3 Human Resources Career Paths You May Want to Consider

Has the thought of working in human resources always appealed to you? Do you have excellent organizational, communication, and critical thinking skills? Are you able to multi-task without issue and like the idea of being able to shape the company you work for? If you’ve answered yes to these questions, there’s a chance you are indeed cut out for human resources, but what job is best for you? 

Here’s a look at three interesting human resources career paths that you may want to consider.

Human Resources Consultant

When you think of working in human resources it’s normal to picture a department of a company, but that’s not always the case. Human resources consultants outsource their services, meaning you can take on as many clients as you like. This is an ideal career path for those who like a more flexible schedule and who want to be the boss and in control of their career path.

Keep in mind this can be a highly competitive career choice as you’ll be up against other consultants, and many businesses keep the HR department in-house. You’ll need to be a go-getter and self-starter, as you will be acting as an entrepreneurand running your consultancy. 

HR Generalist

Here’s a job you may not be familiar with, but it can be a very exciting career path. An HR generalist can do several things all at once. They can handle payroll, organizational design, labor analysis and more. They need a broad understanding of human resources in general, allowing them to confidently wade into complex and more straightforward tasks and projects. Because they almost act like a jack of all trades in the HR department, more and more companies are beginning to embrace HR generalists.

In terms of how to become an HR generalist, you’ll likely need the proper education as well as experience working in the field for many years. It’s also recommended that you specialize in a few key areas of human resources. This can help make you more hirable, helping you to land your dream job faster.

HR Manager

For those who have the goal of working in management, then an HR manager is likely the right choice. In this job, you’ll need to plan, coordinate and then put into place the administrative functions of the company. This means you’re actively involved in a wide array of processes such as recruiting, interviewing, hiring, training, strategic planning, and more. You’ll be the middle person between staff and upper management.

Working as an HR manager is usually a very high-paced job, so expect to always be on your toes and stay busy. You’ll need your bachelor’s degree and at least five years of experience. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports a 7% increase in jobs over the next eight years and a median pay of $126,230.

This is just a snapshot of the many career paths that exist in the field of human resources. Thanks to all the options out there, it appeals to a wide array of people.

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