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Is the Selfie Era Making Us More Body Conscious?

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Today the lovely Debbie will be guest posting over on WhatLauraLoves.  She's written a really thought provoking article that I think many of you will enjoy reading because its something that effects a lot of us.  You can follow her on Twitter here.  I've also inserted some #selfie pictures of myself that I have posted on Instagram, you can follow me here.
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The #Selfie Era Making Us More Body Conscious
The ‘selfie’ phenomenon continues to grow in 2014, with a third of the nation now posting a photo of themselves at least twice a week. According to the Daily Mail, new research conducted by Tesco Mobile found that more than 17 million selfies are uploaded to social networking sites on a weekly basis!
Selfies wearing make up- no filters used
The selfie, officially described by the Oxford Dictionaries as ‘a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smart phone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website’, was named as the word of the year in 2013.

Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and Rosie
Huntington-Whiteley are just some of the celebrities to jump on the selfie bandwagon. Even the Royal family and politicians have been seen embracing the self-portrait craze. Not all selfies have shown people at their best – some of the most amusing pics have shown subjects looking bleary-eyed first thing in the morning. These are good for a chuckle at first but you might be better advised to keep on top of personal care if you don’t want images to come back to haunt you – stock up on the basics from companies such as  Brosch Direct.

"I love taking selfies to remember special moments.  This is me and Lauren on our Simply Be photoshoot"- Laura
It seems that today, taking selfies has become part of our daily lives, but is it just good fun or is it doing more harm than good?

Comparison with celebrities
Many social media sites are bombarded with photos of celebrities and airbrushed models, instantly giving these young people a distorted view of what ‘beautiful’ is.

With the ability to follow celebrity lives 24/7, it means we have constant access to these images and this can lead to teenagers making negative comparisons.

According to figures given to The Independent by ChildLine, there has been a dramatic increase in the amount of children and teenagers struggling with eating disorders. The charity believes that the increase could be due to the increased pressure caused by social media and celebrity culture.
Selfies without make up- the middle one is the only one with a filter
Cyber bullying
Posting selfies online is a way for young people to seek attention and gain reassurance about their appearance. Although the individual’s aim may be to get an excessive number of likes or comments for a photo, they are also making themselves vulnerable to negative comments and bullying. The anonymity the internet provides attracts cyber bullies who find themselves free to insult and harass others without consequence. This can lead to a knock in self-confidence, and in more serious cases, it completely takes over the victim’s life, making them feel scared and powerless in the comfort of their own homes.

Selfies wearing make up- no filters used
Skin and hair care brand Dove recently launched a new ad campaign that asked women to embrace the selfie trend and redefine the concept of beauty. The campaign, named ‘Selfie’, challenged young women and their mums to take an honest selfie, which they felt represented their unique beauty.

The eight-minute film sees teenagers and their mums discussing their insecurities and taking self-portraits on their phones before they are showcased at a public gallery for people to leave comments on. According to ABC News Dove’s own research also revealed that 63% of women believe social media is influencing today’s definition of beauty more than print media, film and music.

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  1. This is a really interesting read! Admittedly I take them but am always sure to only show 'a good side' and not include pictures where I feel I look horrible. x

  2. I'm so crap at taking slfie pictures,i tried to do one in the mirror and got it totally wrong and took a photo of my phone u wanna see my instagram Laura i'm such a div honest lol,i do try though sometimes but never like them so i always get jamie to take them usually but urs are always lovely and ur skin always looks gorgeous too xx♥xx


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