Thursday, 30 April 2015

NEW VIDEO| This or That Tag

Today's video is a quick one as I was in a rush to get ready for the Have To Love event this evening in Newcastle.

I was tagged by my lovely friend Zoe (mammafulzo) to do the This or That Tag and here it is!

Hope you enjoy it.  If you do, please give it a thumbs up.

Have you done this tag? Leave a link to it in the comments so that I can watch it if you have!

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  1. Lovely watch! I would of picked you as a heels girl judging by those fabulous pink pumps you had on in an earlier post!

  2. FAB video! Completely agree with the curly / straight issue. I've got SUPER straight hair and the first sight of a curl and i'm doing cartwheels. Never lasts though. I had a perm when I was a teenager (yes, I know) it lasted about 20 minutes before it dropped out and my hair went back to super straight.

  3. Great post - love that you're flogging :) I can't stand to hear my voice so will avoid this one I feel!

  4. I realy enjoyed this video :) loved the pink pumps Xx

  5. Have left a comment on your Youtube video as well!! lovely to put a voice to your face :)


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