3 Beauty Tips for Hiding Marks from Skin Injuries

Being a victim of an accident that has left your skin with an injury can be upsetting and leave you feeling insecure.Whilst we believe you should never feel that you have tocover up, this article provides three beauty tips for hiding marks from skin injuries.

Suffering from a skin injury can be an upsetting situation that leaves you feeling self-conscious and insecure about your skin. Whilst we believe you needn’t hide your injury, sometimes covering it through beauty hacks can make you feel more confident.

Personal injury claims compensation can go some way to helping you to afford any private medical treatment you require to heal. It may also provide you with the financial means to invest in better quality products that are known to assist in transforming your skin and hiding blemishes. Perhaps you should make the most of any finances you receive to invest in something that will bring back your smile and confidence?

Whether you have an important event that you want to dress up for, such as a wedding, prom, graduation, date, or something else that you want to look flawless for, we’re here to help. We want to make sure you feel yourself again by providing three beauty tips for hiding marks from skin injuries. Keep reading to find out more… 

What types of skin injuries are there? 

Skin injuries don’t always leave permanent scars, especially where the injury to the skin is only mild. But there can be more severe injuries to the skin that can cause permanent scarring, and it’s understandable that some people may wish to cover these scars up. 

There are many different types of skin injuries that a person can suffer from, such as:• Cuts• Lacerations• Gashes• Tears• Scrapes• Abrasions • Scratches • Bruises• Punctures• Avulsions• Burns 

Whilst it can feel traumatising and disheartening to havepermanent scarring on your precious skin, there are ways you can cover them up or fade the look of them, such as by using Bio-Oil. 

How can you hide skin injuries with makeup?1. Foundation 

We expect that foundation is most usually the go to when it comes to hiding marks. There are going to be foundations and methods of applying it that won’t do a good job of hiding it. If you pick the right foundation, such as full coverage and dab it onto the skin, it’s more likely to cover the mark and last longer.

2. Colour Correcting Concealer

There’s no doubt that makeup is clever; we make-up wearerscan’t deny that we have the ability to change many aspects of our faces through the use of it if we want to. But, this can even apply when it comes to covering up marks on our bodies, particularly with the use of a colour correcting concealer.

Here’s how you can reduce the look of marks:• A green concealer can reduce redness on the skin – this can be ideal for marks caused by burns.• A yellow concealer can reduce purple or blue coloured scars on the skin – for example, you can use yellow to lessen the look of a bruise.• A lavender or lilac colour concealer can reduce the look of yellow on the skin – this can be really helpful for scars which sometimes go a yellow colour once they have healed.• An orange concealer works best on darker skin tones that have scarring.

When it comes to figuring out exactly what colour correcting shade you should use to hide certain marks, Dermaflageknows their thing. Colour correcting concealer can also cover acne scars. 3. Silicone Primer 

If you are using a type of makeup product to cover up your scar, you may find that it sits better on your skin if you use a silicone primer first. A primer allows makeup to feel and make the skin look smoother, ideal for scars as they are often uneven. Primer also helps makeup to last for a longer period of time, particularly what you want when covering up a skin injury. 

A primer I’ve loved and used in the past religiously is the Matis Hyalu Liss Primer, with its blurring effect on the skin, the perfect way to hide marks from a skin injury. It’s even a product that I would recommend using on a no makeup day where you want to feel more natural but might want to reduce the look of your skin injury. See here for our in-depth review of it.

You Don’t Have to Hide Your Skin Injuries

There is such a stigma around having to cover up imperfections with our bodies. That said, each and every one of us is individually beautiful, with our own unique “flaws”,and we shouldn’t have to feel the need to hide them away. 

I wanted to provide this list of beauty tips not to make you think that you have to cover up your marks, but for it to be a way to increase your confidence. After all, we all have dayswhere we struggle and need the confidence boost. Don’t let your tiara slip, queen. You’re beautiful no matter what.

What’s your favourite beauty tip to cover marks on the skin? Leave a comment below.

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