitely would recommend it.
A product I've repurchased lots is the Coconut Caress Body Wash (review here, buy here) by Dirty Works.  Whenever I do a shop in Sainsbury's I pick up a bottle of this as it is a lovely, budget shower gel.  Don't get me wrong, it's nothing ground breaking but is has a gorgeous coconut scent and it leaves me feeling clean.

I first bought the Dead Sea Spa Magik Super Hand Cream (buy here) YEARS ago and it sat in my draw getting some occasional use and I really just wanted to get it used up, so I've been making a conscious effort to use this up.  I'd heard that it was incredibly good for use on psoriasis and thats why I persevered with it so much but in all honesty, this just irritated my skin and gave it a burning sensation.
The travel sized bottle of the Sanctuary Spa Cleansing Facial Wash was given to me as a gift many moons ago.  I half used it up at the time then finished using it recently.  I believe it was from Boots although I can't seem to find it on their website anymore- perhaps they no longer sell it.  I wasn't really impressed with this.  It was simply a face wash that didn't do anything in particular for my skin so I wouldn't repurchase it.

Another cleanser that I wouldn't repurchase is the Yes To Carrots Nourishing Daily Cream Cleanser (review here, buy here) because it sits on my skin and doesn't seem to work very well with it.  Check out my review for my thoughts on it but I do think it would be good for those with dry skin because it is very nourishing.
One cleanser that I would repurchase however is the Etat Pur Micellar Cleansing Water (buy here) well no, if it were more readily available and not just on their website then I would repurchase it.  This is a very gentle cleanser that removes make up and dirt from the skin, leaving it feeling clean of surface dirt, ready for a second, thorough cleanse with a creamy cleanser and my Riosonicleanse or a muslin cloth.  I've tried Bioderma (review here) and I really think that this is just as good.
Another Etat Pur product that I have used up is the B42 Smoothing Eye Contour Care (review here, buy here).  I've enjoyed using this as it is cooling on the eyes although I won't repurchase it as it isn't anything ground breaking.
This is the first of two pots of Lush Dream Cream (buy here) that I'm using up.  This one is completely empty and I have another that is half full.  I'm just trying to use these up now, I'm not particularly enjoying using it.  Dream Cream is a good moisturiser for the body but it smells too strongly of rose for me.  I bought it because the sales assistant in Lush told me that it was good for psoriasis but I didn't find that it did anything to help mine and neither did my dad.
Last but by no means least is the Manuka Doctor ApiNourish Restoring Night Cream that has been featured countless times on my blog (full review here, buy here).  In short, I absolutely love this night cream because it is super thick and gets to work over night, meaning that I wake up with soft and nourished skin the in the morning.  I have already repurchased this and have started to use the new pot!

This week has been a bit of an up and down week for me for various reasons and since the weekend is here, I wanted to enlist the help of Mr WLL to help me to put together another empties post as we have taken great satisfaction in throwing out lots of finished products this week.  Every year, before the winter sets in, we do a thorough clean of the house, throw away all of the rubbish, set aside items to sell on Ebay and to give to charity and just generally get everything super clean and tidy.  I haven't been able to help out too much this year but I have been charting our progress on our private Facebook page, much to my messy friends annoyance!

Speaking of annoying Facebook updates, I saw an infographic this week which really made me laugh.  It's all about the most annoying Facebook friends, based on research undertaken by who are a popular UK shopping deals website that can be used to find voucher codes for some of the UKs biggest retailers, saving you pounds- I'm always on the look out for a good deal and I know many of you are too so I'd suggest saving it to your favourites and checking them out before placing any orders online in the future!  Anyway, I digress.  Their research was based on over 1000 of their subscribers and looked at the kind of people they found the most irritating on the social network.  I don't know about you but I certainly wasn't surprised to see that those who post photos of their baby daily or those who update their status every five minutes bragging about something else in their lives ranked highly as those are topics that annoy me too!!  What about you?

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Sunday, 27 October 2013

Isabel Marant Dupes- Fringe Boots

When the cold winter weather firmly sets in, I love nothing more than pulling on some boots to go about my day.  While in the summer I never have my ballet pumps and flip flops off my feet, in the autumn and winter when the cold weather and rain are more or less guaranteed, I like to opt for boots because they keep my feet warm and dry.

Perhaps the most stylish boots in my closet are the Claire Richards Fringe Boots (read all about when I first met Claire here) from Fashion World.  Aren't these just incredible?

Claire Richards Fringe Boots*
The Claire Richards Fringe Boots are gorgeous, light weight, suede boots that look perfect when worn with leggings, tights or skinny jeans.  Available in black, like I have, and in the super sophisticated mink, they are a staple in my wardrobe.  The fringe style is a trend that has come around year on year so I know that I'll be able to wear these for years to come.  The quality of them is great and I love the attention to detail.  Around the top of the boots is plaited detailing and then the rest of the leg of the boot is made up of fringing.  I love the tassels and the sliver disc detailing on the outer side of each boot that has more fringing looped through it.

They have a leather upper and a three and a quarter inch heel which feels really sturdy to walk in, particularly as these are wedge boots.  They are pretty comfortable too and I can easily stand up and walk around in these for a few hours, however if I'm wearing these for any longer then I do find that my feet ache a little which is because the space where the ball of my foot goes feels quite thin; there isn't additional padding there or a platform so I find that adding a little extra layer really helps to add extra comfort to an already comfortable, easy to walk n shoe.  One such layer could be a gel cushion like the Scholl Party Feet (buy here) but I don't like the feel of my feet on these so I prefer to take a regular insole and cut out a similar shape to place in my shoes.

They come in an E and a EEE fitting and I have found them to be true to size, with plenty of room around the calf which is so important to me, and I know that is a feature that many of you look out for too.  They zip easily up the inside of the boots, making them really easy to put on.  These are definitely a winner for me!

If you're a lover of fashion then these boots may look a little familiar to you.  They're an excellent dupe for the Jacob Fringe Boots by top French designer Isabel Marant that have been seen on the likes of Coleen Rooney, Kelly Brooke and Abbey Clancy.

I wouldn't go spending £485 on the Isabel Marant boots when there is a super stylish offering from Fashion World for £70 so you can get the designer look for far less without compromising on style.  Which pair do you prefer?

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Essential Christmas Gifts for the Lady in your Life

Girls, this is a guest post you really need to get the men in your life to read.  Pop him down at the computer, get him a coffee and leave his wallet handy... this is a guide to the...

Essential Christmas Gifts for the Lady in Your Life

The thought of Christmas may not have even crossed your mind, yet. After all, there’s loads of time left, right? Wrong. Unless you’re a last minute shopper that will happily run to the high street on Christmas Eve, there’s only a few weeks left for you to get on top of the Christmas shopping and, apart from the kids, if there’s one person who deserves a gift (or several!) this Christmas, it’s your other half.

But what do you get her? Whether she has a clear idea of what she’d like or she’s leaving you to your own devices, it’s always nice to provide your loved one with a surprise gift or two at Christmas, and here are a few ideas for you to choose from.


Whether it’s a lovely piece of knitwear that will keep her warm and cosy during the cold winter months or a new outfit for a fancy night out you have planned for the pair of you, clothes will always be a winner with the lady in your life.

Take a look at the knitwear from George at ASDA, which will provide you with some great quality ideas without having to say goodbye to your entire budget. That way, you can add your chosen item to a selection of gifts, rather than having to limit your presents to just one item.


You may think that she has too many pairs of shoes already but a woman can never do with enough shoes! Perhaps her winter boots have seen better days, or she’d love a pair of Kurt Geiger’s to add to her collection – whatever your lady’s shoe style, a new pair will always be appreciated.


If you have no idea about what scent she loves, head for the perfume counter at your local department store, or chat to one of the advisors at the high street perfume shop for some helpful tips about what perfume to buy her.
Take a look at the perfume she has already – perhaps she has a favourite bottle that is almost empty? She may have a favourite designer or a certain scent that she is drawn to. If you have no clue, take a list of what she has to the local perfume stand and see what they recommend based on what she already owns. Gift packs which include body lotions and bath products are also a fantastic idea.

A Spa Day

Treat her to the ultimate pampering luxury and book her into a beautiful spa for an afternoon. Whether it’s a massage, a treatment or a fabulous facial followed by a relaxing time in the steam room, a spa day is fabulous way of letting all the aches and strains of everyday life slip away. If you’re up for it, book yourself a couples retreat so that you can both enjoy it!

There are plenty of options to make your other half feel special this Christmas – start thinking of ideas now and you’ll have plenty of time to make the day perfect for her.

I hope that this post was super helpful for you and gave you some ideas on what to buy your girl for Christmas.  I'll have lots of Christmas gift guides coming up in November so keep an eye out for those to make your shopping even easier!

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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

WhatLauraWore: Monochrome

In today's post I'm wearing the Cut Out Colour Block Skater Dress from one of my favourite online shops, AX Paris.  I absolutely love this dress.
When I first saw it online I didn't think I'd like it as from the outset, it isn't something I'd naturally be attracted too- I don't tend to like dresses with sleeves, I'm not too keen on cold shoulder styles and I haven't worn black and white in such a block, monochrome style before.  However I know that the shape of a skater style dress suits me so I decided to step a little outside of my comfort zone and try it on.  I'm so pleased I did as I absolutely love the way that this dress looks.
The reason I love this AX Paris dress so much is because of the way that it makes me feel when I'm wearing it.  It is a flattering shape on all sizes and when I'm wearing it, I find that it feels just a little bit sexy with the cut out shoulder detailing and I love how it moves when I walk.  Skater dresses are perfect for curvier girls because they hide a multitude of sins but really flatter the wearers best assets.  For me, I like to have my legs out and wear it with heels but it would look equally as good with some thick tights or leggings if you didn't want to have your legs on show, particularly as its getting into the cold winter months.
When I first put this dress on, for an evening out with Mr WLL, he said 'wow' when he first saw me and said how much he loved the dress.  From the partner of a fashion blogger, that's quite a compliment!  I think its because its so different to other dresses that I wear.  This is a great take on a little black dress and the white looks so crisp, especially with a tan.
Cut Out Colour Block Skater Dress from AX Paris
Black Peeptoe heels by Anna Scholz at Simply Be
Black and silver diamante clutch bag from Debenhams
Ladies Skeleton Watch by Kenneth Cole at The Watch Shop

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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Hi-Tec Sierra Lite Walking Boots Review

Remember the unboxing of these walking boots that I posted back in August?  Well today's the day I give you my true opinion on them now that I've had the chance to give them a thorough road test.
Hi-Tec Sierra Lite Walking Boots Review
From the outset I must confess that I'm not a pro walker, there's no rocky mountains or vast fells in my path but I do walk around our local country park, reservoir and surrounding country fields.  This involves walking on pathways, grass, rocks and wooded areas so I've tested these shoes out on all of those terrains.
The shoes themselves are really lightweight.  When I first saw them I thought that they were going to be much heavier than they actually are.  When holding them they feel pretty light and when wearing them they feel even lighter.  This is great, particularly when going on a long walk in them as they don't feel as though they're holding you back and making you move more slowly.  The lightness of the boots is perhaps down to the lightweight suede and mesh that they're made of.  The sole is made of rubber which is also lightweight and durable so I found them great for all of the terrains that I walked on.  They provided quite a lot of grip too on grass and gravel, particularly when the ground was a little more slippy.
The walking boots are really easy to put on and they lace up in quite a versatile way so that you decide how you want to tie them up and how tight you want them.  The laces are really long so whether you're a double bow girl or prefer a single bow like I do then the choice is yours.  The boots come with white laces and a spare pair of dark pink laces which is great as after I'd walked through a particularly muddy patch, the white laces were far from pristine!!  The boots washed up really well and returned to their gorgeous vibrant pink however the laces maintained a muddy colour so I've switched them for the pink ones which I actually prefer.  They look so cute and feminine without being too girlie and sweet.
The way the walking boots lace up makes them feel really secure on my foot, particularly around my ankles, without being uncomfortable and they stop my feet from moving around inside them as well as keeping them from getting wet thanks to their moisture wick lining that keeps my feet dry.
When I first put my hand inside the boots, I was worried that they were going to feel a little hard underfoot and that they may rub when walking.  However adding to the comfort of these walking boots is the soft padded collar and the removable sockliner which gives them some extra cushioning.  I'm always worried about getting blisters when I'm out walking, especially when I'm in new shoes and I am happy to report that I didn't have to crack out the Compeed Blister Plasters whilst wearing these which gives them an automatic thumbs up in my book.
I would definitely recommend these boots if you're more of a casual walker, someone who goes on walks for a couple of hours at a time like I do.  I haven't tried them out on a full days hike or climbing up rocks so I couldn't comment on how they would fare during those cases as I'm not a serious walker and couldn't compare them to other walking boots.  For the purposes that I used them- walking shorter distances, then I'd say that I'm really impressed by Hi-Tec and in particular the Sierra Lite Walking Boots, so regardless of whether pink is your colour of choice or you'd prefer a more traditional walking boot colour, you can head on over to the Hi-Tec website to see all of their styles or you can purchase these specific boots on sale for £39.95 here.

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Vintage DSLR Satchel Review

Holiday snap in the Maldives
When I'm out walking with Mr WLL, whether its in the UK or when we travel abroad, we love to take our DSLR camera out with us to snap photos of the scenery and the things we've seen on our travels.  There's something about capturing memories as they're happening that I just love.  We like to take care of our camera, which is really important particularly when walking around and travelling as it could easily be damaged, so we opt for a secure, padded case to carry it around in and always use the strap around our neck when using it.
The case we're using to carry our camera in at the moment is the JWF London Vintage DSLR Satchel.
JWF London Vintage DSLR Satchel
The JWF London Vintage Satchel is a two in one satchel in that it can be used as a carry case for a DSLR camera or the padded inside of the case can be removed to use it as an everyday bag.  Personally I'd only use it as a camera bag and I think that it works very well for this purpose.
When it comes to choosing a camera bag, I look for something that is going to protect my expensive camera first and foremost and if it's stylish too, then that's a bonus.  I love the vintage look of this satchel and the tan colour of the PU leather is right up my street.  The tan look really is gorgeous and very synonymous with vintage styling.
More importantly, the carry case is well padded.  It has a soft inner that is padded and removable and it is very soft which really stops the camera from getting scratched.  This means that it should protect the camera inside if it is dropped... although I must admit, I haven't dropped the camera and case yet to check and I'm not planning on testing that out anytime soon!
A quick snap in the Maldives

The vintage style satchel has a long adjustable strap which enables the bag to be worn either on the shoulder, as I prefer, or across the body.  It is really comfortable to carry, regardless of whether my camera is inside it or not and the strap doesn't tend to dig into my neck either.
The bag fastens closed with a magnetic popper which is great because it allows you to get inside the bag to retrieve your camera quickly, if for example you see something moving that you want to get a snap of, but it does feel a little too easy to open.  I think for my own peace of mind I'd have preferred something that zips around inside to ensure that if even the popper came undone then there wouldn't be a chance of my camera falling out.
Size wise, the satchel is 23cm x 20cm x 15cm so it is big enough to fit the majority of DSLR cameras inside.  There are two pockets in addition to the main compartment in this satchel- one at the front which has a soft lining that I tend to keep my cleaning cloth and lens cap in and one at the back that has a magnetic popper closure and soft lining that I tend to keep my spare battery and memory cards in.
If you were to remove the lining and use this as an everyday bag then you could carry your mobile phone safely in either of these pockets.
It's worthwhile nothing that there aren't any pockets for additional lens pockets like some more traditional camera cases so depending on the size of your camera, you may be able to fit spare lenses down the side of the camera or you may have to carry them separately.
I really love how the case retains its shape and is well structured.  This is a really smart looking bag and at £44.99 from JWF Consumer Electronics Ltd, I think it is a great choice for carrying your DSLR camera in, particularly if you're a blogger and you might be snapped for an OOTD post!
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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Heine Autumn Wardrobe

To me, Autumn is very much like a second spring. The varied colors of the leaves brighten the sky just like the flowers do in spring and if we get a hint of an Indian summer then that really makes me smile. Temperatures during this time of the year chang gradually from warm to cold so this makes choosing your autumn outfits quick difficult because you don't want to be too hot but at the same time, you don't want to be caught without a coat if it rains. I really think that dressing during this season should compliment the autumn colours but also suit the weather conditions.  I was recently directed me to the website to check out what they have to offer for the autumn season and considering its my first look at their website, I'd say they're a good start to shop for the right outfit for this season!
I've picked out some different pieces that I like from four key areas- Coats and Jackets because, lets face it, in the UK we're in need of an extra layer, Boots because they're an absolute staple for me at this time of the year (for some autumn outfit inspiration, see an autumn look book that I put together here), Jeans- they're in everyone's wardrobes and an Evening Addition- something that can instantly dress up an outfit.
Coats and Jackets
I live in the North of England and I'm sure I speak on behalf of many people, not just those locally, that during the autumn months, we really need to have a jacket or a coat with us to keep us warm and comforted from the wind and rain.  There are three jackets that stood out to me on the website, the first is the Rick Cardona safari jacket which is a khaki, waist length jacket in a gorgeous green shade.  This a perfect for those looking to rock the safari or military trend.  The second item that I like is the Mandarin denim jacket which is a much shorter cut and more fitting, making it suitable for Autumn days.  Denim jackets are always a stable and this one could even be used in the spring and summer months on top of a dress.  At the top end of my picks is the pricey Linea Tesini jacket that I just couldn't resist in this gorgeous mint green.  I love it!
To me, autumn and winter are the boot wearing seasons.  I found so many styles on the Heine website.  If you're into classic brogues in an ankle boot style then these wine coloured ones could be great for you. They're a classic designed vintage leather shoes but with shoe laces.  They look as though they would be pretty comfortable as they look like they've got quite a sturdy heel.  Another lace up boot that I thought looked great was the B.C. Best Connections Ankle Boots.  These have a shearling style lining that would look great with jeans or leggings and knitwear.  My favourite of all of the boots at Heine are the Gabor ankle boots.  These are gorgeous- they're a suede mix with a rubber trim and a thermo rubber sole making them look as though they would be so comfortable to walk in.
If its Autumn, denim is the way to go whether you're going out for a walk, shopping or out to dinner.  Yes, you can wear denim all year round but there's something about the autumn that really shows denims multipurpose.  During the autumn, I'd really recommend slim leg jeans like the Linea Tesini Jeans as these can be easily tucked into boots without gaping and then you can easily whip the boots off and replace them with some heels for an evening out.
Evening Addition
Speaking of taking your outfit from day to night, autumn is a time that is very close to the party season and many work places and friends meet up for their Christmas celebrations early in order to avoid the December rush.  I'd suggest having a really smart blazer on hand to pop on top of skinny jeans, a cami and heels or on top of your work trousers to take your day time outfit straight into the evening, saving you lots of time getting ready.  The Ashley Brooke Event Blazer is great for this as it is a really tailored, eye catching blazer  and it's available in midnight blue and black too.
I hope you like my picks from Heine, let me know what your autumn staples are!

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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

What I Got For My Birthday

Today I'm going to share with you the presents that I got for my birthday this year.  I had thought about showing you the cards too but I think they're quite personal so I'd like to keep those private.
I can't believe that I've been blogging for over three years now and I have never done a 'What I Got' style post until now.  Whilst I enjoy reading these kinds of posts, I have always felt uncomfortable about writing one as I think that they can sometimes invite negativity and that isn't what I would hope to achieve.  This post isn't intended to be in bad taste, it is simply to respond to those who requested to know what I received for my birthday.  I hope this gives you some inspiration for when you're buying some gifts for others, especially as Christmas is coming up!
The majority of my gifts were received from Mr WLL and my friends who all chose really well- I absolutely love everything and it really shows that we all know each other inside and out!
Beauty and Make Up
One of my friends knows how much I love Soap and Glory products, as does she, so she got me Clean Get Away gift set.  This is a fab gift as it contains four products that are all under 100ml, making them perfect to take on holiday with you.  There is a tub of The Righteous Butter body butter, Clean On Me shower gel, Calm One Calm All bubbling bath soak and Hand Food hand cream.  I can't wait to take these with me on my next trip away.
Another gift set that I received from a couple of my friends is this amazing L'Occitane collection of some of their most signature products.  There's a travel sized Bonne Mere Verbena Soap, Repairing Shampoo, Repairing Conditioner, Lavande Shower Gel, Cherry Blossom Body Lotion and a Rose 4 Reines Hand Cream.  The set also has 3 sample sachets, these are the Milk Concentrate, the Repairing Hair Mask and the Exfoliating Gel.  All of the products come in this gorgeous little drawstring back that is so handy to keep everything in.
I've never tried Illamasqua makeup until my birthday and now I have the basics of a great make up look.  I received a bottle of the Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation in SB 08 from my good friend Zoe and some other make up bits from Mr WLL that I picked out- Intense Lipgloss in Indulge, Powder Blusher in Hussy and a Lipstick in Immodest.  I'll be doing a make up look with these soon and a review.
Mr WLL has known that I've loved the Ladies Skeleton Watch from Kenneth Cole (via the Watch Shop) from afar for ages now and it was such a lovely surprise to receive it.  I haven't had it off my wrist since getting it.  The strap is a gorgeous bright white and the face of the watch has an exposed mechanism.  It is automatic too so will never require a battery which is great for me as I'm notorious for never replacing them!
One of my really good friends got me the Double Woven Leather Bracelet in Purple from Pandora.  I've lusted after one of these for ages because I think they look great when layered with other pieces.  I have worn this with my new watch ever since I got them!
From a couple of my friends, I got this gorgeous blue jewelled cuff and a cute panda necklace.  These are great pieces to accessorise more plain outfits with.
Technology and Accessories
Our technology was in a serious need of an update so as my main gift, Mr WLL got me a 21.5" iMac and a MacBook Air from Apple with the accessories we need like the Magic Trackpad, USB Superdrive and Apple Care Protection Plan.
I've wanted a MacBook Air for so long as they're ridiculously light and convenient for taking to work, school and for working on the go.
To keep my MacBook Air safe, my dad got me a Michael Kors case from Apple and then gave me some money to put towards whatever I wanted so I've saved it in case I need anything in the coming months.
Another tech accessories Mr WLL got me was this iPad case from Snuggs.  I love this as it reminds me so much of my Bailey Button UGG boots.
Mr WLL and I went to see Olympus Has Fallen at the cinema earlier in the year and I absolutely loved it, he on the other hand couldn't tell you a thing about the film as he fell asleep about five minutes in.  It really is a fabulously thrilling, action packed film that I know he'd love so I hope he stays awake this time around!
Clothing and Underwear
Its been such a long time since I bought any new underwear so it was really lovely to receive a lingerie set and some individual thongs from Boux Avenue.  This is the Chloe Lace Balconette Bra and matching Shorts set in orange along with six of the Lia Lacy Thongs.  I'm not a lingerie blogger and know very little about underwear compared to my friend, George who writes the fabulous lingerie blog called Fuller Figure Fuller Bust, but these feel super comfortable to wear and look great, almost undetectable under my clothes.
I also got some gorgeous PJs from George at Asda that I'm wearing in this bedtime post.
Also in the box were some other goodies from Boux Avenue.  I've got to say, I'm SO impressed with their packaging- my lingerie and accessories were gift wrapped in a huge Boux Avenue box with scented faux rose petals and tissue paper and the it was placed in a big branded bag.  It looked so gorgeous, I would definitely recommend them as a place to buy a gift from to give to someone close to you.
Room Fragrance and Accessories
Mr WLL knows how much I love my home and most specifically, my room, to smell amazing so he chose really well in picking up the Boux Avenue White Chiffon Room Spray to keep in my bedroom.  This smells absolutely gorgeous and at 100ml in size I can see this keeping my room smelling great for a long time.  He also got me the Heart Shaped Glitter Metal Trinket Box that has a soft cushioned, almost velvet, inside that will be great on my dressing table for keeping smaller, more delicate pieces of jewellery in.
Another room fragrance item that Mr WLL got me was the Pink Taffeta Reed Room Diffuser that came in a gorgeous gift box.  It smells gorgeous and fills the room with its scent.  I'm now using this one to scent my office as I still have a large diffuser from Next on the go in my bedroom.
I was also lucky enough to receive two candles from my friends.
The first candle that I received is the Spiced Orange fragranced Yankee Candle.  This is perfect for the colder months as it has a deep, spicy scent.
The second candle that I received was the Vintage Rose and Magnolia candle from Next.  It has a pretty vintage rose design on the outside of the glass holder and the candle smells so beautiful- floral without being overpowering.  My friend got me this and the Lacy Heart Bunch to display in my room because they will really match the colour scheme and d├ęcor of my bedroom now that it has been decorated.

Food and Drink
From some of my friends, I received some yummy chocolates and a bottle of my favourite wine, White Zinfandel.  Not the most high class varieties of amber nectar but its easy drinking and tastes sweet and delicious.  I'm going to be saving this to enjoy over Christmas.  I also got some sweets- a bag of M&S Caramel and Pretzel Chocolate Clusters, a box of Thorntons Praline Melts which are delicious (they taste just like Lidnt Chocolates) and a box of Maltesers that aren't photographed as I received them after my birthday along with the PJs above.
Novelty Gifts
I have some friends who live in Leeds and I'm forever mimicking their accent. 'Go t farm t feed pigs' is something I regularly have them laughing about.  One of my friends from there got me this tea towel and key ring with Yorkshire sayings on them which I found absolutely hilarious... as did they when I attempted to work out what the phrases meant!
On the day of my birthday Mr WLL blew up some balloons in my office and lay out my cards and gifts.  He had some gorgeous flowers and a balloon delivered from Interflora that had some of my favourite flowers in- roses, lilies and gerberas.
I must say that this year I have been especially lucky.  I am always grateful and very appreciative of every card and gift that I receive.  Generally I don't ask for much for my birthday, or Christmas, and I don't tend to receive many gifts as the things that I want/need I tend to save up through the year and buy them when I want with my own money.  I'm much more of a gift giver and really enjoy choosing a card with the words that I want to say, writing it out, picking a gift and wrapping it up! This wasn't the case this year however and I've really been treated from those close to me so whilst they wont read this (aside from my lovely friend who is kindly typing this up for me!), THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU ALWAYS.

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