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Planning the perfect honeymoon & top paradise locations

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The lovely Sue is guest posting over on my blog today.  Her post is all about planning the perfect honeymoon and the top paradise locations in the world which is pretty apt considering I've just returned from an epic honeymoon myself.  I hope you enjoy the post.
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Planning the perfect honeymoon and the top paradise locations
With the wedding and honeymoon out of the way with, it’s back to everyday life and the first step in our journey as a married couple. However, I can still have my head in the clouds, can’t I?
Not quite ready to forget about weddings completely, and everything that comes with it, I have been doing some research into the ultimate honeymoons. Those celebrity holidays and millionaire mansions...
Whilst you may think such holidays are out of reach, with the right budgeting, you can venture anywhere for your honeymoon!
Firstly, make sure your budget for the wedding is airtight! Remember, it’s only one day and the marriage is much more important. The simplest way is to make a note of everything from flowers to the venue hire and this couldn’t be easier now the internet is in the palm of our hands. Try out some amazing wedding tools that always come with a budget planner. For example have a super simple planner with a budget tracker, to do list AND guest manager.
Once you’ve mastered your wedding budget, you can be free to plan the honeymoon of your dreams. And here are some stunning locations I’ve been snooping on...
The stereotypical choice to start off with but you know what they say, a classic never dies. With the clear crystal waters and white sands, it is the ideal location for a couple in love. With palm trees lining the coastline and a range of exotic hotels, the Maldives is the location of love. The wide range of lagoons and coral reefs means it’s the perfect destination for those partial to water and activities, but of course, you can lounge around to your hearts intent too...
Maldives has the typical paradise element but if you’re after all out luxury, look no further than Dubai. With exceptional service everywhere, five star pampering and the exquisite hotels, you’ll never want to leave! With the technology and activities to keep even the most restless couple amused for hours, this is one for the modern go-getters.
Not just the Caribbean, but the Caribbean before the tourism. If you’re after that excluded paradise that you can’t get anywhere but on an isolated island, then look no further than the Caribbean. Although it’s a popular tourist destination, you can get that alone time. The Hatchet Caye Resort in the Caribbean is a private island complete with all the luxuries such as air-conditioning and WiFi but the solitude. With activities such as snorkelling, fishing and volleyball, you’re not exactly going to be bored either.
Not all of us want to relax. For the more adventurous couple, there couldn’t be any other place than the Amazon rainforest; perfect for those active animal lovers. But of course, you might want something with a finer edge when celebrating your first trip as a married couple. Other than organised safaris and conservation work, there is tree house style accommodation within the forest and five star luxury just on the outskirts. You don’t need to ‘rough it’ to have an authentic experience...
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