Tuesday, 31 December 2013

WhatLauraWore: The 2013 Round Up Part 2

Earlier today I put together a round up post of the first lot of outfits that I posted in 2013 and this is the second and final instalment.  Brace yourselves girls as it is likely to be another lengthy one.  Although, admittedly, I posted far less outfit photos in the latter half of 2013 but that is due to reasons beyond my control.
So lets jump in to see what I wore for the last six months of the year...
Navy making an appearance once again.

WhatLauraWore: Minty Fresh at Work
Remember the apricot blazer? I just HAD to buy the mint version.
WhatLauraWore: A Tan-less Night
My staple dress shape of the year, in another print.
WhatLauraWore: Virus Conqueror
Easily one of my most worn dresses this year.
I believe this was the first outing my new Mulberry Bayswater had on my blog... cue heart eyed emoji face.
WhatLauraWore: Saint or Sinner
A plus size girlie in an All Saints top... didn't see that one coming!
WhatLauraWore: Summertime Party Time
Once again, coral was my signature colour in 2013 and I can't see that changing for the year ahead.
WhatLauraWore: Free Spirit Outfit
Skater skirts with tees became a much loved outfit choice for me this year
Same shape, different colour.  Anyone sensing a theme?
Two looks wearing these gorgeous Fashion World boots.
WhatLauraWore: Aztec Print Tunic
A bold print in a monochrome style, not my most favourite outfit this year but definitely stepping out of my comfort zone which is always good to try.
WhatLauraWore: Last Days of Summer
I bought SO many of these flower sandals this year.
WhatLauraWore: Golden 85
This has to be one of my favourite to shoot all year. I had so much fun in this outfit and I think that really comes across in the outfit photos.
WhatLauraWore: Loving Skater Dresses
Quite a bold statement dress for me I reckon!
WhatLauraWore: A* Student
Sporting my specs which is a rare occurrence in life let alone on my blog!
WhatLauraWore: Monochrome
Another of my favourite outfits of the year.
WhatLauraWore: Goddiva Plus
This top started a bit of a red obsession for me as I've been sporting it a lot this winter.
WhatLauraWore: Happy Halloween
Oh I love a good theme!
Navy creeping in there yet again *loves*
WhatLauraWore: Christmas Shopping Trip
Cosy and casual but still smart. That's my winter style down to a T.
This is set to be a wardrobe classic.
WhatLauraWore: Time for Bed
A cosy night wear post- i'll be doing more of these in 2014 as I LOVE PJ's.
WhatLauraWore: Coming Soon...
This was my look from the ASOS Blogger Style Challenge.
WhatLauraWore: Animal Swing Dress
Still one of my favourite prints!
There we have it, a full round up of all of my outfit posts from 2013.  I don't know what 2014 will bring but I hope it is knee length with sparkles!
What is your favourite outfit?
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WhatLauraWore: The 2013 Round Up Part 1

For me, 2013 was a year of truly great outfits.  I experimented with different styles and discovered new brands.  To kick off the new year I wanted to recap my outfits from the last 12 months and so I have created this 2013 Round Up post and let me tell you, its going to be a long one... so long that I'm going to split it into two halves.  This post is part 1, featuring all of the looks I put together for the first half of the year and later today I'll be posting the outfits from the latter half.

WhatLauraWore: Big Heart
If I remember correctly, this was my first time wearing my new Guess handbag out.  Such a brilliant clutch as it fits SO much into it!
WhatLauraWore: All In Black
Ax Paris t shirts really made my year, they're oversized and so comfortable to wear.
This was my favourite jumper of the winter, so snuggly and cute.
WhatLauraWore: Shopping my Wardrobe
I loved this outfit as it used a top I hadn't worn in ages!

WhatLauraWore: Winter Wonderland
Another AX Paris jumper paired with UGG accessories. Love.
WhatLauraWore: Fashion Geek
This geek jumper went down a storm with lots of my readers as it was one of the first clothing items around in plus size with Geek on.
WhatLauraWore: Aztec Print for the Pub Quiz
I have had these boots for years... ever since I went to Edinburgh dressed as a pirate.
WhatLauraWore: How to 'Werk' the Blazer
Can't go wrong with an Evans suit in my opinion, if you're looking for something affordable for the odd occasion wear.

WhatLauraWore: Cosy in Curvissa
Such a cosy cardigan. Unfortunately its too big now but I'm so pleased that I was able to pass this on to someone else for them to enjoy wearing as much as I did.
WhatLauraWore: Happy Valentines Day
Looking back this dress seems more Halloween rock chick than Valentines Siren but I loved wearing it all the same as its so different to anyone else in my wardrobe!
WhatLauraWore: A Loada Leopard Print
One of my favourite prints.
WhatLauraWore: Couture is Bliss
Once again, flats, leggings and a cosy jumper are rocking my world here.

WhatLauraWore: A Zebra Never Changes Her Stripes
I love pairing indigo denim with light colours and I seemed to do that a lot this year.
WhatLauraWore: The Pussy Bow Blouse
I loved wearing pussy bow blouses this year and really must buy more for work this year.
WhatLauraWore: Pastel Blazer
I loved this apricot blazer that much I went out and bought the mint version too!
WhatLauraWore: Kick Out Lace Dress
This dress is super, super short which is a shame as I have to wear leggings with it... aside from this night when I went to a Tarts and Vicars style party

WhatLauraWore: Bunny Love
I wore this bunny jumper to death, so cute and girly, it was a great addition to my casual, daytime wardrobe.
WhatLauraWore: Navy and Tan Times
Navy and Tan have been my go to colour combination this year. Absolute love.
WhatLauraWore: Fair Isle-ing Into Spring
It was great to get this Jane Norman bag out of my stash and it made a fabulous pop of colour that really brought out the blue in my outfit.
WhatLauraWore: Bluebell
This has to be one of my favourite looks of the year- such a cute dress.

WhatLauraWore: Loving Lace
I adore this shot.  The outfit is so sweet and a quite a change from my usual attire.
WhatLauraWore: Dannii Minogue Heart Your Heart Out
It made my day when Dannii Minogue tweeted me about this outfit.
WhatLauraWore: Easy Work Wear
This looks like a pretty boring outfit amongst these lovely dresses but this has been a jacket that I've worn so often for work this year.
WhatLauraWore: My Favourite Dress
This dress caused a bit of a kerfuffle for me over on the Simply Be Facebook Page with all of those computer coward trolls but I loved it and so many of you did too.

WhatLauraWore: Feeling a Little Green
This is easily one of my favourite dresses of the year, purely because of the shade of green.
WhatLauraWore: Sparkles in the Country
This outfit brings back such good memories of an Easter break with Mr WLL.
WhatLauraWore: A Touch of Silver Sparkle
I've adored wearing silver this year and after my Mikey haul, silver accessories are going to feature a lot in my outfit posts for 2014.
WhatLauraWore: Horse Play
Perhaps my most bold top of the year!

WhatLauraWore: Show Stopping Coral
This dress shape has become a staple in my wardrobe this year.
WhatLauraWore: #NorthMeetUp
Quite a simple outfit that I wore for the #NorthMeetUp which was my favourite blogger organised meet up of the year as I made lots of new friends, SO good that I hope that there's one next year too.
WhatLauraWore: Ditzy Print and Studs All Round!
The ditzy print dress I'm wearing here is the first item I ever tried from Curve Clothing and I was honoured to be asked to open their store later in the summer.
WhatLauraWore: Stepping Into Spring
White and florals make me smile in the springtime.

WhatLauraWore: Graffiti Artist
A dress that does a complete 360 on my usual style!
WhatLauraWore: Dabbling with Desire
I just couldn't get enough of this dress during the spring and summer.
WhatLauraWore: Springtime Casual
The top I'm wearing here proved to be one of my most worn this year- it adds a gorgeous pop of colour to any all white or all black outfit.
WhatLauraWore: Turquoise Darling
This dress makes a perfect ladies day at the races outfit and the colour is to die for.

WhatLauraWore: Throwing on a Jean Jacket
Its rare I feature a dress twice on my blog but this one was just so wearable.
WhatLauraWore: Champagne Nights
Another of my favourite dresses this year.
WhatLauraWore: Travelling in Tribal
Navy really struck a chord with me this year, I've thoroughly enjoyed it as an alternative to black.
WhatLauraWore: Bright Work Wear
This shows another way that I wore the bright vest top. I really love this look.

I can't believe how many outfits are here and I can honestly say I've loved wearing them all.  Check back tomorrow for the second instalment.

Which is your favourite outfit?

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Saturday, 28 December 2013

Ted Baker and Mikey London Haul

Oh dear, oh dear.  A couple of days ago I posted a boxing day sales haul of the things that I had bought online from the comfort of my sofa.  I promised myself that I wouldn't be splashing out for a little while but when Mr WLL had to return a faulty camera to the shops the next day, I went along to keep him company and just fell into House of Fraser.  Oh, that old chestnut.

I've said countless times how much I enjoy shopping in House of Fraser and their sale time is perhaps my favourite because they have such fabulous deals but also I find that the shop is kept in good condition too.  The staff in my local HoF are great and the shop is clean and tidy, even when they're super busy so regardless of whether I'm buying sale items or full price goods, I feel more than comfortable shopping there.

Ted Baker and Mikey London Haul
So, what did I buy with my loot?  Well my browsing took me to the Ted Baker section where I clapped eyes on the most beautiful clutch bag.  It was available in blue, pink and black which were all stunning but it was the gold that really caught my eye.

Ted Baker Small Neutral Crystal Frame Glitter Clutch Bag
The Ted Baker Small Neutral Crystal Frame Glitter Clutch Bag (buy here) is the epitome of glamorous evening style and knowing my girlie glam style, its not surprising that I was instantly drawn to it.  The clutch is a box design but it is quite roomy and I can fit all of my essentials in for a night out- keys, phone, coin purse and cards, and my touch up make up products.

For a box clutch it is an ideal size and will look amazing on a night out, particularly with an all black or white outfit.  It has a gold chain strap and a gorgeous crystal bow on the top where the bag opens and closes which is the signature Ted Baker style.

While paying for the bag, I also took a look in the jewellery cases for Ted Baker and saw this gorgeous bow bracelet.  It's called the Ted Baker Pave Acrylic Bow Pearl Bracelet (link here) and the one that I bought had pearl coloured beads with one gold Ted Baker one and then a silver glitter bow in the middle.  They also had a black one and a pink one too I think.  I saw the red one on Very last month and very nearly ordered it but didn't and now I really regret it.  For someone who doesn't like the colour red, I seem to be wearing a lot of it recently!

Ted Baker Pave Acrylic Bow Pearl Bracelet
Anyway, I absolutely adore this bracelet.  It was in the sale for £19.50 reduced from £39 but I'd have bought it at full price with my Christmas money regardless as it looks so eye catching on the wrist. The packaging is great too as it comes in a pouch and a Ted Baker box.

The other items that I bought were all jewellery too and all from the brand Mikey.  I remember seeing Mikey around when I was in my early teens and I was very taken with their bling pieces as they're very sparkly and quite over the top however I thought that all of the pieces were very expensive.  Looking at the jewellery now, I'm looking at them as a 25 year old on a full time salary rather than as a teenager on pocket money so the pieces don't seem as expensive.  However since Mikey is a costume jewellery brand, I would say that the pieces are still very pricey for costume jewellery.  The pieces are very stand out though and different to any other brand I've seen out there so I am looking forward to seeing how well these pieces last.  It is a goal of mine to slowly whittle away all of my Primark cheap- easily tarnished jewellery and to build up a collection of good quality costume jewellery instead.

I chose three pairs of earrings and two bracelets and all are very glam, girlie and bling.

Mikey Crystal Small Heavy Bracelet
The first bracelet I bought was the Mikey Crystal Small Heavy Bracelet (buy here) in the gold shade.  It is also available in silver.  This feels really substantial and is amazing quality.  I can't wait to wear this on a night out with some big gold earrings- but I'd perhaps skip a necklace as I think it would look a little too much.

Mikey Chain Link Crystal Bracelet
The second bracelet that I bought was the Chain Link Crystal Bracelet.  I couldn't find the link on the House of Fraser website but this is the exact same one on the Mikey website. As soon as I saw this I knew I had to have it as I thought it was so reminiscent of the J Crew Pave Link Bracelet.  It is gold, modestly chunky with some crystal links- gorgeous!
Now onto the earrings that I bought and a couple of these might come as a bit of a surprise.
Mikey Crystal Hoop Earrings in Silver
I can't remember the last time I wore hoop earrings but when I saw these Crystal Hoop Earrings I fell in love with them and started imagining lots of outfits I could wear them with.  I actually wore the silver ones out last night with an all black outfit, my dogtooth Yours Clothing jacket and my new Furla Candy bag and they looked great.  I didn't think they looked tacky or over the top at all and the diamantes really caught the link when they poked through my hair and sparkled nicely.  I really really like these.  The silver hoops are the larger of the two that I got but they aren't overly large- they're not J Lo style bird perches.  You can find them here.

Mikey Crystal Hoop Earrings in Gold
Ever so slightly smaller than the silver hoops are the gold offering.  Both sizes of the Crystal Hoops are available in either colour but I thought I'd get the gold in the smaller size so that they're a little more subtle.  Again, these are pretty and delicate so they don't look OTT and they sparkle beautifully.  The smaller size is slightly cheaper than the larger style and can be found here.

Mikey Flower and Crystal Stud Earrings
The last pair of earrings that I bought aren't particularly suitable for the winter time, they're very much a spring earring and I cannot wait to wear them as I'm a huge fan of pastel hues and turquoise and cora shades.  These are quite large studs with different sized diamantes on them too.  I can't, for the life in me, find these online, not on the House of Fraser website or the Mikey website so I can only assume that these were summer stock.  Sorry guys!

So that's it for my shopping for now.  Hopefully that will be it for a while......... until next time ;)

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Thursday, 26 December 2013

Boxing Day Sales Haul

It seems a little premature hauling products that I haven't even received myself yet, let alone photographed but when it comes to sales shopping, you've got to get in there quick if you want to make the most of the bargains that are to be had.  Late last night, I purchased a few things that I'd had my eye on for a while that had gone into the sale and I wanted to share them with you as soon as possible so that if you wanted to pick them up then you could do before they sell out!
January Sale Bargains
1. Feel Unique
When the sales hit, the first place I headed over to was Feel Unique where I know from previous Boxing Day Sales that they always have a good deal on their GlamGlow products.  Their original mud mask has been a firm favourite of mine ever since I reviewed it in this post and I have repurchased it several times.
The tingling and exfoliating youth mud mask gives amazing results INSTANTLY and it is hands down the best mask I've ever, ever used.  I'm getting married pretty soon and I want my skin to look amazing.  The only mask that I can trust to give me and MR WLL amazing looking skin is this one so I have bought a couple from Feel Unique for us to use over the coming months.
I actually purchased the charity version of the pot, called the Cure Sexy Special Edition, that donates money towards Breakthrough Breast Cancer.  The pink pots are exactly the same as the original GlamGlow mud mask in the black pot, both are 50g and usually retail for £49.99.  The only difference is that in the sale, the black pots are £37.49 (25% off) and the pink are £34.99 (30% off).  You can click here. to purchase the pink pot or head on over to Feel Unique for the black pot if the pink have all sold out and as always, with Feel Unique, there's free delivery too.
2. Space NK
For me, the most enticing sales always tend to come from Space NK as I'm tempted to try out new brands or products that I haven't tried from a particular line before, which was very much the case this year as I picked up the Elemental Herbology Travel Essentials Kit (50% off- £12 down from £24) which contains a shampoo, conditioner, body wash and hydrator.  I have tried some samples of their skincare this year and I've been really impressed with them so being able to try smaller sizes of their wash products without having to commit to buying the full size really appeals to me.
The best gift sets, however, have to be the Laura Mercier ones which are again, 50% off.  The one that I liked the sound of the most was the Body and Bath Luxe Quartet in Almond Coconut (£30 reduced from £60).  This is a fantastic set offering a pot of the honey bath, scrub, soufflé body crème and a candle which all combine to create a really relaxing Bathtime experience.  I've bought this to use in the run up to my wedding to help me to have some chill out, pamper nights.  I also purchased the Body and Bath Duet in the same fragrance (£15 down from £30) which contains bath salts and the same soufflé body crème.  I usually use the pistachio line from Laura Mercier so it'll be really nice to try a new scent.
3. Jack Wills
One shop that I head to during the sales every winter is Jack Wills.  Their winter accessories are my favourite over any other store and they always have AMAZING discounts at this time of the year so I always buy my key knitwear pieces to use for the remainder of the season and for many winters to come as they are impeccably made.
This year, I have bought the Anderby Hat and Glove Set in red which has a knitted red headband and matching gloves with WILLS on them in a contrasting white.  They're also available in the signature Jack Wills navy and pink.  For £26 down from £34.50, I think they're a great saving and a fabulous buy.
4. House of Fraser

Finally, the store that I ALWAYS shop at, especially when they have a sale on, is House of Fraser because they always have amazing deals on my favourite brands.  If you were a reader of my blog earlier this year then you'll know that I was contemplating buying a Furla Candy Bag.  Well to cut a long story short, I ended up splashing out massively on a Mulberry Bayswater and decided to lay the idea of the Furla to bed for a while.  When I was on the HoF website, I saw that they had some GORGEOUS colours available for £92.50 for the large size and I just HAD to buy a pink one with my Christmas money.  I cannot WAIT for it to arrive!

5. Benna

Another sale I couldn't WAIT to check out was the Benna sale.  They have an amazing online store with a great range of designers that you can't just pick up on the highstreet.  I'd heard a YouTuber talking about the collectable Monica Vinader bracelets and I was really happy to see that a couple went into the sale including the gorgeous Pink Gem Fiji Bracelet that I've had my eye on for a long while.  These make great stacking pieces, as do the Monica Vinader stacking rings which are super popular too- the Amethyst Siren Stacking Ring is my sale pick this Boxing Day.

If you're into statement necklaces then the embellished Mawi jewellery is an awesome choice.  Personally, I'm going for their Pink Crystal Heart and Spike Drop Earrings which are so sparkly and will be perfect for lots of party outfits throughout the year.  I'm really focusing on investing in key pieces that are good quality so that they're long lasting and wont tarnish so these will be a welcome addition to my collection.

That's all of my sales shopping done so far and all from the comfort of my living room, do let me know if you spot any other bargains!
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Monday, 16 December 2013

Kiko Colour Evolution Must Have Face Palette Review

Earlier this year, I was introduced to Kiko Make Up Milano and I've loved trying some of their products throughout the year.  I can't wait to share with you one of their limited edition holiday gifts that have been inspired by the technological takeover that's become an integral part of our everyday lives.
Kiko Colour Evolution Must Have Face Palette*
Digital Emotion is a futuristic collection that embodies technology.  They're been developed for the ultra modern girl that knows no limits.  The packaging combines elegant white with futuristic silver for an icy, eye catching look.
The Christmas gift that I have is the Colour Evolution Must Have Face Palette.  This is a gorgeous solid white palette with six beautifully baked face powders that are really well pigmented and velvety soft.  To the touch, the powders are all creamy and they apply really smoothly to the skin giving a great colour pay off.
There are two large powders in the palette.  One is a bright, light gold highlighter that is quite glittery and shimmery, making it perfect for a Christmas night out.  The other is a light matte bronzing powder that is slightly on the warmer side of muddy that is good for using to contour the cheeks and sculpt the face.
The palette also has four blushes- a pink, a coral, a red and a red toned brown.  My favourite has to be the bright light pink over on the left hand side as it reminds me so much of a more pigmented, punchy MAC Well Dressed blush.  I love the different looks that I can create with this.
The palette also has a full sized mirror under the lid which is great, particularly if you take this palette with you when travelling because you could do your full face of make up looking into this mirror.
The Kiko Colour Evolution Must Have Face Palette retails for £34.90 from the Kiko website but it is limited edition, so if you want it, you need to get your hands on it quick!  Check out the Kiko website for more of their limited edition gift sets.

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Sunday, 15 December 2013

I'm on ASOS Fashion Finder!

The lovely people over at ASOS Fashion Finder asked me to take part in their Blogger Style Challenge to style one party dress in five different ways.
Head on over to the ASOS Fashion Finder website to see what outfits I created.

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Saturday, 14 December 2013

Batiste Monochrome Review

For the past couple of weeks, I've been getting groovy baby with the new Batiste Monochrome as I revive my second (ok and sometimes third) day hair!

Batiste Monochrome*
Monochrome is a dry shampoo with a spicy and dynamic fragrance with top notes of Orange Blossom and Pepper, heart notes of Hyacinth, Iris, Lilac, Wisteria and Heliotropine and a warm base of my favourite, (yes, you've guessed it) Musk.  This is right up my street!
Even the can itself is channelling a retro 60's vibe with a black and white bold geometric design that is inspired by Moroccan prints.
Check out all of the Batiste Dry Shampoo varieties on their website and buy a 200ml can exclusively from Boots for £2.99.

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Thursday, 12 December 2013

NOTD: Jacava Blueberry Muffin

When I first applied the Blueberry Muffin nail polish to my fingertips, I instantly had to snap some photos to share it with you all.  Just look at it!
Blueberry Muffin Nail Polish by Jacava*
Blueberry Muffin is a polish by Jacava.  You might remember the sweet milky pink polish that I blogged about in this post, well Blueberry Muffin has the same formula but for some reason it seems to apply even better.  I could have left this polish at one coat.  It is super opaque, very creamy and looks incredibly glossy, even without the Jacava UV Top Coat.
I was impressed with the staying power of this polish, even more so than Pink Whisper because it is a much darker colour and therefore chipping would be more apparent.  I took this off after 8 days and even then, it was still wearable.  Super impressed blogger over here!
You can purchase Jacava polishes in over 400 salons and pharmacies in the UK, as well as online direct from their website, on Amazon and on Feel Unique.
What is your favourite Jacava nail polish shade?

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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Merry Lushmas

Last week, I popped to the shops with one of my friends and ended up doing some damage in Lush.  Every year, my family each choose a bath ballistic or bubble bar from Lush and we each have a bath on Christmas Eve using our chosen treat before putting our Christmas PJs on.
However it wasn't only my search for a Christmas treat that led me to Lush as I wanted to try some new bits from the regular line and step away from my usual repurchases.
Lush Sweet Christmas Gift Set
That big cracker-come-sweetie looking thing back there is the Lush Sweet Christmas gift set and its AMAZING for all of those who LOVE sweet scents, so lets start by unwrapping that...
The Lush Sweet Christmas (£37.95) is sweet, literally.  It contains everything you could possibly need to smell like a mix up and I love it.  There is a good mix of different products too; it's not all bath bombs like some sets.
Now admittedly, this doesn't look very Christmassy but it is very pink, very girly and very feminine.  I'd love to have this under our Christmas tree... had I not already bought it and began enjoying taking baths with it.
So lets take a closer look inside...
Over here on the left, we have the Bubblegum Lip Scrub.  This is a super tasty sugar scrub that sloughs away dead skin from your lips, leaving them soft and smooth.  I've used this before and really enjoyed it.  It's a little pricey to buy on its own but I seem to ignore that fact when buying a gift set because it is a lovely little treat.
Speaking of lovely treats, the Candy Mountain Bubble Bar is a sweet treat to rival anything sugary.  If you like Rock Star soap then you'll love this as it has a similar scent mixed with vanilla.  This creates lots of bubbles with a hazy pink tint to the tops of them.
The Think Pink Bath Ballistic is a Lush classic that I've had in countless gift sets.  It smells of Tonka, vanilla and neroli.
Right at the front there is Sultana of Soap which is the Lush version of soft Italian nougat.  This one is fruity and creamy all at the same time and whilst I'm not a fan of soap, Mr WLL loves this.
The Rose Jam Shower Gel is a product I've never tried but after giving it a whiff from the bottle I know I'm going to love this.  I thought this was going to smell very floral and rose like but no, it is addictively sweet.  Mixing vanilla pod with goji berry and argan oil, Turkish rose and geranium oil, this shower gel promises to not only smell incredible but to be super softening on the skin too.
Magic Wand is a reusable bubble bar on a stick that you swish around your bath tub, creating lots of Snow Fairy smelling bubbles as well as turning your bath water pink. This is one Lush product that I was SO happy to see was included in this gift set as I've used it before and loved it.
Honey Trap is a lip balm combining the tastes of honey and white chocolate to sooth chapped and dry lips.  I can't wait to try this, despite having LOADS of lip balms already.
The last product in the gift set is the Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly which is completely new territory for me but from the outset, I can say that it smells exactly like The Comforter Bubble Bar so it is already a hit with me!

Keeping with the Christmas theme, the Secret Santa (£5.75) bath ballistic is the one that Mr WLL and I have chosen as the bath bomb we'll use on Christmas Eve.  This is a huge bath ballistic shaped like a grotto and modelled on the first Lush shop.  Its smells very herbal and like essential oils, just like a Lush shop.  I can't wait to use this as its supposed to have a little red Santa Claus inside!
Reverting back to my childhood ways, I bought one of the Christmas limited edition Gold FUN bars (£5.00).  I thought that these were just for kids but after playing with it in the bath and seeing it create bubbles as well as clean the skin.  With a glittery exterior, Gold is a Fun bar that smells exactly like the Honey I Washed The Kids so if you're into sweet, honey scents then you'll enjoy this one.
I then picked up some more fresh smelling products, some for me, some for others.
The Grass Shower Gel (£9.95) literally smells like a field of grass, it is super uplifting and something that has to be smelled to be believed.  Dream Cream (£11.25) is a hand and body lotion that smells quite herbal and feels moisturising on the skin.  It's good for sensitive skin as it soothes it and cools it down if it is a little hot and irritated.
If you're into for balm cleansers, then might I suggest the Ultrabland Cleanser (£10.95).  Its a super rich, oily cleansing cream that's gentle enough for all skin types.
For use in the shower, I selected the Woosh Shower Jelly (£6.95).  I love this as it is so refreshing.  It's a mix of citrus and seaweed and is packed full of essential oils.
The only other soap that I picked up was a huge chuck of Snow Globe.  This is a lemon scented soap that is uplifting and a little bit zingy.
The final product that I picked up was a little Charity Pot for £1.  This is a hand and body lotion where all of the proceeds go to good causes.
What goodies have you been picking up from Lush this Christmas?
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