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Olay Regenerist Overnight Miracle Firming Mask Review

Olay Regenerist Overnight Miracle Firming Mask Review

While makeup might be fun to apply because it lets you be super creative, skincare has always been at the forefront of self care for me.  Spending a small fortune on makeup really is a bit of a waste of money if the base you're working with isn't the best that it can be at the time so focusing on getting a good skincare routine down is always my first recommendation to anyone.

If you follow me on the WhatLauraLoves Instagram page then I'm sure you'll know how passionate I am about my skin and the products that I use because I'm often doing my skincare on there live while I'm chatting away!  I love nothing more than deeply cleaning my skin, exfoliating and toning it, treating it and nourishing it with hydrating products, as well as using a face mask at least once a week... which is usually applied while I'm sat at the computer tapping away for work.  That's definitely one of the benefits of working from home that's for sure.

Olay Regenerist Overnight Miracle Firming Mask Review

The trouble is, being able to multitask is essential for me as I lead such a busy life which often leads me burning the candle at both ends!  In fact, I'm doing that right now as I type this... at 06:28AM, after staying up all night to get as many posts written and scheduled as possible before my holiday!

While it is something that I am actively working on, and I'm sure will have vastly improved by the time the cold, winter nights get here, its not often that I get the 'ideal' 8 hours of sleep each night.  However I do always take care of my skin before bed, without fail, with a thorough cleanse, tone, and hit of hydration as I love to look well rested come the morning, even when I've had a lot of work on or plenty of socialising!

This summer, I discovered a multi tasking solution that enables me to give my skin a hit of hydration while I sleep.  There's no tapping away at the computer in my office chair while this one gets to work, it waves its magic wand while I'm knocking the Z's out!

Olay Regenerist Overnight Miracle Firming Mask Review

On those nights when I know my skin is in need of a surge of moisture, I've been using the Olay Regenerist Overnight Miracle Firming Mask.

It’s a hybrid between a moisturiser and a face mask that I apply quite a generous layer of to my skin as the last step in my routine, with my serum and eye cream applied first underneath, and on top of a freshly washed complexion.

I leave it for five to seven minutes, after which you can see which areas of the skin were in need of the most hydration because those are the areas that have almost drank up the mask the quickest.

I tissue off the excess, leaving a thin layer of the mask on my skin overnight and then complete my morning skincare as normal when I wake up.  From the first use, I felt as though my skin looked and felt more hydrated, soft and plump, which gives the skin a more youthful appearance.  On the days where I do want to apply makeup, it goes on so much more smoothly since I've started using this mask and it sits really beautifully on my skin without clinging to drier areas.  This is really important for me as I like to target my skincare to make my skin feel as even as possible as its predominantly oily but dehydrated and dry in some areas, mostly around the outside of my face.

I've been using the Olay Regenerist Overnight Miracle Firming Mask since early July and I'm still loving how my skin feels after I've used it.  In fact, its that good, I'm onto my second pot as the last use that was left in the first jar that I bought, I gave to my mam to try!

This mask is like a good nights beauty sleep in a pot and really is a must try for all skin types this summer.

I bought my mine from Boots where it was on offer for £19.99 with free store delivery.  Its now gone back up to £29.99 but they have a 2 for £40 deal on at the time of writing which is a great chance to stock up and save a tenner, treat a friend or go halves or even make a start on your Christmas shopping!

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Olay Regenerist Overnight Miracle Firming Mask Review

What are your favourite face masks?  How does an overnight mask sound to you?

*FYI in the interests of full disclosure, I work on a paid for AD with Olay on this instagram post however this blog post is by no means paid for, checked or controlled by the brand.  I simply really enjoy the mask and I am now onto my second pot so I thought it was about time I reviewed it!

Thursday, 23 August 2018

Abercrombie & Fitch First Instinct Blue for Women EDP Review

Abercrombie & Fitch First Instinct Blue for Women EDP Review

If there's one thing I love more than perfume, its a newly launched perfume that I've been delighted to have an early sniff at!  Such was the case with the NEW Abercrombie & Fitch First Instinct Blue for Women EDP that's just come out at the end of July.

I've been wearing this charismatically woody, fruity scent frequently over the last month and have been equally as impressed with it as I was its predecessor, First Instinct, which was launched last year.

You might remember my review in this post.  If not, give it a read as its another beautiful scent from the brand that really took me by surprise!  I say that because I was expecting the first scent to be either too fresh and sporty or overtly sweet and sickly but it wasn't at all and neither is the second release.  These are seriously fragrances that you need to check out!

The concept behind the NEW Abercrombie & Fitch fragrance is really beautiful; First Instinct Blue Women captures the brilliant personality of those who know how to make their dreams come true.  Those kinds of women really need to have a steely determination and positive outlook on life; they have a vibrancy about them and an ability to always see the blue in the sky, no matter what life throws at them.  Just like the Abercrombie & Fitch woman, this is the persona of a spirited and bright gal with a beautiful energy to live for the moment and always embrace her First Instinct.  Quite romantic really!

The concept of the fragrance is reflected beautifully in the scent itself.  The perfumer who created the scent, Gabriela Chelariu, drew inspiration from the essence of the Abercrombie & Fitch brand, whose name conjured up ideas of the adventure that is to be found in the outdoors along with the morning blue skies and waters.  This translated into an effortlessly feminine and naturally fresh fragrance that expresses a woman's lust for life in a way that is modern and timeless.

Abercrombie & Fitch First Instinct Blue for Women EDP Review

First Instinct Blue for Women is a layered fragrance of contrasts, playing the shimmering accord of sea salted air and fruits with a sensual trail of sandalwood.  This scent has a fresh opening with top notes of salted sea air, crisp bergamot and blackberries and a velvety, warm and feminine heart of jasmine, peonies and apricot.  The alluring trail follows with a woody and creamy base featuring notes of patchouli, vanilla and sandalwood.

While the scent as a whole isn't incredibly long lasting, the base does linger which I love; that creamy, woody base gets me every time I spray it; I just can't get enough!

One of the things that I really love about Abercrombie & Fitch female fragrances are the way that they take hints of fresh and fruity but create a scent that has warmth, depth and a creaminess to it which takes it from being a scent that wouldn't generally be for me and makes it something that I want to wear daily.

For me, this scent is ideal for daytime wear when I'm out at work, shopping or catching up with my friends.  I generally prefer something heavier and more sensual and strong in the evenings but I think those who don't think the same would find this scent ideal for both day and night.

Just like the packaging of the original First Instinct fragrance that combined feminine characteristics with masculinity, Blue has a multi-sensorial bottle that curls up in the hand and is free from sharply defined edges with a solid sense of individuality about it, as though each one were bespoke and different to the other.  Coordinating with its namesake, Blue is in a fresh and shimmering light blue with a shiny silver cap and a metal plaque etched with the Abercrombie & Fitch logo on the front.

The Abercrombie & Fitch First Instinct Blue for Women EDP is available in 30ml, 50ml and 100ml bottles, nationwide now!

If you're looking for an online stockist, check out Boots, DebenhamsFragrance Direct, Escentual and The Fragrance Shop where you'll usually find some fabulous discounts and/or gifts with purchase too!

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Abercrombie & Fitch First Instinct Blue for Women EDP Review


How does this scent sound to you?  Which fragrance notes are your fave?

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Everyday Pink Makeup Look That's Perfect For Summer!

Everyday Pink Makeup Look by WhatLauraLoves

My Youtube channel has had a little touch of pink blossom over there with my new makeup video.  In a chatty, get ready with me style, I talk you through how I created this really simple, everyday pink makeup look, while this post will serve as a resource to enable you to discover more about the awesome brands that I've been using all heatwave long!

This summer, I've been loving switching out my foundation for the Origins VitaZing tinted moisturiser with SPF 15, which saves me on another step in my routine by giving me the sun protection I need along with evening out my skin tone and providing a really light, natural base.

To conceal and brighten under my eyes, on my nose and across my cupids bow, I use the Charlotte Tilbury The Retoucher in Shade 1 Fair quite technically bopped in using a Beauty Blender (preferably damp but ya know, sometimes cba).

I tackle spots and blemishes with the Chanel Longwear Concealer in Shade 20 but that's few and far between because d'ya know what? Unless they're a really angry monster of a blemish, I'm alright just leaving them be.  This is my skin and I love to see it looking natural rather than being completely covered with a heavy, full coverage base... now you wouldn't have heard me say that in the Double Wear days would you?

To set my base in place, this summer I have turned to the Chanel Ultrawear Flawless Compact Foundation, which I only truly began to appreciate once I started wearing it over the top of the VitaZing.  It leaves my skin looking matte and flawless without looking cakey and my Anastasia Beverly Hills Powder Contour Kit blends effortlessly over the top, darkening the contours of my face and bringing the higher points forward before finishing up with a pop of colour from the Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Tipsy on my cheeks.

The glow up doesn't stop there though as I go in with the Too Faced Candlelight Glow Highlighter in Warm Glow that I also work across my lids with the contour kit in tow for some naturally sculpted light and glow.

For my brows, the Benefit Gimmie Brow in Shade 3 does the trick at lightly defining my brows and holding them in place while the Benefit They're Real Mascara in Black gives me some serious definition on my lashes while I'm missing my Essential Beauty Lash Extensions (my full set appointment cannot come quick enough!!).

To absorb any excess oil and to set the whole look in place, I turn to the Urban Decay dupe duo from Rimmel, the Insta Fix & Matte Pressed Powder and the Rimmel Insta Fix & Go Spray before adding the pièce de résistance, the Benefit They're Real Double The Lip in Pink Thrills that I bought as part of a travel minis set back in May.  I love how the darker and lighter shades within this lipstick act as a liner and lipstick in one, giving me a fuller looking pout with minimal effort!

Finishing up my look with my hair couldn't have been easier.  The curls I'd put in the day before lasted pretty well so it was just a case of letting down my hair, brushing through with the Denman Tangle Tamer Ultra which glides through the hair effortlessly (great for if you have kids who whinge when having their hair brushed too!) and then applying a small amount of the SHOW Beauty Hair Oil through the mid lengths and ends.

The result? Effortless, natural and pretty perfect for summer!

Check it out in action in my new WhatLauraLoves Youtube beauty video and scroll down below to shop the products I used!

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Everyday pink makeup look for summer by uk beauty blogger whatlauraloves


Have you used any of these products before & what did you think of them?  What makeup do you like to wear during the summer?

Monday, 20 August 2018

WhatLauraLoves Talking Body Confidence with the Daily Star

WhatLauraLoves Talking Body Confidence with the Daily Star

Today in the Daily Star, I reveal my top body confidence tips, as part of a poolside body confidence campaign with Yours Clothing.

Those tips apply whatever the weather; set yourself small, achievable goals and smash them. Acknowledge how awesome it feels to have taken that step towards being comfortable in your own skin and build on it. It’s time to STOP telling yourself that you’re not good enough and START understanding that you ARE deserving of beautiful clothes worn in the way that you want. Push yourself that little step further each time and allow everyday to be your own fashion show!

I let my confidence blossom and you can allow yours to bloom too!

You can check out the article here.

What are your top tips for body confidence?

Sunday, 19 August 2018

Purple Tree Miracle Balm Review

Purple Tree Miracle Balm Review by UK Beauty Blogger WhatLauraLoves

If there's one thing you need to have in your handbag or travel bag for your skin, its a multi-purpose balm.  The kind of product that does it all in the nourishing stakes, that doesn't take up much room and that you can use more or less anywhere; on dry lips and skin, as a cosmetic finish or on nails and cuticles.

Sounds like the product you all need doesn't it?

Then look no further than the Miracle Balm from Purple Tree!

Made in the UK, the Purple Tree Miracle Balm is a multi-purpose skin balm that contains naturally derived ingredients chosen for their multiple skincare benefits on any skin type.

Each balm is vegan-friendly, cruelty free and suitable for all skin types which is great as they can be used all over the face and body.  They aren't greasy but leave the skin with a slight glossy appearance that feels intensely nourished.  Once they've absorbed, the skin has a healthy sheen to it and feels really soft.

Purple Tree Miracle Balm Review by UK Beauty Blogger WhatLauraLoves

Here are some of its most common uses:
  • LIPS: to nourish, especially lips that are dry, chapped or cracked, leave a subtle sheen and a fruity taste. Also great for applying over the top of a matte lipstick to give it a more of a glossy look.
  • DRY AREAS: to moisturise dry hands, nails, knees, heels and elbows, or wherever else you feel you need it
  • CUTICLES: massaged in for hydrated nails, these balms have your cuticles looking perfected and help to stop them from splitting as I've found from applying them to my boyfriends cuticles
  • HAIR: taming flyaway hairs on pulled back styles, adding a nourishing sheen to the ends of the hair and smoothing unruly eyebrows.
  • MAKEUP: use as a primer for skin thats in need of serious hydration or before applying a drying, matte lipstick, elongate the appearance of your lashes by smoothing a little through the ends of your eyelashes or tap lightly onto the cheek bones, brow bone, cupids bow and tip of the nose for a highlighted effect or used on the eyelids for a glossy, high fashion model look.
Purple Tree Miracle Balm Review by UK Beauty Blogger WhatLauraLoves
Purple Tree Miracle Balm when first applied
If you're already a fan of this multi use product, then you'll know that there are five original varieties; aloe, coconut, papaya, shea butter and pomegranate.  However now Purple Tree have extended the original line-up of Miracle Balms with the release of six new beauty balms in colourful packaging and fresh and fruity flavours for spring/summer 2018; watermelon, peach, blueberry (my fave!), vanilla and grapefruit as well as the signature miracle balm.

I've been trying out the blueberry, vanilla and grapefruit scents and have found that while there are slight variations between the formulas, they do essentially, have the same use and do the same thing so I'd suggest starting off with the scent that appeals to you the most.
  • BLUEBERRY: these fruits are packed full of anti-oxidants and the blueberry seed oil is included within this balm to protect the skin and prevent irritation and to moisturise and relieve skin that is dry.
  • VANILLA: uses authentic vanilla bean extract which has been used in skin products for centuries thanks to its antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties.
  • GRAPEFRUIT: contains the natural extract of grapefruit, a source of Vitamin A and C, to soothe and revive dry lips and skin.
  • PEACH: the kernel oil from peaches is rich in vitamins and antioxidants which soften, relieve, moisturise and repair.
  • WATERMELON: being made from 92% water, this fruit is perfect at hydrating the body be it through eating or drinking it and now also by applying it as skincare.  It soothes, refreshes and moisturises dry skin and since I love anything and everything watermelon, its the one I'll be ordering when I run out!
  • SIGNATURE: this variation is inspired by the purple flowers from the Jacaranda Tree which are known to have anti-inflammatory properties, making them a great ingredient for soothing and reducing irritation.  This balm, also contains sweet almond oil which is amazing at hydrating the skin.
Purple Tree Miracle Balm Review by UK Beauty Blogger WhatLauraLoves

Not only are they pocket sized at 25ml, or small handbag sized in my case, but they're also really affordable at only £3.99 so with so many benefits at such a small cost, I really think these balms are a must buy for your handbag, car or makeup bag.  They're a travel essential too whether its on your daily commute or a flight around the world on your next holiday.

The Purple Tree Miracle Balms are available online from their website, AmazonBeauty Mart and in TopShop on Oxford Street in London as well as many independent pharmacies.

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Purple Tree Miracle Balm Review by UK Beauty Blogger WhatLauraLoves

Which Miracle Balm would you choose?  Where would you use it the most?

Saturday, 18 August 2018

Finishing Touches from Matalan Home

Matalan Home Message Pin Board and Faux Plant Succulent on WhatLauraLoves Interiors

When I moved into my apartment last summer, I did the sensible thing and focused on getting the essentials.  I was on a tight budget but I have to say, I think I did a pretty good job at decorating my home to suit my style, making wise choices with practical, long lasting, beautiful homeware.

Since I now have the essentials I need, I'm starting to add more personality to my space and really make it my own.  I've created an at home bar station in my open plan kitchen-living-dining room that I'll be sharing with you in my next interiors blog post but for now, I thought I'd share with you a couple of the finishing touches that I added to it to make it complete; a faux plant and message pin board from Matalan.

Matalan Home Message Pin Board and Faux Plant Succulent on WhatLauraLoves Interiors

Alphabet pin boards are a leading trend in homeware accessories right now but this message pin board from Matalan. the first one that I've seen that would suit the decor of my home perfectly.  The bar area has a certain rustic, industrial quality to it and the tone of the wood surrounding the black message board compliments it perfectly.

It can be used to set reminders for yourself and others and spell out funny messages or quotes.  You'll see when I publish my 'How To Create An At Home Bar' post but in my case, I used it to spell out a reference to the bar area and my boyfriend and I.

The board comes with every letter of the alphabet with multiples of the more popular letters, as well as all of the numbers, plenty of punctuation marks and a couple of stars and hearts too.  Its 50cm x 35cm x 3cm in size which gives you plenty of space to write the message that you want to display on it and when you have done so, they stay in place really well.  The board and letters are well made and sturdy but you can move them around with ease too.

There are fittings on the back of the board to secure it to a wall or it can be leant against a wall like I have done.  Either way, it looks awesome!

Matalan Home Message Pin Board and Faux Plant Succulent on WhatLauraLoves Interiors

To bring a sense of the outdoors in, I added a faux succulent in a cement pot.  Something that I really love about Matalan home is how they're able to create fairly realistic looking plants and display them really well too so that you can affordably purchase one complete piece rather than having to buy the plant and pot separately.  This one has a cement pot with a rose gold stand which matches my other decor really well and just like the pin board, its really good quality.

I can't wait to show you my bar area now, that's if you haven't already seen the sneak peak I put up on my Instagram stories; get following girls as I'm always sharing interior and homeware inspiration over there!

Matalan Home Message Pin Board and Faux Plant Succulent on WhatLauraLoves Interiors

If you're looking to update your home (I mean who isn't in the mood to add gorgeous decor to their home?!) then head on over to the Matalan website.  I've linked some of my favourite bits below.

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finishing touches and home trends from matalan on whatlauraloves interiors


What are your thoughts of the pin board trend for homeware?  Do you like having artificial plants in your home?  

Friday, 17 August 2018

Prom Night Planning & Getting Ready Tips

Prom Night Planning & Getting Ready Tips by UK Plus Size Fashion Blogger WhatLauraLoves

Going to the school prom is a hot topic on the calendar of so many young people, especially those who are about to go into year 11 this September.  This social occasion has gained so much momentum over the last 15 years or so, perhaps through the influence of American TV and films and nowadays more and more schools have them.

While my school did have a prom back in 2005 when I left, I didn't attend as I didn't enjoy school and was often picked on by other kids so I figured, 'why spend a fortune to sit in a room with people who I don't like?' and instead, went to Tenerife for a week with a friend and her family.  However I did go to my graduation ball and since I'm a pro at throwing awesome parties and getting ready for events, I definitely think I've got some tips up my sleeve that could help any self deserving prom queen get ready for her big night!

Prom Night Planning & Getting Ready Tips by UK Plus Size Fashion Blogger WhatLauraLoves

Even if you're doing it on a tight budget, prom is still expensive.  Work out your budget for everything you'll need and by when, then start working hard to reach your goal.  Get saving whether that's your pocket money for doing chores around the house or the dosh earned from a Saturday job.  Don't leave it up to your parents to pay for everything; I promise you they're working hard enough as it is to keep a roof over your head.

Prom Night Planning & Getting Ready Tips by UK Plus Size Fashion Blogger WhatLauraLoves

If you've been saving up in advance then you should have enough to get your ticket as soon as they go on sale, if your school doesn't cover the cost that is.  Purchasing your ticket early will ensure that you've definitely got a place.

Girl, you DO NOT need a guy to take you to prom.  If you do have a girlfriend or boyfriend then sure thing, go with them or someone that would like to take you but if not, don't sweat it.  You're 16!  These are your years for enjoying yourself and having a laugh with your friends.

Make awesome memories at your prom with your besties, don't make memories of worrying for months about whether or not you'll have a date on your arm.

Prom Night Planning & Getting Ready Tips by UK Plus Size Fashion Blogger WhatLauraLoves

Find out who is going out of your closest friends and club together for transport to the venue.  Some people go all out with a limo but if that's not your style or your budget wont stretch to it, just get a lift there; who cares anyway, you're still going to the same prom!

You might even have a friend's parent or family member who has a swish car that you could go in.  On the prom for my school year, I know a few people who's parents drove Mercedes and had them cleaned ready to take them to prom; they were still turning up to the venue in a gorgeous car but at the cost of a valet clean rather than the hiring of a huge vehicle!

Prom Night Planning & Getting Ready Tips by UK Plus Size Fashion Blogger WhatLauraLoves

When you're going shopping for your prom dress, take cost out of the equation.  That's not to say that you shouldn't have a budget as you absolutely should but when you're first trying the dresses on, look at the actual dress, not the price tag.  Find the dress that you feel the most confident and comfortable in.  If you fall in love with a dress because of its aesthetic and how it looks on you but find it to be out of your budget, you'll be able to find another one that's in a similar style for less money online.

Look around lots of prom retailers on the highstreet and online well in advance of your prom and if possible, have it altered to suit your figure perfectly.  This is your night to shine babe!

The dress that I'm wearing in this post is from Little Mistress who have so many gorgeous dresses for plus size girls in sizes 16 to 26 and also for those who are a size 4 to 18 with their regular line.

Prom Night Planning & Getting Ready Tips by UK Plus Size Fashion Blogger WhatLauraLoves

Take photos of you in your dress along to your hair dresser and ask which kinds of hair styles would suit the dress the most; pin up, down and swept to the side, braided, the list of is prom hair styles endless.  Once you have an idea of what will suit you and show the dress off to its best potential, search online for your favourite style and get your appointment booked in, well in advance as what isn't endless is the hairdressers time.  Prom appointments get booked up months in advance so make sure you don't miss out on having your hair done at your favourite salon and book as far ahead of time as you can.

Failing that, you can always have a go at home and do it yourself.  There are countless tutorials available online, just make sure you have a couple of practice rounds before the big day.  For ponytail styles, I'd suggest this video which has several styles that seem pretty easy to do and this hair tutorial video is perfect for those looking for a classic up do with a twist.

Prom Night Planning & Getting Ready Tips by UK Plus Size Fashion Blogger WhatLauraLoves

As with hair, book your beauty treatments in with your chosen spa well in advance of your prom date.  Many salons have deals where you can get a mani, pedi, spray tan and lashes for a set price.  Some include makeup too or you might like to book an appointment slot with a makeup artist.  If you're in the North East, Amanda Bell Elite Makeup Artist is who I would recommend.

To save costs, you could do your own too.  I'd suggest sticking to something timeless, classic and elegant.  Have a watch of Lisa Eldridge on Youtube, she has some beautiful, natural makeup tutorials that are easy to follow and you can switch out the products that she uses for dupes that you already have at home.

Prom Night Planning & Getting Ready Tips by UK Plus Size Fashion Blogger WhatLauraLoves

The most important thing to remember when you're planning your prom night is to ENJOY IT!  It's literally one night but if you play your cards right, don't get ideas above your budget and keep cool, calm and collected when getting ready, you'll be enjoy every minute and making lasting memories with your friends.  You can only live your school years once so make them count!

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Prom Night Planning & Getting Ready Tips by UK Plus Size Fashion Blogger WhatLauraLoves

*This post is a collaboration with Prom Dress Finder, all opinions are my own

Monday, 13 August 2018

Batiste Launch NEW Speed It Up Blowdry Range

Batiste Speed It Up Review by UK Plus Size Beauty Blogger WhatLauraLoves

If you're anything like me then you'll have a million and one things to do but not enough hours in the day to do them in.  Prioritising tasks helps massively throughout the day and cutting your time each morning by being organised, having your outfit picked out and having a speedy beauty routine does too.

There are days when you're going to need to blowdry your hair, be it before you go to bed or before you head out the door but when it comes to this mundane task, I imagine I'm speaking for all of us when I say that its the one beauty chore we hate doing.

I'd love to be able to leave my hair to dry naturally every time that I wash it as avoiding heat is good for hair health but my natural locks, as opposed to my gorgeous HJ Extensions, dry so frizzy unless I use a hair dryer.  When I know that I'm not going to be going out and about, I'll leave my hair to dry naturally but otherwise, I'll blow dry it which is a good 90% of the time.

Thankfully, budget hair favourites Batiste, have created a time saving hair hero in the form of their new blow dry sprays.

Batiste Speed It Up accelerates the process of blowdrying your hair, making it speedier and less tedious which means that you have more time to focus on smashing your to-do list for the day or getting an extra half an hour of precious sleep.

Batiste Speed It Up Review by UK Plus Size Beauty Blogger WhatLauraLoves

There are three to choose from, Frizz Taming, Smoothing and Shine, so you can pick the one that best suits the needs of your hair.

Let's take a closer look...
FRIZZ TAMING: Formulated with Tamanu Oil to defrizz your locks
SMOOTHING: Containing nourishing Baobab Oil smooth out your hair from root to tip
SHINE: Enriched with Ginseng to give you hair thats swish-ably shiny and lustrous.

They're all really easy to use; simply towel dry your hair (squeeze, don't rub girls!) then spritz your chosen spray lightly all over your hair from a distance while its damp and brush through to reduce your drying time by up to 30%!

I used Shine before I blowdried and styled my hair for this Instagram photo and  I love the added glisten that it gave my blonde hair which can often look dry.

The Batiste Speed It Up range also acts as a heat protection spray as it has built in protection within the formula to shield the hair from heat damage up to 230°c.  Since I do highlight and lowlight my hair, I want to protect my locks from as much further damage as possible so I'm always looking for products to help me with that, especially on the ends of my hair where it can be prone to breakage and split ends.

If you want to boost your blowdry time like I have with the Batiste Speed It Up range, its available from Boots now!

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Batiste Speed It Up Review by UK Plus Size Beauty Blogger WhatLauraLoves


What are your favourite ways to save time in the morning?  Which of the Batiste Blow Dry Accelerators would be best for your hair?

Monday, 6 August 2018

5 Tips For Styling Your Hair

5 Tips For Styling Hair By UK Beauty Blogger WhatLauraLoves Plus Size Simply Be

A lot of women struggle to tame their manes and are often left frustrated when their hairstyles fall short of their expectations. Fighting with frizzy, unmanageable hair texture, unruly bangs, and rebellious curls can take hours on end. Styling your own hair at home can feel like a nightmare, but it doesn’t need to be. Here are 5 tips to help you have beautifully styled hair every time.

This is a common mistake that most of us make. Pilling on a product after product onto our heads, hoping that they’ll help us get the look we are trying to achieve. The truth is, using too many products may be the reason why your hair refuses to cooperate.

Product build-up often leaves hair greasy, flat, and dull, and may even cause product dandruff as tiny specks of excess product fall off your hair. Besides overwhelming your hair, using too many products is costly and time-consuming. The secret is to use minimal products and stick to the basics.

To create the style that I'm wearing in these photos, I curled my hair that I'd washed the day before, using the Lee Stafford CoCo LoCo tong (also available here) which I love for its long barrel as whether I'm wearing my hair extensions or not, it curls all of my hair in one go, brushed the curls through once they'd cooled and I spritzed the Lee Stafford CoCo LoCo Coconut Hairspray to hold it in place.  This is my secret to getting the look of a big bouncy blow-dry on second day hair.

Washing your hair too often has been another common mistake we are all guilty of making. While this may seem like a harmless habit, it is actually detrimental to the health of your hair. Our scalps produce sebum oil, which keeps hair strands healthy and shiny. Washing your hair too often strips away this natural oil and leaves your scalp and hair dry and it can actually encourage your hair to produce even more oil which, if you're an oily hair gal like me, you don't want! I wash my hair every 3 days.

Also, when your hair is freshly washed, it can also be harder to style; curls drop out more easily and you don't have as much grit or hold when pinning your hair up.

5 Tips For Styling Hair By UK Beauty Blogger WhatLauraLoves Plus Size Simply Be

Learning how to give yourself the perfect, lasting blowout is the holy grail of hair styling. A good blow dry is the best base for any hair style and your hair dresser will be able to talk you through how to maintain your look at home the next time you get your hair done.  Watch what they're doing in the mirror when they're drying your hair and look out for the types of brushes they're using.

There are many techniques to blow drying hair depending on the texture. Straight or wavy hair is easier to blow-dry while curly or coarse hair may take a little more practice. Regardless of the texture, make sure not to blow-dry your hair everyday as excessive heat exposure can dry it out and damage it and always make sure you that use a protection spray when you do.

4. Use the Right Heated Tools
There are so many heated tools available on the market that it can be easy to get confused and pick the wrong ones. Not all heated tools are created equal and it is important that you find heated tools designed for your hair type. This will ensure you get the best results with minimal heat exposure, especially when it comes to straighteners. Check out OGLF’s guide for the best hair straighteners.

5 Tips For Styling Hair By UK Beauty Blogger WhatLauraLoves Plus Size Simply Be

The reason you’re having a hard time styling your hair may be because of the style you’ve chosen. It is important to understand your hair type, so you know what your hair is capable of doing. Embrace your natural hair texture, so you don’t have to spend hours manipulating your hair with styling tools. Look for hairstyles that suit what nature gave you rather than losing your sanity trying to get your hair to do what it wasn’t created to do.

With these 5 simple tips, you’ll soon be on your way to easy and effortless mane-styling. Remember to work with your hair type and avoid hairstyles that are difficult to perfect at home as they will only stress you out. Find styles and tools that suit you and always protect your hair from heat damage and excessive washing. At the end of the day, the most important thing is to keep your hair healthy.

Remember my tips for later & pin this image!

5 Tips For Styling Hair By UK Beauty Blogger WhatLauraLoves Plus Size Simply Be

Of course all great hair styles require a beautiful outfit and if you love my frill bardot playsuit then you'll find it at Simply Be.  I love the floral pattern in blue against the black backdrop.  It's the perfect throw on and look fabulous outfit for a summer evening or those afternoons in a beer garden that turn into evenings out!

I'd suggest going up a size in this particular piece as I found it to be a little snug around my tummy.  I'm wearing a size 24 if that helps any of you with your sizing choices.

What are your top tips for styling your hair?
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