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How To Prolong A Holiday Tan | Lancaster Tan Maximizer

Lancaster Tan Maximizer how to make your holiday tan last longer

When I go on holiday to a hot destination, I really like to come away with a beautiful suntan.  Having a sun kissed glow is important to me as I love the way it makes my skin look and the confidence that it gives me.  Achieving a tan safely, using plenty of SPF is always at the forefront of my mind but when my holiday is over, my focus switches to maintaining my tanned skin.  In this post, I am going to share with you how to prolong your holiday tan and the best product to use.

For a lot of people, when they're away on holiday, the sun dries out their skin and it can often peel or flake.  Keeping your skin well exfoliated will certainly help with this, whichever method you choose, but it is so important to moisturise your skin to keep it hydrated as well.  The best way to do this is with a body butter or aftersun.  These two steps should be completed while you're away and while you're back at home and will certainly help to keep your tan but the absolute best way that I have found to prolong a suntan is by using the Lancaster Tan Maximizer.

The Lancaster Tan Maximizer is a soothing aftersun lotion that you apply to your skin after you've been in the sun.  It contains Lancaster's reinforced Tan Activator Complex which was developed for a prolonged natural melanin release in the skin.  This helps to boost your tan as though you were still in the sun which is why this product is so effective, even when you return home from sunnier climates!

For all it is lightweight, it does a great job at hydrating the skin and leaves it feeling beautifully soft and looking silky smooth.  If you're using it on holiday and perhaps you find your skin is feeling a little tender if you've mistakenly spent a little too long in the sun, then I think you'd find this lotion to actually feel quite soothing on sun kissed skin.  The soothing and moisturising properties that this aftersun lotion has are what makes it aid the skins natural recovery process.  This decreases your chances of peeling because your skin is hydrated, supple and smooth.

It has this beautiful perfumed scent that I've come to associate with happy holiday memories and it lingers lightly on your skin.

I've tried out various aftersun products and moisturisers over the years but nothing keeps my tan hanging around for as long as this one does.  While exfoliating and moisturising will help to support your tan, I've found that using this lotion once a day really helps to keep my skin looking sun kissed for longer.

I've been using it for years now and highly recommend it.

You can buy the Lancaster Tan Maximizer online here and you can also pick it up in duty free at the airport.


How do you make your holiday tan last longer?

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Friday, 29 January 2016

FASHION | Work Wear Wish List

Images above are the property of House of Fraser
Working as a freelance blogger means that my work wear wardrobe goes from one extreme to the other.  Since I do spend a lot of time at home, I have a fine selection of PJs that I wear probably more than I should but then my job also calls for some more glamorous outfits for evening events and smarter workwear for business meetings.

Since its the start of the year, I'm on the look out for some new workwear and I've found some great ladies suits and tailoring pieces that are stylish yet practical.

The Linea Sarah Soft Tailored Dress is a fantastic option for those who are looking for a feminine and sophisticated workwear option.  The great thing about wearing a dress like this to work is that you can add tights and a cardigan to keep you warm should the weather require it and you can take your look from day to night by adding a statement necklace and a clutch bag should you be heading out for drinks after work.  A boucle jacket looks great with this kind of garment too and will give your outfit a Chanel air.

Also from the Linea Sarah line, the Soft Tailored Trousers will give you a smart look for business meetings but they'll keep you looking stylish too with their exposed gold zips.  These are what attracts me the most to these trousers as I love an exposed zip!

I really love workwear lines that give you alternative options such as those offered by Austin Reed.  They have a gorgeous black and white tweed jacket  with power shoulders that screams #GirlBoss and a fastening at the waist that keeps the suit jacket looking feminine.  This jacket can be paired with either the Austin Reed Black and White Tweed Skirt or with any of their pairs of trousers which is great as it enables you to change up your look for the warmer months or purely based on preference as to what you'd like to wear that day.

Another skirt that I love the look of is the Linea Sarah Soft Tailored Skirt.  This piece is a great twist on the traditional pencil skirt as it has a short split and wrap over detail at the front.  I really like the way this piece has been designed as I would imagine that it would have more give in it than a traditional pencil skirt and would therefore be more comfortable when sitting down.

When at work all day, its important to me that I feel confident that I look good in what I'm wearing but its even more important that I feel comfortable.  After all, if you're wearing something for a long time and need to be on the ball, you don't want to be distracted by feeling awkward in your outfit!


What are your favourite pieces of workwear?

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Monday, 25 January 2016

FASHION | Scarlett & Jo Crochet Collar Fit & Flare Dress

Scarlett and Jo Crochet Collar Fit and Flare Dress WhatLauraLoves Brand Ambassador

You know when you pull on a dress and you just know that it was meant to be?  Well thats exactly the feeling I got when I found the Scarlett and Jo Crochet Collar Fit and Flare Dress.

Scarlett and Jo Crochet Collar Fit and Flare Dress WhatLauraLoves Brand Ambassador

This dress sits bang in the middle of day wear and evening wear, leaving you looking put together and ready to go with very minimal effort.   It is everything I have needed yet didn't know that I was looking for.  

Scarlett and Jo Crochet Collar Fit and Flare Dress WhatLauraLoves Brand Ambassador

The Crochet Collar Fit and Flare Dress is made from their super soft crepe fabric which not only gives it a great shape but plenty of comfort too.

It has a fabulous weight to it which is the high quality that I have come to expect from Scarlett and Jo and this helps to reassure me that it wont blow up at the first sign of a breeze.  Definitely an essential point to note when you're living on the North East coastline!

Scarlett and Jo Crochet Collar Fit and Flare Dress WhatLauraLoves Brand Ambassador

This dress has been cut incredibly well.  I love the fit and flare style because it suits so many different body shapes.

It really is a flattering cut that has been created with a true plus size figure in mind because when you sit down, there is plenty of material, ensuring that the garment moves with your body and doesn't ride up.  If you've ever worn a dress, sat down and found it to be that short its more reminiscent of a long top, then you'll know what I mean here!

Scarlett and Jo Crochet Collar Fit and Flare Dress WhatLauraLoves Brand Ambassador

I found this particular piece to be true to size, if a little generous, so when purchasing, I'd personally recommend buying your usual size.

This is a size 24 and I'm between a 22 and 24 generally and it fits me perfectly, with plenty of room still it in.  I love how comfortable it feels to wear; theres not one part of it that feels too tight or short and I can wear it confidently during the day or at night.

Many of you often say to me that you prefer garments with arms in them and this dress certainly ticks that box with the two thirds sleeve length.  Theres some give in them too so if you're worried about them being too tight, don't be; I found them to be a great fit.

Scarlett and Jo Crochet Collar Fit and Flare Dress WhatLauraLoves Brand Ambassador

The black colour makes it suitable for everyday wear and I love the pearl detailing on the white crochet collar.  So sweet.

Scarlett and Jo Crochet Collar Fit and Flare Dress WhatLauraLoves Brand Ambassador

I have loved the look of tops and dresses with collars for so long but whenever I've tried them on, I've always found the necklines to be so restrictive, whereas this one isn't like that at all.

Scarlett and Jo Crochet Collar Fit and Flare Dress WhatLauraLoves Brand Ambassador

I've styled this piece here with some staple black heels and my gorgeous Mulberry Lily but it looks equally as great with some flats, a jacket and tights or leggings if the weather should warrant it.

Scarlett and Jo Crochet Collar Fit and Flare Dress Mulberry Lily WhatLauraLoves Brand Ambassador

I've been wearing this Scarlett and Jo dress over the last couple of months and have really found out just how crucial this type of piece is to my wardrobe.  Mostly because of how easy it is to pop on and head out of the door, which when you're in a rush all of the time like I am, is very much needed!

Scarlett and Jo Crochet Collar Fit and Flare Dress WhatLauraLoves Brand Ambassador

You can pick up your own Scarlett and Jo Crochet Collar Fit and Flare Dress here and if you're looking for a little designer handbag indulgence then the Mulberry Lily is a fantastic option.


What are your favourite fashion pieces that you can take from day to night?

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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

TRAVEL | What To Wear For A Long Haul Flight

Today, I returned home for the first time in 2016.  I've been on holiday in Mauritius making memories with someone special and although I'm really tired after a super long flight delay, the flight itself and the time difference, I'm beaming from ear to ear as I've had such an amazing time.  Theres lots of things that I like to do while onboard an aeroplane to make my journey as relaxing as possible so that I leave the plan feeling refreshed, such as wearing something comfortable, taking a travel pillow with me and completing my inflight skincare and hygiene routine to hydrate my skin and freshen up (see here some of my favourite in-flight products).

If you're expecting to go on a long haul flight soon then you know that you'll be travelling for a very long time. It's really important to be as comfortable as possible for the duration of your journey so that when you arrive at your destination, you'll feel refreshed rather than exhausted. That way, you'll be able to enjoy the holiday that lies ahead of you and all of the adventures that it will bring, whether you're off to a tropical location or ski resort or even if you're returning home to one of the many beautiful Gatwick hotels available.  This year, we stayed at the Holiday Inn in Worth after our holiday and the comfortable nights sleep was very much welcomed after our trip.  We had a long drive home after the airport and wouldn't have been able to manage it safely without a sleep first!

When it comes to long haul flights, I've got them pretty much in the bag.  I'm always comfortable, relaxed and still looking put together when I fly and a lot of that comes down to the clothes that I'm wearing.  But what exactly should you wear on a long haul flight?

Ladies, yoga pants are your friend!
Yoga pants are quite possibly the most comfortable pants that you will ever wear, so it is no surprise that so many women swear by them and love wearing them not only to attend a yoga class, but also out shopping or even lounging about. There probably isn't a better pair of pants to wear on a long haul flight, as these will be comfortable so you can snuggle up in them but they will still have a stylish, relaxed look.

A Scarf
In all of my travel clothing related posts, I always talk about how handy a scarf is when you're travelling anywhere.  As you travel through the airport and to your destination, you may encounter varying temperatures, so one way that you can keep warm is by wearing a light scarf. You can always take the scarf off to cool down whenever necessary, but this is a great little accessory to have on hand just in case you get chilly while waiting at the airport for your flight, or if you get cold while on the plane as this piece also doubles up as a great blanket.

Comfortable shoes
A pair of comfortable shoes is definitely necessary, as you will be walking quite a bit through the airport, especially if your long haul flight involves one or more stops to get on several different flights until you arrive at your final destination. A pair of flats is a great option for women who typically wear heels. Trainers or sneakers are also a great idea, as they'll give your feet the support that they need to not get fatigued from all of the walking that you'll do.

Wear layers
Again, you may encounter varying temperatures until you reach your destination, so layering is another way to ensure you are comfortable at all times. You may, for example, wear a t-shirt or cami underneath a long-sleeve top so that you can remove the long-sleeve top, if necessary, to cool off.

Travel socks
Travel socks will make your feet feel super cosy and comfortable, and they will also help to combat fatigue from your long haul flight. They will even prevent swollen ankles and feet if you suffer from this problem. After all, in addition to walking a lot, you will also be sitting a lot, so you want to be sure your legs and feet are comfortable.

With these tips, you can ensure your long haul flight will be a comfortable and enjoyable one. You will feel great during your travels, as well as when you arrive at your destination!

What are your top tips for dressing for a long haul flight?

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