3 Fail Safe Gifts For Women

Valentines Day is fast approaching and if you’re wanting to bag a gorgeous gift for the woman in your life then you’ll need to act quick.  Don’t leave it to chance; no one wants to be an afterthought if you turn up with garage flowers with a reduced sticker slapped on them.

That being said, I’m sure the lady in your life deserves to be treated throughout the year be it for her birthday, Christmas or just to say thanks so to make your shopping easier, I’ve put together my top 3 fail safe gifts for women for any occasion… but especially the day of love!

Cue sweeping generalisations of what women love (but I bet I’m scarily accurate!)…


Jo Malone Sweet Almond and Macaroon Home Candle Gift Guide

When treating the woman you love, you simply cannot go wrong with a candle, reed diffuser or linen/room spray from a luxury brand like Jo Malone, Neom (who even have a body treatment candle that you can pour onto the skin to use during a massage!) or Diptyque.

I received a Jo Malone candle a couple of years ago in the Sweet Almond & Macaroon scent and I actually have it out in my hall way as a decorative piece rather than burning it.  The jars themselves are so beautiful and they look truly stunning around the home.  I’m actually saving up for one of the ginormous ones right now to have as a decorative piece and then I’ll burn this one but if I had to recommend one to you to buy, I’d suggest the Red Roses scent.

The Jo Malone Red Roses Candle has this beautifully fresh, pure rose scent without any artificial notes to it at all.  It is deep, sensual and very distinctive.  The ultimate in luxury, style and love.



Chapelle Jewellery White Gold and Diamond Flower Necklace Gift Guide

Another fail safe gift would have to be jewellery.  Whether the woman you love enjoys bold and statement pieces or something understated, you’ll be sure to give her a serious heart eyed emoji if she were to unwrap a piece of jewellery.

I love delicate pieces and compared to times gone by when I was all about the statement costume jewellery, now I prefer to invest in higher quality pieces and really get my wear out of them.

If you buy jewellery for someone that’s in a timeless style then it’ll never go out of fashion and the person you’ve gifted it to will always be able to wear and enjoy it.  The White Gold Flower Pendant from Chapelle is one such piece.

Chapelle Jewellery Gift Guide

Made from 9ct white gold and set on an adjustable 16-18″ trace chain, this gorgeous necklace is delicate, superb quality and the perfect sparkler to give as a gift.  The little flower pendant has a genuine diamond at the centre of it which catches the light beautifully.

Presented beautifully in a red Chapelle gift box, this would make the perfect gift and it’ll not set you back too much either as far as fine jewellery goes; right now you can save an incredible £150 off this piece and bag it for £145!

Chapelle are a company who stock designer jewellery at up to 70% off their RRP.  They have an online store that you can visit here as well as retail shops.  If you’re in the North East like I am, they have a store in the Dalton Park Outlet Centre that I’d really recommend checking out.


Jimmy Choo L'Eau Fragrance Review

My final fail safe gift for the lady in your life is a fragrance.  Of course scent is a very personal thing so I’d recommend checking out her current perfume collection and make a note of the scents she has already.  You can easily look online or head to any perfume counter and they’ll be able to give you a nod in the right direction of scents that have similar notes to the ones she already loves.

Another option is to choose a fragrance that’s either an update or limited edition release to one she already has or a scent from the same brand.

For example, many women love the original Jimmy Choo fragrance but they may equally enjoy the Jimmy Choo L’Eau EDT if they were given a bottle of the scent to try out.
This scent was developed as an expression of the dynamic, alluring and adventurous Jimmy Choo woman and I feel as though they’ve encompassed that air perfectly with this scent.  It is full of contrasts; delicate yet powerful, elegant but audacious, strong and still feminine.

With top notes of bergamot and hibiscus flower, a heart of nectarine and peony and a base of cedarwood and my favourite, musk, you cannot go wrong with this scent for women who love floral, feminine fragrances.


So there we have it, 3 fail safe gift ideas for women to make your shopping throughout the year even easier.

Now off you pop to treat someone you love!

What are your go-to, fail safe gifts for the women in your life?  What are your favourite luxury candles and perfumes?  Have you checked out Chapelle jewellery yet?


  1. Joanna Victoria -x
    February 20, 2018 / 4:32 pm

    That jo Malone candle scent sounds like a lovely one, I'd definitely not mind getting one of them. I love the look of that necklace too.

  2. Bethany Sibley
    February 20, 2018 / 4:58 pm

    I should have read your post earlier, oh well, it’s my mums birthday next week so might actually get her that perfume, it’s such a pretty looking bottle, we all know we shop with out eyes so think it’ll be a fab present.

  3. Five Little Doves
    February 20, 2018 / 10:31 pm

    Oh you really can't gp wrong wth a JO Malone candle! If ever Im in doubt I always go with a candle!

  4. Hannah Latoya Bond
    February 21, 2018 / 9:57 am

    That home fragrance looks really good. I've never tried anything from Jo Malone

  5. Kara Guppy
    February 21, 2018 / 11:09 am

    I do love my scented candles so this would be a gift I would be more than happy with

  6. Charli B
    February 21, 2018 / 12:10 pm

    I adore scented candles and am particularly fond of the Jo Malone ones. I also love the Jimmy Choo perfume, so I would be happy to get any of them x

  7. bskye13
    February 21, 2018 / 4:36 pm

    Totally agree you can't go wrong with these – although jewlery can be a tough one in terms of taste. Hopefully if someone is buying jewellery though they already know what style :)

  8. Lilinha Angel
    February 21, 2018 / 10:07 pm

    Those are my favourite gifts! Nothing like a beautifully scented candle and perfume. Love jewellery too!

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