3 Benefits of Simplifying Features of Your Everyday Life

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Have you ever noticed how life just seems to tend towards being complicated, and becoming more and more complicated, at semi-regular intervals?

Partly, this is just how the world works. But another big part of it has to do with the times we live in, and with the increasing complexity of the systems that we depend on in our private lives and in broader society.

For example, with the Internet and all the associated communications technology, many people now never really feel as though they can “switch off” after work, and truly escape the office.

Ways of simplifying your life could involve looking up available Wet Room Shower Trays and having your home bathroom modified to be a wet room, for reduced cleaning, among other things.

Or, it could involve using more minimalist and distraction-free tech, so that your attention isn’t being constantly pulled one way and another, and overloaded.

Whichever particular steps you take to simplify your life, here are a few benefits of doing so.

  1. A greater sense of calm

Generally speaking, the more complex things are in your everyday life, the more stressful they will tend to be – as there are just more moving parts for you to worry about, more things that can potentially go wrong, and more directions in which your attention can get dragged.

Although many people like to think of themselves as “good multitaskers,” psychological research indicates that no one is actually really good at “multitasking,” and that – more importantly – multitasking is not good for anyone.

Apparently, trying to pay attention to more than one thing at a time drives up stress and anxiety, in and of itself.

More simplicity means a greater sense of calm, and the associated increase in well-being that comes with that.

  1. Less time wasted

Time is one of the most crucially valuable resources that anyone has at the disposal – because time, unlike money, can’t be saved up, or earned back once it is spent.

According to the psychologist Barry Schwartz, author of “The Paradox of Choice,” there is striking evidence that the more options there are available to us, and more factors we have to consider and weigh up when making decisions, the likelier we are to procrastinate endlessly, and to adopt a more passive approach to life.

Simplifying your everyday life could be a great way of ensuring that you waste less time. This, in turn, means you will likely be leading a more effective, outgoing, and fulfilling existence.

  1. A greater sense of control over your environment

A significant contributing factor to a sense of anxiety, or to stress and insecurity in general, is a sense of powerlessness – and this often manifests itself as a sense of powerlessness over yourself, and your immediate environment, in particular.

By simplifying your everyday life in your home environment, you will naturally feel more in control in your own home, and will likely benefit from a greater sense of confidence, overall, with regards to your ability to achieve your goals and dreams, and to live life on your terms.

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