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Sanctuary Spa Products to Help You Relax and Sleep

If you had asked me this time last year if I slept well, I'd tell you that I could sleep on a washing line.  Falling asleep and staying asleep used to be very easy for me whereas now things have changed and I don't get as good a nights sleep as I used to.  What I've found really helps me at night is having a routine and the familiarity of that routine helps my body to subconsciously know that its bedtime and I relax a lot more easily when I'm in my routine.
If you want me to do a post on how I relax at night and my bedtime routine then let me know in the comments but for now, I am going to share with you a couple of products that have been helping me to relax and drift off to sleep at night.
The first is actually a body scrub from the Sanctuary Spa.  I've used products from them in the orange packaging before that I have received in countless giftsets from Boots for YEARS.  I love the smell of them as well as the great quality.  This Smoothing Silk Polish however is from a Sanctuary Spa line that I hadn't heard of called Sleep and as you've probably gathered already, this range is designed to make you feel calm before you go to sleep.  While I've only tried this one product I would definitely say that it works.
Sanctuary Spa Sleep Smoothing Silk Polish*
The Smoothing Silk Polish is a light exfoliator set in a relatively rich cream that has been enriched with essential oils that have been specifically chosen for their calming properties.  There's Ylang Ylang which Is known to reduce tension and relieve stress making this the perfect scrub for use after a hard days work, Frankincense to clarify and calm the mind and Patchouli which is known to reduce anxiety before going to sleep.  As someone who is easily stressed and anxious with a million and one things on her mind, this is the ideal combination of essential oils for me.
The scrub itself is made up of ground coconut shell and while it isn't the least densely packed scrub I've used, it isn't the most abrasive either making it ideal for daily use.  Its exfoliating qualities sit somewhere in the middle and you can use it in different ways to get different effects from it which is good because you might not always want a really abrasive scrub before bedtime.
For a more gentle scrub, I'd suggest soaking in the bath and then polishing your skin while it is still damp and for a more abrasive exfoliation, use the Smoothing Silk Polish on dry skin before getting into the bath.  I like to use the scrub in the latter way because I then soak in the bath without washing the scrub off my body and I let the essential oils in the polish infuse with the water.  The result is quite aromatic and calming which is great just before you're going to sleep as it really helps to relax you.
When I have washed the Smoothing Silk Polish of my skin, my skin looks and feels smooth and soft.  It contains almond oil and shea butter which really help to nourish the skin and leave it feeling moisturised.  If your skin is particularly dry or scaly I would top up with a more gritty scrub such as the Elemis Lime and Ginger Salt Glow once a week to get rid of all of your dead skin cells and then use this body polish to relax with and lightly buff the skin throughout the week.
The scent of this product is what makes it great to use before bedtime.  I've smelt something similar before in a perfume or cologne and I just can't remember what it is but it smells incredible all the same.
The Smoothing Silk Polish is  £8 on the Sanctuary Spa website here.
Before going to bed, another part of my evening ritual is to apply a body moisturiser.  I like to opt for ones with relaxing and calming scents as I find that I then associate the scent with getting into bed and going to sleep.  Scent is a bit of a trigger for me, its nostalgic and it really relaxes me and takes me to that serene, comfortable place.  A lot of people get that pillow sprays and its not that the spray actually does anything but the scent that the spray has is relaxing and people then begin to associate it with going to bed when they smell it.

Sanctuary Spa Relax Cocooning Body Butter*


The body butter that I have been using most recently is the Sanctuary Spa Cocooning Body Butter from the Relax range.  Since I returned home from my honeymoon, I have been going through body moisturiser like its no ones business.  I already blogged about the Argan+ Ultra-Rich Body Butter (review here) that I had been using for the first part of the month.  It was fabulous at smoothing my sun drenched skin and so I'm saving the last bit in the tub to take away with me to Turkey on Thursday as I know I'll be topping up my tan then.  Instead I've been using this one from the Sanctuary Spa and I honestly couldn't be more impressed.
If you've used a body butter from the Sanctuary Spa before then this will come as no surprise- it is a delight to apply.  For a body butter, it is very light weight and easy to apply to the skin as it rubs in with ease and is absorbed quickly and dries after a few minutes.  The texture is almost whipped, it isn't sticky or oily and it doesn't leave a residue on the skin.  I like that I can apply this, pop my PJs on and get straight into bed with minimal fuss.  I then pick up my book and read a little before bed each night whilst breathing in the scent of the product on my skin.  I've found that since using this body butter at night I really have felt more relaxed before going to sleep and as though I can drift off in a much more settled and smooth fashion.  It truly is a wonder product and I think that is down to the scent.  Let me tell you- it is incredible.
The Sanctuary Spa have once again carefully selected the essential oils that are blended into this cream, ensuring that they aid relaxation and can ultimately lead to a more peaceful nights sleep.  If you're a thinker, someone who gets to bed and suddenly their mind goes into overdrive, then you'll be pleased to know that there's Vetivert in here which helps to calm the mind and Cedarwood which helps to provide a sense of clarity- great for when you cant relax because you're confused and have something on your mind.  There is also Labdanum which brings a gentle sense of relaxation by easing tension.
If there's a night where I'm not having a bath before bed, I'll put this body butter on when I get changed for bed regardless and again, there is just something about the scent that really relaxes and calms me.  Yes, this body butter is quick and easy to apply and yes, it makes my skin feel ridiculously soft, hydrated and deeply nourished but the reason I love it is for the blend of essential oils and the effect that they have on my mind set and wellbeing.  I've dabbled in using essential oils in the past by adding them to my bath water or putting a few drops onto my pillow but I've always found them to be over powering and too strongly focused on one essential oil.  The Cocooning Body Butter takes all of the fuss away from choosing and using essential oils as the best for relaxation have already been selected and included in this body butter. 
If you're sceptical about the power of essential oils but want to feel relaxed and calm, particularly at night then I cannot urge you enough to try this body butter.  You'll have super soft skin and a clear mind, smell great and get a good nights sleep.  What more could you want from a body butter?
The Cocooning Body Butter is available from the Sanctuary Spa website for £9.50 here.
You can browse the Sanctuary Spa range and shop online on their website or alternatively you can see what Boots have to offer from the Sanctuary Spa online and in store.
If you have any Sanctuary Spa recommendations then please let me know as I'd love to hear about them!

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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Pur Minerals Pop of Pink Colour Make Up Look and Review

Amongst all of the last minute wedding preparations I faced this spring, Pur Minerals released their new Colour Collection; a selection of beautiful lipsticks, glosses and blushers in mouth watering colours that will see you through the whole summer.  This new complexion enhancing collection is designed to be super natural and easy to wear, allowing you to create the perfect ‘no makeup make up look’ with ease.
The exciting thing about the products is that they each have anti ageing, skincare benefits for noticeably younger skin, even after you’ve taken your make up off.  To achieve make up that also benefits the skin, Pur Minerals teamed up with Bordeaux’s world-renowned vineyards that are famous for their clay and nutrient rich soil.  They use premium wine extract in their colour products to give them skincare benefits because it is rich in age defying anti-oxidants.
Pur Minerals has harnessed the power of wine extract to create two of their powerful skincare ingredients called Reservatrox and Vitsin.  The former is all about using the skin of the grape along with the roots and shoots of the vine to create an ingredient that has super cell renewing properties; one that increases the lifespan and cellular turnover of the cells while the latter, Vitsin, targets hyper pigmentation and helps to combat UV damage.  If you’re not into the science behind the products then know this; the Pur Minerals products are designed to be beneficial both on and off your skin which can only be a good thing.
Over the last couple of months, I have been trying out some of the new release and I am just as impressed as I have been with the other Pur Minerals make up bits and pieces I’ve tried in the past.  They’re a seriously great brand with products that have become staples in my make up stash since their UK launch.
Pur Minerals Blush in Tease
The collection features four powder blushes- Tease, Savvy, Sassy and Kinky, and two cream ones- Coy and Flirt which are all gorgeous shades that will suit a multitude of complexions.  The blush I’ve been using is in the colour Tease which is a gorgeous blue toned baby pink that feels soft and buttery to the touch.
Tease is a finely milled pressed powder blush that applies very evenly to the skin and lasts all day without breaking up and fading on the skin.  The blush is very pigmented and applies only slightly lighter on the skin than it looks in the pan.  If I could liken it to another blush, I would say it lies somewhere between Well Dressed and Dame from MAC.  For me, Tease is the most perfect pink blush in my collection because it adds a beautiful pop of pink on the apples of my cheeks which looks so girlie and perfect for this time of year.  Light, bright pink hues on the cheeks really awaken your complexion and make you look super healthy and put together, especially when worn with a pink lip too.
Each blush in the collection is £19.50, the cream blushers are here in the UK (see here for US readers) and the powder blushers like mine in Tease are here in the UK and here in the USA.
The collection has ten lipstick shades and Pur Minerals have really left shoppers spoilt for choice with the variation in shades- wine colours right through to pinks, coral and champagne tones.  The lipstick I’ve been wearing from Pur Minerals is in the colour Socialite which is a blue toned, muted bright pink.
Pur Minerals Mineral Lipstick in Socialite*
This mineral lipstick looks and feels great on the lips- very hydrating and moisturising whilst looking smooth and colourful.  I find that the colour it imparts on my lips makes my teeth look a little whiter as well as being eye catching.
I love the way this lipstick feels so soft and moisturising on the lips yet it lasts for ages.  The creamy formula is so comfortable to wear and it doesn’t show any cracks or dry skin on the lips either.
Another thing that I love about this lipstick is the slightly glossy finish that this it has which really makes it a swipe and go product.  It is very pigmented and looks beautiful on the lips, especially for an everyday, pink lip although it can equally be worn with a smoky eye for an evening look.  When I’m wearing this at night, I sometimes like to wear a slightly darker lip liner such as the MAC Pro Longwear Lip Pencil in In Anticipation blended into the lipstick and then I apply a pink gloss over the top of it like the Pur Minerals Lip Gloss in Spoiled.
The Pur Minerals Chateau de Vine Mineral Lipstick in Socialite is £16.00 here in the UK and here in the USA.
Spoiled is a gorgeous hot pink lip gloss with a subtle shimmer running through it that you can’t really see on the lips, it just adds to the glossy look of the lips and really helps to give the lips a super smooth appearance.  The new Pur Minerals glosses contain grape seed extract which helps to fight the appearance of fine lines too for an even smoother look.
Pur Minerals Lip Gloss in Spoiled*
For a lip gloss, Spoiled feels really creamy and it doesn’t leave a sticky coating on the lips that your hair can stick to.  It is intensely pigmented, so much so that you could easily wear it alone as a pop of colour, without a lipstick or lip liner underneath.  It has a sponge tip applicator that is angled so it fits really comfortably on the lips and deposits the colour pretty evenly, leaving a gorgeous glossy pout.  Not only does the high shine finish make your lips look plump but they feel hydrated too.  I’ve bought a couple of MAC glosses recently which you can see in my hauls here and here and whilst I really like them, I do prefer this one from Pur Minerals because of the way it feels on my lips.
There are eight Pur Minerals Lip Glosses in the new collection and they’re all in gorgeous, mouth watering shades.  They retail for £16 each and you can buy them here in the UK and here in the USA.
I must admit, this blush, lipstick and gloss combo have become by go to make up look since I returned from my honeymoon.  They complement each other so well and really suit me.  I wear them day and night just as they are and I like that I don’t need to sheer them out to be able to wear them during the day- they’re a pop of colour but they’re daytime appropriate and very buildable.  What I tend to do is wear them the same way day and night but change my eye makeup and contouring- heavier for evening with an extra swipe of blush.  Whilst this truly is a beautiful summer look, I’m actually excited to wear the products during the winter time too as I’m not really into wine and berry shades.  I tend to switch to silver and black shades on my eyes with pale skin and pink cheeks and lips, for which these three products are perfect.  That’s if I haven’t used them up by then... ah, I sense a repurchase coming on already!
Check out my previous Pur Minerals reviews herehere and here.  You can see the full Pur Minerals range in the UK here and if you're in America, check out their official website here and buy here in the USA.

Let me know what your favourite products are and if you have some recommendations for me!
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Saturday, 28 June 2014

Winser London takes part in Bath in Fashion

Hi Everyone
I'm Tomas and I'll be guest blogging over on WhatLauraLoves today while Laura is busy finishing some of her university assignments.  I'll be sharing with you my take of the Bath in Fashion week.  For such a historical city, it has fabulous fashion and I can't wait to tell you all about it.
Winser London takes part in Bath in Fashion
Image Source
The historic city of Bath is England’s only World Heritage Site and attracts millions of visitors each year who want to explore its magnificent architecture, Spa and shopping facilities.
What many find is that although the city is steeped in history, it is not stranded in a forgotten time. Bath draws everything from its Georgian heyday to the present in a carefully balanced blend of classic and contemporary culture.
This year, the city once again showcased its unique style and reputation for creativity with Bath in Fashion week. And Winser London were proud to be a part of this fantastic show.
The event, which ran from 3rd to 10th May entered its fifth year and offered visitors access to a diverse range of design-led catwalk shows, workshops, talks and exhibitions on fashion, cosmetics, hair and interior design.
With a range of sponsors, the event gave students and established retailers alike a platform from which to promote their talent, generate debate and discussion and lend support to the event’s designated charity, Kids Company.
Its founder, the “riotously colourful woman” Camila Batmanghelidjh describes fashion as “armoury,” making the Bath in Fashion event the ideal partner to provide up and coming talent with inspiration and opportunity. 
The eclectic nature of the event had broad appeal and attracted interest from those outside the design and fashion industries. Olympic Gold medallist Amy Williams even designed a bag for the charity’s auction.
Although the fields of sports and fashion may seem poles apart, Williams explained that "The Olympic Games are like a designer's fashion show. You have that one moment, and it's only a matter of seconds, to show what you've got."
One brand which capitalised on those few seconds to showcase its fashion range was Winser London.
Image Source
The fledgling fashion house is the brainchild of industry expert Kim Winser OBE who has earned a reputation as a leading business figure in the fashion industry.
Having recently celebrated its first birthday, the eponymous brand which provides women with high quality, timeless wardrobe pieces has been creating a buzz in the city since introducing its range at Rossiters Bath.
Joining many other established fashion retailers, Winser London showcased its elegant, feminine range on the catwalks of Bath in Fashion week.
The collection has been created for real women with real lives who want to “feel stylish and confident, yet not overdressed” season in, season out, and their participation in Bath in Fashion is testament to the brand’s philosophy, quality and design.
Conservative, elegant wardrobe staples are the heart of the Winser London collection.
With emphasis on flattering cuts made from quality fabrics that look and feel beautiful, classic pieces which can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion include capri pants, cotton and cashmere knits, silks and trench coats as sported by Emma Watson.
To find out more about the Winser London collection, visit their online boutique or one of their pop-up stores in Rossiters Bath or selected branches of Harvey Nichols and John Lewis.
I hope you liked my post.  Let me know in the comments if you experienced Bath in Fashion week.

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Friday, 27 June 2014

Argan+ Ultra Rich Body Butter Review

Argan+ Ultra Rich Body Butter Review Image

There's just something about Argan+ products that never fail to disappoint me.  I've used their oils in my bath, on my body (review here) and massaged into my nails, I've relaxed with their foam bath (review here) and I'm currently using their Skin Renewal Body Scrub (review here) to keep my skin smooth and my tan bright following my honeymoon.  Now, I'm using their Ultra-Rich Body Butter and let me tell you, it is amazing.

Argan+ Ultra Rich Body Butter Review Image

The Argan+ Ultra-Rich Body Butter is a decadently indulgent treat to smooth onto the skin before bedtime, especially after a bath or shower.  I've been using this alongside their scrub since I got back from Barbados and my skin has never felt, or looked, better.  It feels super thick and creamy and you can actually feel the Argan oil in it, as well as the nourishment from the four other oils in the mix; Baobab and Kukui Oils which have a high concentration of fatty acids to boost moisture levels in the skin, Moringa Oil which has over 46 antioxidants in it that work to protect the skin from free radicals and therefore preventing against skin ageing and Sacha Inci which helps to maintain the skins health by providing it with vital nutrients in the form of Vitamins A and E and Omegas 3 and 6.

In addition to those oils, this body butter also has one of my favourite ingredients- Coconut Oil, which is rich in fatty acids like the Baobab and Kukui Oils so it not only helps to nourish the skin but helps the body butter to be absorbed into the skin quickly too.

Argan+ Ultra Rich Body Butter Review Image
Argan+ 5 Argan Oil Ultra-Rich Body Butter
I haven't used a body butter that has nourished my skin so deeply for a long time; it makes my skin feel so supple and moisturised, even more so than the Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Body Buttercream (buy here UK, buy here US) that I was using before this one.  Even the areas that tend to always look dehydrated and dry look moisturised, healthy and replenished after using this.

For such a thick body butter, it rubs into the skin with easy and is absorbed surprisingly quickly, drying after only a couple of minutes.  I apply this once a day at night and I wake up with soft, smooth skin that lasts all day until I apply it again the following evening.  It doesn't leave a greasy residue on my skin so I can get dressed quickly after I have applied it.

I've also noticed that this body butter is great to apply onto my legs in particular before a night out as it really imparts a healthy, smooth look to my skin that looks great if I'm wearing a short dress.

Argan+ Ultra Rich Body Butter Review Image

Like all of the other Argan+ products that I have tried, this body butter smells exactly the same; an incredible mix of sultry florals and opulent fruits.  It is an indulgent, exotic scent that lingers on the skin after it has been applied.

In short, I cannot recommend this body butter highly enough if you want your skin to look, feel and smell amazing.

Argan+ Ultra Rich Body Butter Review Image

The Argan+ Ultra Rich Body Butter is available to buy here.


Have you tried any products from Argan+?  What are your favourite oil infused products?

Thursday, 26 June 2014

My Guide to Layering Perfume

If you're a regular reader of WhatLauraLoves, you'll know two things; one, I am obsessed with perfume and two, I love to layer my fragrance.  I guess you could say that layering my perfume is a bit of a ritual for me, especially if I'm going to be out all day or attending an important event as I want my perfume to last for as long as possible.  Today, I am going to share with you my guide to layering fragrance.
My current perfume collection- if you'd like to see a post on it, let me know in the comments
So, what is fragrance layering you might ask?
Its the process of layering different products with the same scent onto the skin and it fits right into your getting ready routine.  The result is that it makes your perfume have more impact and more importantly, it makes the scent last much longer than simply using one of the products, or the perfume itself, alone.
Layering your perfume is something that you can do on a daily basis or you could save it for a special occasion like I did on my wedding day.  I would really recommend it for days where you're going somewhere special with lots of people.  Even when you're off to a festival like Glastonbury, layering your perfume is a good idea because its going to help you to smell and feel fresh.
If you're wondering how to layer your perfume, its simple and now I'll show you how using the Carolina Herrera 212 VIP perfume as an example.
It all starts in the shower.
Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Bath and Shower Gel
Whether you prefer to have a bath or shower, using a bubble bath or shower gel in the same scent as your perfume is a great place to start.  Perfumed shower gels tend to leave a subtle hint of the scent on your skin which is the perfect base to layer more of the scent on top of.
Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Body Lotion
Next move onto moisturising your skin.  This should generally be an essential step anyway but when layering fragrance, it is an opportunity to use a perfumed body lotion or cream which will not only soften your skin but add another layer of the scent to intensify it.
Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Deodorant
Now you can add in optional extras like the deodorant version of your perfume, like this one from Click Fragrance or the hair mist variety or, if you're a man, now is the perfect time to opt for an aftershave balm in your favourite fragrance.
Carolina Herrera 212 VIP EDP Spray
Finally, finish up with a spritz of your perfume.  Where possible, try to look of for the eau de parfum version if it is available as this type of scent always lasts longer than an eau de toilette but by layering the perfume in this way, it will last all day regardless.
Don't worry if you feel as though there are lots of steps here- they're very much interchangeable.  For those times when you're not showering before you're going out or if you don't have a shower gel in the same scent as your perfume, simply skip the shower gel step and have a perfumed body lotion and eau de parfum on hand which will do the job just as well.
A quick and simple way to get into fragrance layering is with a gift set.  They're not just for Christmas, you can buy them all year round and they often work out much more cost effective than buying the items separately.  They usually come with at least a body lotion and a perfume like this cheap Carolina Herrera perfume gift set but you can get them with the perfume, body lotion and a shower cream too like this cheap BeyoncĂ© Pulse gift set.
Aside from layering products of the same scent,  you can also layer complimentary fragrances to create your own unique scent.  There are lots of different perfumes are great for this and I explained all about my experience of combining two different fragrances in this post, however you can actually do this with any perfume, you just need to look out for perfumes with similar or complimentary notes.  Its a great way to create your own signature scent.
What is your signature scent?  Do you like to layer your fragrance?

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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Wet Seal+ Haul

When we planned our trip to America, I never actually thought about going clothes shopping.  I knew there were lots of bags and accessories that I wanted and I knew I was bound to buy some beauty bits but I didn't really think about fashion as I love the stores that we have in the UK and I haven't really lusted after any American brands.  However when we went to the Florida Mall, some shops that advertised plus sizes in their window really caught my eye.  One of those was Wet Seal.
I'm not sure whether or not the plus size line at wet seal is a relatively new thing but it seemed as though there was a real buzz about it in store, with girls who didn't fit into the pieces asking if the same style was available in the standard line.  This was great to hear.  What I found was that Wet Seal+ had some gorgeous, very light weight, casual tops that are perfect for the summer time and for holidays.  I couldn't get over how soft and thin they were but how great quality they were as well.  I'm going on holiday again later in the year and I am really looking for some tops that I can wear during the day with shorts and the ones I found at Wet Seal+ are just perfect.
California Flag Crochet Tank Top
The first top that I was instantly drawn to is the California Flag Crochet Tank Top which was $19.90 here.  It is white in colour so perfect for showing off a summer tan and it has a racer back and quite a deep scoop neck which makes it look great if you're wearing a push up bra or a bikini.  The top is super soft and is made of a sheer boho style crochet which is what makes me this it will be perfect for going to the beach in.  The logo that is on the front is actually a pink and black version of the California flag, cute.  I don't find that tops like this are available in plus size in the UK so I'm pleased to have found one in America.
Neon Crochet Back Tank
The same goes for the Neon Crochet Back Tank which was again $19.90 here.  This top is very summery thanks to its orange colour and the floral crochet at the back.  Again, this one would be perfect for the beach thanks to its lose fit and slub knit body and great for wearing over a bikini top as it has a scoop neckline.
Daisy Tank
One top that I have been wearing non stop since I got home is the Daisy Tank which was $16.90 here.  This is a super sweet pink vest top with a large daisy printed onto the front of it.  It looks fabulous tucked into a maxi skirt and pulled out a little with a jean jacket over the top.  I love the lightweight feeling that this top has- it literally folds up so super small so it is going to be perfect for taking on holiday with me when I go away.  I like the shape of the top too as it has a scoop neck, a finished trim and a shark bite hem which means that the bottom of the top is a little jagged in shape and uneven.  This top comes up a little further at the front than it does at the back.
Aloha Tank Top
Another top that is great for tucking into skirts is the Aloha Tank Top which was $18.90 here.  This is a typical summer top that Primark tend to sell a lot of in the UK.  It has a round neckline and is super soft and comfortable to wear thanks to the stretch in the fabric.  I love the tropical sunset print and the 'Aloha Love Paradise' slogan.
Crochet Neckline Flower Tank
The next top that I bought was the Crotchet Neckline Flower Tank which was $22.90 here.  I loved this top in store as it was paired with a sleeveless denim jacket and linen trousers which looked great together as a casual summer outfit.  This top is a light blue colour with a floral brint all over it.  There is a gorgeous which crochet detail around the neckline too.  This top is still lightweight but it feels much more substantial than the others which is probably because the material feels thicker and it is lined at the front.
Floral Tropic Tank Top
The final top that I bought was the Floral Tropic Tank Top which was $19.90 here.  This is another super thin and light top with write straps and a round neckline.  It has a high low hem which is great because it is long enough at the back to cover my bottom if I'm wearing leggings and I love the tropical flower and aztec print on it.  I love tribal inspired pieces but I find that they're often not girlie enough for my wardrobe whereas this one is.  I love it!
Frayed High-Low Hem Denim Vest
The final item that I picked up from Wet Seal was the Frayed High-Low Hem Denim Vest which was $26.90 here.  I have a cropped denim jacket already but it has sleeves and I much prefer the sleeveless versions on super hot days or when I'm travelling abroad.  This one is frayed along its edges and I love the casual, distressed look that this creates.  It is longer at the front than it is at the back which I actually really like as I fit that I need things to be a little longer there to accommodate my shape.  The sleeveless jacket is a light, washed denim colour which is great for the summer because it'll go with lots of my summer tops like the ones I've bought here and my dresses.  It buttons down with metal buttons although I'll probably always wear it open and it has a flap pocket on either side of the chest which look cute, although I doubt I'll actually use them to put anything in!
So that's it for my Wet Seal haul.  I cannot wait to wear the pieces and show you them in a WhatLauraWore outfit post.  I really wish we had Wet Seal in the UK as their prices were so great and when I got to the till they actually had loads of discounts on.  I found that American shops were great for that and offered much more discounts than our shops do in the UK.  Wet Seal even gave me a discount loyalty card so if I go back in the future I can get more discounts on the clothes.
Have you shopped in Wet Seal Before?  What are your favourite pieces?
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Sunday, 22 June 2014

Batiste Pixie Lott Review

Image credit goes to Rankin and Batiste Dry Shampoo
While I was away on honeymoon, I heard the exciting news that singer Pixie Lott has partnered with my favourite dry shampoo brand, Batiste, to be the face of their 2014 campaign.  This is the first time that Batiste have had a celebrity ambassador which is a big thing for a budget hair care brand and I couldn't be happier for them.  I've listened to Pixie's songs for years and I've used Batiste dry shampoo for just as long, if not longer so the pair are a match made in heaven for me.
I think that Pixie looks amazing on the campaign imagery which was shot by the super talented Rankin for both print and TV.  Pixie will also appear on the new Pixie Lott variation of Batiste which has a design and a scent that has been chosen by her.  Her trademark 60s style is really evident through the bottle design which I love because as well as giving Batiste dry shampoo her seal of approval, she's also put her stamp on it too.
I've been using the new Batiste Pixie Lott dry shampoo since I got back from my honeymoon.  I'm a regular user of Batiste dry shampoo any way and there is always a large can or two in my hair care draw.  I go through dry shampoo like its running out of fashion but I never feature it in my empties posts as there'd literally be so many and I feel as though you've heard me rave about it so many times already!
The Pixie Lott variety is a great addition to the dry shampoo line.  To be honest, I am yet to try a Batiste fragranced dry shampoo that I don't like and this one doesn't disappoint either.
Aside from the incredible oily root banishing power, what I love about this variety is the fruity musk mix within the scent.  If you've read my blog for a while now I'm sure you'll know that I have a bit of a thing for musk in fragrances and the scent of this dry shampoo contains a blend of summery florals and warming woods which give some depth to an otherwise light fragrance.  I think that is mostly thanks to the base notes of musk, milk and sandalwood in the fragrance.  The top notes are quite fruity also with bergamot and lemon and the middle notes are more floral with cedarwood also.  The notes combine to really create a gorgeous lightly perfumed scent.
If some of the more perfumed scents from Batiste haven't been your fave, then give this a go because you get the scent of a perfume rather than pure fruit but it isn't so strong that it will over power your actual perfume.
To use it, simply spray into your hair as you would with any other Batiste dry shampoo and ruffle at the roots to banish oil and greasiness and to add a bit of va va voom volume in your hair.  Batiste is great to use on second and third day hair but I also find that it works really well when I have just washed my hair to add some texture and volume in my super fine locks.
As always, I cannot recommend Batiste enough!
The 200ml of Batiste retails for £2.99 in Superdrug, however if you head on over to Boots right now it is on special offer for only £1.99.  Oh and in case you're putting in an ASOS order anytime soon, there's a good deal on this can of Batiste here

Happy shopping girls!

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