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The Perfect Black 'Escarpins'

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Catherine here with a guest post for you while Laura is sunning it up in Turkey, the lucky thing!  The post I've written today is all about the LBS- that's Little Black Shoes.  You've all heard about the Little Black Dress I'm sure but you need shoes that will be show stoppers too whenever you wear them.  I hope you enjoy my post!

The Perfect Black ‘Escarpins’

Full credit for this amazing image goes to Mark Delong Photography

Just like the little black dress, there are the little black shoes. These are the little saviors that can rescue you, whenever you have a business meeting, a photo session with one of the best Nashville photographers or a romantic date with the man of your dreams.

The perfect black ‘escarpins’ are a huge must have in every woman’s wardrobe. They go perfectly with everything, starting with the long and the festive Ellie Saab kind of dress and ending up with boyfriend jeans and sports team’s shirts. Within a second the black high heels can make you look like some hip hop LA chick or an elegant European business lady, depending on what you choose to dress.

Another huge advantage offered by these universal shoes, is the fact that they can last a little longer than just one season or one year. You are probably now thinking about that 4 years old favourite pair of shoes of yours. And that’s totally okay because if you’re buying a pair of Louboutins, the investment can be justified only when the shoes are useful for more than one season. Another big plus is that there is no colour that doesn’t go with black. Black is always new and always in trend. Having a pair of black high heels means having a perfect match for every outfit, bag and colour you have in your wardrobe.  You can wear them at work, at a date and at some weddings. The black high heels are perfect for every festive and work event. They’re simple and classy. The same goes for black high heeled sandals. In the summer, you can wear them with long and short skirts, classy pants and boyfriend jeans, shorts and dresses of different kinds, colours and styles.

Of course, having one single pair of black high heels means having a really cool one, that’s expensive and really beautiful. The thing is that when these shoes are not of a high quality, they just look bad so better avoid them. Look chic and elegant with a plain, black pair of high heeled shoes.

What are your favourite Little Black Shoes?  Let me know in the comments!

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