3 Things to Consider After Brazilian Butt Lift

A well-sculpted and Brazilian buttock lift contribute to the beauty of the silhouette. And for good reason, nowadays, a glamorous butt is considered a real asset for seduction. However, shaping the buttocks by relying solely on a suitable diet and targeted exercises remains a real challenge. So, in order to effortlessly sport a flawless and desirable buttock, the ideal solution is to opt for a BBL, a cosmetic surgery operation that allows to increase and reshape the buttocks without having to resort to buttock implants. More and more trendy, it is nevertheless important to take into account some essential factors to respect after a BBL surgery. Vanity Cosmetic offers you to discover all the key information about BBL.

Things To Consider After BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) Surgery

There are many stars who have had BBL surgery, such as Kylie Jenner. And for good reason, this cosmetic surgery, also known as buttock lipofilling, offers splendid results to patients wishing to reshape and/or increase the volume of their buttocks. Nevertheless, to obtain a satisfactory result, it is essential to consider a certain number of factors related to the after-buttock lipofilling. Vanity invites you to discover 3 things to consider after BBL surgery, but also of those that should be avoided. Follow our guide!

1-Wear a panty after the BBL

BBL surgery consists of reinjecting fat, previously taken from the patient, into an area with an excess of fat, in order to increase its volume and/or modify its contours. As a result, an edema will appear in the treated area. In order to help it to disappear, it is important to wear a support panty, also called a lipopanty. It will indeed contribute to the proper healing of the area while promoting the fixation of the injected fat. The panty must be worn 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for a minimum of six weeks to two months.

2-Take the treatment prescribed by the plastic surgeon after a BBL

After a BBL surgery, it is quite normal to feel moderate pain. To reduce this discomfort, it is essential to follow the pain medication prescribed by the plastic surgeon, even when the pain seems to have subsided. In fact, decreasing the amount of medication prescribed by the plastic surgeon on your own can have the effect of increasing the sensation of pain when it wakes up. The painkillers initially prescribed could then seem insufficient to relieve it.

3-Sit as recommended by the plastic surgeon after a BBL

In order not to alter the work done by the plastic surgeon in Turkey, it is essential to make sure you sit according to his recommendations. Specifically, the sitting position on the buttocks should be avoided during the week following the BBL surgery. After that, you should sit only on the lower part of your buttocks, leaning on your thighs, and only for a limited time.

How to benefit from a BBL surgery in Turkey?

You can very simply benefit from a BBL surgery in Turkey. To do so, you just need to call upon a cosmetic surgery agency in Turkey, such as Vanity Cosmetic. The price of a BBL (Brazilian Buttlift) surgery is not set in Turkey. The price varies according to the patient’s demands, body type, and the surgical procedure they decide upon after consulting with their doctor.

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