3 Tips for a Stylish Family Home

When you have a certain sense of style, you may not want to limit this to just your dress sense. Instead, you might want your style to also be reflected in the décor found within your home. As long as everyone you live with is happy for the changes to take place, and, if renting, your landlord has permitted you to make changes, you might be able to turn your home from boring to brilliant, helping you to enjoy the space even more than before.

Child’s bedroom

Even though your child may not share the same styles as you, they can still benefit from your design touches. Changing their bed frame for one which has storage, meaning their room can have a more minimalistic feel, may align with your fashion trends and choices. Looking into a wide range of mid sleeper beds for children can help you to discover the colours and designs that will suit the style of your home, but also give your child the storage or play space that they need. You may need to consider a budget prior to looking, as it can be disheartening for both you and your child to discover the bed of their dreams, only to find that it costs more than you can part with. Styling a child’s bedroom can also be a great way for you to spend time together, teach them about compromise, and even discover more about their likes and dislikes.


Redesigning your family bathroom doesn’t need to be as expensive as you might think. You could opt for some of the predicted bathroom trends for the coming year, or simply choose items or designs that your whole family enjoys. Certain items in the room may be able to be refurbished, such as wooden bath panels which could be sanded and given a few coats of waterproof paint. If you have a steady hand, you might also want to try painting walls or ceilings yourself, to keep the budget as low as possible. For those who are really handy with DIY, it is possible to fit tiles, both on the wall or even on the floor. However, if you have no practice in doing so, it may be better to look into getting a trained individual to undertake the work, even if that means you need to choose a cheaper type of tile to install.

Living room

Creating a stylish living room can be simplified through the use of neutral wall colours and throws over furniture. This can allow you to change the look of the room, without needing to replace sofas and armchairs. Hanging a few paintings on the walls can be great talking pieces, as well as make you feel more relaxed or inspired, dependent on their contents. Letting in more natural light can also give a warmer feel to the room.

A stylish home doesn’t need to involve designer brands and significant loans. By balancing your style choices with a healthy budget, you can fall in love with your home all over again.

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