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Get Ready For Warm Days with the Sanctuary Spa Summer Sun Beach Bag

Get Ready For Warm Days with the Sanctuary Spa Summer Sun Beach Bag from Boots

Ladies, listen up because I've got an INCREDIBLE deal for you.

Fancy all of these Sanctuary Spa goodies for only £22?  Here's how you can quite literally bag this deal...

Sanctuary Spa have been a high street favourite of mine since my teens, largely due to the amazing scent that their products have, not to mention the fact that they perform really well too.  If you're familiar with their signature scent then you'll know exactly what I mean, if not then you'll be needing to pop down to Boots pronto to give it a sniff.

This season, Sanctuary Spa are helping you to say hello to summer and #LETGO with their luxury beach bag packed full of sizzling summer favourites to get you perfectly prepped for a holiday, day at the beach or warm summer night out.

Get Ready For Warm Days with the Sanctuary Spa Summer Sun Beach Bag from Boots

I couldn't believe what was included in the bag and the huge saving that you'd make against buying the products individually but what first caught my eye was the bag itself.  If you watched my Instagram LIVE on Sunday then I'm sure you could see my excitement at how gorgeous it is!

A lot of the time, the bags that come with beauty products and gifts with purchase aren't that good and I generally wouldn't really use them.  However this bag is amazing quality.  Its made of a thick canvas that's coated on the outside so if you get it wet or spill something on it then its just going to wipe clean.  It has a gorgeous thick striped pattern combining copper with an off white, with this white rope straps, a sturdy zip and copper hardware.  It isn't obnoxiously branded like a lot of beauty bags would be and it really just looks like a gorgeous beach bag that I would actually buy on its own for myself or as a gift.  It's absolutely beautiful, practical, roomy and perfect for a holiday!

Inside there are 7 products plus a body puff to use in the shower.  My boyfriend absolutely loves these as they're great for lathering up and scrubbing the skin after he's been to work.

From this point, I've got to say that if you are adverse to the Sanctuary Spa signature scent (boo you!) then don't bother buying this collection for yourself as all of the products have the same fragrance.  However it would make a great gift as I generally find that on the whole, most people LOVE the smell as much as I do.  Everyone aside from the scent haters... here's the contents:

Wet Skin Moisture Miracle- This is a product that's new to me and I can't wait to see how it performs when I go away this summer.  Its really unique in that you apply it as you would a normal body moisturiser but literally as you turn the water off and are still stood in the shower soaking wet.  Then you towel dry and get ready as normal.  A really different idea that's designed to maximise moisture at the skins peak hydration moment and it has been clinically proven to lock in double the hydration to give you instantly softer and smoother skin!

Infused with apricot and avocado oil, the Wet Skin Moisture Miracle is designed to be faster absorbing and quicker to use than a standard body lotion so its going to be great for when you're late in the mornings as you can still be beautifully hydrated as you run out of the door!

Sanctuary Spa Body Wash: A total classic from the brand that I've used for years.  It contains essential oils and jojoba beads which leave your skin feeling clean, moisturised and smelling incredible!  When used with the shower lily that's also included in this set, it lathers up beautifully too.  Definitely a must try at any time of the year!

Body ScrubMade up of natural pumice and essential oils within a gel, this product is the least abrasive of all of the Sanctuary Spa body scrubs so it is ideal for more regular use or for those with sensitive skin.

Heel Balm: Enriched with Shea Butter and Wheatgerm Oil, this balm is ultra nourishing on the dry skin on my feel.  It feels so moisturising that I apply it all over my feet, not just to my heels!  I apply it once I'm dry from the shower and the moisture boost lasts all day.

Hand Cream: What the heel balm does for the feet, this cream does for the hands.  The Sanctuary Spa hand cream not only smells incredible but it feels luxurious on the skin too.  It is absorbed quite quickly, feels instantly nourishing and doesn't leave the skin feeling greasy.  I couldn't ask for more!

Luxury Bath Float: Now in all honestly, its far too warm for me to be having a bath right now but this would be great on cooler summer nights to help you to relax before bed.  I find it harder to get to sleep during the summer months when its still light outside so a nice warm bath can often help with that.  Plus it could always be used as a body wash instead.

Body Moisture SprayI've used this product, albeit in different packaging, from Sanctuary Spa for YEARS now.  There's jojoba oil, sweet almond oil and vitamin E within the formula and of course, it has that incredible Sanctuary Spa fragrance.  The body moisture spray is a really quick way to hydrate your skin, moisturise your body and leave it with a gorgeous sheen in record time.  Perfect for lazy moisturising girlies and those who want to be ready and out the door quickly!

Get Ready For Warm Days with the Sanctuary Spa Summer Sun Beach Bag from Boots

How much is it? I'm sure you're all wondering by now.

The Sanctuary Spa Summer Sun Beach Bag is on SPECIAL OFFER for an unbelievably low £22 instead of the retail value of £45, saving you £23!

The Sanctuary Spa Summer Sun Beach Bag Set is available from Boots online and in larger Boots stores.

It would make a great gift for any woman in your life, especially as its suitable for veggies and vegans too so if you have a birthday coming up for someone who is cruelty free conscious then I think this set would be ideal!

Be quick, its limited edition!

If you want to read more of my thoughts on Sanctuary Spa products, then check out my reviews:

Which Sanctuary Spa products have you tried?  What types of products do you love to use during the summer time?

*Thanks Sarah for taking these photos for me down at South Shields beach!

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