2022’s trending autumnal looks

With summer over, autumn means it’s time to bring those woolly jumpers and winter boots out of your closet.


Yet, it’s not just fashion that changes as the leaves turn brown. There are plenty of trending autumnal beauty looks to keep an eye on too. 


If you’re hoping to help clients stay on top of trends this autumn, here’s your go-to guide for keeping up with the latest styles, from colour palettes to stunning nail patterns.




You might think of yellow and brown as the dominant colours of autumn, but it’s key to keep an eye on the palettes in high fashion, as these tend to change every year.


In 2022, fashion week runways have been full of purples, yellows, camels and blues.


Don’t be afraid to experiment with these colours. On runways, designers have explored a range of purples, from deep hues to lilacs, while a pop of yellow can help to offset an otherwise toned-down look. 




Grab the acrylic nail kit because nail art has never been more popular – and there are plenty of fresh autumnal styles to try out. 


As we head into party season, subtle splashes of glamour have been all the rage with nail sets that combine a mostly-bare base with hints of sparkly, metallic polish.


Airbrushed nails, melding together pastel hues into a dreamy finish, have also proved popular online in recent weeks. 


Bright, ruby-red nails are also back in and are a timeless classic for finishing off an autumnal look.




Autumn is a season of change and a time when many are looking to switch up their hairstyle. 


Gone are the tousled beach waves of summer. Instead, one of autumn’s most popular styles is the sleek ponytail, which also happens to be great for those wanting a low-maintenance look.


This autumn, hairstyles are also heading back in time, with edgy modern mullets, 90’s blowouts with curtain bangs and 00s face-framing hair tendrils all on-trend.




Autumn 2022 has also swept in fresh changes in the most popular makeup looks.


One trend that’s been hard to escape is bleached brows, sported by everyone from Kendall Jenner to Lady Gaga. 


Stylists should be sure to capitalise on this trend, as this look is tricky to pull off at home.


In another throwback, the smudged black eyeliner popular in the noughties and twenty-tens has also made a comeback on the runway.


Autumn might mean colder weather, but with these on-trend beauty looks, you’re sure to help your clients stay hot on the latest styles.

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