3 Uses For Clear Mascara and Collection Little Mix Review

What at first may seem like a pretty bland product, a clear mascara can actually be your best beauty friend if you know how to use it.

I remember back in the early years of secondary school when we weren’t allowed to wear make up.  Always one to bend the rules, I joined forces with a clear mascara and the rest, as they say, was history.

Today I’m going to share with you my top uses for clear mascara, yes there’s more than one, and I’m going to review the one that I’m using at the moment which is the Collection Little Mix Leigh-Annes Full On Crystal Clear Mascara*.  A bit of a mouthful, I know, but its a great product because it defines and separates each lash whilst conditioning them.  What I like the most about the mascara is that it holds each hair in place without making them feel hard and crispy which makes them look and feel natural.

So onto the uses for clear mascara:

Clear mascara as, well, a mascara

It goes without saying that clear mascara can be used very well as a mascara in itself.  Used alone, it wont give you amazing, stand out lashes but it will certainly give you a little bit of definition, especially on no make up, make up days.  I simply curl my lashes and add a couple of coats of the Collection Full On Crystal Clear Mascara to lock in the curl.  This works particularly well if you already have dark lashes or if you tint them.  I used to use clear mascara all the time when I first started secondary school because I loved the wide open eye look you can achieve with it that doesn’t look overdone at all, super natural and you’re not going to get a telling off from Mrs Head Teacher.  I often add a slick of the Collection mascara when I’m going to my belly dancing fitness class along with some tinted lip balm just to make me feel a little put together and to give me a confidence boost.

Using the Collection clear mascara to set my brows and on my lashes

If you’re someone who likes to wear black mascara on their top lashes alone, try adding a coat or two of clear mascara to your bottom lashes.  The Collection clear mascara is great for this because it adds some definition and separation without risking smudging or flaking throughout the day as well as the heavy spider lash look that some people don’t care for.  It’ll keep the focus on your top lashes but ensure that you look as though you’ve still paid attention to your bottom lashes.  Perfectly preened and well groomed, check!

Coloured mascara is all the rage at the moment but it is surely a trend that wont be too long lived.  If you don’t want to invest in a colourful mascara that you can’t see yourself wearing too often then you can make your own using a clear mascara.  Simply mix a little bit of eyeshadow pigment into the mascara tube and this will transform the clear mascara into a coloured mascara of your choice.  If you don’t want to change the colour of the full tube of clear mascara, you can also pick up disposable mascara wands from ebay and salon supply shops like Sally’s and you can dip those into the clear mascara tube and then spread a little pigment onto the wand using a cotton wool bud.

Wearing the Collection Full On Crystal Clear Mascara to set my brows and on my lashes

Clear Mascara as a Brow Tamer

My favourite use for clear mascara is to use it to tame or set my brows.

Perhaps you have unruly or bushy brows that are in need of a little taming.  Take control by running the clear mascara through your brows to rein them in.  This is particularly effective if you’re young and are perhaps not allowed or able to have a professional brow treatment like threading or waxing.  If you are though and you do have a treatment done then you can use a clear mascara like this one to simply set your brows in place.

The brows are the framework to your face and should be treated with great importance in your make up routine as they can really change the way your face looks.  As I’m so fair, I need to fill in my brows by using a brow powder and an angled brush or a brow pencil in order to be able to see them, otherwise they have no impact whatsoever.  Many people have quite sparse brows naturally or as a result of over plucking and need to fill them in too and some simply choose to because they like a full or defined brow look.  If you’re someone who fills in their brows as part of their make up routine, set them using a clear mascara.  The Collection clear mascara holds my brows in place all day and they feel natural too, not crispy or hard.

Clear Mascara to Smooth Those Fly Away Hairs

My final use for clear mascara is to use it to smooth down fly away hairs.  If you’re someone who wears their hair back in a ponytail or in a top knot a lot and finds that some of their hairs can be wispy or fly away, then you can use a clear mascara to swipe it through the hair to hold down the wispy hair.  In this sense, the Collection Full On Clear Mascara works a little bit like a heavy duty, freeze hold hairspray, without the shiny look and crunchy, crispy feeling that hairspray can often leave on the hair.  The clear mascara can be used in a concentrated way to focus on specific hairs to hold them in place.  I have some baby hairs around my hairline so this is a trick I use quite often to perfect my hairstyle.

Using the Collection clear mascara on my lashes, brows and to tame fly aways around my hair line

I’ve been using the Collection Little Mix Leigh-Anne’s Full On Crystal Clear Mascara for the last few months now and I really love it because it is so natural looking but effective for the uses that I need it for.  I’d definitely recommend it and I certainly can’t foresee a need to buy a different brand when this one runs out, I will be repurchasing it.  I’m really impressed with it as for only £2.99, it is very friendly on my purse strings too.

You can buy your own here and check out the full line of Collection products here.

I hope you have found my three uses for clear mascara useful, do let me know if you have any other uses for it in the comments section below.

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