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Get Unicorn Braids Inspired By Gigi Hadid With Lee Stafford

How to Create Unicorn Braids Lee Stafford Original Dry Shampoo and Hold Tight Hair Spray Review Image

When I first heard that the unicorn braid was a thing, I thought that it was utterly ridiculous.  Why would I want to have one long braid coming out of the top of my head into a cone?  Space buns, I can get on board with, but a unicorn horn, no thanks.

Then I discovered that actually, this style features a centred, sectioned off, dutch braid running from the top head, back over and it actually looks really cool.  Plus, it is ideal for those days where you're running around and want your hair off your face.

The uber gorgeous Gigi Hadid has often been spotted sporting this look this winter and if its good enough for Gigi, then it's certainly good enough for me!

Unicorn Braids and straight hair inspired by Gigi Hadid Hair using Lee Stafford Hair Products Image

I had a go at creating the look myself and I used some photos of Gigi Hadid wearing unicorn braids in her hair as inspiration.  This photo of Gigi shows her with two dutch braids either side of her parting and a high ponytail whereas this snap of Gigi Hadid's hair shows her with one dutch braid that sits down the centre parting and her hair left down.  This makes the style really versatile as you can pick and choose how you would like to wear it.

Personally, I went for a mix of both looks; two dutch braids at the top, with my hair down and straight.

How to Create Unicorn Braids Lee Stafford Original Dry Shampoo Review Image

Step 1:
To create this unicorn braid hairstyle, I straightened my hair first and then brushed it back.  I then took the Lee Stafford Original Dry Shampoo and spritzed it all over the top section of my hair at the roots and through the lengths of the hair that would be in the braid.  This preps the hair, ready for styling.

This dry shampoo is good at banishing oily roots but it also adds a great amount of texture to the hair which makes it fuller, more volumised and easier to work with as the hair isn't all fly away and slippy.  This is a great product to use on freshly washed hair too, to give it a bit of grit and texture when styling.

It is really easy to use; simply spritz into the roots from a distance and then rub away the powder residue with your fingers.  For serious volume, spray directly onto the roots all over the hair by lifting up the hair in sections so that you're really concentrating the spray at the roots where you need the volume to be.

You can also spray it lightly through the mid lengths and ends for added body and texture; just ruffle with your fingers.

Unicorn Braids and straight hair inspired by Gigi Hadid Hair using Lee Stafford Hair Products Image

Step 2:
Next, I parted my hair down the centre and took a one inch section of hair either side of the parting and braided it backwards to the crown of my head, dutch style.  This is where you turn the hair underneath so that it sticks out rather that over which makes the plait flat to your head.

It took me absolutely years to be able to do these kinds of braids but my best advice now is to add more hair into the braid on every second turn (aka, after every two pieces of hair has been brought into the braid).

I'd suggest securing the first braid to your head with a hair grip/ Kirby grip while you complete the second braid so that it doesn't fall out.  Remember that the aim of these braids is to get them running backwards, so it does take a little practice.  Once I reached my crown, I started to pull at the loops of the braid to make them appear bigger and fuller which made them stand out more.

Step 3:
Next, I removed the hair grip and joined both pieces of hair together, at the bottom of the braids, and secured them with a small hair elastic.  I then ruffled the ponytail to reignite some of that texture from the dry shampoo to make the pony look a little fuller and not so sleek and straight.

To conceal the elastic hair bobble, I simply took a small section of hair from the underside of the mini ponytail and wrapped it around the base of the ponytail, covering the hair tie.  This was secured in place at the back of the head, underneath the hair with a hair grip.

How to create unicorn braids Lee Stafford Hold Tight Hair Spray Review Image

Step 4:
To complete the look, I gave my hair a generous spritz of the Lee Stafford Hold Tight Hair Spray which ensures that the braids are locked in place and not going anywhere!

This hairspray is fantastic because it holds a style in place without making the hair feel stiff and crispy.  When the next day comes and I want to brush out my style, I can do so with ease.

I love Lee Stafford hair products and have used them since I was in school.  I adore the pink packaging and the signature scent that all of the products have.  Its absolutely incredible, I just with there was a perfume version!

So there we have it, Unicorn Braids inspired by Gigi Hadid.  Once you've got the hang of dutch braiding, it is an easy style to create and one that you can wear at a festival in the summer, to the gym or for a casual day out.

Unicorn Braids and High Ponytail inspired by Gigi Hadid Hair using Lee Stafford Hair Products Image
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You could even start off with your hair down and then if you were going to the gym, or sleeping with the braids in and want to style your hair differently the next day, you could pull your hair up into a high ponytail for another gorgeous look.  This is what I did with the photo above over on my Instagram.

Just don't forget to ruffle or curl the ponytail, wrap some hair from the underside of the pony around the elastic hair tie, add the Lee Stafford Original Dry Shampoo for texture and the Lee Stafford Hold Tight Hairspray for secure hold all day long!

You can discover more about Lee Stafford on his website as well as on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and Youtube.


What do you think of this hairstyle?  Have you tried any Lee Stafford products before? I'd love to hear your recommendations!

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