Friday, 29 April 2016

BEAUTY | Japonesque & So Eco Makeup Brushes

Japonesque & So Eco Makeup Brushes

We all know by now that I do tend to favour my high end beauty products but that doesn't mean that I'm not looking for a bargain as well.  If I can get something that's just as good as something else for a fraction of the price then I'm definitely going to be game to try it out.

A brand new online shop,, got in touch with me to see if they could send over a selection of their brushes for me to try out and to give my honest feedback on.  I had a look at their website and was immediately impressed at the variety of brands that they stock and the selection of brushes that they have within their ranges. are essentially a one stop shop for affordable makeup brushes and accessories.  They only sell 100% genuine products that they source directly from the brands themselves and have over 600 products in stock, with new exciting brands, products and collections being added all of the time!

The great thing about this website is that a lot of the products are actually at a discount compared to their RRP.  I know how much we all love a bargain!

Japonesque & So Eco Makeup Brushes

I picked out the Japonesque Pro Eye Shadow Fluff Brush in the medium size, firstly because I've heard a lot about the Japonesque brand and secondly because of the shape.

This is a fluffy dome shaped eyeshadow brush that is lightweight and easy to hold, giving you great control over how you use it.  It enables me to sweep eyeshadow over my lids or to blend shadows into the crease.  The natural fibres that this brush is made from are really soft and the brush is pretty fluffy so it doesn't pick up masses of product which is ideal for those who are a little heavy handed and need a handy with a lighter application.

This brush retails for £13 and I do think that the quality is worth the price tag.

Japonesque & So Eco Makeup Brushes

The next brush that I picked to try out was the So Eco Multi Tasking Brush which is far more of an affordable makeup brush, being priced at £7.50.  I chose it because its rounded, almost kabuki style shape reminds me of the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush.

This is a brush that you can use for either liquid or powder products.  I personally have been using it to buff in my liquid foundation.  It isn't as densely packed as other brushes I've used that have a similar shape to this one, such as the Real Techniques brush, and I find that it does take a little more work to blend my foundation into my skin because of this.  However the little extra effort is worth it as it does leave a lovely finish on the skin.

If your budget doesn't stretch to the Real Techniques brush or the Look Good Feel Better brush, then I would suggest going with this one as it does work well for for the lower price point.  It is also ethically sourced, eco friendly and comes in recyclable packaging which will be important to so many people.

Japonesque & So Eco Makeup Brushes

The final product that I've been trying out is actually a kit; the So Eco Eye Brush Kit.

This is a 5 piece kit, designed to enable you to line, smudge and blend eye makeup.  It comes in a cute little brush roll which you could use to store the brushes in should you be travelling or transporting them, or simple for storage.  They're made from handcrafted, responsibly sourced materials like the rest of the So Eco line.

This is the item of my package that I didn't enjoy trying out.  It comes with a  brush thats labelled as an Eye Shading Brush but it actually looks like a Concealer Brush.  It is far too large for eye shadow application, at least on my eyes, and when I have tried it to apply concealer, I found the bristles on the brush to feel quite harsh and wiry.  It didn't blend the concealer as I would have liked it too and I felt that it left my skin a little stripy.

There is a fine liner brush in the kit which is too flexible to work effectively, in my opinion, because the bristles kind of stick together and bend awkwardly which doesn't enable to you to use the brush precisely.  Then theres a brow comb which is pretty standard; I tend to find that I get brushes like these in kits and then I never end up using them.

The two brushes from the kit that I do like are the spoolie, which is great for combing through the brows and my lashes if I'm wearing extensions, and the Angled Eyeliner Brush.  This brush is too thick and too soft to be used for winged liner as it isn't precise enough but it is good for smudging shadow along the lower lash line.

At £12.50, I wouldn't recommend this brush set as I think that there are far more effective brush sets out there for a similar price per usable brush.

Japonesque & So Eco Makeup Brushes

Now that I've tried, I would certainly buy from my website myself when I next want to order a makeup brush.  I'd be particularly interested in trying out the rest of the Japonesque line as well as some others from my well loved brands, Look Good Feel Better and Real Techniques.  The also stock plenty of beauty tools and lashes, including my affordable faves by Red Cherry. offer a speedy service, in that if you order before 2pm Monday to Friday, they'll dispatch your order the same day with FREE 1st Class delivery.

You can shop their full range here.

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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

FASHION | The Sparkle Box Review

In today's post, I'm going to be sharing with you a new subscription service that's ideal for jewellery lovers called The Sparkle Box.

If you love jewellery and like to keep up to date with the latest trends, then you can subscribe to receive a beautifully packaged surprise box of gorgeous boutique jewellery every month.

Each Sparkle Box contains 4 to 5 pretty pieces which are all specifically chosen to go into that box.

As you can see, the box arrives beautifully packaged and all of the contents inside and wrapped up so prettily.  The extra packaging ensures that the contents are protected while looking really lovely too and I love the combination of lime green with the bright pink.  That has always been a colour combo that I have loved.

Inside my box, I received a pair of diamante ball studs which aren't too dissimilar to a pair I already have from years ago so I'm really happy to have a new pair as they others are starting to look a little past their best.

I then received a matching statement necklace and earrings set which I think would be ideal for wearing on a holiday abroad as they'd look awesome with a plain black maxi dress.  The chain is a gorgeous hematite grey colour which is so different to the usual gold or silver chains that most statement necklaces I have seen come on and I think that the the bright pink coloured stones would really pop with a tan.

I also received the burnished silver colour turquoise blue effect bracelet which is also available to buy individually here, as are many other beautiful pieces of costume jewellery on The Sparkle Box site.

The fifth and final piece that I received was a two in one gold coloured necklace, that has a turquoise coloured stone hanging from it.  Again, this piece would be ideal for wearing during the summer months, perhaps with a sheer shirt.

And the cost? It is only £20 per month including first class postage!
 You're getting a great saving with this box as to buy each of the pieces individually would add up to far more than the cost of the box itself.

I think that this is a great way to be able to keep up to date with the latest jewellery trends without breaking the bank!

The great thing about this subscription service is that you can cancel it at anytime so if you wanted to buy a one off box to give as a gift to a friend then you can do and you can include a message with your order as well.

Sign up or order here.
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Monday, 25 April 2016

FASHION | Inspiring Plus Size Body Confidence

Scarlett and Jo Houndstooth Leggings Inspiring Plus Size Body Confidence

When I started to type this, I was on my way home from a plus size photoshoot with Scarlett & Jo in London; a day that was all about inspiring plus size body confidence, wearing beautiful clothes and making new friends, above everything else.

I had my latest playlist on, I was dancing about in my seat, beaming from ear to ear.

When I think about Saturday and the electric atmosphere, I am filled with pride and happiness.

I was at the photoshoot with the other S&J brand ambassadors along with over 100 other plus size women who had entered a competition to become the face of the brand and the petite and tall plus size lines.

The Scarlett & Jo Brand Ambassadors; me, Ana and Lu
Many of the beautiful ladies had never been on a photoshoot before and many hadn't worn a dress or makeup in years.  All of the women were between a size 14 and 32 and aged up to 62.  I found it incredible to hear their stories, learn of their struggles and their achievements and to hear about why the day was so valuable to them.  Often life gets in the way and for many of the ladies, they had been so busy focusing on looking after others for years that they really valued the day as a time for taking a moment out for themselves which is a really powerful thing; great for the mind, body and soul.

Although uniquely different, we had all shared many of the same struggles and prejudices that can come with being larger than what is considered to be the desired standard in society.  To finally be in a place with so many likeminded women, all supporting one another and building each other up felt comforting and inspiring in equal proportions.

Scarlett and Jo Plus Size Body Confidence Photoshoot in London

The way that women in particular can make other women feel about themselves  and their choices is really powerful so to have so much positivity and happiness under one roof is so over whelming and inspiring to me.

Scarlett and Jo Plus Size Body Confidence Photoshoot in London

I've worn many Scarlett and Jo dresses in recent years so I can shout from the roof tops about how incredible they are but to try one on for yourself is a different matter entirely.

To see the sheer happiness on the faces of many of the ladies who tried on a Scarlett & Jo dress for the first time or in a style that differed to what they would usually wear was fabulous.  It was a day that inspired confidence, camaraderie and friendship.

An ultimate nod to GIRL POWER!

I am very lucky to have been able to meet so many lovely ladies, including some who read my blog.  For me, the day was a reminder of one of the reasons as to why I blog and why I've dedicated almost 6 years of my life to WhatLauraLoves.

I'm a big believer in being the best version of yourself possible, for you and you alone.  Loving yourself is an option that anyone of us can pick yet so many choose to hate themselves.

Most of us have parts of ourselves that we are self conscious of, things that we like more than others and things that we would like to change if we could but I think its really important to focus on the things that we do love.

Scarlett and Jo Plus Size Photoshoot

People often think that I'm really confident in myself and to some extent, I definitely am.  However there are things about myself that I'm not so confident about and that have taken me a lot of years to embrace.

My stomach has always been an area that I haven't been 100% confident about and I'm still not but I'm getting there and the vast majority of the time, I don't let my insecurity get in the way of me living my life.

Whenever I feel worried about it, I remember the empowering feeling that I get when I haven't let it stand in my way and that keeps me going.  My tummy is a part of me, I can't hide it and I love me and my life so I'm sure as hell not going to let anything or anyone elses opinions affect my happiness.  Having a large stomach certainly doesn't define me as a person and the moment I realised that, I became far happier.

It is hard, especially doing the job that I do as the rare online troll will make a comment that could really knock my confidence, if I didn't have both feet on the happy train.  The reality is, I couldn't care less about what other people think about the way I look and I wont hide away for fear of their comments.  If I feel happy and confident when I leave the house, thats all that matters.

Scarlett and Jo Houndstooth Leggings

I chose to share these outfit photos alongside this post as they share two different views of my tummy.  One where it stands out more than the other.  This wasn't intentional when I took the photos; I'd actually intended for them to be part of a post showing how you could dress the Scarlett and Jo Houndstooth Leggings up or down but I think they illustrate my point perfectly.

Chanel WOC Camelia Print

My tummy is a part of me and I'm going to wear whatever the hell I like as long as I feel comfortable and confident!

I love these leggings because the have a fantastic print on them that really makes a black outfit pop.  If you love monochrome then they're a great way to change up your outfit but they would look equally as lush with a bright top.  I have these in a size 20 and they're a big fit.  I would usually wear a 22-24 in leggings but these fit perfectly so I'd advise sizing down when ordering leggings from Scarlett and Jo.

What I love the most about them, aside from the houndstooth print, is their material as they're not thin and flimsy and you can't see through them.  They're very much a legging that you could wear with a shorter top.

Jones Footwear

In the first outfit, I'm wearing the houndstooth leggings* with a black cami and my black belted sleeveless trench jacket which is now ON SALE for only £25; I'd really recommend check it out as it makes a great layering piece for day or night and its an absolute steal for the price.

UK Plus Size Fashion Blogger WhatLauraLoves

This is a look that I would wear for a night out because its a little more dressed up and with my Chanel WOC, silver earrings to match the silver hardware of the bag and my Jones Bootmaker boots* for a little height, I think this outfit looks well thought out and put together.  Perfect for a meal out or drinks with friends.

These are the first boots that I've tried from Jones Bootmaker and they're certainly well made and superb quality.  I love the design of them as they're shaped unlike any other ankle boots that I own.

Scarlett and Jo Brand Ambassador Plus Size Blogger WhatLauraLoves

The second look shows how I would wear these leggings during the day but in all honesty, I still think that this outfit looks smart and it could easily be worn for dinner out at night.

Scarlett and Jo Brand Ambassador Plus Size Blogger WhatLauraLoves

The jumper that I'm wearing is from Yours Clothing and it is HUGE.  It does have a slouch fit but this light weight knit is seriously oversized.  I'm wearing an 18 here when usually I'd buy a 22 in something like this.  I love how long this jumper is and I've got so much wear out of it as I can just throw it on over leggings and jeans, either on its own or with a cami underneath.  Since its quite thin, it easily fits underneath all of my jackets too.

Michael kors flat shoes scarlett and jo houndstooth leggings

I paired it with my uber comfortable Michael Kors flats and my new bag from BB Bags*.  They create the most gorgeous personalised real suede clutch bags; I went for the grey with rose gold lettering and I'm seriously IN LOVE with it!

I'll be reviewing this bag in full later this week but for now, head on over to their facebook page to check out all of the beautiful colour combinations; the options are endless!

BB Bags Boho Boutique Personalised Suede Bag Grey and Rose Gold

I can't decide which outfit I prefer out of the two as I've worn both looks so much with these leggings!  I can't wait until the weather gets a bit warmer as I'll then be styling them with some brights from my wardrobe.

To shop the leggings, head direct to the Scarlett & Jo website here and for all of their other beautiful S&J pieces you wanna be checking them out here.

How do you take an outfit from day to night?  What inspires you to be body confident?

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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

BEAUTY | Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Spring Collection

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Spring Collection Bella Lara Rosy

Dame Joan Collins has launched her new nails and lips collection for spring/summer.  I've been trying out all three of the lipsticks and one of the nails polishes and I can tell you all from the outset that they're absolutely beautiful.

It is a collection that oozes femininity, beauty and luxury.  Plus, as I'm sure you can see, all of the shades are completely perfect for the warmer months, especially now that pastels are back in fashion.

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Spring Collection Bella Lara Rosy

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Spring Collection Bella Lara Rosy

There are three new nail polish shades; Lara, Bella and Rosy.

I have the shade Rosy which is a beautiful bright pink with a hint of coral in it.  The shade actually reminds me of OPI's Elephantastic Pink which I reviewed way back in 2012 here.  However the formula of Rosy is far superior and I would choose it over the OPI nail polish every time.

The formulation of the Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Nail Lacquers is second to none.  They're so creamy and literally glide on with a finish that is very nearly opaque in one coat.  I always do two coats just to be on the safe side but the finish is always very smooth and even.  They take no time at all to dry, even though the formula isn't particularly thin and then I simply top the polish with my favourite nail polish top coat.

I've been wearing this polish on both my nails and toes for weeks now and every time I take it off, I reapply the same colour straight away.  It is always around this time of the year that I start to get my feet into shape for spring by giving myself an at home pedicure and applying some of my favourite foot cream for cracked feet to nourish and moisturise them.  My heels dry out and split so easily so keeping them hydrated and soft is a must do for me.

The most fun part of my at home pedicure though is choosing the nail polish that I'm going to wear and Rosy has undoubtedly been my go to choice. It lasts a good 5 days on my nails before chipping and even longer on my toes.  The colour is SO perfect for this time of the year and I can see it easily being my most worn polish this summer as the vast majority of my current swimwear and beach accessories are a coral pink, complimentry to this shade.

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Spring Collection Bella Lara Rosy

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Spring Collection Bella Lara Rosy

Like with previous collections, there is a matching lipstick for each nail polish which I think is a fabulous idea, especially if you're wearing a pop of colour on your lips as I think that matching your nail polish hue to your lipstick makes a subtle, put together statement.

The shade on the left above is Lara which is a peachy coral shade with a slight luxurious lustre finish to it.  The middle shade is Bella which is a really pretty pink shade and one that certainly puzzled me when I first saw it as to look at the lipstick in the bullet, I thought that it was going to be a nude shade but it is most certainly a pink.  It actually provides quite the pop of colour to the lips which I wasn't expecting.

Then of course there is Rosy which is a bright pink, designed to coordinate well with the nail polish of the same name.

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Spring Collection Bella Lara Rosy

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Spring Collection Bella Lara Rosy

The Joan Collins Timeless Beauty lipsticks are all stunning.  They glide onto the lips and leave the most beautiful, opaque full colour from the very first swipe.

The bullet is shaped perfectly so that it fits the contours of your lips and makes application easy.  They feel really comfortable to wear, very creamy and moisturising.  This is important especially as the weather gets warmer as I wouldn't want something thats going to dry my lips out.

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Spring Collection Bella Lara Rosy

These lipsticks are very long lasting and I found that not one of them bled on my lips which is so reassuring as they're very much a product that I can swipe on and go, safe in the knowledge that the next time I look in the mirror, they're not going to have migrated across my face!

The art deco packaging is stunning, as I have come to expect from Joan Collins Timeless Beauty.  The soft gold looks luxurious, the packaging feels weighty and luxe and the design ensures that the products are easy to grip a hold of.

I'm sure you'll agree that the lipstick packaging looks so incredibly similar to the Charlotte Tilbury lipstick packaging.  I love it!

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Spring Collection Bella Lara Rosy

All Joan Collins Timeless Beauty pieces are available online here direct from her website, at the Urban Retreat on the 5th Floor of Harrods and now in major M&S stores.

I'd highly recommend picking up any of these lipsticks and the nail polish.  The colours are ideally suited to the spring and summer months and coordinate so well with one another.  They're all in a formula that is easy to apply, comfortable to wear and long lasting.

I couldn't recommend them any more highly!

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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

EQUAL RIGHTS | Lloyds Bank Show Love Is Love

I hope this comes across in the right way as its a subject thats really important to me and sometimes when you're passionate about something, its hard to get the words to come out in the right order, at least for me.

I really want to say how impressed I am with Lloyds bank.

I was on an app today and saw a lovely ad that caught my eye, two older men hugging with the text 'he said yes'. I clicked through and saw an article on the Lloyds bank website about getting married and budgeting along with a beautiful photo of a mixed race couple. The text referred to both marriage and civil partnership.

I was really touched by it because I think its rare to see images like these ones in advertisements. So many ads I see for weddings are of young white, heterosexual couples but they only represent a small portion of all of the couples in the world.

I think it's really refreshing to see a company embrace equality in this way in terms of sexuality, race and age. A photo might seem subtle but it really speaks volumes.

The fact of the matter is that it shouldn't have to be this way, these images and text shouldn't stand out for anything other than being beautiful because it should be the norm.

LOVE IS LOVE, regardless of the colour of your skin or who you're attracted to.  In society, so many people are always so quick to bash the banks but I really want to give a high 5 to Lloyds and I hope this is a step in the right direction and a sign of things to come.

We were ALL created EQUAL.

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Monday, 18 April 2016

FASHION | Scarlett & Jo Sweetheart 2-in-1 Dress

Scarlett and Jo Plus Size Sweetheart 2-In-1 Dress


This has to be one of my FAVOURITE dresses of all time from Scarlett & Jo.

The print is absolutely incredible, the cut is superb and the quality is second to none.

Scarlett and Jo Plus Size Sweetheart 2-In-1 Dress

Scarlett and Jo Plus Size Sweetheart 2-In-1 Dress

This is the Scarlett & Jo Sweetheart 2-in-1 Dress and I couldn't be more in love with it.  From the moment that I tried this dress on to model it at Home House for Scarlett and Jo as part of my role as Brand Ambassador, I knew that I had to own it.

The incredibly beautiful, bright floral print is what had first drawn me to this dress.  It is certainly eye catching and made up of such colourful hues that scream spring/summer for me.  Since the florals are against a black back drop and with the top part of the dress being black, this dress is ideal for anyone but especially those who feel most comfortable in back but want to try out a pop of colour in their wardrobe.

The vast mix of colours within the print means that you have so many options when it comes to your accessories.  I paired this dress with my staple black peeptoe heels but you could pick out any colour within the print to pair your shoes and bag with; a periwinkle or pink bag would look beautiful!

Scarlett and Jo Plus Size Sweetheart 2-In-1 Dress

Scarlett and Jo Plus Size Sweetheart 2-In-1 Dress

The top of this dress is made of a jersey fabric that feels so soft to the touch.  It has 3/4 lengths sleeves which I find so flattering, plus they add that little extra coverage and warmth which is ideal with our ever changing British weather!

The neckline is my favourite style; sweetheart.  I find this style of neckline to be so feminine, pretty and flattering.  It isn't too revealing and the look is demure yet alluring.

Like many of the Scarlett & Jo dresses, this one has the elasticated waistband that pulls you in and makes the most of your waist.  It really feels so comfortable to wear and gives the dress a beautiful shape, as does the netted lining which gives the skirt some added volume.

Scarlett and Jo Plus Size Sweetheart 2-In-1 Dress

The whole dress is very true to size and the arms are generous with plenty of stretch in them.  I actually ordered a size up in this but could have worn the size down as I did on the Scarlett & Jo website.  I love the length of this dress as it would be fabulous regardless of how tall you are.  I'm 5ft 5" and it hits me right at the knee, so someone taller or shorter could wear it and it would still be a great length on them.

I think its important to let you all know that there's plenty of material in the skirt too.  Scarlett & Jo have cleverly designed their dresses to have spread so that when you sit down, the dresses don't ride up and show tomorrows washing.  That is a really big factor for me when choosing dresses as it can make or break my confidence, especially with my tummy being so large and hanging low.  I never have any worries in Scarlett & Jo dresses at all; they're my absolute favourite!

This dress really is one of those rare finds that makes me feel so confident, comfortable and pretty from the moment I put it on.  I never want to take it off!

You can buy it here and shop the full Scarlett & Jo line here.

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Sunday, 17 April 2016

FASHION | Style Do's & Donts For Shoes You Can Drive In

Michael Kors flat shoes

Some women seem to have an amazing ability to drive in any kind of shoe, even the ones that look like they require the laws of physics to be broken just to walk in.

If you are not blessed with this rare skill (and in fact, even if you are, for safety reasons) then driving footwear can be more limited. If you want to be able to drive comfortably and safely without having to keep a nasty looking old pair of trainers – or worse, slippers – in your car to change into for every drive, then here are some do's and don'ts for motoring footwear:

Diamante and Leather Flip Flops

DONT wear flip flops

Flip flops can feel comfortable for walking around in in summer, unless you dislike that strap between your toes, and for a lot of people they basically become standard footwear for the summer months, myself included.  Theres always so many pretty styles that look good with sundresses, maxis and shorts as well as beach wear. However, while they are flat and comfy, which you would think would make them fine for driving, they can get caught on the peddles, making them a very bad choice.

I've always been really conscious of the shoes that I wear when driving as I watched a video years ago that had someone wearing a pair of flip flops and when they went to move their foot on the peddles, their flip flop had sort of flipped over and got stuck.  Similarly, there was a woman in the same video wearing a pair of platform heels and she couldn't feel the break properly and ended up crashing so that has always put me off too.  I'm not sure where I saw this video, I could hazard a guess that it was at the driving theory course I went on before taking my test but I could be wrong, either way, it frightened the life out of me!

Bailey Button UGG boots

DONT wear UGG style boots

Ugg boots, and other similar boots like Emus, have both their fans and their haters in the fashion world, but there is no denying the snuggly comfort they offer. However, with their thick uppers and chunky soles, it is very hard to feel anything going on around your foot. This actually can make it hard to be as sensitive as you need to be for driving. Avoid the snow boots and pick something that can allow you to better manage the pressure you are putting on the pedals.

flat shoes for driving

DO try ballet pumps

We all know trainers are great for driving in, but they just don't go with many things. If you don't want to live in jeans or tracksuit bottoms, or simply aren't allowed to wear trainers to places you drive to like the office, a great choice of flat shoe to try is the ballet pump. These classic shoes are available in every colour and print imaginable and can look smart, feminine, trendy or all three depending on the texture and design you go for, but with their streamlined design and thin, flat soles they are perfect for driving.

DO try tennis shoes or trainers with a thin sole

If you favour a casual look but still want something slightly less sporty and chunky than running style trainers, then opt for smarter, more versatile trainer styles like tennis, bowling or baseball style lace ups, or even fashionable twists on the old school plimsoll. These can look a lot better with casual skirts than running shoes, basketball style hi-tops or skater trainers, adding more flexibility to your wardrobe while still being great to drive in.

Whether you've been behind the wheel for years or are just learning (and if you are, check out Toptests for some great theory test resources), you know how important it is to be able to feel comfortable and drive safely.

Consider these shoe do's and don'ts when you want to look stylish when you drive!


What are your favourite shoes to drive in?

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