Thursday, 5 June 2014

Setting the Mood in Your Home Salon

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Today the lovely Dana is guest posting over on WhatLauraLoves and today's post is all about home hair salons.  This is something I'm interested in myself as I don't have my hair done in a salon on the high street as my best friend is a hair stylist and she does my hair at home.
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Setting the Mood in Your Home Salon
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Having a salon in your own home can be challenging on lots of levels. One of the most difficult parts can be overcoming the stigma of being unprofessional and trying to set a relaxing, luxurious mood in a place where your whole family eats, sleeps and plays. There are several things you can do to help overcome anyone’s prejudices against a home salon and to make them feel just as pampered as they would feel in any regular salon they were to visit.
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One of the first things to do is make sure you have the right equipment. You can visit to see the wide variety of professional equipment they have available. To figure out what you might need for your new salon, just think about what you see when you go to a normal salon. From shampoo bowls to rolling carts to hold all your styling tools, the equipment runs the gamut and we normally don’t even think about everything that’s around us. However, having this kind of equipment, all available at, will make a great first impression on clients who will walk in and automatically feel like they’re visiting a high end, luxury salon.

You can also make sure that you take small steps to pamper your clients. Open doors for them and greet them when they arrive. Offer them a drink or a small snack; many salons offer cucumber water or even wine for their clients. Always offer to bring them anything they might need. Ask if they’d like a magazine or if they are comfortable. Making conversation and showing that you’re paying attention to what they say goes a long way too. A first impression can’t be repeated, so start off with the right attitude and the right equipment.

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