Monday, 8 June 2015

WhatLauraWore: Lime, Black and White Floral

One of my obsessions in recent months has to be the colour lime.  Aside from a bright lime Nike t-shirt that I wore to a 'fit kids' class back in the 90s, I have never worn lime and it hasn't been a colour that has really appealed to me until now.

Last summer, I saw lots of lime pieces and started to have my head turned but there wasn't much available in my size so I passed the colour trend by.  Fast forward to this spring/summer and theres a haystack of lime coloured clothing available.  To say I'm loving it is a complete understatement and I've really had to rein myself in when it comes to buying pieces for my holiday because otherwise my whole suitcase would look a little too citrusy.

This is the outfit that started my love of lime on me.  Yours Clothing are getting it SO right right now, especially where lime is concerned and this has to be one of my favourite outfits from them at the moment.

Both my top and floral trousers are from Yours Clothing and I really like the effect of the black and white against the lime.  This is actually the outfit (minus the shoes) that I'm going to be wearing on the aeroplane when I go on holiday to Morocco.  The trousers are very stretchy and very comfortable so they're perfect for travelling in.  Plus they don't crease easily so will still look great when I get off the plane at the other end.  The top is an oversized piece that is so comfortable to wear and I love the vibrant colour.

I would suggest sizing down in both of these pieces actually as they are very generous.  I got the trousers two sizes below my usual size and three sizes for the top!  They're definitely worth trying on in store before buying or if you're ordering online then I'd suggest ordering a couple of sizes to check for the best fit for you first.

Necklace from Next
Earrings from Next
Bangles from Evans
Wedges from Primark

What colours are you loving to wear right now?

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  1. Love this outfit on you Laura, the Lime really suits you, gorgeous!! xxxxx

  2. I like the lime too. I'm wearing lots of mustard this season.

  3. Loving wearing my white shirts for summer!!

    Ursula aka Blueridge Beauty

  4. I saw this photo on FB and absolutely LOVED it. My daughter was telling me how pretty you are and how she loved the color of your lime top. And I love that you are playing with a f;un printed pant for the summer.


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