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Pur Minerals Pop of Pink Colour Make Up Look and Review

Amongst all of the last minute wedding preparations I faced this spring, Pur Minerals released their new Colour Collection; a selection of beautiful lipsticks, glosses and blushers in mouth watering colours that will see you through the whole summer.  This new complexion enhancing collection is designed to be super natural and easy to wear, allowing you to create the perfect ‘no makeup make up look’ with ease.
The exciting thing about the products is that they each have anti ageing, skincare benefits for noticeably younger skin, even after you’ve taken your make up off.  To achieve make up that also benefits the skin, Pur Minerals teamed up with Bordeaux’s world-renowned vineyards that are famous for their clay and nutrient rich soil.  They use premium wine extract in their colour products to give them skincare benefits because it is rich in age defying anti-oxidants.
Pur Minerals has harnessed the power of wine extract to create two of their powerful skincare ingredients called Reservatrox and Vitsin.  The former is all about using the skin of the grape along with the roots and shoots of the vine to create an ingredient that has super cell renewing properties; one that increases the lifespan and cellular turnover of the cells while the latter, Vitsin, targets hyper pigmentation and helps to combat UV damage.  If you’re not into the science behind the products then know this; the Pur Minerals products are designed to be beneficial both on and off your skin which can only be a good thing.
Over the last couple of months, I have been trying out some of the new release and I am just as impressed as I have been with the other Pur Minerals make up bits and pieces I’ve tried in the past.  They’re a seriously great brand with products that have become staples in my make up stash since their UK launch.
Pur Minerals Blush in Tease
The collection features four powder blushes- Tease, Savvy, Sassy and Kinky, and two cream ones- Coy and Flirt which are all gorgeous shades that will suit a multitude of complexions.  The blush I’ve been using is in the colour Tease which is a gorgeous blue toned baby pink that feels soft and buttery to the touch.
Tease is a finely milled pressed powder blush that applies very evenly to the skin and lasts all day without breaking up and fading on the skin.  The blush is very pigmented and applies only slightly lighter on the skin than it looks in the pan.  If I could liken it to another blush, I would say it lies somewhere between Well Dressed and Dame from MAC.  For me, Tease is the most perfect pink blush in my collection because it adds a beautiful pop of pink on the apples of my cheeks which looks so girlie and perfect for this time of year.  Light, bright pink hues on the cheeks really awaken your complexion and make you look super healthy and put together, especially when worn with a pink lip too.
Each blush in the collection is £19.50, the cream blushers are here in the UK (see here for US readers) and the powder blushers like mine in Tease are here in the UK and here in the USA.
The collection has ten lipstick shades and Pur Minerals have really left shoppers spoilt for choice with the variation in shades- wine colours right through to pinks, coral and champagne tones.  The lipstick I’ve been wearing from Pur Minerals is in the colour Socialite which is a blue toned, muted bright pink.
Pur Minerals Mineral Lipstick in Socialite*
This mineral lipstick looks and feels great on the lips- very hydrating and moisturising whilst looking smooth and colourful.  I find that the colour it imparts on my lips makes my teeth look a little whiter as well as being eye catching.
I love the way this lipstick feels so soft and moisturising on the lips yet it lasts for ages.  The creamy formula is so comfortable to wear and it doesn’t show any cracks or dry skin on the lips either.
Another thing that I love about this lipstick is the slightly glossy finish that this it has which really makes it a swipe and go product.  It is very pigmented and looks beautiful on the lips, especially for an everyday, pink lip although it can equally be worn with a smoky eye for an evening look.  When I’m wearing this at night, I sometimes like to wear a slightly darker lip liner such as the MAC Pro Longwear Lip Pencil in In Anticipation blended into the lipstick and then I apply a pink gloss over the top of it like the Pur Minerals Lip Gloss in Spoiled.
The Pur Minerals Chateau de Vine Mineral Lipstick in Socialite is £16.00 here in the UK and here in the USA.
Spoiled is a gorgeous hot pink lip gloss with a subtle shimmer running through it that you can’t really see on the lips, it just adds to the glossy look of the lips and really helps to give the lips a super smooth appearance.  The new Pur Minerals glosses contain grape seed extract which helps to fight the appearance of fine lines too for an even smoother look.
Pur Minerals Lip Gloss in Spoiled*
For a lip gloss, Spoiled feels really creamy and it doesn’t leave a sticky coating on the lips that your hair can stick to.  It is intensely pigmented, so much so that you could easily wear it alone as a pop of colour, without a lipstick or lip liner underneath.  It has a sponge tip applicator that is angled so it fits really comfortably on the lips and deposits the colour pretty evenly, leaving a gorgeous glossy pout.  Not only does the high shine finish make your lips look plump but they feel hydrated too.  I’ve bought a couple of MAC glosses recently which you can see in my hauls here and here and whilst I really like them, I do prefer this one from Pur Minerals because of the way it feels on my lips.
There are eight Pur Minerals Lip Glosses in the new collection and they’re all in gorgeous, mouth watering shades.  They retail for £16 each and you can buy them here in the UK and here in the USA.
I must admit, this blush, lipstick and gloss combo have become by go to make up look since I returned from my honeymoon.  They complement each other so well and really suit me.  I wear them day and night just as they are and I like that I don’t need to sheer them out to be able to wear them during the day- they’re a pop of colour but they’re daytime appropriate and very buildable.  What I tend to do is wear them the same way day and night but change my eye makeup and contouring- heavier for evening with an extra swipe of blush.  Whilst this truly is a beautiful summer look, I’m actually excited to wear the products during the winter time too as I’m not really into wine and berry shades.  I tend to switch to silver and black shades on my eyes with pale skin and pink cheeks and lips, for which these three products are perfect.  That’s if I haven’t used them up by then... ah, I sense a repurchase coming on already!
Check out my previous Pur Minerals reviews herehere and here.  You can see the full Pur Minerals range in the UK here and if you're in America, check out their official website here and buy here in the USA.

Let me know what your favourite products are and if you have some recommendations for me!
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