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Top 5 Products To Use On Holiday

Travelling is one of those things in life that I live for.  I work hard to be able to afford to go on holiday with the ones I love and I always make sure I enjoy my time to its fullest as its one of my favourite things to do.  As well as exploring a new place and meeting the people, what I love about staying away from home is that I take my time to select products to use and pamper myself with while I’m away.  Whether they’re new discoveries or old favourites I really like to enjoy the products I take away with me so that I come back feeling relaxed and pretty in my newly tanned skin.

After spending three glorious weeks away on honeymoon, I have come to the conclusion that if there are five products you need to take away with you, they are these five products:

Balance Me Super Moisturising Hand Cream
1. Balance Me Super Moisturising Hand Cream

Keeping my hands moisturised is of paramount importance to me.  I have psoriasis and dermatitis that is really helped by the sunshine so using a good quality hand cream really helps to keep my hands soft and supple while the sun is helping my skin.  I've used the Balance Me Super Moisturising Hand Cream for about the last year now and I love it because it is pretty thick and it leaves a really softening, slightly oily finish on my skin which helps to keep my skin soft and moisturised for a long time.  It is of 98.8% natural origin too so it isn't full of nasty chemicals that can make my skin worse.

You can buy the Balance Me Super Moisturising Hand Cream here.

Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment

2. Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment

The Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment is a therapeutic oil that is suitable for all hair types.  I have very greasy hair that gets oily very quickly so I was very surprised to see that this oil didn’t make my hair greasy at all unlike the Redken Diamond Oil.  My hair literally drank up the oil and I was able to apply a tonne of it.  It can be used a couple of ways for styling and finishing work on the hair by working a small amount through damp or dry hair before styling or to finish a style and for extra nourishment, you can also add a few drops to a hair mask or leave in treatment before you apply it to your hair.  While I was away, I didn’t really use this to style or finish my hair, simply to nourish it and when I ran out I really really noticed a difference in the condition of my hair.  I’m naturally blonde and I get a few highlights and lots of low lights through my hair so the ends of my hair can get pretty dry in the sun which also bleaches my hair and the sea really dries it out too, making it feel crispy, so it is always in need of some added nourishment while I’m away.

This is the little bottle that keeps on giving.  We were in Barbados for two weeks and this little bottle lasted me the full two weeks and I was VERY generous with my applications- applying it once after towelling drying my hair and then again when my hair was dry, just before going to sleep.  It made my hair feel so silky smooth and soft and I really feel as though it helped to restore the condition of my hair and keep it protected the next day in the sun.  This is the first hair oil that I’ve tried that I have really thought that it could become a part of my daily routine.  I have a couple from some other brands to try now that I’m back home but once I’ve used those up I would most definitely repurchase this one.

The Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment is available to buy from Look Fantastic and there are a few different sizes to choose from.

3. Nair Hair Removal Cream

Is it just me or does your hair grow super quickly when you’re in the sunshine too?  I’m not just talking about the hair on my head either.  Before I travel I always make sure to use my Nair Hair Removal Cream (or new wax kit… review coming soon) on my legs and underarms a few days before I travel but towards the second week of my holiday I’m always in need of a top up treatment to keep my body fuzz free.  That’s where the Nair Hair Removal Cream Sachets come in which I pick up from Boots for £99.  You get two one-use sachets in the set and the two packets divide in two separately if you only want to take one with you.

The great thing about these is that they are formulated for sensitive skin so they’re perfect for taking with you on holidays where your skin is going to be taking a weather beating; whether that’s from the extreme heat on a beach holiday far hotter than you usual climate or when skiing when the weather is super cold, even though you’re wrapped up as your skin will still feel it.  The formulation of this hair removal cream is very gentle and it doesn’t sting or irritate my skin whatsoever which creams from other brands like Veet have done in the past.

To use this cream, I would suggest doing it as part of a mini pamper session late afternoon- first going in the shower, washing your hair and body and exfoliating, then jumping out, drying off and putting on a hair mask.  This is so that your body is clean when you apply the hair removal cream and free from any salt water and sun cream and so that you’ll be out of the sun and sea for a good fourteen hours or so to give your soon to be hair free skin a rest.  Leave your hair mask on for as long as you can before having to get ready for the evening out to give your skin time to calm down after being drenched in the sun, then when you’re about to wash off your hair mask, pop on the hair removal cream.  You can leave this on for up to seven minutes but I find that despite its sensitive formula, it gets to work very quickly so you may not need to leave it on for the full seven minutes.

You may just need one sachet or you may like to use both depending on the size of the area that you want to cover.  I use both sachets in one go and get a full application on my legs and underarms plus my upper lip out of using two sachets.  The sachets are great because not only are they light weight, you can also simply dispose of them after use, making them great for travelling as unless you were going on an around the world trip, you’d never use up a standard sized bottle of Nair in a two week holiday and would have to either waste the rest of the product by leaving it in the hotel when you go home or carry the additional weight in your suitcase.  Personally, I’d rather take sample sizes with me and come home with a souvenir in its place than take a full sized product.  Either way, you can use this hair removal cream safe in the knowledge that your skin is going to be left hair free, smooth and soft.  Simply follow up with a body moisturiser for some added hydration and supple feeling to your fuzz free skin.

I buy my Nair products from Boots.

4. Manuka Doctor Apiclear 3 in 1 Purifying Facial Wipes

Face wipes are one of those beauty products that some people embrace and others shudder at the thought of.  I sit somewhere in the middle as I don’t like them as the sole method of make up removal but I think that they are absolutely fabulous for many purposes, particularly for travel.  In terms of removing make up and cleaning the skin, nothing beats a good cleanse over the sink with a cream or oil cleanser, some warm water and a wet face cloth, not even Bioderma and a cotton pad but what make up wipes are good at is removing the bulk of the make up on your face before you go in with that heavy duty cleanse and for freshening up your complexion.  So first of all, if you’re wearing a lot of make up on a night out on holiday you can use the wipes to take off the top layers of your make up and second, you can use these to freshen up your face throughout the day when you're feeling hot and covered in sun cream.  The best face wipes for this are either the Boots Botanics ones or the ManukaDoctor Apiclear 3 in 1 Purifying Face Wipes.

What makes these face wipes so fabulous is that they act as a cleanser, toner and moisturiser in one and they are really moist so they don’t pull or tug at the skin when you’re using them and the solution on them which includes manuka oil, really helps to shift the make up off your face.  Face wipes are also great for removing any light make up when you get on the aeroplane or simply for cleaning and freshening up the skin at the start of the flight if you don’t wear make up while you’re travelling (like me!) and throughout the flight.  This is particularly handy if you tend to layer up hydrating skincare products during the flight as its always best to remove any excess product after two to three hours with a wipe and reapply them.

I buy my Manuka Doctor products from Superdrug.  I've reviewed lots of products from the Apiclear line on my blog so if you'd like to read some more, simply search in the top right hand box of my blog.

5. Slim Sonic Toothbrush in Zebra Print

When I'm travelling the last thing that I want to do is to jeopardise my dental hygiene.  I still like to take a decent toothpaste, mouthwash and toothbrush away with me to ensure that my teeth stay sparkling clean while I'm away.  The toothbrush brand that I've been travelling with for the last year now is Slim Sonic which is a battery operated toothbrush.  I have a couple of these as I travel quite a lot and like to change up my toothbrushes regularly.

The Slim Sonic is a really unique idea in that it is a battery powered toothbrush that is super slim and not much wider than a normal toothbrush, making it perfect for travelling.  It gives you 22000 brush strokes per minute which cleans your teeth thoroughly without feeling harsh or sharp against your teeth and gums.  It is really easy to use as it doesn't have all of these fancy pants settings that you find with a lot of electric toothbrushes, you simply take the cap off and press the on button, brush your teeth then turn it off.  Each Slim Sonic comes with two brush heads which I love as it means that Mr WLL and I can just take the one toothbrush and pop the other head into a little food bag, then we're not having to take two separate toothbrushes away with us.  They come in really cute designs too, so whilst we have the zebra one at the moment, which Mr WLL isn't wildly fond of, we have also had a blue one in the past too!

You can buy Slim Sonic Toothbrushes here.

Now that you know what my top 5 products to use on holiday are, do let me know yours in the comments!

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  1. One thing I ALWAYS carry with me when I'm travelling is facial wipes, makes life so easy.

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  2. Ooohh! I've been looking for new wipes, I'm going to check those out! x

  3. Great post! I go away in a couple of weeks and I've been debating whether or not to try hair removal cream! Also, that tooth brush looks amazing! I love the fact it has a lid to protect the brush :)

    Super helpful post!

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