3 Home Improvement Ideas That Are Perfect For Bungalows

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Bungalows are cute little houses that are perfect for small families with small budgets. Why buy a massive house if you don’t need all of the space? The beauty of a bungalow is that it has potential and room to grow to be bigger if needed. There are also some advantages to having a home that’s mainly on one floor – it opens the door to lots of interesting home improvement ideas. Speaking of which, here are three that could be perfect for your bungalow:

A roof lantern

Adding a roof lantern to your bungalow is such a beautiful idea. In essence, this is similar to a skylight, only it protrudes out into the sky slightly. So, it offers a classier effect, and this looks so good on the roof of your kitchen. As you can see on the Roof Lantern Solutions website, there are many different designs and ideas to choose from, as well as some examples of where you can put a roof lantern in your home. You get loads of glorious natural light from an improvement like this, illuminating your interiors and helping you cut down on your energy bill. Because your bungalow is only one floor tall, a roof lantern looks even better than it would on a regular house. 

A backyard extension

Feel like your bungalow could do with an extra room? There’s nothing wrong with a backyard extension that can provide you with some additional living space. A lot of bungalow owners opt for this as it’s an affordable way to add more room to their homes. You could go for a traditional extension, or you could opt for something like a conservatory or orangery. The choice is yours; the main thing here is that you are creating more space in your home. 

A bungalow conversion

Finally, you could completely rip up the rulebook and convert your bungalow into a proper house. Does this defeat the purpose of a bungalow? Well, yes, it does! However, it’s a fantastic renovation idea for growing families. There are plenty of people who buy bungalows because they’re cheap, then extend them upwards and convert them into proper homes. At the time of buying, you may have a family of 2 or 3, and any kids you have can be small. So, space isn’t a huge issue, but it becomes problematic as your kids get older and more come along. 

Thus, you’re in a situation where you need more space, and the only other option is to buy a new home. It’s considerably more affordable and less stressful to just renovate and convert your bungalow into a larger living space. Keep this idea in mind if you feel like you’re growing out of your current living situation – the beauty of bungalows is they let you do something like this. 

From small renovations to full-scale conversions; bungalows are a brilliant housing option for you to have. These unique properties offer great value-for-money, and you now know a few ways to make them even better.

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