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FASHION | Style Do's & Donts For Shoes You Can Drive In

Michael Kors flat shoes

Some women seem to have an amazing ability to drive in any kind of shoe, even the ones that look like they require the laws of physics to be broken just to walk in.

If you are not blessed with this rare skill (and in fact, even if you are, for safety reasons) then driving footwear can be more limited. If you want to be able to drive comfortably and safely without having to keep a nasty looking old pair of trainers – or worse, slippers – in your car to change into for every drive, then here are some do's and don'ts for motoring footwear:

Diamante and Leather Flip Flops

DONT wear flip flops

Flip flops can feel comfortable for walking around in in summer, unless you dislike that strap between your toes, and for a lot of people they basically become standard footwear for the summer months, myself included.  Theres always so many pretty styles that look good with sundresses, maxis and shorts as well as beach wear. However, while they are flat and comfy, which you would think would make them fine for driving, they can get caught on the peddles, making them a very bad choice.

I've always been really conscious of the shoes that I wear when driving as I watched a video years ago that had someone wearing a pair of flip flops and when they went to move their foot on the peddles, their flip flop had sort of flipped over and got stuck.  Similarly, there was a woman in the same video wearing a pair of platform heels and she couldn't feel the break properly and ended up crashing so that has always put me off too.  I'm not sure where I saw this video, I could hazard a guess that it was at the driving theory course I went on before taking my test but I could be wrong, either way, it frightened the life out of me!

Bailey Button UGG boots

DONT wear UGG style boots

Ugg boots, and other similar boots like Emus, have both their fans and their haters in the fashion world, but there is no denying the snuggly comfort they offer. However, with their thick uppers and chunky soles, it is very hard to feel anything going on around your foot. This actually can make it hard to be as sensitive as you need to be for driving. Avoid the snow boots and pick something that can allow you to better manage the pressure you are putting on the pedals.

flat shoes for driving

DO try ballet pumps

We all know trainers are great for driving in, but they just don't go with many things. If you don't want to live in jeans or tracksuit bottoms, or simply aren't allowed to wear trainers to places you drive to like the office, a great choice of flat shoe to try is the ballet pump. These classic shoes are available in every colour and print imaginable and can look smart, feminine, trendy or all three depending on the texture and design you go for, but with their streamlined design and thin, flat soles they are perfect for driving.

DO try tennis shoes or trainers with a thin sole

If you favour a casual look but still want something slightly less sporty and chunky than running style trainers, then opt for smarter, more versatile trainer styles like tennis, bowling or baseball style lace ups, or even fashionable twists on the old school plimsoll. These can look a lot better with casual skirts than running shoes, basketball style hi-tops or skater trainers, adding more flexibility to your wardrobe while still being great to drive in.

Whether you've been behind the wheel for years or are just learning (and if you are, check out Toptests for some great theory test resources), you know how important it is to be able to feel comfortable and drive safely.

Consider these shoe do's and don'ts when you want to look stylish when you drive!


What are your favourite shoes to drive in?

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  1. Great tips - I usually drive in boots/trainers/ballet shoes. I would NEVER drive in flip flops and those videos you have watched sound SCARY!! In the Summer a Sandal with an ankle buckle also works well x

  2. I don't drive but it is true I have seen so many people I know wear flip flops when they are driving which makes me a little concerned!

  3. I don't drive yet but I think it's most sensible to wear pumps than flip flops. Great tips

  4. I don't drive but I think it would be sneakers or flats.

  5. I have an old battered pair of ultra comfy ballet shoes I wear for driving in & just change my shoes when I reach my destination.

  6. Great to raise awareness about this - I was told driving in flip flop style shoes was illegal - but I don't know if that is true. My ex had a 4x4 crash into him in his van last year because the drivers foot / flip flop got stuck. Kaz x

  7. When I was learning to drive I always wore the same boots. They only had a teeny hill on them. I could never drive in anything else as I felt like I couldn't feel the peddles properly.

    Laura x x x

  8. I can literally drive with any shoes haha Obviously I would never drive in flip flops as it just ins't safe but I never had a problem with ugg boots personally


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