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How to Host a Truly Scottish Barbecue for the Olympics

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My names Carol and I'm here to guest post on Laura's blog all about the Olympics and what Scotland has to offer to celebrate!

It's no secret that the Scottish have a history of combining dairy products, meat, fish, vegetables, and fruit to create unique dishes and side items like haggis, tatties, and neeps. But aside from traditional Scottish cuisine, we also know how to make some really great barbecue when the time comes for it to be done. And what better time is there than the 2016 Summer Olympics, soon to be hosted in sunny Rio de Janeiro starting on the the 5th of August and lasting until the 21st? That's 16 days of prime barbecue and celebration time. If you're looking to have an authentic Scottish barbecue for the holiday, check out these tips:

Play Games and Festivities

Where there are strong Scottish men there are bound to be heavy athletics. Traditional Highland games include events like the stone put, caber toss, weight throw, hammer throw, and the sheaf toss. All of these and other more modern (family friendly) games like tug-o-war, horseshoes, tag, and hide and seek can all be played alongside each other at a well-rounded Scottish barbecue party. You could also play some food slot games like BBQ slots to add some fun to the serving aspect – you spin the slots and take the combination of food items you land on. Similar slot games can be played for dessert or in drinking game variations.

Bring in the Scottish Cuisine

How can you have a Scottish barbecue without at least having a few traditional Scottish dishes? How about some Ayrshire bacon or roast Aberdeen Angus beef for the grill? Maybe a side of scotch pie and some roast hough, grouse, haunch of venison, or collops smothered in a homemade barbecue sauce with traditional Scottish sauces available for dipping as well. You can go lots of places with this, especially when you start getting into the desserts, breads, and confections like drop-scones, scones, butteries, bannock, Abernathy biscuits, Dundee cake, Scottish shortbread, and too many more to mention. To put it plainly, a meal can turn into a feast fast at a Scottish barbecue, so don't forget to bring an Olympic appetite.

Scots Can Barbecue with the Best

If you don't feel like staying home and making a barbecue meal yourself, Edinburgh has no shortage of barbecue restaurants that will hit the spot just fine. We've got places like Reekie's Smokehouse, Ada Restaurant, Meat Bar, Los Argentinos, and Zico's Brazilian Grill Bar serving up great barbecue on a daily basis.

Scotland's Role in the 2016 Olympics

Although Scotland doesn't yet have its own Olympic team, this year there are record numbers of Scots playing on the Great Britain team, with 8 of the 26 women on the Great Britain swim team being from Scotland. Scotland has also had its fair share of great Olympians throughout the years, so it is definitely worth tuning in to see what takes places this year, being that it'll be another 4 years before the next Olympics.

How will you be enjoying the Olympics this year?

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