10 Amazing Hairstyles for Larger Foreheads

Every face has its own unique features, the shape, and proportions. Each part of the face is associated with certain human abilities and traits of character. Thus, a wide forehead denotes cleverness. However, some girls with big foreheads think that they can’t look chic, but it’s wrong. Having a big forehead doesn’t mean that the woman becomes less beautiful. On the contrary, it becomes her zest, which she can use. The one rule here is to go for asymmetrical lines and play with textures.

So, if you are looking for flattering and bold hairstyle ideas for people with big foreheads, we have got you covered! Check out these elegant and stylish hairstyles and get inspired!

Hairstyles For Big Foreheads

A neat, flattering hairstyle tops off any look, so it’s important to choose it wisely. Girls with big foreheads, don’t be sad! Here are ten best hairstyles for big foreheads you can try to emphasize your beauty.


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If you have a prominent forehead, it doesn’t mean that your only option is to hide it with the help of the bangs. You may put an accent on one side, add curly facial wisps, which soften sharp edges and that’s all! A side knot bun is a perfect variant both for curly, flat, dense or sparse hair. This DIY hairstyle doesn’t require much time, but it looks elegant, festive and transforms the face.

How to style:

To create this hairstyle, you’ll need a round brush, a hair dryer, a texturising spray, bobby pins, elastics, a teasing brush. Follow these steps to create this hairstyle:

  • Brush your hair with a round brush.
  • Part hair to one side. Leave the front part from the side of the hair and gather all locks into a low ponytail.
  • Take a small section of hair and wrap it around the hair elastics to hide it.
  • Spritz the spray over the hair and then tease the ponytail. Then brush it gently just to put all locks together.
  • Create a low top knot: create the loop with the ponytail and pull the tail of the ponytail through it. Wrap the tail around the bun and secure it with bobby pins.
  • Tease the bun so that it looks volumetric.
  • Take the front section of hair, lay it flat against the forehead, pin on the opposite side of the ponytail. You may leave soft facial wisps, which will frame your face and create soft lines.
  • Apply a texturizing spray to the crown and tease it a little bit with a teasing brush or use your fingers.


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A shaggy bob with a side tousled forelock is perfect for hiding the big forehead. This hairstyle is fresh, appealing and it is appropriate for any occasion. Due to the messy structure, even thin strands look volumetric.

How to style:

For creating this hairstyle, you’ll need styling mousse, a heat protectant, hair spray and a hair iron. Stick to these steps:

  • Have your hair cut as a shaggy bob and bangs.
  • Apply a heat protectant to your washed and dried hair and then straighten your hair with an iron.
  • Then, apply styling mousse to your strands and tousle hair and the forelock.
  • Then, form a side-swept forelock, which will cover your forehead, but be sparse.
  • Use hair spray to fix strands and make sure the hairstyle will last long.


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A true woman knows how to highlight merits and hide demerits. The option is soft, subtle waves, tucked behind the ear from one side and a side-swept forelock. This hairstyle suits a feminine and romantic look.

How to style:

For creating loose waves, you’ll need a hair iron, a heat protectant, bobby pins, a comb and hair spray. Follow these steps:

  • Prepare your washed hair – apply a heat protectant.
  • Have your locks curled.
  • Straighten the forelock and sweep it to one side.
  • Tuck section of hair from one side behind the ear and pin hair.
  • Fix locks with spray to top off the look.


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Not only a forelock can do a trick and hide your forehead. Layers are what you need if you want to soften facial features, create a visual volume and make the forehead narrower. Side layers resemble the forelock, which hides the part of the forehead. This hairstyle is chic, easy and a go-to variant both for the party and the official meeting.

How to style:

You can create this hairstyle just with the help of a blow dryer, a round brush, and mousse. Just do the following:

  • Part wet hair into two parts, apply mousse to the strands.
  • Use a blow dryer and a round brush to style hair and create the volume.
  • Use your fingers to comb hair and get the desired shape.


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Long, wavy locks are one of the sexiest hairstyles to have for a woman.  So, if your natural hair texture is curly, lucky you! But if you have flat locks, don’t despair! Still, you may create alluring curls: long or short and have a kinky forelock, which will cover the forehead. No one will notice if you cheat a little with natural wavy hair extensions to instantly add volume to flat locks! These playful ringlets will make you look younger and more attractive.

How to style:

You’ll need hair gel, hair spray, a hair iron and a brush. To style it, do the following:

  • If you have curly hair, just moisten strands with gel, tease with fingers and fix with spray.
  • If your hair is straight, curl strands with a hair iron, then use hair gel to make curls more textured, tease them and fix with hair spray.


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Many women assume that short hair won’t look good on them and they are mistaken. Even short strands may make you look sexy and feminine. It’s all about understanding your angles and highlighting appropriate facial features. If you have dense and flat locks, you don’t like long tresses and want to hide the forehead, then consider this modern take on a bob. It requires low maintenance and transforms your face.

How to style

A hair iron, a comb, and hair spray are your must-haves for the creating this look. Your steps are easy:

  • Straighten your locks and comb them.
  • Sweep the bangs to the side.
  • Fix everything with spray. This haircut is perfect as it gives you a looser look.


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If you are into experiments, like to be in the spotlight, then you should try a pixie hairstyle with long bangs! Asymmetrical lines and a wavy texture are everything you need to distract attention from the large forehead. Besides, this hairstyle will bring out your best facial features.

How to style:

  • Have your hair cut as a pixie hairstyle.
  • Moisten the forelock with mousse or gel and tease it with a comb.
  • Sweep bangs to the side and fix with spray


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If you have a heart-shaped face with a narrow chin and a wide forehead, then this hairstyle with blunt bangs will complement your dramatic facial features. There’s no transparency through the bangs. The forelock is full-covering, so there is an illusion of the narrow and small forehead and the accent is put on the eyes.

Spending little time on this hairstyle, you will always look stylish and well-groomed.

How to style:

Use only a pair of hair straighteners, a heat protectant, and hair spray. Apply a heat protectant to the strands, strengthen locks with the hair iron and fix with hair spray.


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If you have a prominent forehead, it doesn’t mean that you should hide it. You may play with textures and proportions and make it visually narrower. This trick is perfect for those women, who are looking for new styling ways, even if they are wearing bangs. This hairdo is perfect for official events, though it may be worn every day.

How to style:

Use hair spray for setting hair, a hair elastic and a comb. Stick to these steps:

  • Comb your hair well.
  • Comb the bangs backward so that it creates a volumetric crown, which visually elongates the forehead.
  • Braid the plait and secure it with the elastics. Tease the braid a little bit. A tousled braid will create a more polished look.
  • Fix the hairdo with spray.


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This long layered hair with bangs/fringe, swept to the side, looks amazing. A textured forelock covers the part of the forehead so that it looks smaller. This cascade, which goes down the shoulders, looks volumetric due to the layers and the wavy texture. This is a perfect example how to create a romantic, yet a smart hairstyle. You can rock this hairstyle every day.

How to style:

Make sure you have a styling powder, a curling iron, and hair spray for hair setting. Do the following:

  • Apply the powder to the roots to make sure that there will be the root boost.
  • Have locks curled.
  • Brush them so that the strands will resemble subtle waves.
  • Comb strands to one side and make sure long bangs frame the face and the ends of the bangs are curled upwards.
  • Fix the hairstyle with spray so that it lasts for the whole day.

Therefore, you have unique features, which make you beautiful! Just choose the appropriate hairstyle, which will emphasize your advantages and make you more self-confident.

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