Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Birthday in Turkey & Glitzy Secrets Review

I've just landed back in the UK from Turkey where I spent a week celebrating my birthday with my friends in Icmeler, including the gorgeous Naomi who also turned the big 3-0 while we were there.  Check out her blog and show her some love for her birthday here.

My birthday was a quiet affair during the day as I woke up early, unwrapped a couple of surprises Mr WLL had popped in my suitcase and read the kind words in my cards sent to me by those closest to me.  I headed down to the pool to get in some serious sunbathing before getting ready for a night out with the girls.

I decided to wear one of my favourite dresses in my wardrobe which is from Torrid.  It has a gorgeous floral print on the chiffon style skirt with a plain black top half to match my birthday banner that my friends brought out to Turkey for me.  I opted for a colourful beaded bag, earrings from River Island and a bracelet by Mikey from House of Fraser.

The star of my outfit was the hair band that I wore from Glitzy Secrets.  I didn't take my extensions away with me as I thought I'd be too hot so I wanted to opt for an up do instead.

The Vine of Eternity Head Band was perfect for this.  I pulled the top section of my hair back and pushed it up slightly into a little bouffant, popped on the headband and then pulled my hair around to the side of my head and tied it into a bobble.  I then rolled sections of the ponytail back on itself and pinned it in place to create a messy pinned bun and secured my fringe back.

I was so happy with the look that I was able to create using this head band.  It was so simple and that's because the hair band really speaks for itself.

The Vine of Eternity Head Band* is a gorgeous vintage inspired hair band that has a romantic, fairytale look about it.  The shiny silver tone would suit any hair colour and outfit, regardless of whether you wore it on a night out like I did or for a super special occasion like on your wedding.  It is very substantial, not flimsy in the slightest and it stays in place all night without feeling too heavy or nipping behind the ears like some other head bands I've used have.

I love the attention to detail throughout the headband as it is encrusted with clear Australian crystals and faux pearls in a beautiful light ivory shade which give it a vintage look.  I'm going out for my birthday in the UK this weekend and I'm going to wear it with my hair down in big curls which I think would give it an equally pretty look.

As for my make up, I wore the products that I featured in my latest youtube video.

When I was ready for the night, I headed downstairs to Blondies bar where I met up with the girls and after a couple of drinks we made our way to my favourite restaurant in Icmeler, The Love Boat.

As always, The Love Boat served us delicious food with the best steak for miles around and the service was second to none.

To finish our night, we headed to our friends bar called Buffalo where he had a birthday cake waiting for us and we may have sang 'Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?' on karaoke...

Thanks so much to my friends who made my birthday so special.

Do let me know what you've all been up to!

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Friday, 26 September 2014

VIDEO: Whats In My Travel Make Up Bag? & Its My Birthday!

Its Friday, its the start of the weekend and its my birthday.  Excited much?
Today's video is a 'Whats In My Make Up Bag?' travel edition.
I hope you enjoy watching it. PLEASE comment on the video, thumbs up and subscribe.

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Monday, 22 September 2014

WhatLauraWore: St Legers Ladies Day

After a busy month, a trip down to Doncaster Race Course for Ladies Day was a welcome change of scenery.  I usually plan my ladies day outfits weeks in advance but this was all a bit of a welcome whirlwind.  I decided to opt for the Lovedrobe Navy Lace Insert Skater Dress from Evans which is a wardrobe staple shape that I also have in the blue (review here) and the coral (review here).

Kellie from Big Fashionista, WhatLauraLoves and Sam
This dress is in a classic, flatter all, skater shape that you can pop on and look ready to head out the door in seconds.  It is super comfortable to wear and the fit is very generous as it is elasticated under the bust and then just falls really prettily, hiding a multitude of sins which was much needed after the champagne reception, indulgent meal and afternoon tea that we were treated to.

I was lucky enough to be able to take along one of my friends which gave her an insight into the blogging world and it was great to meet so many lovely people including bloggers like the gorgeous Remie from Remie's Luxury Blog and the ever fabulous Kellie from Big Fashionista.

WhatLauraLoves and Remie from Remie's Luxury Blog
I knew that I was going to be on my feet for a long time and so I chose to wear my super comfortable nude wedges from Primark... although these were swapped for the flip flops that were in my goodie bag for the journey home!

Nude is a shade that goes with everything, especially with navy.  Rather than buy a new fascinator, I was able to use my gorgeous nude gold fascinator that I wore to Ladies Day at Aintree a couple of years ago.  Check out my commentary on the vlog of that event here.  I'd like to think my knowledge of racing has improved since...

My nude clutch was from Matalan and has a gorgeous soft gold glittery panel on the flap.  I always like to pick a metallic as an accent shade and for this outfit, my choice was gold. My gold Mikey diamante ball bracelet and gold diamante Tresor Paris earrings were the perfect accessories to compliment my outfit.

While I didn't strike gold on all of the races, my friend and I did manage to win three of them after sweet talking a very kind horse trainer into giving us some of his top tips.

A great day was had by all and the wins just made it a little sweeter.  Thanks so much to Ladbrokes Bingo for a great day out.

Lovedrobe Navy Lace Insert Skater Dress from Evans
Nude wedges from Primark
Nude and gold glitter clutch from Matalan
Kenneth Cole Ladies Skeleton Watch from Watch Shop
Gold diamante ball bracelet by Mikey from House of Fraser
Gold diamante earrings by Tresor Paris from Earnest Jones

What Ladies Day events did you attend this year?

Sunday, 21 September 2014

VIDEO: The British Tag

So far I've stuck to my commitment of uploading a video every Friday.  Filming is definitely something that doesn't come naturally to me and editing is taking some getting used to but I'm really enjoying and learning all of the time.

The video that I uploaded this week was the British Tag.  My lovely friend Zoe from Mammafulzo suggested that I film it as I was looking for an easy video to do that would give you all a little more of an insight into me.  I also showed you my five favourite teas... although I don't know how interesting that is... sorry coffee drinkers!

Please give it a watch and a thumbs up.  If you have any questions, do leave them on the video and I'll get back to you.

Next Friday's video will be a 'What's In My Travel Make Up Bag?' and it will actually be uploaded on my birthday :)

If you have any suggestions for future videos then please let me know in the comments.  I know a few of you have asked for a hair and makeup tutorial and I'll definitely get around to filming that, I just need to learn how to do the set up etc!
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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce Texturising Spray

The Charles Worthington Volume and Bounce Texturising Spray is a hotly talked about product in the blogging world and I'm finally ready to put my two cents worth into the mix and let you all know what I think about it.

The Charles Worthington Salon At Home Volume and Bounce Texturising Spray is a dry spray that you can either spray into the roots of your hair or through the mid lengths and ends to add height, volume and texture to your locks.

I've heard that this a dupe for the Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray and while I've never owned a can of it, I can see from videos and photos that it does a very similar thing for a lot less money than the £39 Oribe price tag.  It gives the hair a matte, dry feel that creates a lot of texture in the hair.

The way I like to use this product the most is when it is sprayed through the mid lengths of my hair.  This gives me enough lift and volume in my hair with plenty of texture without overloading my roots.  I've seen others use this and when sprayed too heavily into the roots it can give that cotton wool feeling to the roots, a little like a cross between a hair spray and an oomph powder which I don't like.  However when I spray it through the lengths of my hair, it creates loads of texture and makes the hair matte and slightly dry which I much prefer the feeling of over the sticky cotton wool feeling that some plumping powders give my hair.  Plus the dryness helps my hair to last an extra wash as it doesn't get greasy as quickly.

Less is definitely more with this spray.  I start off with my hair freshly washed, down and straightened a little to smooth out the ends.

Then I lift up large, random sections of my hair and spray the Texturising Spray through my hair from a distance.  Like I said, less is more, so I tend to go for short bursts rather than a long, continuous spray.  It is so easy to use, literally spray and go.

Adding a little of the Charles Worthington Texturising Spray at a time enables the texture to be built up so you can really customise the end result to suit the look that you're wanting to achieve.

After I've sprayed my hair, I ruffle my hair about a little to give the volume a little boost and then I arrange my hair in place, whether it is leaving it all down or clipping some of my fringe back.

And the result? Gorgeous, volumised hair that is full of bounce and rough shape.  It leaves the hair feeling a little dry but that's just the matte texture. 

The texture is great for choppy, layered hairstyles in particular because it really emphasises the different layers in the hair.  From my experience of trying this product in my friends hairs, it tends to work best on mid length to shoulder length hair like mine if it is volume and texture that you're looking for.  Also if you have long hair and hate the softness it has when you first wash it, this is a great product to spray through the lengths as the matte finish stops the hair from feeling too soft and slippy which is great if you're going to go on to curl your hair or pin it up.

The Volume and Bounce Texturising Spray doesn't have a hairspray type hold like I've heard in other reviews, at least it doesn't in mine but the great thing about adding a matte texture to your hair is that when your hair drops throughout the day, you can fluff it up and your style will be revived.  This is great, particularly if you're out all day at work and then going out with friends afterwards.

After a day out with the Texturising Spray in my hair, I like to apply a hair oil to the ends of my hair and then brush through my locks, starting at the bottom and working my way up.  This helps to distribute the oil through my hair which helps to combat the matte finish that the product has left in my hair and makes it brush out easily as without it, it is a little tough to get a brush through my hair.  It isn't knotty or anything but the texture does stop my hair from being touchably soft in that I couldn't run my fingers through it.

Overall, I think that this would definitely be a love it or hate it product and I'm in the love it camp.  While it doesn't make my hair feel particularly amazing, I LOVE the volume, matte finish and texture that it gives my super greasy, fine and limp hair.  It makes my hair look a lot thicker than it does without this spray so I definitely see the benefit in using it, particularly on my second day hair when it is much more limp than on the first day.

You can buy it here where it is currently on offer, which is a great opportunity for you to try some other Charles Worthington products.  I've reviewed some others on my blog if you'd like to check them out; there's a shampoo and conditioner review here, the Instant Root Concealer here and a hair mask here.

Have you tried the Charles Worthington Volume and Bounce Texturising Spray?

P.S. If you're a fan of Space NK, they're holding their Beauty Anthology Event today and tomorrow (18th September) where if you spend over £150 you could receive an exclusive goodie bag filled with ridiculously amazing brands like By Terry, Hourglass and Sunday Riley.  For a full list of all of the brands and the terms and conditions, head over to Space NK here.
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Friday, 12 September 2014

Whats In My Bag?

I asked on Instagram this week for what you'd like to see me film for my next YouTube channel video.  Many of you asked for a Whats In My Bag? video and thats exactly what I've filmed.

Featuring my Alexander Wang Rockie Bag, this video shows you my minimalistic handbag contents!

Please watch, thumbs up and comment below…. and subscribe if you haven't already!

What do you keep in your bag?

P.S. Nicola from Cosmetic Smile, I emailed you as you won my giveaway but I haven't heard back from you, please contact me :) xxx
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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Weleda Travel Miniatures

Now that the kids are back at school, it seems that many of you are taking advantage of the relatively child-free holiday resorts with a break away in the sun; myself included, later in the month.

With that in mind, I thought I'd share with you some great minis that you can take away with you on your travels.  They're all from Weleda so if you're familiar with the brand, you can go away without compromising on your products by taking travel sized versions of your favourites away with you and if you haven't tried anything from Weleda before then these are a great opportunity to try out something from the range without committing to the full size.

First up are my favourites; their creamy body washes.  Here I have the Pomegranate Creamy Body Wash and the Wild Rose one.  These are absolutely AMAZING.  I've spoken about them many times on my blog before because I love them that much!

The body washes are one of Weleda's best sellers and it is very easy to see why.  Their creamy formula feels incredibly moisturising on the skin but yet they leave the skin feeling very clean at the same time.  The scent of each of them is quite strong when you're using it and then it lingers faintly on the skin, making it great to layer up with one of the Weleda deodorants that you can also get in miniature form.

Each Creamy Body Wash is 20ml in size.  I find that one of these is plenty for a weekend away so when I'm going on a one week holiday, I take two away with me.  I absolutely hate buying a huge bottle of shower gel and having to throw half of it away at the end of the trip as it is a complete waste of money so I would rather take travel sized bottles like these and throw away the packages completely used up.

Speaking of the Weleda deodorants, the Wild Rose Deodorant is gorgeous which is saying a lot given that I'm not a fan of rose scents.  It is really refreshing as it as a wet spritz style spray rather than a dry deodorant spray.  This is great for making you feel cool and refreshed, especially after getting off an aeroplane or after a long day in the sun.  The Weleda deodorants come in a pump spray bottle rather than an aerosol so they're perfect for taking on a plane and they're free from aluminium salts too.

The scent of the deodorant smells quite strongly of roses and that scent lasts on the skin too which is great if you've layered the fragrance with complimentary from Weleda.  I have also tried the Citrus Deodorant which I would highly recommend for taking on holidays, particularly if you're going to a hot country as the citrus scent seems to deter mosquitos.

I love to use body oils while I'm away to hydrate my skin which not only adds moisture back into my sun drenched skin but it also helps to prolong the life of my tan.  The Weleda mini body oils are great for doing this, especially if you want something that is going to absorb quickly, dry fast and leave your skin looking healthy.  The Sea Buckthorn Body Oil is rich in essential fatty acids, Provitamin A and Vitamin E which help to nourish and protect the skin from the environmental elements.  It makes the skin feel soft without leaving a sticky residue on it which is perfect whatever the weather.

The last travel sized product that I have from Weleda is the Birch Cellulite Oil which has been dubbed a travel 'must have' by Grazia.  This miracle oil is said to give you smoother and firmer skin after only one month.  While you'll not get a months use out of this 10ml bottle, it is a great addition to your toiletry bag, especially if you're someone who usually uses cellulite oil anyway.  This one contains a unique blend of plant extracts and natural plant and essential oils that work together to improve the texture and smoothness of the skin by encouraging it to regenerate.  It smells good too which is always a bonus as no one wants to use a body product that doesn't smell very nice!

I hope you've found some Weleda products there that take your fancy.  They're each under 100ml so they are perfect for taking onto an aeroplane in your hand luggage and if you're not flying anywhere, then at least they won't take up a lot of space in your luggage.  It's a win, win situation either way!

You can check out their full range of travel size products here.  I love that Weleda sell the travel sized products individually and in various different sets that you can give as gifts or buy for yourself to try out a range of products and save money.

Weleda products are also available from Feel Unique.

Have you already had your holiday this year?  If not, where are you off to on your holidays?

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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

WhatLauraWore: Yours Clothing Wrap

I love this time of year because all of the good films seem to come on at the cinema.  I'm not really into comedies or kids films and I find that the cinema is littered with these over the summer months so I love it when the autumn comes and brings crime, thrillers and horrors along with it.

I've been going to the cinema A LOT lately, about two times a week, and I have noticed that there is a reoccurring trend each time I go; it is FREEZING in the screen.  I am always left shivering and holding onto my chai latte for dear life to keep me warm.

Tonight when I went to the pictures to see If I Stay (P.S. I didn't cry!), I wrapped up warm with the Purple and Navy Checked Boucle Knitted Wrap with Fringing Detail from Yours Clothing.  I love the mix of purple, navy and stone colours as they instantly update my look for the autumn.

This is a super huge wrap that drapes with a waterfall effect over the shoulders.  As it is so big and unstructured, it is great to snuggle up in when you're cold so it will be a godsend in the autumn and winter months as it was definitely a lifesaver in the cold pictures tonight!

Purple and navy checked boucle knitted wrap* from Yours Clothing
Black cami from Yours Clothing
Denim look knitted leggings from New Look
Mulberry Bayswater Handbag (soft croc effect in biscuit)
Michael Kors Gold Tone Beaded Bracelet from Harvey Nichols
Kenneth Cole Ladies Skeleton Watch from Watch Shop
Black and diamante ballet flats from Primark

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Friday, 5 September 2014

Emjoi MICRO Nail Electric Nail Polisher Review

Emjoi MICRO Nail Electric Nail Polisher Review Image

Getting married has changed me. 

You might be wondering what that has to do with a post entitled 'Emjoi MICRO Nail Electric Nail Polisher Review' but it has a lot to do with it.  For many of my adult years, I used to go through phrases of going to the salon every two to three weeks to get my nails done however now that we're married, I've really started to focus on saving for the future, getting myself into a routine and really enjoying the products that I already have at home.  That includes nail polish.

Emjoi MICRO Nail Electric Nail Polisher Review Image

It was only until I filled four nail polish racks and saw that I needed a fifth when I realised just how many colourful little bottles I had just sitting there, giving me the odd wave from the sidelines.  After getting married, I decided to forgo my regular salon visits in favour of caring for my nails at home and painting them with the many beautiful polishes that I have in my collection.  This not only saves me a lot of money but it also means that I'm really enjoying and appreciating the things that I've worked hard to have.

The only thing I've found is that it can be quite time consuming, sitting there doing my nails although no more so than sitting in a salon, as I always find that I'm looking around at other things I could be doing in our house.  I am always on the look out for something that is going to save me time in my beauty routine and I have found just that.

The Emjoi MICRO Nail Electric Nail Polisher.

Emjoi MICRO Nail Electric Nail Polisher Review Image
Emjoi MICRO Nail Electric Nail Polisher*
I've been trying out the Emjoi MICRO Nail Electric Nail Polisher on both my own nails and on my dads nails and I have to say, I am beyond impressed.

This is a revolutionary new nail care product that buffs, smooths and polishes the finger and toe nails and it has just launched globally.  I can see it proving to be a best seller as it is THAT good.

I'm sure you've all seen those four way nail buffers that you can buy or the ones that look like a nail file on one side with a buffer and a polisher on the other side.  They're very affordable but they don't last two minutes and they're so time consuming.  The MICRO Nail Electric Nail Polisher is basically a supercharged battery powered one of them that will buff and polish your nails in seconds, saving you lots of time and giving you a finish that you can't achieve with manual buffing.

Emjoi MICRO Nail Electric Nail Polisher Review Image

Inside the box you get the MICRO Nail system and a couple of batteries to pop inside it.  Then you get four rollers- two buffing ones and two polishing ones, and a little bag to pop them in when you're not using them.

Emjoi MICRO Nail Electric Nail Polisher Review Image

I found that using the MICRO Nail was really easy.  All you need to do is to make sure that your nails are free from polish and that they are clean and dry.  If you need to cut or file your nails then I'd recommend doing that first before using the MICRO Nail.

Emjoi MICRO Nail Electric Nail Polisher Review Image

When your nails are clean and dry, simply pop the 'MICRO Smooth' roller onto the MICRO Nail, flip the switch up and gentle roll the MICRO Nail across your nail.

Emjoi MICRO Nail Electric Nail Polisher Review Image

The instructions say to buff each nail for no longer than 2 seconds.  Personally, the first time I used this I needed to buff my nail for around 4 seconds but I'd imagine that once you get into a routine with this then you would literally only need to apply it to each nail for a couple of seconds.  It is really important to not leave the buffer on your nail in the same position for very long because the friction could cause a burning sensation, you might have experienced this if you've ever had acrylic nails on at a salon and the beauty therapist has mistakenly continued buffing your nails in the same position for too long.  I haven't experienced that with the MICRO Nail before but it is something to keep in mind as any tool will feel like that, electric or otherwise, if you don't move it onto a different area.

Emjoi MICRO Nail Electric Nail Polisher Review Image

This would be perfect for other who have really brittle nails, nails with ridges or peeling.  I have a little peeling on some of the tips of my nails as I've tried to capture an example of in this photograph below:

Emjoi MICRO Nail Electric Nail Polisher Review Image

Using the MICRO Smooth roller in particular really helped to smooth out the surface of my nails so that they didn't peel further and my nail polish could be applied smoother and remain chip free for longer.  The rollers actually rotate at 360 degrees and up to 1800 times per minute so it is no the wonder that I'm able to achieve a much more perfected nail look than I could achieve through manually buffing and shining alone and in far less time.

Emjoi MICRO Nail Electric Nail Polisher Review Image

After buffing your nails, you're left with really smooth nails that have a little white power on their surface.  This is just what has been buffed away from the surface of your nail.  Simply sweep it away.

Emjoi MICRO Nail Electric Nail Polisher Review Image

You'll then need to removed the 'MICRO Smooth' roller and pop on the 'MICRO Shine' roller and using the same motion, roll it across your nail for a few seconds.

Emjoi MICRO Nail Electric Nail Polisher Review Image

The result is unbelievable.  Incredibly smooth, ridiculously shiny nails.  They look healthy, perfected and as though I've applied a super shiny clear nail varnish.  I think that this would be perfect for those who don't like to wear nail polish or can't because of their job, perhaps if they work in some medical professions or in the catering industry, because they can have beautifully manicured finger nails without achieving that through nail varnish.

The MICRO Nail Electric Nail Polisher is so easy to use, an absolute breeze.  It doesn't hurt whatsoever and it is so effective within seconds.  I love that I can get a salon professional finish within minutes on both of my hands.  I am yet to try this out on my toes but when I do I'll report back as I'm really interested to see the results because my toe nails aren't the most even surface they could be and I do think that this effects my nail polish application on them.

Emjoi MICRO Nail Electric Nail Polisher Review Image

I've even tried out the MICRO Nail on my dads finger nails, which you can see in the photo above.  He has psoriasis pretty badly and it has affected his nails.  His nails are very thick and have ridges on them.  You can see in the photo how much the MICRO Nail helped his right hand, compared to the left that hadn't been buffed or shined at all.

The effect is said to last for up to two weeks which is absolutely brilliant for those who don't wear polish as their nails could look lovely and shiny for ages, as well as feeling and looking smooth for a long time.  It is also great for polish wearers as I think it will help to decrease chipping of the nail polish to extend the wear but it will also help the nail polish to glide on more easily.  Think of it as a primer for your nails.

Emjoi MICRO Nail Electric Nail Polisher Review Image

Since using the MICRO Nail, I have seen an incredible difference in the way that my nail polish applies.  I have found that when using cheaper nail polishes that haven't got as good quality brush, etc, they apply far more smoothly from the first application and older polishes where the formula is perhaps more gloopy applies far more even which in turn, means that my polish dries much more quickly as the layers are smooth and even.  If the surface of the nail is uneven then sometimes polish can settle unevenly into it which can really throw off the colour of the polish whereas applying it on an even nail surface will help to ensure an even coating with fewer streaks.

I also found that when I had applied my nail polish after using the MICRO Nail, my nails appeared to be much shinier, even without a top coat, than they were when I had used the same polish without buffing and polishing my nails first.  My nails had an almost gel like finish but with a really smooth, thin layer that looks so professional and perfected.

Emjoi MICRO Nail Electric Nail Polisher Review Image

What I was the most surprised about is how shiny my nails still were AFTER taking my nail polish off.  I thought that applying the polish and then removing it would take away the shiny effect by dehydrating my nails but it didn't at all.  I'm really impressed! I'm going to be doing a review of a Kiko nail polish next week so you'll be able to see how incredibly smoothly my nail polish applies then.

Needless to say, I would absolutely recommend MICRO Nail and urge you all to give it a try!

The Emjoi (you don't know how many times I've had to correct my fingers from typing Emoji) MICRO Nail Electric Nail Polisher is available from Boots online and in store and from the MICRO Nail website where you can also purchase the replacement rollers.


Would the Emjoi Micro Nail make your life easier?  What do you like to use on your nails?
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