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The Dangers of Not Being Able to Hear Properly

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Today the lovely Debbie will be guest posting over on WhatLauraLoves.  She's written a fabulous article all about the dangers of not being able to hear properly.  You can follow her on Twitter here.  I've also inserted some videos of the artists so you can sing along as you read- talk about multi tasking!
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The dangers of not being able to hear properly

A report by the Health & Safety at Work organisation shows that nine million people in the UK are affected by hearing problems. This problem is on the increase, so more people are exposed to potential danger.

Why hearing loss can pose a threat to life

If people do not realise that their hearing is damaged, they run the risk of having an accident as a result of their hearing loss. For example, if someone is in a building when it is on fire, and they don’t hear the smoke alarm, they may become trapped in a burning building. Many people rely on their hearing and sight when they cross the road; this is why electric cars have had their engine noise enhanced, in order to warn a pedestrian that they are approaching. In if doubt at all, consult professional expertise, such as that provided by Hidden Hearing.

Communication problems

Hearing loss can lead to emotional trauma, and can sometimes also result in economic hardship. The World Health Organisation (WHO) believes that 360 million people across the world suffer from hearing problems from a variety of causes. Only 10% of those affected use hearing aids. This means that on a global basis, loss of hearing can lead to difficulties at work, and socially, and can put the sufferer in danger in a range of situations.

Why it is important to have your hearing loss diagnosed

Some people have reported hearing loss as a result of a cold or bug, and do not realise that it’s vital to have a proper test in case the ear has been irreparably damaged. The Daily Mail reported the story of Michael Berkeley, a composer who almost lost his livelihood as a result of an infection. Berkeley was fortunate in that his brain adapted over time, and he did regain his hearing.

Daily risks for deaf people

Many deaf people feel alienated and scared. Their confidence is eroded as a result of their condition, and everyday tasks become increasingly more difficult. Imagine shopping and the store being vacated because of a security risk - the deaf person without a hearing aid wouldn’t realise the urgency of the situation.

That’s an extreme and fairly unlikely example, but even a simple task such as answering a ringing telephone can become a nightmare, especially if you don’t realise that a telephone is ringing in the first place. In many national emergencies, vital information is transmitted via a radio or TV. If this is inaudible, then the person suffering from hearing loss may be in danger.

Overcoming the stigma of deafness

In a fast moving world where communication is vital, a deaf person may well be victimised because they have problems communicating. Deafness does vary from person to person; some people will suffer from constant background noise, called tinnitus. Others may be mildly hard of hearing. If you think that your hearing may be declining, it’s vital that you are diagnosed as soon as possible.

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