3 Home Office Improvements that will Boost your Productivity

Having the ability to work from home can be both beneficial and disadvantageous, but it has turned into the new norm amidst the pandemic. Beneficial for obvious reasons: you can sleep in, work in your pyjamas, make food in your own kitchen, spend more time with your family or pets. However, it has its cons too… you tend to be more unproductive and lazy, as each and every day is the same and you’re not able to physically socialise with your colleagues.

So, how can you boost your productivity while working from home? One crucial thing that you can do to set up your home office to increase your efficiency, is to ensure that you have a fast, reliable internet provider. You should do some research as there are many companies that can offer you optimum internet plans, so be sure to choose the one that suits all your needs.

We’ve put together 3 home office improvements that are absolutely essential for remote workers.

1. A Comfortable Office Chair

If you’re going to splurge, you should definitely splurge on an office chair, specifically an ergonomic one. How often do you get back pain from bending over too much and just in general not maintaining proper posture? It gets even worse when you work remotely because you have access to your bed so close by, tempting you to sit in it all day. 

The solution is a comfortable office chair, one that is made to support your back and prompt you to focus on your work. We know maybe you’d rather spend that money on other things but this investment will be both long lasting and beneficial for your physical (and mental) health long term.

2. Personalised Desk Accessories 

Whether it’s a notebook, a set of pens, a webcam cover protector, power bank or mouse mat, desk accessories help you stay organised and when you’re organised you focus better. Now you may be thinking, ok this is great and all but why personalise these every day office utilities?


If you’ve already chosen a PC setup or laptop that boosts productivity, you can start thinking about what you have on your desk that may hinder your work.  A good aesthetic equals a healthy mind. You can personalise this office equipment with a certain theme to match the decor of your home office. Especially if you do not have access to some of these tools already, now is the time to get them! One of the biggest issues from working remotely is getting out of your “home” mindset and transitioning into a “work” mindset. By accessorising your home office to reflect your work office, that transition can become a lot easier. 

Check out Camaloon for desk accessories and sets which you can personalise to your liking and boost your productivity with simple, yet highly effective office accessories!

3. A Nice Desk

Now, if you don’t already have a desk for your home office, you absolutely need to invest in one! Much like the office chair, a desk is crucial for productivity and plus, you need somewhere to place all your organised and personalised desk accessories! Now, you may be thinking “I have a kitchen table that works just fine for me”. 

The issue with that is once again you’re not stepping into the work mentality because of your classic home surroundings which in turn, decreases your productivity. If you already have a classic desk, you could also consider getting a standing desk. This is a great option for remote workers as working from your computer all day in the same position is terrible for your physical health, and of course your productivity!

Standing desks are growing to be more and more popular this year. There’s one that is convertible from a classic sitting desk to a standing one as well that can work perfectly for those who don’t have either! 

Activate your Productivity Today

As much as everyone loves their bed and its comfort, the best way to boost your productivity while working from home is by creating an atmosphere that feels like an office where you really do work. Consider some of the above mentioned options and remember the long term benefits! Even if you have the option to go back to the office eventually, most companies are now allowing their employees to work remotely as a part of their new flexible work schedule. 

Upgrade your home office today and reap the rewards of positively increasing your productivity!

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